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Gav (and maybe Phil) - Forum improvement suggestion......
at 12:45 19 May 2022

....we often see the comment: "if you don't like it you can switch to football only".

This almost entirely applies to people commenting on the relentless political posts on here.

Would it be possible/sensible to add "politics" as a specific section for those that enjoy that type of thing?

At the moment "General" is just too, well, general.

If someone wants to avoid the relentless political posturing and abuse it also means you have to miss all other posts relating to anything other than football.

All other sports, travel, food, Friday poo, Keno perving, Facters reminiscing, etc, etc shouldn't get lost just because of a desire to avoid politics.

Appreciate it's additional work, but over the last year the board has become pretty unusable for any poster that doesn't want to wade through political arguments.

I know I'm not the only one that thinks this.

Lots of love Blooters.

New Forest Green manager…….
at 15:20 11 May 2022

…..Neil Quornock?


Get in!

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, RIP. (n/t)
at 16:31 7 Mar 2022

Watching the RT News channel.....
at 18:06 25 Feb 2022's hilarious, disturbing and worrying in equal measures.

These people are total nutbags.
at 17:12 24 Jan 2022

....why are you accusing me of being a racist, a homophobe and/or a bigot?

Posting a total fabrication like that isn't really on.

What do you get out of it?

I've avoided footers since he made a similar statement.

Anyone that knows me personally or anything about me in real life knows that couldn't be further from the truth.

There is no need for it at all.
Next Prime Minister odds.....
at 10:13 19 Jan 2022

...Sunak 6/4 (from 2/1)

Truss out to 5/1 from 10/3
Starmer out to 7/1 from 6/1

Market mover - Hunt (J) 7/1 from 11/1

18/1 Bar.
Gamblers, worst bet that you're prepared to admit to......
at 10:24 18 Jan 2022

....I did a pre-season double this year.

Ipswich and Colchester to both be promoted.

Seemed realistic at the time.
Wrexham podcaster on TalkSport.....
at 14:20 21 Dec 2021

....reckons they are looking at Piggy and/or Nors in the January window.

Hollywood $$$$ innit.
I think we need to address the "holy trinity" of.....
at 10:31 16 Dec 2021

.....manager, assistant manager, captain.

They are 3 key positions that, if right, can move the team forward and create the right atmosphere which ultimately leads to the team being greater than the sum of it's individual parts.

Burley did it.

Royal did it.

Mick did it.

.....nobody since has managed it.
Warnock on with Brazil right now.....
at 09:25 16 Dec 2021

....nothing too exiting.

Denied he was looking for houses in Ipswich.

Admitted he watched the game last night....."it wasn't very good"

Said what a great club we are/were, said that he knew Ashton and said that he's got an important decision to make.

Nothing to indicate he's interested, but he probably would be.
Very early odds here.....
at 22:23 4 Dec 2021
It's OK everyone.....
at 20:56 4 Dec 2021

....I've saved it for posterity.

It was a post of incredible TWTD cultural importance.

It will be resurrected whenever necessary.
The fact that he's gone shouldn't be celebrated.....
at 19:30 4 Dec 2021

....because ultimately it means that the team is failing, plus he plainly wanted to succeed.

But we should celebrate the fact that the club is now run by people that aren't afraid of making the right decision at the right time.

Now they have to make the first real decision of their tenure, they have to prove that there's more to them than management speak cliches and putting up a few new posters and flags around the ground.

They have no excuses from now on.....
McGreal In.....
at 10:34 2 Dec 2021

....tick tock.
On the assumption that we lose to Charlton and.....
at 10:16 2 Dec 2021

...Wigan, will that be the point at which we pull the trigger on him?

We'll probably be 10+ points off the play offs and in the bottom half of the league.

If we add in the inevitable poor performance against Barrow and I reckon that could be it.

Can he survive that scenario?
So that's 2 competitions.....
at 22:00 1 Dec 2021

....done with.

Just the other 2 to go now.

Could be out of all 4 in less than a week, maybe 10 days.
If the teams below us.....
at 12:59 24 Nov 2021 their games in hand.

We'll be 5 points off the relegation zone.

What a club.

Rock 'n Roll football.

Etc, etc.
We don't need a manager.....
at 10:08 24 Nov 2021

...we need a decent "coach" backed up by a decent coaching team.

We need someone who can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition and set us up to counteract the strengths and expose the weaknesses.

We need someone that can set us up differently depending on the opposition.

We need someone that can adapt quickly "in game" to take into account how the game is progressing.

We need someone that can surprise the opposition with a tactical change or a change of formation.

We are so easy to play against.

We don't need "a motivator", we don't need a cheerleader, we don't need someone with "contacts", we don't need "good training drills", we don't need a good PR man,

Football has moved on, we need to.
Is the match on TV tonight? (n/t)
at 21:48 16 Nov 2021

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