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A Friday singer/songwriter thread?
at 16:20 12 Jul 2019

Your best loved game
at 14:01 12 Jul 2019

Following on from the thread about the guy saying the cricket was more exciting for him than seeing Town win promotion, what was the game for you that is the biggest in your memory?

I'm talking about games you attended.

I've seen the playoff final, FA Cup final, home leg of the EUFA Cup final, but for me the one that I think will always be THE one for me was the FA Cup semi final. The thought of going to see Town play at Wembley in probably the biggst domestic single game in the world was an incredible thing for a young lad.

I have to confess once more, I didn't see the Bolton play off semi but I imagine that might be up there for some people.

I feel very sorry for some of the younger fans.
Love this quote on the cricket
at 22:11 11 Jul 2019

from the BBC website

"On Monday Australia's players had taken their shoes and socks off and walked the outfield here. The idea was to feel the positive energy coming out of the earth. On Thursday England took their pants down for them too."
Big game today
at 07:26 11 Jul 2019

Very nervous, very worried about Warner.

I think losing to the Aussies in the semi would just be the worst thing, I'd almost rather we had not qualified.
No mention of Ward?
at 19:04 5 Jul 2019

Contract offered by Rotherham, have to say he's terribly inconsistent but there really does look to be a player there if someone can get him going.

I wouldn't be upset to see him end up somewhere else, but neither would I be surprised to see him have a decent career longer term.
Words fail me
at 12:33 5 Jul 2019

Stupidity knows no bounds
Have we ever done Desert Island Discs on here?
at 10:58 5 Jul 2019

8 songs, a book and a luxury item? Probably but I can't remember seeing one.

It's really tough.

Heroes - Bowie
Searching - Change
Waiting For That Day - George Michael
Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Nature Boy - George Benson
Ghost Town - Specials
Everybody Hurts - REM
Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka

Would probably change slightly if I did it again tomorrow.

Book, probably go with Lord Of The Rings actually, long and bears re-reading multiple times.

Luxury item - Camera.
CWC Are India going to regret their late batting against England?
at 14:35 2 Jul 2019

Bangladesh 315 to win, finished the first innings on a high and their strength is in their batting, they could have real go at that total leaving India under a lot of pressure?
[Post edited 2 Jul 14:35]
Trump in North Korea
at 09:03 30 Jun 2019

Despite the fact he really is a grade A cock over most things, it's impressive that he's actually seemed to build some sort of rapport with Kim.

I didn't expect to wake up to see him taking steps into North Korea, this can only be good for North and South Korea you would think, credit where it's due.
Do we think we need a new faecal plug?
at 08:59 22 Jun 2019

Or are we happy with what we have?

This is an awesome term
How many wickets will England win by?
at 13:51 21 Jun 2019

At risk of completely cursing them I'm going for 7.
So Bart, Jonas, Harrison
at 16:59 20 Jun 2019

Looks like three out of the door and whilst we've had some good times with Bart after last season I can't say I'm that fussed about any of them moving on.
Truth be told I don't think there's anybody in the squad where it would upset me if they went, probably be sad to see Chambers go but not for footballing reasons, Judge would be annoying at this point, Dozzell would make me think of what might have been but honestly, not sure I'd miss anybody.

Actually that's not true, Bishop is probably the one that would upset me, if he looks like he could stay fit (a big if) then he does genuinely look an exciting player for us and a step up. Lankester too actually.

So I lied, there's two I would be bothered about, the rest? humph
A story like this
at 17:29 18 Jun 2019

would only normally warrant one photo, but if you've got a pretty girlfriend then maybe not?
I already thought living in London was pretty good
at 19:57 13 Jun 2019

Now I read Jim Davidson says he will never set foot here again.
Anybody use Transferwise?
at 18:50 13 Jun 2019

I'm starting to do some work for a couple of American companies and sorting out how to get paid.

Transferwise look to be the best bet but wondered if anybody on here had any experience?
Cheese map
at 20:04 6 Jun 2019

Not convinced by it though, can't see why Caerphilly is listed in the West Country/ South Coast
Sterling Captain then
at 19:32 6 Jun 2019

Nice to see, he's had more than his fair share of unwarranted sh1te over the years, thought he was a little older that 24 too, he could still blossom into a great player yet.
We're after a 'keeper
at 20:30 4 Jun 2019

wonder if we can tempt one of these guys
Friday night disco anyone?
at 21:11 31 May 2019

An 80's classic


England V Saffers, it starts!!
at 21:56 29 May 2019

What we reckon then? I'm hoping for and scarily almost expecting a comfortable win.

Pretty sure we're going to get tripped up hard at some point, and this might not be the worst time to do it but feeling comfortable for this one. No Steyn for them and I can see us getting a big total if we bat first.

Looking like Gibson might be coming back from them in September too, I wouldn't be averse to that.
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