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Shrews Chief: Small Areas of the Pitch Hardened Up
Saturday, 13th Feb 2021 15:32

Shrewsbury Town chief executive Brian Caldwell has explained the reasons why today’s game against the Blues was called off with referee Lee Swabey feeling that some small sections of the pitch were unplayable, and also why plans for it to be rescheduled for tomorrow fell through.

“At a quarter-to-10 this morning it looked OK,” Caldwell said. “I spoke to the referee, explained where we were at, that we trying to keep the covers on as long as possible because of the minus temperatures.

“We lifted the covers off at 11 o’clock and the referee came at a quarter-to-12 once they were off. He went over the pitch and he thought it was playable.

“There was a slight concern about a couple of areas about another couple of areas which were firmer than other areas, but bizarrely between him having a look around at a quarter-to-12 and half-one, two o’clock-ish, the pitch actually hardened up in other areas as well.

“It was worse despite the temperature getting to a positive, to plus one, the pitch got worse in certain smaller areas.

“It is very confined areas, on the far side there was an obvious bit of a problem, it was a bit harder and he just felt for players’ safety it was the right thing to do.

“The majority of the pitch, 95 per cent, perhaps five per cent has actually got worse. It’s quite unusual to see that when the temperature rises, that the pitch actually worsens.”

He added: “It’s very difficult, we tried to give everything as much chance as we could and to be fair to the referee, he came along and was very helpful, he walked the pitch with me at a quarter-to-12 today and was quite happy with things, but he wanted to monitor it between then and three o’clock.

“If there’s one benefit from not having supporters and people not travelling to games, it’s that we were able to give it as much chance as we possible could.

“But it’s just because of the temperatures and the pitch hardening in very small areas that players’ safety has to come first.

“Sometimes it is difficult coming from soft ground to hard ground, I get that. At the end of the day we have to look after the players even if it is a very small portion of the pitch.”

Caldwell says plans to reschedule the game for tomorrow fell through due to Town not being able to sort hotel accommodation with the two clubs discussing the issue at length after the postponement was confirmed.

“The delay has partly been because we spoke to Ipswich about playing tomorrow, for them to stay in a hotel tonight and try and play the game tomorrow, the EFL was happy with us trying to do,” he said.

“Ipswich stayed locally last night, which made it easier for us to hold on as long as possible today. They stayed locally last night, obviously the hotel opened up for them and brought chefs in especially, so it was short notice for them to get another [night’s] hotel accommodation and I think they just decided it was probably better that they prepare better for a Tuesday night game when we play it at some point later on in the season.”

That game won’t take place until April with both clubs having no shared spare Tuesdays before then.

Photo: TWTD

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MrJase_79 added 15:35 - Feb 13
Tin pot league and premadonna players.

positivity added 15:42 - Feb 13
even stephen wad and luke chambers are postmadonna...

TimmyH added 16:07 - Feb 13
Wow!...we're even failing at getting other hotel accommodation at short notice, that's a new one on me. Didn't affect Wigan with their rescheduling for tomorrow.

shefki86 added 16:26 - Feb 13
Nothing surprises me with this club anymore.... not playing tomorrow because someone at the club could not sort a hotel out at 2 on a Saturday afternoon!? Amazing

stiff_talking added 16:31 - Feb 13
Let’s hope this is at Least one game Lambert never gets to play !

suffolkblueeye added 16:36 - Feb 13

suffolkblueeye added 16:38 - Feb 13
No desire to play....more time given to crap manager..

KernewekBlue added 17:01 - Feb 13
Well, look on the bright side... it's a game we didn't lose!

Woodbridgian added 17:06 - Feb 13
Play it today, tomorrow next week or March does it make any difference. With Lambert still in charge the season is over away.

DifferentGravy added 17:46 - Feb 13
Haha! Take a bow Positivity.......thats your best one yet LMAO

Down to 12th

Looking at previous seasons you need 90+ points for automatic. With 21 games to go that means we would need to win 17 of them (no chance). A play off position is around 72+ points. So would need 33 points or 11 wins from 21. Our last 12 games have yielded 4 wins and a total of 14 points........

All very well having the games in hand but need to win them.....and with Shambert in charge....it really isnt looking likely. Roll on a dreadful Northampton side where we will win and Lambert will be crowing again. Then comes Oxford, Hull and Donny.........

Trac70 added 18:09 - Feb 13
I think Shambert and Co have "bottled" it. The "Shrews" are on a good run of late. The management didn't fancy this and keeps them all in a job until at least Tuesday night!!!

blues1 added 18:24 - Feb 13
Timmy,, shefki. Clearly no idea. How can they book a hotel at 2pm when all hotels are actually closed other than for certain exceptions. The hotel would have to totally sanitised the place and ensure their staff clear of covid. That cant be done in such a short space of time. Which is why they no doubt contacted the hotel they were in last night,. Butcagain, would havexlikely been too short notice for them to get staff in. As for wigan, their match was moved on friday, so all they had to was contact their hotel and alter the night. If indeed they are staying overnight somewhere.

Linkboy13 added 11:05 - Feb 14
Think you will find if we were riding high and on a good run things would have been different.

Razor added 10:26 - Feb 15
Wigan seemed to be able to manage it.

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