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Dozzell: I Should Be Looking to Add More Goals to My Game
Wednesday, 24th Mar 2021 11:56

When it comes to his lack of senior goals – just three from 82 appearances in all competitions so far in his career – it seems Andre Dozzell’s memory is playing tricks on him.

As most Blues fans will testify, the young midfielder’s last in the league was in the 3-2 win over Leeds United at Portman Road on the final day of the 2018/19 season and, therefore, the last time the club played a Championship game.

But when the subject of his scoring record, which the likeable 21-year-old admitted isn’t good enough in his eyes, cropped up in today’s Zoom press conference, he seemed oblivious to the fact that he had scored against Marcelo Bielsa’s team as they headed into the play-offs, where they lost to Derby at the semi-final stage.

Instead he laughed: “Yes, I think it was at Sheffield Wednesday, the last one,” a reference, in fact, to his first senior goal, which arrived on his debut in a 1-1 draw with the Owls at Hillsborough in April 2016, when he was only 16 years of age.

Incidentally, Dozzell’s only other first team goal came in the 1-1 FA Cup draw with Lincoln in November 2019, and he agrees he should be contributing more regularly.

He said: “I think anyone in midfield should be looking to add a few goals to their game, myself included, and especially now that I’m playing as one of two, whereas before I was the one and I wasn’t getting the same amount of opportunities to score, except for the odd occasion.

“Now there are two of us in midfield, one can go forward, and if I play even higher I can get more goals.

“In terms of my own personal form this season, I think I started well and then dropped off a bit. But I am definitely finding that the more games I play, the better I become and the more I can show what I can do.

“Hopefully, it will carry on until the end of the season and we can get ourselves up the table as well.

“I think there is a lot more to come from me. In this day and age stats are a big thing – like assists and goals for example – and I’m looking to keep pushing on and get the numbers up.

“The gaffer has spoken about it as well but if we haven’t created or scored enough goals it’s not just down to the forwards. The midfield players, in fact everyone, we all have a part to play.”

Asked if his passing game has to vary, depending on the role he plays in the side, Dozzell added: “Yes, it does. If I play as one of two I’m more on the left side but if I’m playing as the one I can play diagonal passes both right and left.

“If I play as the left-sided one of two, rather than risking a long diagonal pass I can give it to my other midfield player and he can go out that way.

“It is good playing alongside someone else because it allows me to get forward a bit more – I’ll go and try to create a bit more while he will sit – so it’s all good.”

Dozzell agreed he has become accustomed to being man-marked on occasions when he was playing just in front of the central defenders and was regularly looking to take the ball from him and launch attacks, quarter-back style as some observers have called the role.

He said: “That is something else we have spoken about but during the game you need to think about how you are going to deal with, and get out of, that situation.

“Whether that’s going to three at the back or creating space for the centre-halves to drive into, it’s something that you need to figure out there and then.

“The last thing I want is to be a one-trick pony, where I am just a passer of the ball. I do like driving forward with the ball now and then, trying to help the attackers create as well.”

Dozzell said he enjoys linking up with friend and colleague Flynn Downes in the engine room of the side, something the pair have done throughout the various age groups in their time together in the club academy.

Downes is currently absent with injury in what has been a stop-start season form him, while being the subject of a summer transfer window bid from Crystal Palace that failed to materialise was another distraction that saw him left out of several games by then manager Paul Lambert.

“It has been a tough season for Flynn but I know he is mentally strong,” Dozzell continued. “He is always keeping his spirits up and cheering us on. He’ll come back fitter and stronger.

“I think Flynn brings out the best in me. Obviously, he is really good off the ball and that is something I can really improve about my game. We seem to complement each other well and work well together when we’re both in the side.

“It has also been a tough time – more than a year – for Kane Vincent-Young and his injuries. But he came back as a substitute last week against Portsmouth and with 11 games still to go this season he could still be a key player for us as we look to finish strongly.”

If only Dozzell could score as often as he collects yellow cards. “It’s eight in total but I’ve not had any in my last 10 games,” he smiled, “so you could say I’ve settled down a bit in that area of my game.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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90z added 12:19 - Mar 24
We try and play pretty football to often around the box. We rarely see anyone having shots from outside the box any more!

Lathers added 12:21 - Mar 24
He's played so deep all season that he has never threatened to score a goal. I don't think he's suited to CM in L1. He's awful off the ball and he's sometimes too lightweight on the ball. I'd play him LM and Bish RM where they can both take on players and link up with Kenlock and KVY. Would provide much more attacking threat than Judge, Edwards, Bennetts and Sears out wide. Then in a perfect world I'd have Downes and Nolan in CM actually battling and trying to dictate a game for once.

TimmyH added 12:54 - Mar 24
How about tackling and closing down players more effectively as well rather than pulling their jersey's?

Suffolkboy added 13:53 - Mar 24
Obviously getting physically stronger ,he is commendably open about areas for beneficial attention and of the need to add in goal scoring to his repertoire .

PositivelyPortman added 14:20 - Mar 24
3 goals in 82 appearances.......
Gawd, Wilson has scored more than that in the last couple of months!
He doesn’t do enough for me, too lightweight and can’t tackle but has the occasional decent pass in him.

Scuzzer added 14:43 - Mar 24
Needs to improve a great deal on all aspects of his game. Has not impressed me at all. Too lightweight and offers very little in consistency.

bluelodgeblue added 14:51 - Mar 24
Basically a luxury?

Linkboy13 added 15:09 - Mar 24
Wouldn't have either Bishop or Dozzell both too lightweight can't tackle bit like playing with nine men. Judge up too the passing away of his father was playing well scoring class goals and also creating. Edwards is the type of player managers like works hard for the team tracks back and can score goals i would keep these two.

Skip73 added 15:42 - Mar 24
One of the most overrated players ever at the club. If ever there was a player living of his fathers name, its Andre.

multiplescoregasms added 15:43 - Mar 24
Sorry, but I don't think he is the player we had hoped he would be. If he left tomorrow for a bigger team, I honestly don't think we would miss him. Never likes to tackle, and gets booked too many times for tugging shirts or just stupid trips. If the squad is going to be culled in preparation for next season, cash in on him and invest elsewhere.

multiplescoregasms added 15:44 - Mar 24
Sorry, but I don't think he is the player we had hoped he would be. If he left tomorrow for a bigger team, I honestly don't think we would miss him. Never likes to tackle, and gets booked too many times for tugging shirts or just stupid trips. If the squad is going to be culled in preparation for next season, cash in on him and invest elsewhere.

SteveDt added 16:20 - Mar 24
Maybe concentrate on the basics first like passing the blooming ball to one of your own players and how about learning to tackle

DifferentGravy added 16:23 - Mar 24
Its a bit of a puzzle with Andre. No doubt he is an excellent passer of the ball but I find he is often passing sideways and backwards. In his defence there are few options to aim for ahead of him.
I dont see him as a defensive midfielder. His tackling leaves a lot to be desired, he is lightweight and sometimes struggle to go with his player. Having said that I thought he played well tracking back last game and ran his wotsits off.

His brightest moments have been when he runs with the ball towards the opposition box, playing one/twos or threading a pass. But this is few and far between.

Its all about contribution. As a defensive midfielder you should be preventing the opposition getting in between the lines of formation, breaking up play and keeping the shape. As an attacking midfielder you should be supporting the forward line, get in the box and create/score. Whether this down to the players around him, the tactics/formation..............or is it the fact that Andre just isnt good enough? Whichever, it simply isnt enough

PortmanTerrorist added 16:54 - Mar 24
Someone has had a word !

Marinersnose added 17:04 - Mar 24
Unfortunately Andre has talent but is too lightweight and disappears too often. Bishop also is very talented but quite fragile but I think in a number 10 role he could score several goals if he’s playing with better players. Downes is strong and decent in the middle. Wide areas is a big problem with Edwards extremely lightweight and falls over in a breeze. He can have the odd decent game but he’s not the future and should be shown the door. Bennetts is strong on the ball and has pace but his decision making and final ball are poor so he can return to Germany. Nolan can play but it depends on whether he wants to be here. PC has spoken highly of the player and he could do a job. We’ll wait and see. I’ve got great faith in Cook to make the right decisions.

happybeingblue added 17:15 - Mar 24
some of the comments on here blooming heck ,hes one of our own an Ipswich boy and hes 21 and has had a period in a side which is probably our worst in history where he should be getting help around him to progress, also had a cruciate ligament injury that put him out for a year and has worked under paul hurst and paul lambert! get the right bodies around him he is one of the few players we have who can move the ball quickly.

clbalaam added 17:25 - Mar 24
Unlike some, saying he should be dropped, I just think he is playing too deep in midfield. Before his cruciate ligament injury, he would drive forward with the ball and make good passed. I think PC will get the best out of him, and get him moving further up the pitch than remaining as deep as he is.

Dolphinblue added 19:29 - Mar 24
Damn you lot are harsh....keep going Andre youve had a decent fans at the moment are in whinge meltdown, probably with good reason.

dirtydingusmagee added 19:34 - Mar 24
certainly should be scoring, still think he is over rated. Some think he is good, but if we were looking at a player with the view to signing , and they had that goals to games tally , he would get a big NO .

Cloddyseedbed added 20:00 - Mar 24
Like a lot of the squad......a good talker. Doesn't do no where near enough for me, too light weight and a poor tackler who is likely to get sent off. Sorry, I know this will upset the 'he's one of our own brigade', but Dozzell is one of the many I would move on in the summer. I wouldn't be opposed to a whole new midfield next season going on what I have seen this year. Unless PC can install some magic with what we have got.

RobsonWark added 23:32 - Mar 24
Not good enough for ITFC. Move on Andre. There is probably a Div 2 club that would take you on if not semi-pro for you.

Steelmonkey added 07:08 - Mar 25
Well if you can't do it in this league then you've been vastly overrated for the whole of your career and if that's the case we should perhaps think about removing those that have hyped you up because they are not up to the job.

stiggytrunk1955 added 08:13 - Mar 25
lazy go play sunday morning football

BlueySwede added 08:30 - Mar 25
I like Andre, he has a passing ability as good as any. I do think he tends to drift away from games, as does our whole team. He also looks a bit light weight, but he is still growing. On the topic of scoring goals our midfieöders definately needs to have a pop more often, they look shot shy.

Barty added 10:19 - Mar 25
His dad was a very good player but Andre is not [ he does show skilful touches and vision at times but he is far too lazy ]

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