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With British Steel likely to go down
at 09:08 21 May 2019

Do we need to accept that we are no longer in a place in this country to offer large scale manufacturing? Cost of living and expectations meaning high wages for employees and we have a relatively small domestic market place to sustain industries.

If we are going to manufacture then it should be smaller scale, high tech and high value products? Or are we no longer in a place to compete on a global scale at all?
Manchester people
at 22:05 12 May 2019

I think there's a few on here?

I had a week's work booked in Manchester this week that got cancelled at last minute (Friday afternoon) but have some nice accomodation booked via airbnb in M15.

I've decided that I'm going to make the most of it and have a few days anyway, I'm meeting friends on Tuesday but any other suggestions for things to do the rest of the time?

I'm a bloke who's here on his own, not far past 50 and enjoys a beer, history and most sports.

not fussed about strip clubs if anybody was thinking of offering one
Off to the Oval today
at 11:00 8 May 2019

Not looking promising for a full match, I'm hoping at worst it's cut down match with a result. Fortunately it's only about 20 minutes from home so a delayed start wouldn't be too bad as long as I know in advance.
Pubs with flat roofs
at 23:42 5 May 2019

Avoid or just drink very carefully unless it's your local?
[Post edited 5 May 23:42]
He should post on here
at 06:59 2 May 2019

He'd fit right in with a number of people
GOT with spoilers
at 21:52 29 Apr 2019




One of their epic episodes, but I felt a little deflated by it, it was more a case of who rather than if the way the entire episode went, I did expect more casaulties though I must admit.

It was a little painting by numbers at the end, everybody about to die and then....
[Post edited 29 Apr 22:21]
Could it all get a bit Jurassic Park eventually?
at 20:51 27 Mar 2019

Amazing that even if there's no immediate chance of producing a shiny new, or old mammoth scientists can get 28000 year old cells reacting.

Makes you wonder where science will go in the next 100 years if you look at the speed of change in just the last 25 or so.
Who was our last decent Prime Minister?
at 15:37 26 Mar 2019

I realise that political divide will flavour people's judgements but are there any in more recent times who can transcend that to be considered good by people from all persuasions?

My adult life started with Maggie and I don't think we've had a decent PM in all that time, the only one I probably liked in any way was Major but I can't imagine too many agreeing.

Going back before my time? Attlee?
I predict
at 19:34 25 Mar 2019

That in two years time

We will still be in the EU, though due to leave at some time

May will still be PM but facing daily rumours of coup bids

Town will be back in the Championship

Nodge will be back in the Championship

We'll have a new Monarch
If you swallow chewing gum
at 18:12 20 Mar 2019

it will wrap itself round your heart and eventually you will die, so I was told as a kid.

Along with apple trees growing inside you after swallowing the pips.

Got any if you eat this bad sh1t will happen anecdotes from being a kid?

Credit to the soon to be ex Moose after his label eating shennanigans.
Off to Reykjavic in the morning
at 14:17 13 Mar 2019

Flying out early and back Saturday evening for a short break for the other half's Birthday.

Have a late night trip booked Friday when we'll be hoping to be lucky enough to see the Northern lights, aside from that we're planning to wander and explore the city.

Any reccomendations people?
Phil, Gav, anyone?
at 20:11 6 Mar 2019

Just wondered as it seems a little quieter on here lately, what was the busiest day on the site in terms of visitors?
I can remember it creaking a few times due to traffic, think you may have even restricted to registered members once or twice?

So what was the busiest day? Playoffs? Europe? Jamie Peters signing?
Finally got round to ordering some Away Day Beers
at 12:57 6 Mar 2019

Ordered three bottles each of The Beat, Hoppy Robson and Golden Goal. Looking forward to trying them out and then maybe stocking up on one of the choices, due to arrive in time for the weekend
Contentious Question
at 07:37 1 Mar 2019

I'm taking my missus (boo hiss) to the game tomorrow for her first ever match and she's veggie (boo hiss)

I've never paid much attention, what's the food options in or around the ground for her? Anybody know?
England remember how to bat
at 17:05 27 Feb 2019

Brutal hitting in the ODI
Buttler century off 60 balls!
Bentwaters Cold War Museum
at 11:25 22 Feb 2019

I only just found out there's a museum there, anybody been? Is it worth a trip from London if combined with something else?

I have a passing interest as someone in their 50's is bound to have but not really a cold war buff, though I think anybody who grew up in that time is affected by it.
at 10:43 16 Feb 2019

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