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McGreal In.....
at 10:34 2 Dec 2021

....tick tock.
On the assumption that we lose to Charlton and.....
at 10:16 2 Dec 2021

...Wigan, will that be the point at which we pull the trigger on him?

We'll probably be 10+ points off the play offs and in the bottom half of the league.

If we add in the inevitable poor performance against Barrow and I reckon that could be it.

Can he survive that scenario?
So that's 2 competitions.....
at 22:00 1 Dec 2021

....done with.

Just the other 2 to go now.

Could be out of all 4 in less than a week, maybe 10 days.
If the teams below us.....
at 12:59 24 Nov 2021 their games in hand.

We'll be 5 points off the relegation zone.

What a club.

Rock 'n Roll football.

Etc, etc.
We don't need a manager.....
at 10:08 24 Nov 2021

...we need a decent "coach" backed up by a decent coaching team.

We need someone who can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition and set us up to counteract the strengths and expose the weaknesses.

We need someone that can set us up differently depending on the opposition.

We need someone that can adapt quickly "in game" to take into account how the game is progressing.

We need someone that can surprise the opposition with a tactical change or a change of formation.

We are so easy to play against.

We don't need "a motivator", we don't need a cheerleader, we don't need someone with "contacts", we don't need "good training drills", we don't need a good PR man,

Football has moved on, we need to.
Is the match on TV tonight? (n/t)
at 21:48 16 Nov 2021

Is it on TV? (n/t)
at 17:47 16 Nov 2021

Fat Frank in at.....
at 13:51 11 Nov 2021

....the budgies.

That shot against Germany definitely didn't go over the line now, he should have done better.
Overwhelmingly popular things that TWTD hates.....
at 19:51 31 Oct 2021

....a short list:

1. Greene King beer.
2. Oasis.
3. Wetherspoons pubs.
4, The Conservative Party.
5. McDonalds

Too cool for school, innit.
4:30ish, Talksport....
at 16:00 29 Oct 2021

...Benty meets Bonny.

Heads up.
Phil, as it's your birthday.....
at 10:32 25 Oct 2021

....and you can't get us all cakes, any chance you can pin a post stating why the match against Crewe is on a Sunday.

I get the impression that the question is going to be asked every 27 minutes over the next month.

Many thanks, and happy 50th.
Cambridge predictions.....
at 11:08 15 Oct 2021

....everyone will moan that the stand is too far away from the pitch.

End of predictions.
Constituents of a "Full English".....
at 17:34 23 Sep 2021

....should be:

Fried Egg (not poached or scrambled)
Bacon (back not streaky)
Sausage (preferably pork)
Mushrooms (fried)
Baked beans
Tomato (halved and grilled, at a push fried)
Fried Bread (not toast)

Plus a cup of tea.

Anything else is wrong, you idiots.

Derby latest.....
at 20:10 17 Sep 2021

On the subject of animal cruelty......
at 13:03 16 Sep 2021 you reckon that flies "recognise" cans of fly spray?

Whenever I get the fly spray out the little buzzing, divebombing turds immediately disappear.

Only to reappear when I've sat down and put the fly spray away.

I can't be the only one to have noticed this?

(the same can be said for cats and catapults)

Maybe they are just cleverer than me.
A bit of perspective please.....
at 09:55 15 Sep 2021

....if you just look at the respective win percentages, then Cook only has to win the next 7 matches on the bounce to bring him up to Paul Jewell levels of incompetence.

What a club.

Cook out.


The tennis is on Channel 4....
at 20:12 11 Sep 2021

....tonight, in case you weren't aware.

9:00 kick off, or whatever they do in tennis.

Let's go Emma, let's go!

(I believe that is a tennis style chant)
3 goals behind at home....
at 18:32 11 Sep 2021

....with half an hour to go.

What would you do?

Not sure?

Well you certainly wouldn't take off an attacker and bring on a defensive midfielder.

Would you?

Nobody would do that, surely?

So, a World Cup every two years.....
at 15:15 7 Sep 2021

....that won't be tedious at all.

It's difficult to see how the game's governing bodies can fook it up any more than it's already doing, but I'm sure it can.

I might start following a different sport.
On the assumption that we sign.....
at 09:35 31 Aug 2021

....a defensive midfielder today, then all that's left is to beef up the coaching team.

I suspect that the current job requirements are:

Coaching experience - Should be a given, but appears not for ITFC
Defensive experience - None of the current "coaches" were defenders
Local experience - An ex player and/or someone that is happy in the locale would be preferred
Scouser - Keeps the "Mafia" happy
Managerial aspirations - Ready to step up if/when required

Seems odd that McGreal hasn't joined up, even with a break clause if he finds a management job.

Unless of course Cook doesn't feel comfortable with the potential competition.
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