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This fan vote music thing….
at 09:36 21 Jul 2021

I think the club have got it very wrong here…. They’ve been on a (pleasing) project to pull the Ipswich ‘family’ together and have been doing a pretty good job, I have to say, so well done ITFC.

However… voting on a small selection of tracks which are mostly ‘borrowed’ from other teams just doesn’t feel right to me. Never has.

There is plenty of local talent worthy of such slots - some with strong Ipswich links.

So why not have our greatest punky band on the list? It’s true that there are Sunderland links with a couple of original members but everything else about THE ADICTS is Ipswich! Ipswich! Ipswich!

Also, perhaps our most famous pre-Ed supporter was the sadly passed Chester Bennington, so why not a LINKIN PARK song…?

Also Duncan from SNUFF - a band who are football mad anyway.

CRADLE OF FILTH anyone????

And how about JAH WARRIORS who were so close to becoming massive????

Just a few off the top of my head who have a true connection to Ipswich and have ample tracks suitable for a stadium environment…

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Nooooooo! Biz Markie RIP
at 09:06 17 Jul 2021

Andy The Viking Fordham RIP
at 18:48 15 Jul 2021

His final retweet

Is Fraser better than Bishop?
at 10:06 15 Jul 2021

I have no idea.
I hope we get one of these for new season
at 11:03 12 Jul 2021

Hope Norwood doesn’t get an injury today
at 12:37 10 Jul 2021

Any recommendations for sellers of VW Kombis…?
at 14:40 8 Jul 2021

Preferably Suffolk, if not, wider Anglia.

Anyone know of any decent/reliable businesses?

Definitely not interested in older air cooled splitties/bays.
Supporting England; Meat-Head Affectation
at 08:49 30 Jun 2021

The current England team is both the most diverse and the most politicised of any I can remember. Our top goalscorer Raheem Sterling was born in Jamaica and only moved here at the age of five. Bukayo Saka's folks moved here from Nigeria as economic migrants. Marcus Rashford, born in Manchester to a family of St. Kitts heritage, has been more involved in ending food poverty among schoolkids than the leader of the opposition. The team have chosen to collectively take the knee to show their opposition to societal racism – a decision supported by manager Gareth Southgate, a man who recently penned a profoundly moving open letter stressing the importance of recognising a diverse range of ways of feeling English.

Folk like Stormzy and Ian Wright have no problem getting behind them and round where I live, cars showing the England flag are just as likely to be driven by Muslim girls in headscarves as old white blokes who look like me.

Yet still many of my friends of acquaintances struggle to get behind the team or to express any vocal support for them . . . because a section of the England fan base are idiots.

I understand the desire to not feel represented by meatheads who seriously think taking the knee is somehow 'Marxist' and who come covered in bulldog tats. This is why it's important less bigoted folk also follow the team as without us, we hand over full representation to the goon squad.

However, if you're going to boycott the national team simply because racists like it, here are some other things you should probably cut out of your life:
- chips
- beer
- Northern Soul
- the English countryside
- pies
- Spain

I could go on.

Cambridge United renamed a stand after Paul Mullin just days ago…
at 16:32 28 Jun 2021

…and he has just rejected a new contract.

Is he the one who lives with Norwood?
Martin Braithwaite
at 11:59 27 Jun 2021

Watching the impressive Danish team sweep aside the tired looking Welsh yesterday, I was struck by the fact there was a Denmark player called Martin Braithwaite, as it's a surname I've always strongly associated with the county of Yorkshire. I had a quick Google to see if there was a connection with him in England and it turns out Braithwaite's mum is white Danish and his dad is black Guyana in the Caribbean.

Historically dominated by the Lokono and Kalina tribes, Guyana was colonised by the Dutch before coming under British control in the late 18th century. It was then governed as British Guiana, with a mostly plantation-style economy until the 1950s. Independence was gained in 1966.

Many of the 1.5 million+ Caribbeans of African origin have ended up with British surnames simply because part of the process of enslavement and detachment from African roots involved becoming the legal property of their owners and that often included the imposition of their surnames.

This meant that they were subject to the whims of their owner and of local slave laws. For example, families could be split up, people could be sold, gifted and inherited as property. The enslaved people migrated with their owners to other countries and were often denied an education and not allowed to attend church.

The past is never dead.
It's not even past.
Ed Sheeran pre-gig warm up…
at 20:40 25 Jun 2021

I thought Dobra was part of the 4.3, for some reason… 🤔
at 14:23 23 Jun 2021

N to the T
Always said Donacien would come good [whistle]
at 12:49 23 Jun 2021

N to the T
Solstice Blessings & Happy Suffolk Day
at 09:49 21 Jun 2021

N to the T
at 02:10 18 Jun 2021

Pride of Ipswich

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