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PH is buying into Evans' transfer ethos I see....
at 12:58 19 Jul 2018

...."Bart's new contract is like signing a new player".

No Paul, it really isn't and please don't let your boss convince you that it is.
This stance from Hurst is the first real.....
at 08:43 17 Jul 2018

....deviation from the previous manager's approach.

It's been plainly obvious to all but the most deluded fans that a number of the squad just aren't up to standard.

The previous manager maintained our league position through playing to the minimal strengths that the squad had and retaining a close knit team spirit.

We survived, by playing crap football with largely crap players.

Hurst has a very different approach obviously, reminding the squad how crap they are and looking to make wholesale changes.

Unfortunately both of them have the same problem, the owner.

I really hope that Hurst knows what he's dealing with and that he didn't fall for a pre recorded "interview" like so many fans did.
Right then, back to the serious business.....
at 21:41 11 Jul 2018

....hadn't we better start signing some players?

Get the fooking cheque book out Evans you total tightarse.
Bart or Waggy.....
at 13:08 9 Jul 2018

....on the assumption that one of them is off, to balance the books, who would you prefer to see go?

Definitely Bart for me. Keepers are ten a penny these days and £3M seems about a fair price.

Waggy will be a lot harder to replace, on the assumption that last seasons form wasn't just a flash in the pan. Which of course it may have been.

The only real concern is having the time to find a replacement for whichever one (or both, or others) does go.

Just get on with it Evans.
I see that Bart had to.....
at 09:45 13 Jun 2018

.....take his own selfie on the plane.

Assume this is because all his team mates hate him and refused to take one themselves.


England U21s are on.....
at 18:51 6 Jun 2018

...Sky 422 at the moment.

Toulon semi final against the jocks.

Callum Connolly is playing.

If anyone is interested.

Probably not.
WC 2018 player guide.....
at 20:45 5 Jun 2018

....those of you precious little flowers wearing training bras or floral summer dresses probably shouldn't read the comments about our Jonas.
Badly drawn footballers....
at 18:29 3 Jun 2018

....been posted before, but now updated:

Kenlock is particularly special, while Chambo looks like Skuse.

Splendid stuff.
Can't the club just......
at 10:00 29 May 2018

.....get on with releasing the new kit!

It'll give us something else to get our knickers in a twist over.
Warburton is the short priced favourite for.....
at 16:13 15 May 2018

....the Bradford job.

Hopefully that'll get confirmed quickly.

One less thing to worry about.
And another thing....
at 13:17 25 Apr 2018

....he needs to accept he's a slaphead.

That Arthur Scargill/Bobby Charlton hairdo is doing him no favours.

I can see the headlines in tomorrows papers already......
at 12:57 25 Apr 2018

......"Multi millionaire international businessman convinces local country folk of his good intentions by stringing 3 sentences together".

I genuinely think some of you lot still stare in awe at planes.

"Look at the big metal bird in the sky"

The most disappointing thing about Klug.....
at 08:05 11 Apr 2018

....being appointed caretaker is that I’ve never been 100% certain about how to pronounce his name.

I’m pretty comfortable with “Bryan”, but how do you pronounce his surname?

Is it:

A. Klugg

B. Kloog

C. Kloo

D. Klooge

I’m going B, but any help would be appreciated.
The Scunthorpe chairman has confirmed.....
at 17:04 26 Mar 2018

....that both Steve Cotterill and Steve McClaren are possible replacements for Graham Alexander.

Shows the "pool" we are fishing in now.

We'll probably take whatever one Scunthorpe don't want.

Rock 'n Roll.
Season ticket prices are online....
at 17:55 25 Mar 2018

.....if anyone's interested.
[Post edited 25 Mar 18:00]
League table based on this season's spending....
at 22:33 21 Mar 2018

.....compared to actual current positions:

1. Boro £55.5M (Actual 6, minus 5 places)
2. Leeds £28.5M (14, -12)
3. Wolves £24.5M (1, +2)
4. Fulham £22M (4, 0)
5. Hull £20M (18, -13)
6. Birmingham £17.5M (22, -16)
7. Sheff Weds £15M (17, -10)
8. Scum £15M (13, -5)
9. Reading £14.5M (20, -11)
10. Bristol £13.5M (7, +3)
11. Cardiff £12.5M (2, +9)
12. Derby £12M (5, +7)
13. Nottingham £6.5M (16, +3)
14. Barnsley £6.5M (21, -7)
15. Brentford £6M (11, +4)
16. Sheff U £5.5M (9, +7)
17. Ipswich £3.5M (12 +5)
18. Villa £3M (4, +14)
19. PNE £2M (8, +11)
20. Sunderland £1.5M (24, -4)
21. QPR £0.5M (15, +6)
22. Millwall £0.5M (10, +12)
23. Burton £0.5M (23, 0)
24. Bolton £0M (19, +5)

Over performers, Villa, Millwall, Preston and Cardiff

Under performers, Birmingham, Hull, Leeds and Reading.

I don't trust all the figures (ours is too high for a start) but on the basis that they all come from the same source they should be correct relatively.

It doesn't take into account incoming fees, but still shows the relative spending power of the clubs.

Highlights the gulf between the top and bottom halves of the spending league.
[Post edited 21 Mar 22:39]
Simple Poll, no other alternatives, "What would you prefer next season?"........
at 20:24 11 Mar 2018

What would happen if Mick was given another year.....
at 09:58 23 Feb 2018 see what he could do with a relatively injury free squad, and #evansout slashed season ticket prices?

I'm talking about knocking a decent wedge off them, a couple of hundred quid or even halving them.

Would that be a plan?
Departing the Wetherspoons on Riverside....
at 10:51 16 Feb 2018 11:15am.

Just saying.

(Rowan Bennett isn't too happy about it.)
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