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Rejoice! We land our number one target plus get a chiselled Scotsman as No 2.
at 10:12 30 May 2018

Who needs Jack Ross? Season tickets x 3 purchased ... bring on the new era. Up the Town!

This also ends weeks of damaging online distraction. I can now get on with my life until August at least.
[Post edited 30 May 10:18]
Real Madrid or Liverpool? Oh pur-lease: we are so privileged to be Ipswich Town
at 22:15 26 May 2018

fans. When we rise again the world will tremble. It's only a matter of time.
Burley knows how to pull on the heartstrings ... how can you not love a man
at 12:43 5 May 2018

who says “I hate always hearing that Ipswich have been ‘over-achieving’. This is a club that was in Europe virtually every year when I was a player.

When I came back as a manager everyone laughed when I said that the goal was to get back there – but we did.''

That said, historically, comebacks from exile have a tendency to go awry even though they seem like a grand idea at the time.

[Post edited 5 May 12:46]
How would Mick McCarthy do at Arsenal? At least he'd have a few quid. (n/t)
at 18:25 20 Apr 2018

What's wrong with possessing a huge sense of entitlement? If you think you're
at 20:59 26 Jan 2018

provincial nobodies then that's what you become.

We gave England their two most successful managers, we effectively won the 1966 World Cup.

Managing Ipswich Town Football Club is a monumental privilege Mr. Michael McCarthy.

Even after decades of football in Europe we remain unbeaten at home.

There's no-one like us in the entire world.

[Post edited 26 Jan 21:02]
Marcus Evans All-Time Favourite Ipswich Town XI:
at 21:31 12 Jan 2018

Roy Niedwezci

Ron 'Chopper' Mills; Terry Droy; Kevin Terry; George Le Saux

Frans Spackman; Arnold Wilkins; Gianfranco Wark;

Eric Speedie

Kerry Mariner; Gianluca Whymark

Subs: TBC
The soulless odiously aloof offshore Chelsea supporter Marcus Evans is slowly
at 17:47 7 Jan 2018

killing our club - rise up and protest at Portman Road or prepare ultimately for League One football.

Town have endured ten years of tripe from a man with no vision, ambition, passion or understanding of Ipswich Town.

Evans has though given Town the following: lowest crowds since the 90s, lowest finish in 58 years, record levels of debt and a succession of dire managers.

How much more shyte must we endure before the penny drops? It's quite extraordinary that fans still try and defend the utter horror of his tenure.

Banners and protests songs are the order of the day, only when Marcus Evans is kicked out of Town will there be any hope for our football club.

If you won £75 million in the Euro millions how much would you put into Town?
at 19:45 1 Dec 2017

I would give 30 million (provided it goes exclusively on transfers) with an option on another 15 million once promoted.

In return I would insist they finally wash and dry clean the flags in the old Pioneer stand plus renovate the facade on the Cobbold stand which is a disgrace. I'm thinking blue and white glass possibly with portrait pictures of legends superimposed.
EADT vox pop locals on MM's 5 years and quiz a Hammers fan
at 16:27 2 Nov 2017

- club badge on jacket is the give away. Could hack in question not find a Town fan in Ipswich? The other bloke on the bench doesn't sound like one either.

Takes lazy journalism to a whole new level unless of course there are genuinely no supporters left in the town.

Memo to Evans and Milne we play in blue and white but we are not Chelsea so
at 20:29 27 Oct 2017

do not play the Liquidator at Portman Road before a game otherwise please bog off.

In case you are unaware this is the tune ...

[Post edited 27 Oct 2017 20:32]
Evans should see the light and sell up before it's too late - now's the time to
at 18:41 22 Oct 2017

try and find a buyer. Don't wait until you take us into League One. Marcus Evans and Ipswich Town just don't go together. Never have, never will.
Get more kids into Portman Road .... we're not exactly cramped for space.
at 13:19 5 Oct 2017

Ahead of every weekend home game Town should offer free tickets to a child plus one adult from two or three primary schools in Suffolk or north Essex.

Before the following fixture approach another two or three primary schools in the region.

The club needs to be much more active in trying to recruit future supporters.
When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do, Sir?
at 12:03 27 Sep 2017

If John Maynard Keynes was A) alive B) a Town fan and C) a McCarthy sceptic .... then surely he'd be heading back to Portman Road this Saturday.

If you are the above three then may I recommend you follow suit. Last night's football was better than anything I've seen under McCarthy even in the play-off season.

Beat Bristol City on Saturday and this team will have genuine momentum. It's time for the absentee Town fan base to step up.
Are you a parent? If so did your kids have any choice over who they supported?
at 15:43 25 Sep 2017

Mine didn't even though we don't live in Suffolk ... thankfully they have not reported me to the NSPCC ... in fac they are both proper Town fans and one is showing signs of incipient fanaticism.

However as a child of the Robson era I am still concerned this might become a source of inter-generational resentment if Town do not get promoted in the near future.
We outplayed Palace for 35% of the first half - champagne Ipswich. (n/t)
at 20:34 22 Aug 2017

So how many more games must Town win on the trot before absentee fans return?
at 18:06 20 Aug 2017

Support inside the stadium was magnificent but seeing a half empty stadium after the start we've had is really dispiriting.

It's also slightly embarrassing given our attendance yesterday was eclipsed by two fixtures in League One.

Time has come to unleash wing wizard Bersant Celina on the Championship ....
at 15:38 18 Aug 2017

undeniably the best ever Kosovo Albanian player to pull on a Town shirt.

All out attack tomorrow is our only option.
Eight points ahead of the scum. Sigh of relief. Normal order now restored.
at 23:53 15 Aug 2017

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