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Bishop: In Monday to Work Hard, the Gaffer's Told Us
Sunday, 21st Mar 2021 10:45

Midfielder Teddy Bishop hopes a first full week’s training under Paul Cook will pay dividends when the Blues travel to face another of their new manager’s former clubs Wigan Athletic next Saturday, this weekend’s visit to Portsmouth having ended in a 2-1 defeat.

Town were the better side in the first half and deservedly went in front via James Norwood in the 32nd minute before Pompey skipper Tom Naylor headed a leveller on 42 and Marcus Harness grabbed the winner 18 minutes from full-time.

“Really disappointing, the fact that they weren’t really in the game for the first 42, 43 minutes means it’s very tough to take,” Bishop said after the game.

“We conceded a soft goal just before half-time and then in the second half it’s not really enough.

“You can play well for 40 minutes but it’s not good enough. It’s 90 minutes. There were some positives to take in the first half.

“Everyone’s still getting to know the way the manager likes to play and I thought we showed that in the first half but ultimately we’ve come away with nothing, so it was very disappointing.”

Bishop says new boss Cook has looked for something different from him since he took charge just over a fortnight ago.

“There are definitely adjustments,” he considered. “The gaffer’s come in and he’s not tried to shove too much information in on everyone but there are little changes everywhere and we have to buy into that.

“The game has changed a little bit but the more we work on the training ground, the more we’ll get better.

“It’s just maybe a little bit more discipline, whereas when you play with a three in midfield you’ve more licence to get forward and join the attack, whereas if you’re playing with two sitters then you do have to be more disciplined, just that really.”

He added: “The last few games before the new gaffer came in was similar, it was more disciplined and was me and [Andre] Dozzell sitting in front of the back four screening and protecting and I think that did work really well, so we just need to try and find a balance now.”

“Like I said, we’re still learning what we’re going to get from each other and what we want from each other. We’ll find out more in the next few weeks.”

Asked whether the role he’s being asked to play suits him, he reflected: “Maybe, I don’t really know yet, we’ll have to wait and see. What I would say is that we haven’t had many training sessions with the gaffer.

“When you play Saturday-Tuesday you literally maybe get one session in a week, so he hasn’t been able to get all his ideas across yet.

“We haven’t been able to learn everything he wants from us, so the more training we can do, the more that will come.”

Town have no midweek game for the first time in six weeks in the days ahead and have another free week following Saturday’s trip to Wigan with Cook having already outlined that it will be a period of intense training.

“He said, ‘In Monday to work hard’,” Bishop continued. “We’ll have a good week of training next week for the first time under the new manager and hopefully that will see us well into next weekend.”

The 24-year-old has welcomed Cook’s enthusiasm on the touchline: “That’s what we need. We need someone who is going to back us and that’s what he’s done so far so, yes, it’s been good.”

Cook in particular was constantly on at his players in first half on Saturday, urging them to press and get forward. Bishop felt that had a positive impact.

“It just gives us a little lift, I suppose,” he said. “I suppose he does it when he thinks we’ve gone a bit flat or we need a lift and need to get up the pitch, so it’s good for us.”

Despite Saturday’s setback, the Blues remain in the hunt for the play-offs, sitting ninth, two points from the top six with 11 games to go and a couple of matches in hand on a couple of sides above them.

“Definitely,” Bishop insisted. “But we need to start winning games. Ultimately we can’t get three or four games down the line and run out of games, so we need to start picking up wins, we need to start doing that next week.”

The midfielder is one of 27 players who are out of contract in the summer* with a significant exodus likely with Cook having already said on a number of occasions that the squad is too large.

Quizzed on whether that is adding to the pressure, Bishop said: “There’s a lot of pressure but that comes with playing for such a great club like Ipswich Town. Everyone I’m sure feels that but at the same time we need to all step up.

“I’ve played a lot of minutes this season, bar one injury, so that’s been a positive for me and I just need to take that into the end of the season and keep going.”

Bishop, who has been involved in all Cook’s games in charge, three starts and two sub appearances, has been utilised as a number 10 on a couple of occasions by the new manager.

“I played against Lincoln at home in the number 10 role and I thought I did OK,” he said. “I thought I did well. I think he’s maybe trying to find out what position he finds me best in.”

He says it’s a position he played on occasion when coming through the ranks at Playford Road but feels he needs to learn more about how to play there.

“When you’re growing up and you play you’re running everywhere like a headless chicken,” he recalled. “It’s definitely a role I enjoy, but if I was going to play there more regularly I’d have to be coached at how to play as a number 10. It’s not an easy position.”

And, like all areas at Town at present, he knows there is plenty of competition, and not just for places but for contracts in the summer: “We’ve got a good squad, we’ve got a big squad so obviously the gaffer will look at who he wants to keep and who he doesn’t, so we’ll see what happens.”

*Luke Chambers, Cole Skuse, Stephen Ward, Emyr Huws, Freddie Sears, Kayden Jackson, Teddy Bishop, Alan Judge, Toto Nsiala, Janoi Donacien, James Wilson, Gwion Edwards, Aaron Drinan, Tristan Nydam, Barry Cotter, Ben Morris, Ben Folami, Harry Wright, Idris El Mizouni, Liam Gibbs, Bailey Clements, Levi Andoh, Adam Przybek, Bert White, Kai Brown, Zak Brown and Tommy Hughes.

Town have previously confirmed they have options to keep Skuse, Ward, Sears, Bishop, Judge, Nsiala, Donacien, Wilson, Nydam, Morris, Folami, El Mizouni, Clements, Andoh, Przybek, White, Kai Brown, Zak Brown and Hughes.

As previously reported, Town have offered a new extended contract to Gibbs, who doesn’t have a year’s option on his current deal.

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martin587 added 11:41 - Mar 21
Let’s hope a good full weeks trying for the first time and a few tweaks for next Saturday will reap rewards.I believe team selection will be very interesting.

sospier added 11:43 - Mar 21

sospier added 11:45 - Mar 21
Martin I added trading as I guessed that’s what you meant.😂

martin587 added 11:47 - Mar 21
Thank you sos slip of the finger.But I must stress not trading.

buzbyblue added 12:15 - Mar 21
Out of all of those I would say only Teddy Bishop, Toto Nsiala , Gwion Edwards & James Wilson are worth keeping

Maybe just extend Jacksons contract with the sole hope of selling him to recoup some of that 1.7 million!

warktheline added 12:17 - Mar 21
Borrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnng! Been hearing such rhetoric for far too many years! Evans Out!

Suffolkboy added 12:44 - Mar 21
Reading very much between the lines it’s not difficult to see a vast contrast between PL and PC ,especially in terms of encouragement and consistent enthusiasm : we need that sentiment to spread throughout the ITFC playing squad .We also desperately need to witness it embodied in both the approach and delivery ,for at the present there’s an air of uncertainty and indecision manifested too often .
A change of mindset , a more open approach to discipline and a committed learning curve will reap reward !
I’m totally baffled ( old now ,but a long time active team and sports participant ) with TB’s seeming lack of understanding of individual roles — how do you function as a team if you don’t understand what and how and when your key colleagues need to receive , distribute and indeed need all THEIR mates to be able thus to contribute ? Maybe this ignorance explains our often witnessed lack of coordination and cohesion ?
Little doubt PC will clearly express his ideas and principles ,and we SHALL see improved results ,and happier players too !

johnwarksshorts added 12:47 - Mar 21
Can't believe there are already so called fans on radio Suffolk doubting Paul Cooks appointment already! I'm sure he's the guy to turn things around. I'm convinced its a mental attitude thing for some of our players. Cooks man management style will hopefully instill some belief, confidence and bravery into the players. COYB.

Texastom added 13:17 - Mar 21
Still learning? f/t professionals and still need hand holding. Just get out there play and give your all. Same old laborious comments. Players need to keep there heads down now and work hard.

Paul Cook is definitely the RIGHT MAN.

If he can’t turn it around no one can.

spanishblue added 13:22 - Mar 21
What chance has he got with what appears to be a bunch of clod hoppers, with no desire other than pick up wages, I’m in to give him a chance this season is pretty much gone miracles happen but, the clear out will be interesting who will be the first, the call to see the manager holding your exit cards of which are piling up on Cookies desk

Beattiesballbag added 13:37 - Mar 21
PC has his work cut out, slow pushing forward & slow between the ears, need a Captain on the pitch......top teams have several leaders on the pitch, we haven't any.

SheptonMalletBlue added 13:52 - Mar 21
You can train as hard as you want all week, but if Fist Pumper is in the team v Wigan it'll be another defeat!!!!

dirtydingusmagee added 14:06 - Mar 21
Training is good ,in that it can be easier perhaps to deal with any individuals issues , but whatever they do in training , the team need to put it to use on match day, too many players really are not pushing themselves to go the extra mile. I would have thought a new manager and the fact that we were back in a play off plkace would have spurred the plays on ,sparked them into life, but it hasnt, I cant see how people can start knocking PC already, these players are embarrassing , lack any fight, or pride,.just jog along and then whine when they dont get the results.

Ipswichbusiness added 14:15 - Mar 21
At least ten of that list should go, starting with Chambers, Skuse and Ward.

Then get in a small number of quality players, using our youngsters to plug any gaps.

PositivelyPortman added 14:19 - Mar 21
I know that they’re really decent men and do a lot for the club, but if he extends Chambers and Skuse’s contracts then there’s blackmail going on!!
If those contracts include Sears and Huws too, then after over 50yrs of support for Town I’m finished.

Tractorboy58 added 14:20 - Mar 21
Really don't want to hear any more of this tripe..just man up and do your job

Linkboy13 added 14:32 - Mar 21
Don't think Teddy knows what the meaning of hard work is. Never really lived up to his early promise, too lightweight and offers very little when not in possession. Get rid and get some one in who can play ninety minutes and offer a tackle.

ringwoodblue added 15:00 - Mar 21
“ There are definitely adjustments,” he considered. “The gaffer’s come in and he’s not tried to shove too much information in on everyone but there are little changes everywhere and we have to buy into that.”

It’s not like adjustments are going to fix the problems we have, we need something more radical I’m afraid and most of the players need a massive reality check, shape up or you’re out! Ipswich Town is just too nice and full of snowflakes.

Edmundo added 15:02 - Mar 21
Paul Cook is going to get this club going again, with or without some players. For too long we've accepted mediocrity, a losing attitude and lack of humility from many players, and done backroom staff/managers. No more.

therein61 added 15:46 - Mar 21
The inept duo(4&8) will be on the phone to Marcus creeping and pleading their case for a new deal, bypassing the manager as usual.

timkatieadamitfc added 16:09 - Mar 21
This team is going nowhere with -
Chambers on right consistently making mistakes and giving goals away, until KVY is fit we should use Matheson, who is much quicker and to be fair played ok. WE HAVE NO PACE GOING FORWARD
Skuse in the team refusing to play a forward pass, constantly stopping us breaking with any pace, WE HAVE NO PACE GOING FORWARD
Ward in the team ahead of Kenlock- WE HAVE NO PACE GOING FORWARD
The only forward we have who looks like scoring and dangerous at the minute is Norwood, play 2 up top with Jackson WHO HAS PACE
We are so slow and ponderous, no wonder we don’t create many chances, by the time we’ve passed it round the back a bit and then broke at snails pace the opposition have had more than enough time to stroll back and defend with ease against us

Vanisleblue2 added 16:15 - Mar 21
Same crap week after week and nothing changes.
They all should play for a club who get 4,000 fans a week and not a magnificent club and incredible supporters like ours. We deserve better.
When you hear comments like Fleetwood wanted it more...that makes my blood boil.
Goodbye Teddy and most of your team mates. The club is bigger and the supporters deserve better than mediocrity at best and abysmal at worst

BarbelBoy added 16:43 - Mar 21
TB's comments offer an interesting insight into what PC is going to demand of the squad. It has been clear over the last five games that the players have been struggling to grasp the way he wants them to play. They need to learn fast !

I'd like to raise three further issues that I think are significant.

1. After Saturday's game and before PC's post match interview several fans phoned into Radio Suffolk questioning the mentality and attitude of the players. We all know what they mean. For the last three season's we seem to have a squad of brittle, snow flakes. Time and time again they find ways yo shoot themselves in the foot and once they have a set back they seem to have little resolve to rectify matters. There was an interesting comment in yesterday's Times by Hugo Lloris the Spurs goalie to the effect that it is one thing for a player to stand before the media and proclaim their ambition and determination to do better and entirely another thing to see that attitude being displayed day in and day out on the pitch. Just think how often over the last three season's one of our players has apologised to the fans for a dreadful team performance and insisted that they understand our frustration and are determined to put things right only to follow it up with yet another abject display of gutless surrender. Who in our squad would you want beside you in the trenches ? Let me pluck five names out of the air - Wilson, Ward, Edwards, Dozzell and Judge. I am not singling them out because I could easily make the same point by reference to half a dozen others. When they are on the pitch their body language speaks volumes. Half hearted, casual, sloppy. Remember the Lincoln game when Toto nearly gifted them a goal late into the second half. If you can then have another look at the video. Yes his control was wanting but he was put into a stupid situation by Judge who passed the ball to him from distance and in the air from a ridiculous position. Hopefully that sort of inept attitude will be seized upon by PC and eradicated from our style of play.

2. Warm ups. Whenever I watch our pre match warm up it always seems so casual and slack compared to the opposition. Our routines don't seem to have changed in the last three season's despite the results being so inconsistent. Players seem content to chat and joke with each other whilst casually stroking the ball around without much of a care in the world and certainly without giving the impression that they are involved in a professional routine which is designed to heighten their performance.

3. Thoms Holy - I know that a lot of fans aren't convinced by him but I still think there's a decent keeper in there somewhere. But, here's the thing, despite having the huge advantage of the extra reach that being 6'7'' gives you he still seems wholly lacking in confidence. You do have to wonder what the goalkeeping coach has actually done to improve him. Here's an interesting comparison. Nick Pope the Burnley keeper (sadly another one who was released from our academy) is 6'6'' tall and has made a point of studying how other very tall keepers go about their business. He notes that a person that size actually stands differently. Their weight distribution is also different and so when they are asked (as a goalie is constantly required to do) to make sudden and swift movements to the side or to get down to a shot they have to start from a position of balance which will maximise the likelihood of their making the save. Think back to that first goal conceded at Gillingham when TH didn't even seem to react until the ball was past him or worse still the first goal conceded the other night at Fleetwood when Callum Connelly's glancing header just drifted across TH without him seeming able to move his feet or react to it. I'd love to think that both TH and the goalkeeping coach were working hard every day to try and eliminate things like that !

mkbobby added 17:08 - Mar 21
Not got his ideas over yet , b0//0cks the idea is to get the ball in the oppositions net and keep it out of yours simple you numb nuts

Skip73 added 17:17 - Mar 21
"Really disappointing" must be the most overused phrase uttered at the club. If you're that disappointed do something about it you useless melt!

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