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Car Hire
at 13:00 21 Jun 2020

I'm sure I've seen some suggested links on here in the past. Driving a bit of a cr4pper these days that I don't really trust for long distance treks, thinking about hiring a car later in the year to go visit family in Scotland.

This means mileage limitations are not ideal, anybody got any reccomendations? Thinking about a week's hire, probably medium sized, ideally comfortable.
What's your player profile?
at 17:00 19 Jun 2020

What it should say, and what it really says?

Swashbuckling fullback with cultured right foot, ferocious in the tackle.

What it really says

Stodgy fullback, strong defensively but not to be trusted with the ball.
Anybody else watched Snowfall?
at 06:46 12 Jun 2020

Available on the iplayer and about the start of Crack in LA in 1983. Seems to have totally gone under the radar, it's quite watchable and remiscent of The Wire in some ways.
Seeing this 80's music stuff
at 00:44 7 Jun 2020

and not yet gone through to see what's caused it, but I bet without searching for it you can't name the artist/group that had the most weeks on the Uk chart in the 80's

Seriously you'll never get it, and if somebody has dissed 80's music (herbi?) then this is probably gold for them.
Oi Badger
at 13:39 18 Apr 2020

Deleted the post, it appears it was ill judged and I had no intentions of giving a nutcase a broader platform.

For those that missed it and want to know, it was some absurd message by David Icke who seems to feel that Covid19 is a big conspiracy.
[Post edited 18 Apr 14:03]
Weird commutes this morning
at 08:20 9 Mar 2020

London feels like the week between Christmas and new year, tubes are far from busy and it looks like a number of schools are possibly closed.

I can only see it getting quieter as the week goes on, and as someone who nowadays relies mostly on London tourism for my income it's going to be a very tough time coming up I think.
I'm going to restart the Shefki bandwagon
at 14:38 1 Mar 2020

I would have backed him before, and the way things are now even if he's a disaster, well, what's changed?

Could be the something different we desperately need, unless that Dutch geezer that started as a wind up previously gets it this time.
That's it. another year in this cr4ppy league
at 17:27 29 Feb 2020

But actually I've accepted it now. Don't like it but it is what it is, now I know it's happening I'll live with it. There's still some away grounds I've not done so will get another chance next season.

I'm beginning to accept I support a third division side, with all the glory that goes with that, and well, whatever, it's still my club.
And that's why Sears won't be a saviour
at 16:55 29 Feb 2020

Should have had a hattrick today, sure he's not match fit but neither has he the quality to be a goal scorer. We don't have any.
Anybody born on March 29th?
at 20:24 28 Feb 2020

Looks like it's a date that can mean a long life reading this story, not just the guy involved but two others too.

I find these fascinating, I have no desire or actually any chance of living to 108 but it does make you realise the incredible speed of change in this man's lifetime. Generations used to live with very slow changes, and in the last 100 years or so this has accelerated an incredible degree.
If you weren't a Town fan
at 21:39 27 Feb 2020

say you moved to this country and were a big football fan but had no affinity to any club. Who do you think you'd pick to support, and what sort of criteria would you look for?

Would you want to glory hunt, choose one of the big boys with chances of seeing finals and trophies or would you want a smaller team were you felt perhaps a bit more relevant?

Maybe you'd go non league?

I think I'd probably veer toward what Town were once, a smaller club with a chance of winning something. I'm not sure if you support a Man Utd, Chelsea, City that seeing your team win something has quite the same feeling.
I miss Jim
at 23:19 11 Feb 2020

Yeah I know Mick was great, and he saved us and we performed miles above where we should be, but I'll be honest I never really warmed to the bloke and whilst I never joined in anything against him and always respected him I wasn't that bothered to see him go.

I hated Keane with a passion, before he came, while he was here and ever after. PJ was just like a sad joke that kept on getting sadder and funnier.

PL has flattered to deceive, briefly, and then gone down the PJ route.

I've not really felt the same way about the club since Jim went if I'm honest, though I guess there is another common denominator there.
Who's our best player?
at 14:25 24 Jan 2020

Fit and on form, no allowance for injury proneness or potential etc just on ability when fit and playing well?

Huws? KVY? Bishop? Judge?
The best league in the world
at 18:38 22 Jan 2020

Who watches it? Watches Prem matches on a regular basis?

I love football, go see Town, watch a bit of non league but not watched more than the odd match a season in the Prem for about a decade. I couldn't recognise most Premier League players these days.

Am I alone? Am I unusual in being a football supporter with little interest in the Premier League?
Anybody recommend somewhere for a pre-match lunch?
at 17:15 21 Jan 2020

Looking to stop and get lunch before the Posh game on the way from London. It's my birfday and the other half is coming with me, her second Town game ever, and fancy stopping somewhere along the way.

Will be driving through from London so ideally somewhere Colchester onwards, thinking pub grub rather than anything fancy and she's a veggie to complicate matters.

Cracking start in the Test again
at 08:10 19 Jan 2020

Saffers could be following on shortly the way this has started.
Went to see 1917 earlier
at 19:18 18 Jan 2020

Went to the first showing at the Imax on the South Bank so was back in time for commentary.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, thought it was a very good film with good performances but the cinematography is breathtaking.

I was aware that it's presented as an almost continuous shot and worried that might detract from it a bit but actually thought it worked really well.

Much like Saving Private Ryan I walked away thinking how the hell did those guys manage to live through that, I'm well aware many didn't.

If you're thinking about seeing it then make sure you catch it on a big screen, it deserves it.
[Post edited 18 Jan 19:19]
I realised how lacking my education was this week
at 22:42 9 Jan 2020

My Mum is away this week and I've been doing some decorating for her in her absence. As she has Sky I've had the History channel on in the background while I've been working, I love wall to wall WW2 docs.

Late morning however there's this ancient aliens programme on (title might be wrong) and I've been amazed at what I've learnt.

The Yeti(s) are offspring of either Gods or aliens and particularly beautiful women from ancient times.

Leonardo De Vinci fell through a hole in time and spent time in the future.

The Nazis were building a time machine during the war, and the guy in charge of building it used it to disappear when the war was lost. The best bit of this though was the fact that they didn't actually invent it, but copied it from ancient Buddhist examples.

These were the least outrageous things I learnt, there was a good article about how the world had a series of nucleur power stations thousands of years ago too, the evidence was compelling.

I know my school was cr4p, but had no idea I missed so much. Sadly I'm down for the week and so will miss out on my education tomorrow morning.

Brexit and the new governement are starting to make a hell of a lot more sense.
Sensible soccer anyone?
at 21:56 7 Jan 2020

Loved that game and it's going to be on a stamp. I played every one of those games back in the day except Dizzy, don't remember that at all.

Looking at Elite, and seeing Elite Dangerous now shows just how far we have come in such a relatively short space of time with digital entertainment.
FM20 Question
at 12:07 22 Nov 2019

Made the mistake of buying this, to be honest I shouldn't have as I have things i should be doing and I know it will end up in very late nights, but anyway.

Anybody know how to see your attendance when in match mode? I just can't see it, I know it's not normally available until after half time.

Oh and had a solid start, top three all season so far deep into November playing mostly 5-3-3. Norwood only just scored his first goal, was about to give up on him, he got injured and is out for a month about 15 minutes later. Jackson doing well though, Downes is absolutely top notch.
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