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Dogecoin - Anyone on it?
at 15:27 4 May 2021

To the moon!
Phil Foden
at 21:47 14 Apr 2021

What a player he is. Has to start this summer, absolutely superb.
Where the heck is captain fantastic fist pump after games nowadays?!
at 22:11 13 Apr 2021

Absolute bottle job. Imagine him trying to rouse the troops before a must win game. They are all absolutely pathetic. This is I’m the angriest I’ve been with this bunch so far this season and that is saying something. Forget the play offs, make a stand and play the kids who are trying to make an impression. We may lose 5.0 each game but who gives a feck when we will lose with the first team squad anyway.

Everyone: thank god the banter era is finally over
Banter Era: Hold my beer
Yay the banter era continues!
at 19:05 13 Apr 2021

was starting to think we had seen the back of it.
That was absolutely pathetic tonight
at 23:03 16 Mar 2021

You’d love to play against Ipswich in league one. Every pre match chat must go;

‘Just bully them boys and you will win the game. They haven’t got the heart to battle. Bully them early, get a goal, win the game.’

Their midfield must have been licking their lips at facing ours tonight and the centre backs had the easiest job ever marking Jackson.

Would love to be facing us at the moment. Even if we actually put a tackle in we somehow come off worst out of it as well! The banter era goes on and on.
Is Dozzell even that good?
at 22:59 16 Mar 2021

Has never looked the same player post injury and if his dad wasn’t Jason he’d be out of there by now.

Such a shame as he looked absolutely class, but he brings nothing to the team now rather than a nice turn and pass backwards of or to a full back on the edge of the centre circle.

We are desperate for some enforcers in this team.
Anyone been keeping an eye on the Football Index scandal?
at 13:41 7 Mar 2021

Absolutely unreal from the owners who have basically committed £100m fraud.

Be interesting to see what happens here but some people have lost tens of thousands of pounds overnight.

I have lost £500, so not too much in the scheme of things but the arrogance of the FI board is incredible. Will be some serious fall out from this.
200 points 200 goals here we come!
at 15:22 26 Feb 2021

Get the engine of HMS p!ss the league fired back up
Imagine the scenes if this meeting next week is to...
at 19:30 19 Feb 2021

put pen to paper on an extension of Lambert's current contract.

It would absolutely put the cherry on top of the banter era.

I would explode with rage but must admit would find it hilarious in anticipation of the outrage that would follow.
Oxford, Hull, Doncaster, Accrington
at 10:34 17 Feb 2021

Is he stays that could actually be a zero point haul couldn’t it?

15 points from the relegation zone thankfully.
If he stays....
at 22:06 26 Jan 2021

We are in serious danger of being relegated this season. Wtf is going on.
So, in summary, is HMS P!ss the League still sailing?
at 20:53 24 Jan 2021

Assume 100 points 100 goals is within close reach
The banter era continues!
at 11:28 13 Oct 2020

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Something happened today which I thought was unreal at the time...
at 01:03 20 Aug 2020

But since getting home I really cannot even begin to understand the odds of this happening.

Driving back from Southampton this morning, and looked left out the window and saw my dad (who works for a shipping company) driving a lorry in the next lane to me.

Now dad works all over the country on a 4 day on 4 day off pattern so wasnt even sure he was working but to be on the same meter of road at exactly the same time over two hours away from Ipswich has freaked me out a bit haha. Add to that I don't normally pay too much attention to who is driving lorries just makes it more odd.

Anyone else had really strange chance meeting like this before?
Fedex advice required
at 13:56 14 Aug 2020

I ordered a poster off Etsy a while ago and paid £8 shipping which was fine (the poster was about £40). This poster was sent sent from New York and arrived a couple of days after, no problem at all.

I have now received a couple of letters from Fedex requesting I pay £24 for this product, if not they will pass to their debt collection blah blah.

Does anyone know where I stand with this, appreciate it is only £24 but not I am not particularly happy at the principle of paying it, especially when I have paid £8 postage at the time and it was a poster ffs.

Any advice?
A legal viewpoint required - parking in front of a garage
at 11:05 19 Mar 2020

I am in the process of selling my house and we are having an issue with the buyer who has raised queries about my neighbours car. We have a garage at the back of the house that we don't use for access, so have let our neighbour use the area in front of ours for a number of months. We have told them that they cannot park in front of our garage anymore due to the sale however they continue to do so.

What rights do I have here? Our garages are at a right angle to each other so although they are also parking in front of their garage they are also restricting access to ours which is causing our buyers concern and I think they will pull out the sale off the back of it.

If there are any property experts on here that I could speak to about this it would be appreciated as the whole chain is likely to collapse unless I can get this resolved.

5 iplayer games purchased this season (and fao Rommy)
at 06:57 4 Mar 2020

Number of Ipswich goals seen = 0 😂

Rommy - how would the £10 a game bet on town be looking now if you had carried it out properly?
Wycombe away
at 14:40 6 Dec 2019

May I borrow a season ticket number to purchase a couple of away tickets please? slide into the DM's if so! Thanking you.
Stowmarket have signed Dean Bowditch
at 20:53 19 Nov 2019

Wow haha
Booking.com help
at 20:58 2 Jan 2019

I have booked a hotel in Austria for 9 family members next month and have had to look at a change of venue for a couple of reasons. Anyway, I booked this hotel on a pay on arrival basis in the first instance, have now gone to cancel and the website is saying that full payment is required because it is 60 days before the trip.

I haven't provided any card details so I am unsure what to do here. Any sensible advice would be very much appreciated!
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