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Lambert: Without Money It's a Different Project
Monday, 8th Jul 2019 06:00

Boss Paul Lambert knows that expectations will be high going into Town’s first third tier season for 62 years but warns that it’s not a given that his young, frugally-assembled squad will be in the top six, even if he believes they’re "a really good side”.

Asked whether he has a target for where he wants Town to finish in League One the Blues manager confirmed he had one in mind without elaborating any further.

When it was pointed out that most people would see the season as a failure if Town weren’t in the top six at the very least, he added: “Why do people think we’re automatically going to be in the top six? Because we’re Ipswich? Look at the side, the side is young.

"There were 12 academy kids [involved against Paderborn on Saturday], I’m not sure there are going to be as many as that in the whole division.

“What I will say is we’re a good side, I think we’re a really good side. It’ll be really tough but if we keep performing, then let’s see what happens.”

However, he says he’s well aware that there will be expectations among fans: “There will be, absolutely, and there should be because the badge indicates it, the club indicates it, the history of the club indicates it, the support indicates it. That’s fine, it’s totally fine.

“We haven’t spent any money at all – none. If you spend money then I can understand people saying ‘You have to be up there’ and ‘You have to win titles’. I get all that.

“Without money it’s a different project, but the objective is still the same. It’s to try and be successful. But we haven’t spent any money.

“They’re young, there are 12 academy kids, it’s a project, but they’re a really good side. I’m not saying they’re not a good side, I’m saying they’re a really good side.

“They might make mistakes more than will happen with experienced players but if they keep playing like that and they keep doing those things.”

Lambert played down suggestions that keeper Bartosz Bialkowski’s move to Millwall for around £1 million breaking down has impacted upon his ability to make signings and says the Polish international's value has reduced as a result of Town's drop into League One.

“No, because the club has been relegated,” he continued. “If what people tell me is true, that Bart could have gone last season for whatever, £3 million, if you get relegated, no one’s going pay that money any more. It’s not going to happen.

“It never even got that far, that’s the beauty of it all. I’m not disappointed the guy’s not away because he’s a really good goalkeeper. So from that point of view, a selfish point of view I’m glad Bart’s still here.

“As I’ve said, I don’t lose sleep about things until they really affect me then I’ll start to say, ‘OK, what’s going on?’.”

Meanwhile, the Blues squad and staff spent yesterday afternoon paintballing close to their hotel near Meppen, where next Sunday's Interwetten Cup takes place, with team building during their time away in Germany seen as a priority by Lambert.

Photo: TWTD

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trncbluearmy added 06:18 - Jul 8
I know we have an additional shortfall because of regulation
I know Evans puts in the shortfall every year
But he bought the club and that is his minimum responsibility
We are were we are because of his lack of funding and awful decisions

The least he can do is find an extra couple of million, which is a fortune to you and I, but not to him,its there sell some shares dig deeper,sell an asset.

Marcus Evans you have a responsibility to Ipswich Town Football Club grow some balls and give PL a fighting chance

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:32 - Jul 8
This does rather sound like getting your excuses in early. A bit disappointing after the positivity at the end of last season and the increase in ticket sales. Let’s hope the yoofs really can fill the gap and provide us with a bit of excitement. If we end up mid-table or worse, I fear for the continued support at our club.

Dissboyitfc added 06:47 - Jul 8
is he getting excuses ready? About a year ago we were filled with false promises of high pressing entertaining football! didnt quite work out that way! This season i really have no expectations other than a really tough season, where we will finish just outside the play-offs/mdi table. Anything higher for me will be a bonus!

cat added 06:53 - Jul 8
Welcome to the pennyless ITFC, sounds like Lambets going into Ass Covering mode. Not finishing top 6 will be a failure which ever way you look at it.

BlueMachines added 07:04 - Jul 8
If the club aren’t willing to show some ambition for promotion then what will keep the fans coming back? I can see hope dwindling quickly and attendances dropping equally as fast after this year if Evans remains so frugal. We are being asked to support a club that is going nowhere except down again. This could well be my last season because I want to start in August with hope of promotion. Without that what’s the point of being a football fan?

Cakeman added 07:20 - Jul 8
Paul Lambert is being honest and realistic.
I think it’s good that he is trying hard to bond the players he has. It’s unlikely there will be many if any further additions.
The team spirit looks great and as long as that continues we shall be ok.
Expectations for the season? I don’t have any but just want to turn up and watch us play with pride in an entertaining fashion. As long as it is enjoyable to turn up to Portman Road each game then the season will have been a success. I am not getting hung up on where we may finish in the table.

PortmanTerrorist added 07:24 - Jul 8
Feels like PL is not convinced by what the squad had shown him thus far. Hopefully getting Judge Norwood and maybe a couple (No more) of quality loans in can change the dynamics....esp if Huws stays fit.

Won't be an easy ride but even despite ME we would be optimistic if we stick together. COYB

guentchev added 07:26 - Jul 8
Big season for us...if we don't get promoted within the first couple of seasons we are likely to be here for a very long time....

Good young players have every right to play at a higher level...and they will move on...

What's more concerning is...IF we stay in this division how are we going to balance that 9 million loss next season? We don't have many big add-ons left on players that can be sold (Webster, Mings etc).

Fat_Boy_Tim added 07:26 - Jul 8
It is a young side and heaping pressure on them before the first game would be stupid so of course this is what he’s going to say. He also didn’t reveal what his target for the season is, same reason. He’s just keeping the pressure off and hopefully letting the side just play, at least for the first half of the season.

Bluearmy_81 added 07:28 - Jul 8
I've said it once so I'll say it again, at any other club fans would be literally revolting at the way this club has been decimated. Town fans are too passive, apathetic and accepting. This is not good enough, another generation in league 1-2 is not good enough, this is your club, have some passion and drive, demand better for ITFC!!
Facebook--Evans out of ITFC

SouperJim added 07:35 - Jul 8
I've been advocating patience while many other fans have been asking questions, but I've got to admit, this doesn't sound good. We've been here before with Evans, the manager trying to quiet our expectations while citing lack of transfer funds, but last time it was in the division above!

Is Lambert simply trying to give his young side a bit of breathing room with the fans, or should we be worried? We all know how it turned out the last time an ITFC manager started making these kind of comments. If we don't finish in the top 6 this season it's going to get unpleasant, no forward momentum the year after and Evans could have a full scale revolt on his hands.

Saxonblue74 added 07:38 - Jul 8
I don't think spending money on average signings needs to be our priority. We've added the proven goalscorer we so despeately needed and our focus now needs to be on the fitness of our squad. Lankester and Huws fit for a season would be huge for us and a full season for Bishop and Dozzell could see a vast improvement for them both. To see ITFC progress through the leagues with home grown players would be hugely satisfying. I do understand the sense of frustration, maybe even a feeling of betrayal being expressed by some but for whatever reason we are where we are, lets back our kids and have a little patience (something we should be good at by now!). PL has a job to do in keeping the lads grounded, something that Alex Ferguson did so well.

ITFCsince73 added 07:38 - Jul 8
As I’ve said previous. I’ll be happy to stay up.

Bluearmy_81 added 07:38 - Jul 8
Evans could have a full scale revolt on his hands.

Would be about 6 years too late but nevermind...

runaround added 07:40 - Jul 8
FFP rules are different in league one with wage bill only allowed to be a certain percentage of your turnover. This more than anything else is what is probably stopping us adding to the squad & unfortunately any money we get in from sell on clauses for Mings, Webster, Clarke etc won’t change that. Which is why we cannot afford the squad to be too bloated & full of players who won’t play

Nobbysnuts added 07:47 - Jul 8
Nothing like giving your team confidence paul. Shocking.

finidi added 07:49 - Jul 8
What I find hard to fathom is that we have released seventeen se for players if you include John Waters, which is masshive saving on wages alone. All ikeep hearing is the loss of 9m TV revenue. Then as MM previously aired some of the players depending on there contract will taking a wage cut. Paul Lambert is right when he says why does everyone expect us to be in the playoffs he knows the squad and it,sshodtfalls. There are some good clubs in this league Portsmouth, Peterborough, Sunderland, Rotherham, Coventry, Doncaster some of which are spending. I just feel a small amount of investment from ME say 5m wouldhaveseenus compete for automatic. It's not going to be pretty there are some hardened seasoned pros long ball and we are reallying on kids.

rabbit added 07:51 - Jul 8
Just looked at your facebook site bluearmy_81 but obviously no one can see it unless they join, what have you got to hide?.
Surely your not too bashful to share your insigtfulness.
Absolutely love rule 4.

1psw1ch added 07:59 - Jul 8
If evans put his hands in his pocket,s we might have a chance of going up

raycrawfordswig added 08:12 - Jul 8
The only ambition the Clown has got is to get his money back.

ITFCsince73 added 08:20 - Jul 8
Without money there’s no put in simple terms.

ITFCsince73 added 08:22 - Jul 8
Cakeman. Getting a 0-0 v Rochdale on a cold Wednesday evening won’t keep things rosy inside Portman Road.

ITFCsince73 added 08:24 - Jul 8
Saxonblue74.....proven in the National and L2. We all appreciate by now a step up isn’t that straightforward.

Northstandveteran added 08:25 - Jul 8
Not quite the fun packed, exciting adventure that was predicted by many on here then?

Still, the businessman and his P.R man managed to shift 12,000 season tickets between them, good marketing lads.

Even had the audacity to make sure the total sold was 3 short so no reductions were given.

What fun it will be watching a mid table Ipswich taking on Fleetwood in January with an icy wind blowing up the Orwell in a third filled Portman road.

You can fool some of the people all of the time.....

Northstandveteran added 08:26 - Jul 8
What was rule 4 rabbit?

Was it the secret knock to the tree house?

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