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You chaps made me smile
at 22:46 11 Apr 2020

Sorry I haven’t been around much, but a little while ago I saw someone on one of those Facebook pages have a sly dig at TWTD for being “not what he wanted” and our good soldiers SitfcB and Callis absolutely rail him.

I felt like a proud parent. He was talking utter rubbish and our (as he put it) skaterboy and pre puberty boy, took him down.

You can either like what you read on here or not, but it is choice, he had some obvious right wing borderline racist views which our own TWTD does not condone, he must have posted and been destroyed, felt upset and tried to rally a pack on a different forum, I am afraid I do not know everyone’s real names, but recognising our two gallant heroes school him has brightened my day

It’s the BFC Derby tomorrow
at 18:56 27 Sep 2019

Rarely do I see my team vs my second team!

Obviously I only want an Ipswich win, but I follow Tranmere for several reasons.

My tips of players to watch out for, is exactly the same as who people keep mentioning
Jennings, Banks and Monthe create quite the spine.

Davies is a good keeper too, and Sid Nelson looked good last year on loan before signing in the summer, and you will recognise the names Neil Danns, David Perkins and Ishmael Miller.

Stefan Payne can cause problems, and the double barrelled boys Corey Blackett-Taylor, Rushian Hepburn-Murphy and Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (two loans from Man Utd and Villa, whilst Taylor is a permanent from villa) Maddox from Chelsea also turns heads.

I could go on, but haven’t the time, so quick mentions to Ridealgh at left back, and if he plays Harvey Gilmour has a bit of a wand for a foot.

Hopefully an entertaining game against Micky Mellons high tempo tryers, and you have to love a tryer
Calling all knowledgable gamblers
at 07:45 18 Jun 2019

Firstly, this is a bit odd.
As someone who has recognised his own problems with gambling, what I am about to write could come across as peculiar, but stick with me, I think you may like it...

Over the last 3 months, I have been working on a prototype of a “big bet” gambling game, where you would be required to make a lot of predictions for the coming season, and I mean a lot... over 100 predictions are involved, as it involves predictions for the entire 92 league places, cups, sackings and all sorts of stuff.

If you are interested, and would like to know more, I am looking to find between 3-8 volunteers from this forum, I will also be taking some non Ipswich supporting players, (yes, even some Norwich) and collecting up to 20 players in the initial run.

Rather than declare on this thread, please private message me, with your thoughts and whether you are a gambler or not.

If it goes ahead there will be a nominal entry fee to make up a prize fund.

Thank you for reading

It's Not R*********, It's the Promise of an Adventure
at 09:47 13 Apr 2019

Let’s be totally honest, we’ve not had a good year. I know that’s an understatement and come August we begin in a league we haven’t played in for the majority of most readers’ lives.
Ben Pringle has rocked up at Tranmere
at 18:35 22 Jan 2019

On loan, from Preston North End.

My other team
My open application for the now vacant role at ITFC
at 22:20 10 Jan 2019

As I am sure you were all expecting, my application for Ian Milnes old job...

Dear Marcus,
I would like to formally apply for the vacant role at your illustrious football club.

I have no qualifications relevant to the day to day running of a football club, however I am quite good at wearing a suit whilst looking decidedly uncomfortable.

I do however actually watch football, as opposed to clink champagne glasses with the ticket touting, arms dealing, Olympic swindling, wanted in Brazil types that I am led to believe mr Milne knew quite well, by the way, where did that tubby chap Symonds go who started with old milney?

I digress, I am proficient in dodging questions with almost political prowess, I once successfully dodged a door canvasser with the urgent need to check on my sausage rolls.

I used to be on the committee of Wenhaston United, and therefore have a firm grasp on high level sport in suffolk and surrounding areas.

As for financial and time management, I recently gave up gambling, it’s going quite well, however I would need to have assurances that Friday nights are free so I can play darts at my local.

If given the job my first task would be to get the two old boys behind my season ticket seat Ray and Rob their own muppet show style balcony box, Stadler and Waldorf would be a fine addition to your white leather clad mirrored executive suite.

I could revolutionise the catering facilities at PR, offering Des in the 78 bar a managerial role, and adding absolutely no vegan options to the menus.

Anyway, I look forward to our interview as I am learning some slight of hand magic, and I believe this level of charmed distraction could prove valuable going forward.

My closing statement is to prove that I am in touch with all generations of fans so I leave you with
“Selfie sticks, Unicorns, Teflon, Bakelite, standing on a milk crate, Tolly Cobbold, the one way system is confusing, and cucumbers” I think you’ll find it very hard to disagree with that sentiment

Yours truly
C.E.O of B*st*rd Son Chilli sauce and Polar Darts - Flight stockist.
[Post edited 10 Jan 2019 22:24]
Hypothetical situation to ponder.
at 17:26 7 Jan 2019

If tomorrow Lambert called a press conference and said the following what would you think :-

“We are very much up against it, so, with that in mind rather than throw money at trying to survive we are going a different route. We are cancelling all loans, sending back those who won’t be here next year, and bringing home our own youngsters, and we will play the rest of the season as competitively as we can with our own assets, yes, we will have some bad results, but we will have some good ones and more importantly our own players will gain experience. The senior pros here have been told they can stay and play, or if it’s not for them they can instruct their agents to find them clubs, however no one leaves for less than their valuation we place on them, or they can break contract and buy themselves out of it. This is a new start, clean slate and any money raised will be next years transfer kitty, as well as a hefty sum from the owner”

I know it’s not something that would happen, but would you support such a radical approach.
I made it to the game...
at 10:49 24 Nov 2018

Hi All, odd post I know, but after having some serious problems recently with my back I wasn't 100% I would go last night.
But with some clever management of medication, some supportive friends with travel arrangements and an attitude that is more go that give in, I did attend last night, having had to miss PNE and be generally pathetic for a few weeks.

I noticed a couple of things worth reporting though, not so much with the football but the crowd.
some of the regulars around my ST weren't there, but £10 customers took advantage of the empty seats rather than their paid for spots, the atmosphere was great, and in no small part to Blue Action, well done all involved.

I liked the Ipswich I saw last night, with the exception of bad luck and Jordan Spence I think we were very much in the game.

Sadly, HT saw a very drunk man pick a fight with a guy near me for "using his phone too much" and the stewards had to get involved, something we don't need to see often.

Also, after the game I saw the best Danny Dyers that both Ipswich and WBA had to offer, standing in Stone Island lines about 5 yards apart, giving it the wide armed come ons, yet neither side particularly able or willing to encroach onto no mans land. Pathetic, if this was you, please stop doing it, or at the very least be brave/stupid enough to get in the mix. Then, you'll know what it feels like to be hit, and or arrested. I promise you that both will deter you from doing it more often, none of you looked like you could take a punch.

Back to the good stuff, Thanks to Hoppy and KellyJo for the mocking abuse in the fanzone, It really helped

I think if we can secure a lucky win before Christmas, we will progress, Jackson could be the striking answer, both him and Roberts, relentless in their efforts.. Roberts reminds me of a certain BamBam in his enthusiasm, he knows he isn't a great player, but he is a try-er!
Having to sit this one out.
at 10:07 3 Nov 2018

Due to a rather serious injury I am unable to attend today, basically my back has conceded and given up on me...

I am prepared to sit at home on my heavy medication and tune in... but which method is best?

Radio Suffolk + Soccer Saturday

Sign up to a PPV service of some kind

Trawl the internet for a streaming feed.
An Open Application for the Ipswich Manager's Position
at 17:43 25 Oct 2018

With the Town job up for grabs once again, I thought I should make a light-hearted, open application for the job my (fictional) self.
I can step in
at 17:33 25 Oct 2018

If needed
TWTD Ipswich Foodies
at 19:47 3 Oct 2018

Hi everyone,
On a different subject to last night, I need a few suggestions for food in town.
Friday I have tickets to a show in town, and need to treat my rather remarkably unfussy missus to dinner first, I need somewhere reasonably near to the regent, which isn’t too pricey and serves around 5:30/6 as we have to be at the regent for 7pm (apparently)

It’s been a while since I have needed such help, I know the cricketers is close but I would prefer a notch up from whetherspoons menu on this occasion.
Well done Marcus on speaking out
at 10:40 6 Sep 2018

Obviously this could ruffle a few feathers or go unnoticed.

It is a shame however that it is viewed on the finance side, he mentions value and profit and fair share, much more than talent, progression and promotion. And never really touched on entertainment.

I said a couple of years ago on here, I wouldn’t care if we never spent £1m on another player, if it meant our team was a mix of old heads, and young legs. Seeing our academy provide the base of our team should always be the goal.

Sadly some of our better prospects move before they even earn a squad number.
What does that say about those who aren’t pinched by the big clubs? It doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough, but it does mean that in the eyes of the financial team that maybe they aren’t so saleable.
at 13:00 30 Jul 2018

Watched him for Tranmere a while back, quite liked him then. Although he was a bit scatty he was just a teen at the time
Phil/Gav simple request
at 19:20 6 Jul 2018

please for my aesthetic approval, could you use italics every time you write the name Curtis Tilt, so that the name takes instruction from itself ?

living in a kickstarter kind of world, I should Crowdfund the idea....
at 19:24 5 Jul 2018

Not many days go by when I don't see a crowdfund campaign, a kickstarter project or a similar styled thing "helping" someone do something...

I accept the concept was a brilliant stroke when it began, and I invested in a few projects, some good, some bad.
I have noticed in recent times however that it is no longer funds to build your revolutionary gadget, rather it is "a help me fund my life" kind of thing... a snapshot of my timeline at the moment has 3 good examples of the good/bad/ugly however you choose to see them....

Case 1:- Kickstarter - Everlasting notebook... basically a notebook cover which you swap the centre in and out of, and you buy the centres from the company, then, when full, remove them and put them on a shelf, they look aesthetically pleasing as a logged journal and a bookcase.

Case 2:- Go Fund Me -Save our Business, A friend and his partner have lived on a resort for years, working at the ski resort come hostel facility and treating it as their own, now, the owner is selling from under them and they need help buying it to keep it open as a hostel and holiday destination for ski/snowboarders alike... and keep a roof over their heads (kids too) and keep the business a business

Case 3 :- Crowfund - Help pay for a wedding, A friend of a friend is terminally ill, wants to marry her partner (and father of their kids) but cant afford it, as one child is also ill and their hospital bills etc drain all funds... please donate to help create a wedding, before its too late.

Depending on your stance, each of these has merits, and also some cons to boot.
I am not saying which I am and am not funding but it has struck me that crowfunding is becoming the beast behind society, rather than loans from banks, etc it seems more logical to online beg.

I am wondering if it is possible to do a 3 minute begging video asking for funds for a house deposit, or to help pay for my book publication, maybe to open a business... or just help me give up work.


(I am not about to do a crowdfund at all, I just opened facebook and was amazed at the amount of these things)
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