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Crystal Palace Supporters
at 21:04 14 Mar 2022

I’m watching the game and I have to say the palace supporters are superb. Constant chanting and support.
If I wasn’t a town supporter I could easily support them!
Woman's. Football
at 15:58 13 Nov 2021

OK, tin hat on!
Is anybody interested? Apart from a small minority of the 50%?
Be fair it's slow and sh..te
Goals for Goals against
at 19:48 18 Sep 2021

So look at the table, our goals for look reasonable, goals against poor.
Not rocket science is it?
Boring Premiership Football
at 17:41 15 Aug 2021

Just watched first half of Man City v Spurs.
Loads of possession passes, if we have the ball you can't score.
Hope you make a mistake, not exactly entertaining.
I used to love football but do you know I'm beginning to fall out of love with football.
Sunday afternoon, poor weather and I can't even be bothered to watch.
By the way I don't pay for sky!
Reasons to be cheerful
at 19:15 30 May 2021

Right I am so fed up, please please could somebody give me something to look forward to with Ipswich Twn football club.
Any positive news?
Give me something please.
Tactics playing out of the back
at 17:38 15 May 2021

OK just explain to me the keeper of a defender gives it a big yahoo out of the danger area, the opposition get a throw in in their half of the field, you all push up confining them to their half.
So is that better then farting about in your own half just out of your own penalty area?
Just asking for you tactical experts to put me right.
Mid table mediocrity
at 19:24 27 Mar 2021

The new Ipswich Way, meanwhile the other East Anglian team, with no great investment do so wel.
It's getting to the stage where I can't look at the result.
Passing the ball about going backwards.
at 11:15 14 Sep 2020

Why do we persist in passing the ball about, ever retreating, putting ourselves under pressure ( somebody will lose ot or make a mistake) for the ball to eventually go back to the goalkeeper for the big yahoo.
Playing out from the back going forwards yes but not continually going backwards.
The mid fielders have all come back, the eventual long punt goes to stranded front men who even if they try to play it back none of the midfielders have had a chance to get up and support them.
Totally negative and asks too much of the poor isolated strikers.
It seems to be the current fashion but very few players in lower leagues who can play like Pep expects.
Football under Burley
at 18:22 12 Jan 2020

Yes I am an old boy, does anybody remerber the style of play we had under Burley?
Tight triangles, nobody isolated, pass always on. No "stars" in the team.
With success we splashed out on that bloke who had a fabulous World Cup, can't remember his name.
Nobody knew how old he was, he didn't either.
We then started to bang the ball at him because he was the star and would unlock defences, absolute disaster.
I read about modern "systems " but would it be a big ask to return to a compact game with a ready pass available and if you lose possession nobody is isolated?
Why have we made the game so complicated?
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