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Another New Manager, Another New Gamble
at 16:58:41

Spot on monty_radio! I think Sir Bobby was third choice? three other so called top managers turned us down and rode the train to obscurity! Lucky for us Robson was out of work and desperate to get back into management.
Frank Brogan was signed I think by Jackie Milburn, he didnt immediately pull up any trees but flourished under Bill McGarry. I well remember that horrendous tackle by that thug Gilzean that really finished his career. McGarry never got the recognition he deserved, he made Jefferson, Hegan, Morris as well as Brogan better players. He developed Viljeon and built a team from scratch to become a decent top tier team.
Oh the memories!
Fan Records Song to Celebrate His 60th Season
at 15:47:51

Brilliant George, I am never gonna take the p out of your singing again!
Town Appoint Director of Football Operations
at 14:41:50

I hate to be cynical but we have more background staff than the government has civil servants and more coaches than National Express. I know the game has changed but Bobby Robson seemed to manage it with 3 assistants, 1 working alongside him, 1 with the reserves and 1 with the youth team. We produced much higher quality players then!

O'Neill: No Offer on Table For Town
at 16:32:16

There is a deal in negotiation at the moment for sure! Evans would not have just sacked Lambert, too much of a coincidence, particularly as we have won the last two games.
O'Neal is reading from a prepared script.
Banished Duo Angered By Manager's Comments
at 18:03:23

We don’t really know what is going on, but for the facts that are known, I think Lambert is being at least petty. Jackson had a rush of blood but isn’t Lambert cutting his nose to spite his face?
As for Nolan, why take him on a overnight 500 mile round trip if you have no intention of using him?
Judge: Matter With Referee Closed
at 22:11:51

Good for Judge, he could have collapsed on the floor as though he had been shot, he is a proper footballer!
Be Careful What You Wish For
at 11:21:04

Agree on that point Nthsuffolkblue, but my point is that I believe and really worry that Evans will cut his losses and walk away. What happens then? worst case scenario the club folds! Very worrying times!
Bent: Something's Got to Change at Town, Fans Are Telling Me the Soul's Been Ripped Out of the Club
at 15:53:20

Not wanting to upset anybody but I think it is time the fans woke up and smelled the coffee!
Things may well have to get worse before they get better? I am sure Evans would love to sell the club but who would buy it? Unfortunately history and tradition is worth nothing in monetary terms. There is no asset to sell. Downes, Dozzell, Woolfie may generate a few million but nowhere near enough to cover the debt owed to Evans. Evans must be suffering badly at this moment in time. His core business cannot possibly be making any money and the football club loses money at an alarming rate! I doubt he can afford to sack Lambert and all his staff? I think our only hope at the moment is that Evans says 'enough is enough' and decides to cut his losses and then hopefully someone will come in and steer the club back to some kind of prosperity. I am not holding my breath!
Taylor: Draw Would Have Been a Fair Result
at 11:35:50

I cannot see anyway out of this? Evans owns the club and I am sure he desperately wants to sell it? Who would buy it? There are no assets. The ground is owned by the council and Evans owns the training ground personally I understand? The only other asset is the players - well after the last two seasons, I think liabilities would be more apt!
I think one also has to factor in the current pandemic, Evans must be suffering greatly as his main business is corporate entertainment and there hasn't been much of that in the past year. To summarize, Evans owns a large field on the edge of Ipswich which is only o fany use if he could obtain planning permission to build houses. His businesses are probably hemorrhioring money at a vast rate in particular his football club! Sorry folks but far smarter guys than me would struggle to find a happy solution
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