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Lambert: We Raised the Intensity in the Second Half
at 15:27:44

The thing I'd love to add is that both these games have been littered with chances for both teams. I'm really delighted that we're sat here with 6 points, almost surprised - because although we've been the better team in both games, the oppo have squandered golden chances that could've dramatically changed the outcomes.

The reason I bring this up is that football is a game that really turns on the finest of edges. We could've been as good as we've been and have 0 points after two games. Simple fact.

As fans we really, really have to support the team *whatever* the result. Not jump to conclusions about being 'good', 'bad', 'doomed', 'blessed' and so on. Just support whatever the result, week in, week out.

Because actually that support, can genuinely be one of those fine edges we're talking about.

It's how Sunderland became doomed, and how Liverpool can produce miracles at Anfield. It's part of how little clubs like Brentford and Bournemouth build special setups. And slightly to our shame, it's why national press wrote us off at the start of the season, literally quoting our own "potentially poisonous atmosphere" - see The Times.

We'll always get the club we deserve as fans. So, come what may, let's recognise this and realise that we are the club, and its performance is inseparably linked to us as fans - not just the players, owner and management.

(I'll try to remember to remind us all of this come victory or loss. We have to keep it close whatever the weather).
Blues Visit Rotherham Aiming to Stretch Lead at Top
at 13:15:33

watching those highlights again, there were some awful errors on our part. Communication shocking! Huws looked way off it in defense and attack.

Hopefully they're about to come across a very different Town side...

Bialkowski's Permanent Millwall Move Confirmed
at 15:39:44

I for one hope next season we're shaking hands with Bart pre game and then banging in several to beat Millwall both home and away.

And making Bart regret coming in and asking Lambo for a transfer last week, as we sail up the Championship!

Anyone with me?
Bialkowski's Permanent Millwall Move Confirmed
at 15:36:37

I agree, OsborneOneNil.

Had his prime at ITFC, on way too much money, had a dire last season with us, and needed to go elsewhere with our thanks.

How anyone pretends to understand what any of this means in the background I find hilarious, only Lambo and his team know what is happening, why, what the strategy is and why.

And his transfers to date all suggest he knows very well what he's doing.
Judge: Important to Keep Momentum Going
at 14:10:39

A classic confidence player, is dear old Judge - and i think his should be rising sharply now, just in time.

And with Bish **PLEASE STAY FIT** coming back, other teams will be sitting up.

Lambert and O’Neill at Meet the Club Event in London
at 14:04:11

Nice, might pop along
Lambert: Stay Off the Pitch
at 13:57:26

I agree with SouperJim, just delighted to see our fans being so passionate about a goal.

Lambert has to say what he's said, he'll have been asked to and it's his job.

Ask him privately and I bet he'd laugh about it all. It goes without saying to stay in the terraces, but he'll want fans going as barmy as anything for 90 mins, it's his ethos and it's what our club needs.

Try not to cross the line in the process. Bit of common sense and all that.
Smashing Start to Norwood's Day
at 13:00:50


the next person who's late is gonna need a pretty good excuse...
Lambert: £10m-Rated Woolfenden Still Just as Laid-Back
at 15:25:28

His level of potential is immense. And the money in the top league is immense. Inflation, put simply. And thank goodness, as the clubs down the leagues need that income if they're not getting it directly.

Woolf's character is an integral part of his value. The same way a keeper needs to be impervious to mistakes, the same way a striker needs to be a bit of an animal.

He's a £20m asset RIGHT NOW because of that potential. That's how investments work. And a £20m investment for a prem team is small fry.

And that's with hefty sell on.

Hopefully our boy stays with us for a couple of seasons of high success, at which point he'll be a £30m asset with a hefty sell on.

£10m not enough without enormous sell on in my view, and that is what I trust Lambo will be ensuring.
Bart Happy to Sign Permanently at Millwall
at 12:48:33

It's a nice thing he developed a nice relationship with the Town fans.

He's now doing that elsewhere and wanting out, essentially.

I'm not so bothered as he played a real role in our relegation, so he'd have to restore my faith.

Kinda just want us to move on.
Blades Linked With £3m Woolfenden Move
at 15:46:32

I should have added to my last post - that I can hear Lambo laughing from here!

He spoke casually of bids of £30m for our youngsters the other day, setting expectations for other clubs. It indicates £20m and add ons minimum.

Evans won't treat a £30m asset with 3 years on his contract stupidly.

Nothing to see here, except "Blades are interested"
Blades Linked With £3m Woolfenden Move
at 15:40:37


£3m literally no chance.

The sell on clause we'd add to that alone would make it pointless.
Garbutt: There Will Be Discussions With Everton and Ipswich, We’ll Just Have to Wait and See
at 17:52:25

Garbs has been great. Brilliant start to the season, hope he keeps his tail up and keeps changing games like he did throughout the second half of the season.

Lambert has had an excellent transfer record so far.

Most encouraging has been shaping a team with round pegs for round holes.

Defending our interests with our assets will be important.

And the fans, manager and club make an environment for a player - so, over to us to sing the boys' names when they earn it.
Lambert: I Know There are People Who Want Us to Fail
at 23:02:14

Lambo lashing out as he’s pissed off.

95% of fans don’t deserve it as they’re right behind him even on a bad run.

But it’s definitely true that a minority squadron of fans on here alone are not behind him, or Evans, and he’s telling them to piss off. As am I! To all you negative, dull, whining fans... hear that loud and clear!

COYB! Come on Lambo! As One!
Fortuna Blues, Stockwell and O'Neill on Life's a Pitch
at 15:56:46

Welcome and thanks, Fortuna boys! Brilliant relationship and terrific set of fans, were barmy when Rotherham came last season!
Evans: We Need to Be a Footballing Team
at 00:35:29

My comfort is knowing that, fortunately, the massive majority of Town fans aren’t the moaners on this particular board.

COYB, C’mkn Lambo, thank you Mr. Evans. One Club.
Lambert: Town and Millwall Talking About Permanent Bialkowski Switch
at 12:55:44

Bart's a good guy. He's had a better time at Millwall than with us last season, when he was disastrous - but for Millwall he's still made some howlers in the last couple of months.

He's not getting younger.

I certainly don't want us taken advantage of, but if anything thinks thats likely, then they're not listening to or respecting Lambo nearly enough. We can, perhaps should, cash in now, and potentially bring in some brass to get some decent loans, even a signing.
Evans: We Need to Be a Footballing Team
at 12:49:12

Excellent piece, and massively reassuring.

There are many ITFC fans who simply do not know how lucky we are.

There are, however, many more, I believe, that do.

Superb to see our club have a vision like this, and the talent in place to achieve it.

It'll take time, but with an owner that bankrolls us, it's his time.

ITFC fans are patient, and most have their heads screwed on. It's an emotional sport, I want us to win every week and i'm gutted when we get beaten, have a bad run, and so on. But I also appeal to fans to get behind this project, stay on board, stay united, and play OUR role in this project, which is to turn up, support like wild, and enjoy the ride.

Press must get on board too, we're all part of the same team.

COYB! Come on Lambo! And thank you to a good owner, Mr Evans
Bolton Targeting Nsiala Move
at 17:27:45

It's s shame but the two times I saw him this season, he was very poor.

I hope he does well elsewhere
Audio: Lambert's Gillingham Press Conference
at 02:07:49

Im a big defender of Lambo, this interview was I’ll-advised but let’s move on.

The project is not short term.

Everyone calm down.

No team is winning every week. Tough league. Couple of wins and when it’s our turn to hit form we’ll be golden.

Meantime - fans, management - stop giving oppo a boost. We need to be a fortress and united army.

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