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Ipswich fans need to give new owners time and stop going down dark rabbit holes
at 18:40 17 Apr 2021

We have been unhappy for a long time and that had led to knee jerk comments and dark speculations.

Now is the time to cease with speculation and concern. We need to sit back relax and embrace the changes as they are announced. We must keep the faith on all aspects.

We have owners with financial clout that will make the changes that they deem to be essential for the club to move forwards.

Pep and Klopp would suffer same results with this ITFC side
at 20:19 10 Apr 2021

Don’t blame Cook. Evans knew we needed strikers this summer and did the very thing he accused Lambert of doing....watched Rome burn!

You reap what you sow and the lack of key summer signings in attacking areas will eventually result in no play offs.

Paul Cook can do many things but he can’t score the goals the team lacks !
Freddie Fears Playoffs
at 16:59 10 Apr 2021

Another 20+ games without a goal Freddie.

You have the talent but if ever there was a non believer Mr Cook look no further than Mr Fears
Two positives from today
at 20:33 27 Mar 2021

1/ better organization at the back with a greater emphasis in closing down the ball. Our pressure on the ball defensively was much more structured

2/ we retained and won more 50/50 balls in midfield than normal. If you re-watch it’s a big improvement.

Disappointing then, that we were weak in possession of the ball and more isolated in the final third. It could be the defensive changes had an impact on our attacking game. Or Sears and Judge woeful first half threw the team off balance.

Good teams are built from the back forwards and Cook is working to improve Ipswich in 3 or 4 areas and the work he is doing is already visible. Like McCarthy when he first came in he is trying to make us stronger defensively and less “milky”.

Portsmouth is key game
at 02:32 18 Mar 2021

Looking at run in of Blackpool, Charlton, Portsmouth and Ipswich this Portsmouth game is critical

Blackpool and Charlton have awful schedules

Portsmouth are like us

We beat them this weekend we would be 5 points clear
Takeover talk = performance
at 03:14 17 Mar 2021

Takeover likely we pay like we did at Hull !

Evans says he is staying and we play like we are non league team

Interesting ups and downs

Wonder if Evans has noticed this trend ?
3 wins during tabled takeover
at 15:53 6 Mar 2021

The mistake was Evans announced he was staying. Back comes the defeats!
Evans - bemoans challenging financial year with 750m net worth
at 01:19 1 Mar 2021

Clearly remaining top of Britain’s wealthy list is more important than his football club!

Jon Nolan truth behind falling out with club
at 16:51 28 Feb 2021

Nolan told Lambert in a heated dressing room argument that he would rather be home with the kids IF you are going to make me play like that. His comments have been completely misrepresented by Lambert in the press.
Lambert - I’m going home to have a nice beer !
at 18:11 27 Feb 2021

Has he purchased “lambert out” beer ?
Ray Crawford has answer to Town struggles
at 21:17 22 Feb 2021

Ray Crawford recently said you can play badly and still win if you have the luxury of a good goal scorer. Ipswich current issues stem from a lack of goals and any promise of a turn around in results are meaningless without resolving this problem.

I believe that even Lambert recognized this need last summer but Evans failed to back him with the funds to get in the right man. Talk of Ipswich signing Clarke Harris and Wyke was in the press and with hindsight either one would have been perfect. But Evans hesitated as he has done time and time again and our chance for momentum was lost.

Outside Norwood no one on the books is a regular scorer and Norwood has never been fit long enough to effectively contribute in past two seasons. Lambert has made this situation worse by continuing to play two low scoring wingers and not putting enough emphasis on two natural finishers. He is placing emphasis on creating goals and not finishing them.

Current players can keep telling us that results will improve but they won’t until this problem is addressed. We were relegated from the Championship for the same problem and lessons have not been learned.
Nigel Clough
at 02:04 21 Feb 2021

He would also be a good candidate

He always looks to hire highest level of quality players affordable and will exchange players out to bring in improvements.

We need an owner and manager that focus all efforts on proper recruitment and if we sell it’s on the basis of bringing in better !
5 ways to remove Lambert that are yet to be tried
at 01:23 21 Feb 2021

1/ We score a first half goal
2/ Skuse declares he is fit to play
3/ Stuart Watson reveals club insider is no other than Stuart Taylor
4/ Jon Nolan reveals that his wife and kids support Peterborough
5/ a Promotion rival offers to play with 10 men to give Lambert team a chance
Tactics and Team
at 15:52 20 Feb 2021

Better tactics and Better Team

Do you think Lambert is already off tactics and team selection ?

Someone is offering him a wee bit of help ?
Guilty Pleasure - ITFC goal that means more to you than anyone else ?
at 21:15 17 Feb 2021

What ITFC goal means more to you than everyone else ?

The never talked about moment you are sitting on in your brain !

Mine is Marcus Stewart wonderful finish against Chelsea. Top finish by a top player. It’s a goal that never gets talked about but it was amazing

Also, Dalian Atkinson Middlesbrough goals. Wow what a great day that was! He was such an exciting player.
Salt House sightings now expected !
at 21:08 17 Feb 2021

Typically the rumor mill of Salt House sightings should be kicking off today. Who will be next ITFC manager and who will be renting a room at the hotel !

Let’s start our own chain of who we saw at the Salt House today and have fun with it !

Who did you see there today ?
Lambert ready to talk
at 15:12 17 Feb 2021

What he means is he is ready to leak al the dirty club secrets of Evans doesn’t put him out

He wants this over like us !

No distance is left to run
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