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Player availability
at 19:38 26 Nov 2021

Why is Paul Cook so coy on player availability when everyone knows his system!

He might as well announce the team 3 weeks prior !
January key signing - Paul Cook assistant coach
at 19:35 26 Nov 2021

Paul Cook assistant coach who can contribute ideas could greatly help Paul and club.
Lambert results declined without his key #2 as did even the great Bryan Clough.
The only thing different with Paul Cook past and present is his missing #2 and perhaps this is the answer many are overlooking !
If Paul Cook was sacked in Nov 21 then our season would be over
at 14:06 24 Nov 2021

Paul Cook sacked in Nov 21 after club owners financial investment in 19 players and assembly of large off field staff after 18 games and 1 transfer window ? We would be laughing stock of the league.

And all these players who dropped down leagues to play for Mr Paul Cook would be happy to play for a new manager when they know Paul Cook wasn’t given long enough and fans went against him?

None of this talk warrants any time at all at this point. We need to support Paul Cook and give him more time even if we don’t go up this year. We can’t fix years of neglect in 5 minutes without stability. We need some patience….. and new owners should not be pressured by the fans to make decisions for the club that long term are the wrong decisions.

Everyone needs to calm down and give this project more time.

Imagine 78 cup final without Osborne goal
at 17:05 20 Nov 2021

Completely dominated the possession, tempo and created some good chances
But it was like the 78 cup final without Osborne goal. Celina missed 3 good chances and Walton made key error of coming for a ball that he didn’t win. The 2nd was a joke ref call but ITFC looked beaten anyway after not winning a game they so clearly dominated.
Wimbledon Hype
at 18:12 28 Aug 2021

Wimbledon worst team we have played. They struggled to pass throughout the game and it took 28 minutes for them to contribute to the game. If we had a better goal keeper today we would have won comfortably
positives / weakness continue
at 18:01 28 Aug 2021

Positives ;
Goal scored and attacking play is real plus under Cook (easy on eye)
Great support and we’ll attended games…
Some of the new signings are clearly player upgrades on past.

Weakness ;
Injuries are like weekly buses (player unavailability is incredible)
Central Midfield disappear at 60 minute mark every game. (Is high press leaving them exposed?)
Risky passing in front of our goal continues. (Is high press leaving us exposed)
Keeper now looks backward step. Dropped Holy is arguably better…. Recruitment still needed.
Refs seem anti Ipswich (bizarre free kick decision for first goal, 6 minutes add ??)

5 minutes to go we removed 2 defenders. Given results was this a good choice ? I know Coulson had cramp but for 5 minutes could he have stayed to secure points ?
Evans and Harper struggling yet Cook ignores this as pressure on defensive mounts.

Tactically Cook got it right last week and was unlucky not to get his win.
But today his decisions were as twitchy as the team in front of him.

Charlie Watts RIP
at 20:03 24 Aug 2021

Sad news that Charlie has passed away.

All those great years and hits he has left us with.

Hot Rocks on repeat this evening !

Why are individual errors are costing us ?
at 19:08 21 Aug 2021

It’s easy to focus on the individual mistake for us conceding and dropping points
But Cooks front foot attacking style is leaving us exposed defensively. So when we get things wrong we are more exposed than usual. Don’t focus so much on the individual error but the lack of player support around it.

Examples -

Evans loses the ball and not 1 of the 4 defenders are behind him.

Burton win quick free kick and we don’t have the numbers to get back to defend it as KVY is upfront.

Wolfie losers ball and there is no one covering the play.

Our pattern of play out of our own defense is not comfortable. Harper should have also lost the ball today on the edge of the box when Fraser played a dangerous ball into him. Harper got out of it with superb skill but it could have been a very different story.

We are playing Russian Roulette with our attacking style

Cook tactical switch deserves credit
at 18:38 21 Aug 2021

He was a brave manager today and the performances much more enjoyable than previous years
Would you spend 52 million on a full back ?
at 03:29 18 May 2021

I don’t understand why Man Utd would spend that much on a full back with two assists to his name!
Ipswich fans need to give new owners time and stop going down dark rabbit holes
at 18:40 17 Apr 2021

We have been unhappy for a long time and that had led to knee jerk comments and dark speculations.

Now is the time to cease with speculation and concern. We need to sit back relax and embrace the changes as they are announced. We must keep the faith on all aspects.

We have owners with financial clout that will make the changes that they deem to be essential for the club to move forwards.

Pep and Klopp would suffer same results with this ITFC side
at 20:19 10 Apr 2021

Don’t blame Cook. Evans knew we needed strikers this summer and did the very thing he accused Lambert of doing....watched Rome burn!

You reap what you sow and the lack of key summer signings in attacking areas will eventually result in no play offs.

Paul Cook can do many things but he can’t score the goals the team lacks !
Freddie Fears Playoffs
at 16:59 10 Apr 2021

Another 20+ games without a goal Freddie.

You have the talent but if ever there was a non believer Mr Cook look no further than Mr Fears
Two positives from today
at 20:33 27 Mar 2021

1/ better organization at the back with a greater emphasis in closing down the ball. Our pressure on the ball defensively was much more structured

2/ we retained and won more 50/50 balls in midfield than normal. If you re-watch it’s a big improvement.

Disappointing then, that we were weak in possession of the ball and more isolated in the final third. It could be the defensive changes had an impact on our attacking game. Or Sears and Judge woeful first half threw the team off balance.

Good teams are built from the back forwards and Cook is working to improve Ipswich in 3 or 4 areas and the work he is doing is already visible. Like McCarthy when he first came in he is trying to make us stronger defensively and less “milky”.

Portsmouth is key game
at 02:32 18 Mar 2021

Looking at run in of Blackpool, Charlton, Portsmouth and Ipswich this Portsmouth game is critical

Blackpool and Charlton have awful schedules

Portsmouth are like us

We beat them this weekend we would be 5 points clear
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