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Whilst admire the front of this
at 10:15 12 Apr 2021

it's pretty awful that this is an option, isn't it?

While we have no idea what will unfold
at 05:24 12 Apr 2021

and many will continue to berate and hate Marcus for his failures with us, and I'll accept there are things that are hard to defend, particularly his structure and staffing policies.

If things go as we hope they might though, it does beg the question if Marcus actually has done something massively right for us by turning down allegedly dozens of offers which he didn't feel were right for the Club or capable of taking us forward and sustaining it.

A part of me is wondering whether the added 2,3, 4 years or whatever it may have been of misery may turn out to be a price worth paying in the long run?

Marcus' biggest legacy could well be who he decided both to sell us to and not to sell us to. Let's hope he finally nailed a football flavoured decision.
I think I'm sold
at 07:47 10 Apr 2021

I've viewed this takeover with a fairly big dose of sceptism up until now, perhaps been burnt once too often.

I spent last night at work listening to and when I had the chance reading stuff from and about our new overlords and must admit, I'm starting to believe in them.

It could still all go wrong but I think if it does it won't be through lack of genuine desire to do the best for the club and I'm also starting to feel that if it goes right it might actually go very right.

It could be an exciting ride over the next few years.
Youtube deep dive, 80's classic
at 01:57 8 Apr 2021

You know the rabbit hole you can end up disapearing down?

Anyway, found this, not sure where I even started now, and just wanted to share in case anybody (very few I'm sure) are interested.

This is one of those tracks for me, I'm sure we all have a few, that sends shivers down your spine every time you hear them, even 40 years later this still has the same effect on me.
Germany heading into national lockdown while Brazil aren't!
at 22:40 7 Apr 2021

It's not over yet sadly by some way, and until countries like Brazil start dealing with it, or other countries without the resources are helped to deal with it then Covid will be here to saty.
So let's play fantasy footy
at 12:38 7 Apr 2021

Don't you just hate people who start sentences with so?

You're the CEO of Gamechanger, what's your strategy?

You have a very large squad of underachievers, a proven manager who is new and untarnished.

Do you say to Cook here's what you've got, you go do your thing?

Do you look to keep some of what you see as your prime assets or scrap the current project and start again?

Do you say no transfer fees and just look to build a suad from free agents, bearing in mind how many there are likely to be in current times?

Do you look for a marquee signing to try and ignite things?

Do you politely pay off Mr Cook and get someone you want?

How deep do you go with any cull?
We're actually a big story on the BBC website
at 12:19 7 Apr 2021

Probably the first time in a decade or so?

I've not slept since 2PM yesterday
at 11:58 7 Apr 2021

Have just finished 8 straight 12 hour night shifts, and was just about to hit the sack when that news dropped.

Now I feel obliged to empty the fridge of booze before I'm finally able to sleep.
Where's BlueWorldOrder?
at 11:29 7 Apr 2021

Come back to the fold mate and join in the fun
Great songs by cheesy bands
at 04:43 7 Apr 2021

Heard this on the radio earlier, in my opinion one of George Michael's finest bits of work and if it hadn't been Wham that released it then it probably would have got more credit.

What you got?
Louis Theroux -Grounded
at 17:19 6 Apr 2021

Realise I'm a bit behind the game with these but just finished listening to these podcasts, reccomend to anybody who's a regular podcast listener and looking for stuff.

They're just a series of conversations really and a real mixed bag in terms of content but I really enjoyed some of them, including some with people I'd previously had little interest in or knew little about.
Worth a listen if you're at a podcast loose end between episodes of Blue Monday.
Our new keeper?
at 16:16 2 Apr 2021

Sign him up?

Yeah the game is so compelling I'm surfing while watching.
Is signing in really such a hardship?
at 23:33 1 Apr 2021

People seem to be getting really upset about giving their details over in order to go to the pub, but is it really such a big deal in the current situation?

Diss Town
at 08:27 27 Mar 2021

Anybody else unable to read that without breaking into the Specials in their head?

Just me then?
Three stars, three trophies, three years
at 21:35 18 Mar 2021

Three songs

Deja Vu all over again
at 22:30 16 Mar 2021

He gets it, he gets the fanbase enthusiasm up, he watches us perform hopelessly on the pitch and lose.

I really hope there's a different ending this time.
at 13:36 12 Mar 2021

Game one

No Rohit, surprising, start for Curran, interesting.

Is it on TV? Must be

What channel?
He's cr4p, a consolidation thread
at 09:13 10 Mar 2021

So this morning there are threads saying Norwood, Nsiala, Bennets and Edwards are below our level.

Too many third division standard players playing for us currently, who else can we add to the list? I'm sure we can agree on at least half the squad being below us? I reckon Skuse is getting away with it by not playing at the moment.

Feel free to add your own names.
So we're still sh1te then?
at 14:47 6 Mar 2021

Looking increasingly like another season of League 1 dross next season, at least we can have hope that we're now in a position with a competent manager, used to success who can begin to build his side.

The silver lining is that there's the opportunity that we could enjoy next season in the way last season should have been.

In some ways perhaps a perfect performance for Cook to see all of our failings and realise the job he has to do?
I think I need to step away from this place for a few days
at 16:50 4 Mar 2021

I'm starting to get a bit worn down with the continual 'it's happening' ad 'oh no now it's not happening' threads, often the same poster with both, often an hour or two apart and generally following some bit of random speculation somebody saw somewhere.

Is it due to the internet? 24 hour rolling news and sport coverage? Surely it won't kill people to wait for a few days and see what transpires, it must be a lot more healthy than going from giddy with excitement to the depths of depression on a constant cycle multiple times a day?

FFS by all means discuss possible outcomes and what might happen, but people, things take time, whichever way they end up, save yourself the stress and stop thinking every new bit of def info is, well, def info.
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