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In fairness it was a reallly cracking atmosphere in Carrow Road tonight..
at 21:32 19 Jun 2020

So much noisier than normal.. They can go down with their heads held high between their ankles.. On the ball whatever..
[Post edited 19 Jun 21:34]
God I miss feeling perpetually miserable about Ipswich Town come the
at 18:29 5 Jun 2020

weekend .... there's the Friday frisson of childish excitement that this Saturday might mark a historic turning point ... a moment when a sultry silky last gasp winner retrospectively symbolised our relentless march back to the very top ... only for those desperate dreams to splinter and smash on the rocks of injury time reality via possibly the kneecap of Luke Chambers.

Then again it's June so we wouldn't be playing anyway .... and you never know ... next season of all seasons ... whenever it starts ... might be different ... so season tickets and hopes have been renewed.

Up the Town.
Lambert is done... Ex Budgie took us down and now can't get us in the third
at 22:45 25 Feb 2020

division play game management is dire and post match analysis delusional... pull trigger pronto or it will soon get very very toxic at Portman Road.
Does Adetayo Oluwatosin Olusegun Adio Aduramigba Iretioluwa Edun
at 12:26 24 Jan 2020

.. otherwise known as former Town loanee Tayo Edun .. have the longest name in English professional football?

I suspect he does ... let's hope for no Blackburn heroics tomorrow even if it means we can't hear Lincoln fans try and sing ... there's only one Adetayo Oluwatosin Olusegun Adio Aduramigba Iretioluwa Edun.
Put Holy back in the goal ... Norris completely at fault for equaliser. Garbage
at 17:52 1 Jan 2020

decision making ... send back to Wolverhampton forthwith.
Well the good news is that the Communist Party of Britain is not fielding a
at 14:15 11 Dec 2019

single candidate in the general election. The bad news is it doesn't feel the need because their fellow travellers already control the Labour leadership.

That's why the Party stood aside in exactly the same way in 2017 for the first time since it was formed in 1920.

And here's the official Communist Party press release (published in Jeremy Corbyn's favourite newspaper The Morning Star) just in case you think this is fake Tory news.

For now at least, the decent Labour Party of Attlee, Wilson, Blair and Brown has been vanquished.

It is a Trojan Horse with Corbyn as a figurehead directed by a cabal of far-left extremists who deceitfully conceal from the public the true scale of their agenda.

What they really want is best summarised by the overarching aims of the Communist Party "... to achieve a socialist Britain in which the means of production, distribution and exchange will be socially owned and utilised in a planned way for the benefit of all."

With such allies it's easy to see why a Corbyn majority would be a complete economic catastrophe for this country just like every other Marxist regime that's previously wormed its way into power.

Channel 4 smear shows Boris Derangement Syndrome is now off the scale
at 13:22 6 Dec 2019

... but it's the toxic hypocrisy of Corbyn Delusion Syndrome sufferers that's the real election issue. Watch and squirm.

Interesting piece on why potentially unhinged Remainers are the real problem
at 22:37 4 Sep 2019

... appears to imply, possibly rightly, that parliament derives its sovereignty from the people and therefore does not possess a divine right to defy the biggest democratic mandate in British political history.

Recent shenanigans are not really about blocking no deal, it's all about blocking Brexit and parliamentarians are hoping millions of working-class people are just too stupid to work it out.
Put the Lambrusco on ice ... Roker Report predicts Town will walk the league ...
at 21:25 31 Jul 2019

... last season opposing fans said we were shyte and they were right ... this has got to be a good sign ...
[Post edited 31 Jul 2019 21:26]
So Mark Warburton's plans for keeping QPR in the Championship include
at 16:02 23 Jul 2019

signing a player who in 19 appearances last season scored no goals for Ipswich.

And in a similar move of unremarkable imagination Warburton has already signed Liam Kelly and Lee Wallace who he managed previously at Glasgow Rangers.

Just go with what you know .... wow you can almost feel the excitement building down Shepherd's Bush.

If Judge leaves he will be in League One by August 2020 albeit playing under a different manager.
Oh Greene King what has become of you? Bury St Edmunds brewer who for years
at 08:58 20 Jul 2019

proudly sponsored the Town now pours cash into Budgie coffers via a long term rights partnership ...

Unforgivable Suffolk turncoats ... your piss awful beer shall never pass my lips again.
[Post edited 20 Jul 2019 9:13]
League 1 and Checkatrade double - is that worth another star above the crest?
at 21:33 20 Jun 2019

Fear not - we will need to win the FA Cup too. That'll be three visits to the new Wembley in one season, how ironic.
Alan Brazil turns 60 this weekend.... total Town legend and best broadcaster
at 02:53 12 Jun 2019

in UK....loves Ipswich with heart and soul..

Had my photo taken with him at a PGL soccer course in 1981 and boy what an athlete.

Luckily witnessed his debut as a second half sub against Man Utd in 1979-80...okay it was a drab nil nil but the hair was something else.

Five goals in one game against Southampton won't be bettered...
[Post edited 12 Jun 2019 3:02]
Odds surely shortening on the Bard of Framlingham owning Town at some
at 11:00 9 May 2019

point? Only 28 and already Ed Sheeran is worth £160 million after apparently doubling his wealth in the last year alone.

By the time he's 40 and a billionaire perhaps?

Still would prefer Godolphin to offer ME silly money to shuffle off but you never know the ginger one could become the chosen one.
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