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400 New Season Ticket Holders on First Day
Tuesday, 23rd Apr 2019 18:11

Town have revealed 400 new season ticket holders have signed up for next year’s League One campaign on their first day of sale with the total overall at 7,818 including renewals and those on the automated Direct Debit scheme.

The Blues announced their season ticket prices for 2019/20 last week with most seats down by an initial 12.5 per cent with further discounts if totals hit the 12,000, 13,000 and 14,000 marks. This season’s total was 10,200.

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nathitfc89 added 18:15 - Apr 23
Not too bad as it’s the first day, still some way to go to get the full 35% reduction.

ChateauWines added 18:26 - Apr 23
a brilliant start

blueboy1981 added 18:26 - Apr 23
GOOD - Get behind the Club - it needs us more than ever.

Dolphinblue added 18:28 - Apr 23
Simply Perfect 🙄

carlisleaway added 19:00 - Apr 23
That’s good news, the club needs us more than ever......for those without a season ticket join Lamberts Blue Army and be the teams 12th man.

Scuzzer added 19:07 - Apr 23
Hmmm...do I believe this? 400 new season ticket applications? Are they out of their minds? Come on people nothing has changed, once again the club is fleecing you.

blueboy1981 added 19:14 - Apr 23
Scuzzer ......... scummer ??

herfie added 19:20 - Apr 23
A little ray of sunshine cutting through the gloom. Obviously missed by some, though. Pity.


pragmatic added 19:24 - Apr 23
Sorry Blueboy 1981 marked down by mistake you are correct our club needs us!!! Coyb

speccybaz added 19:29 - Apr 23
Sounds good but cannot rely on everyone renewing or keeping their DD going. But good to see that PL-type spin is being adopted. It may just work...

mrmorisato added 19:43 - Apr 23
I'm not renewing my season ticket and wholly agree with @Scuzzer - down arrow me all you want but will wait for the January sales IF we're in the top 2 #EvansOut

ArnieM added 19:45 - Apr 23
Every Saturday we follow ......

warktheline added 19:50 - Apr 23
When the club shows intent then I'll show the same commitment ! Melt down time for 'Everything is Awesome at ITFC' group !

jas0999 added 20:03 - Apr 23
Not at all surprised there are 400 new applications. The worry, is 400 may not renew.

I still personally think overall applications will be about the same as last year. Maybe 100 or so more. Not thousands. Sadly.

Edmundo added 20:43 - Apr 23
There is being a supporter whereby you want to see your team, and then being someone who comes for whoever and wherever Town are playing. There are some of us who are going to be both next year: it's a novelty that for the first time in nearly 20 years we are going to be seeing some new places: Southend (last seen in our 1992 promotion season), Fleetwood (new one) and others. We will be the big fish, but we can't be a big club if supporters aren't there to create that atmosphere. We're not being fleeced next year: Jeez it's less than 30 quid a month for some half decent football, and to be part of the fans, not just sitting watching the text reports, then moaning on the forum. Cmon, be part of it!

blueboy1981 added 21:09 - Apr 23
This is the time when actions speak far louder than words - and TRUE colours are automatically shown.

TRUE BLUES - have their opinions - but never waiver in their support of our Club.

Once a TRUE BLUE - always a TRUE BLUE. No exceptions.

Dolphinblue added 21:57 - Apr 23
The whiners are out in force again! Only they can turn a positive into a negative......get yr season ticket or jog on! Why still have an opinion when yr so vexed? 🤔

Dolphinblue added 21:58 - Apr 23
So blueboy marked u down by mistake....thought u were Walkthewhinge 🤣🤣🤣🤣

blueboy1981 added 22:05 - Apr 23
........ sling your hook pretender - you know who you are.

runningout added 22:26 - Apr 23
Hope we can pull in plenty more..

JohnyJohnson added 22:56 - Apr 23
I’m one of the 400. Started as a fan in 1995 when got relegated, following all games on radio finally moved back to area and now officially a proper supporter now have season ticket— ironically on relegation season again. Lucky enough to see the 5-0 demolition derby and Wembley 2000 on the way. Who knows what next season will bring but looking forward to the ride and making some NOISE!

LondonBlue73 added 23:48 - Apr 23
Interesting views and amazing some try to find a negative.
Great news and welcome to the additional 400. I and my two daughters travel 135 miles to each game and then back again, I have had a season ticket since 1992 and I support my team through thick and thin, surely that's what a supporter means. I have enjoyed little of the last few years but still have blue blood and will always go to show my support. I respect those that decided they have had enough and stay away - freedom of choice. What baffles me is the absolute need of some to vent negative and offensive views. Keep them to yourself, look at the good in what we do and let those that wish to get behind the team and club support them.

Do I wish our owner ploughed in more money - yes, am I also thankful we have not gone like Portsmouth and others, yes. Is this rock bottom? I hope so, is it a chance to right some wrongs? - yes.

Whats is the best chance of doing a Norwich or a Sheffield united etc - getting behind the team and the club despite the areas in which they make mistakes and get things wrong. I personally would have done many things different to Evans but the main difference I would not put any money in to a football club and without him we would be in a worse position that I am certain.

Whilst very frustrated this year I think the club have made good previous errors and despite results id rather this relegation and the more entertaining football we have had. Let's be one team and if it is a bad start after 10 games next year then fair enough those that want to rant go ahead and rant but let's give it a go first. Hopefully we will get to 12,000 - for me not for a discount but for atmosphere.

TR11BLU added 08:05 - Apr 24
Excellently put @Londonblue73

Come Onnnn

LWNR2013 added 08:07 - Apr 24
Excellent first day. U12s and U19s are great value for gifts.

Barty added 08:36 - Apr 24
I have renewed for the 38th season. Excellent start - lets hope it continues. COYB.

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