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Gillingham v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Somewhere to grab a cheap lunch near the ground?
at 13:07 12 Sep 2019

Going with my old man this weekend so can't just fill up on liquid bread as per usual - he wants something to eat beforehand and I haven't actually eaten in the town for yonks. Any recommendations for somewhere that does a half-decent meal near the station? Don't mind a fair walk, anywhere within about 20 minutes is good!
Fair play Kosovo
at 09:03 11 Sep 2019

Really good to see them come and actually have a go. Technically a lot better than I'd expected too. Really quite remarkable when you consider where they've come from, and in a very short span of time too (the below is a good read re. this if you've not seen it).
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MK Dons v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Doncaster Rovers prediction logged
Connolly to Lincoln
at 10:08 30 Aug 2019

Good move for them, he was way way too good for L1 2 years ago!
Dear Boris,
at 16:43 21 Aug 2019

This isn't really a Brexit thread. But can you please hold off tanking the pound for a couple of weeks?

I was hoping to visit the wife's family in Poland but if we're hitting parity with the zloty then I'm going to have to reconsider.

[Post edited 21 Aug 16:44]
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Ipswich Town v Shrewsbury Town prediction logged
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Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v AFC Wimbledon prediction logged
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Peterborough United v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Sunderland prediction logged
Meltdowns aside;
at 11:19 2 Aug 2019

Is anyone else really pumped for some football tomorrow?

I've been acting like a kid all day, don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight. Get like this every year before the start of a new season, it's like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one.

The wife can keep her PL rubbish, tomorrow's where it starts!
0-0 Town!
at 14:27 27 Jul 2019

Get in.
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Burton Albion v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Anybody watching the women's challenge cup final?
at 12:17 27 Jul 2019

Good to see the BBC pushing women's sport that isn't just football...

Surprisingly good standard of play actually. Reminds me of the olden(ish) days when backs were actually smaller than the forwards and the lower standards of aerobic fitness means there's more space for creative players to have a big influence.
Dominic Cummings special advisor
at 10:56 24 Jul 2019

This can only mean more banter, surely?

A sample, for anyone who hasn't seen this before;

"Those of you in the narcissist-delusional subset of the ERG who have spent the last three years scrambling for the 8.10 Today slot while spouting gibberish about trade and the law across SW1 – i.e exactly the contemptible behaviour that led to your enforced marginalisation during the referendum and your attempt to destroy Vote Leave – you are also in the pirate category. You were useful idiots for remain during the campaign and with every piece of bullsh*t from Bill Cash et al you have helped only Remain for three years. Remember how you WELCOMED the backstop as a ‘triumph’ in December 2017 when it was obvious to everybody who knew what was going on – NOT the cabinet obviously – that this effectively ended the ‘negotiations’? Remember how Bernard Jenkin wrote on ConHome that he didn’t have to ‘ruin his weekend’ reading the document to know it was another success for the natural party of government — bringing to mind very clearly how during the referendum so many of you guys were too busy shooting or skiing or chasing girls to do any actual work. You should be treated like a metastasising tumour and excised from the UK body politic."
Referendum time!
at 14:15 13 Jul 2019

I need you, the public, to help me out of my curry ordering impasse. Specifically the naan...

Peshwari or Keema?

This is a once-in-a-lunchtime decision so I would like to see everybody taking taking this very seriously.

As context, I'll be enjoying it with a murgh masala and a lamb pasanda.
London Drinker Idle Moments Quiz
at 13:33 4 Jul 2019

Any partakers in this cornerstone of life in a public house?

I'm racing a colleague but am b*ggered if I can get no's. 4 and 9 -

54 TTH of EP
300 P for a PG in B (TP)

For any correct (or at least beliveable) answers I will reward with a shower of uppies!
Cricket - England peaking at the right time?
at 08:25 4 Jul 2019

Look a different beast now Roy is back. The Aussies still worry me but we look like that team that nobody's going to want to play again.
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