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Well done Bonne! N/T (n/t)
at 15:26 8 Jan 2022

Weather Interest Upcoming Major Tornado Event in the US 29/12 and 1/2/22
at 06:30 28 Dec 2021

I have a massive severe weather interest. Hence this thread. I think one or two of you do take an interest.

Those of you that have a keen weather interest may not be aware that there will be an upcoming major nocturnal tornado event in the mid southern US. There may be some massive long track tornados. The ingredients are perfect. Shear, dew point, extreme cold and extreme humidity. It will be the same level as the quad state tornados from 10/12. Reed Timmer who is a leading expert in tornados and chasing them is extremely worried.

Being nocturnal tornados, these will unfortunately bring possible loss of life.

There will be multiple live coverage and warnings on YouTube, Twitter via the many chasers.

If any of you live in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, please be warned.

RIP Sir Frank Williams
at 14:56 28 Nov 2021

Probably having a chat with Ayrton Senna…..
God speed.
Salthouse Hotel and the waterfront. Brillliant.
at 11:39 29 Oct 2021

Staying there at the moment, can’t recommend it highly enough. Amazing stuff. Isaacs next door, East Ocean on Fore Street….what more could you want. The facilities in general are brilliant now. Cheers all.
Self Implosion on Owls Forum over Cooks comments…
at 19:13 24 Sep 2021

Bit rich from them… Jeez! They are a bunch of moaning old gits…worse than some of us.“ipswich-are-the-bigg
Some bloke lit a bonfire last Monday silly fecker
at 14:25 18 Sep 2021

My missus was hanging out her passion killers, when all of a sudden we got a whiff of bonfire, on a Monday too of all days, well, I immediately asked politely if he knew which way the wind was blowing, well the commotion, he waved his fists around at me shouting all sorts, I can’t repeat them on here.
Bet it was one of you lot
Question of Sport..Paddy McGuinness? Really?
at 19:39 3 Sep 2021

Not sure a “comedian” fits in. Needs to be a former sports player to front it.
No masks…..awful…utter disgrace.
at 21:36 28 Aug 2021

Just came back from Jolly Chondzoresks day out in Yarmouth, I have to say I’m utterly shocked. Shops with signs saying “please wear a mask”….then going in and finding out of the 10/15 or so people inside, only my missus and I were wearing masks in a small area. Staff not wearing masks, staff not bothering to enforce wearing masks. Social distancing? Doesn’t apply in Yarmouth. Hand sanitisers? Many shops we visited had empty hand sanitisers.

Overall we felt we were the odd ones out actually wearing masks. I won’t be going back anytime soon. Be warned if you are off there soon. I know rules have changed, but you feel things are just so laxed. I think this Autumn and Winter is going to bite hard with this virus.

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