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I'm gutted
at 18:16 27 Jul 2022

Haywards Piccalilli has been discontinued and no longer available unless you want to spend a forune at places for remaining stock.

One of my great pleasures, and other's are just too sweet for me. Love it with cold meats and bubble and squeak, at least I used to :(

Anybody suggest anything remotely similar?

(I realise that for plenty it's a very marmite product))

London based Blues ***UPDATED***
at 18:27 9 Jun 2022

There's quite a lot of us on here, and then Ulla as well. Would people be interested in an unnoficial group, whatsapp or similar? I'm thinking we could coordinate watching in pubs if we're on TV or just occasional social stuff. Maybe car share to games etc.

Not going to lie, my time for actually attending things is fairly limited but would be happy to set something up and try and oversee it.

Might work for meeting to watch England games/world cup as well.

Just gauging interest really, and aware that there might already be something in place that you're all hiding from me because I'm a tw4t!

Might be nice to share an occasional beer or perhaps televised footy with
other TWTDers.

Hopefully it's OK with Phil/Gav to post this up, probably should have asked first but just delete if it's a bit cheeky.


Seems like there might be a few waning to get involved, if people want to DM me their number and name I'll set a Whatsapp group up over the weekend and we can see where we go from there.
[Post edited 9 Jun 21:02]
Bit of idle bored surfing earlier brought this up
at 23:43 7 Jun 2022

and that was an hour and a half gone.

It has to be said, football has changed so, so much, and unsure how much of it for the better.

Town players as professions?
at 18:28 16 May 2022

Ian Marshall
Stuart Slater
Paul Mason
Paul Cooper
Paul Mariner
Alan Judge
Tommy Miller
Ben Thatcher
PC Games, The Witcher
at 20:09 13 May 2022

Just a heads up for anybody that games on PC and has not played The Witcher (great, great game), Humblebundle has the Game Of The Year edition available for £6.99 at the moment.
Rockstar Riders
at 13:10 1 May 2022

Thought these were fascinating to browse through, some very obvious jokey ones and some that make you look twice.

What will your rider be when you're a superstar? 25 year aged rum served in a gold lined human skull?
Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets
at 20:38 18 Apr 2022

Anybody seen them? Off to see them at the Albert Hall Saturday evening and I think they are playing Ipswich the day after?

Looking forward to it, though Ms Coastal is a much bigger Floyd fan than me if I'm being honest.
at 21:34 27 Mar 2022

I don't really remember him particularly, though I must have seen him play dozens of games for us. Looking through some stuff he won suporters player of the year in '84 in a side which included Wark, Mariner, Butcher, Osman.

Was he that good?
Hypothetical question
at 19:16 10 Mar 2022

What would you prefer, Nodge just getting sucked through the trapdoor as usual, or shennanigans involving Chelsea seeing them being deducted points and them going down meaning Nodge stay up?

Can't say both go down because that's a fairy tale scenario.
Best Bread?
at 15:15 10 Mar 2022

Don't remember one of these.

I do bake my own occasionally, though to be honest it's generally disappointing. I've never had the time or inclinitation to get into making my own sourdough culture, though maybe one day?

I'm a bit of a phillistine, love a Warburton's Toastie, generally buy seed sensations trying to kid myself I'm living the healthy lifestyle and love Gael's Potatoe and rosemary bread for a treat, awsome with beans on toast.
Anybody watch drive to survive?
at 13:56 10 Mar 2022

New season out tomorrow I believe. I was a big F1 fan back in the 80's but rarely watch it these days and have to admit this has probably been my preferred method of consumption, even if it's a year behind.

I do find it a really good watch even without having the massive interest in F1, and maybe that's the reason, perhaps if you are into F1 this is ancient history and boring?
Anybody read Brandon Sanderson?
at 19:58 2 Mar 2022

He's releasing 4 new novels and doing it via kickstarter, which is possibly no big deal.

What is atonishing is that he's hit over £12M in about 24 hours as I write this.
A stupid question
at 18:49 25 Feb 2022

From a self confessed stupid man.

Why does Putin keep referring to the Neo Nazis in Ukraine, when they have a Jewish leader? I'm genuinely baffled by this and I'm sure am missing some obvious point somewhere.

My general history is quite good, but will confess I know little about this region.
Carefully crafted round pegs into lovingly prepared round holes
at 12:51 21 Feb 2022

Maybe it happens at all clubs and I'm just not very aware of it, but we seem to have had a habit here, stretching back as far as Baltacha in my experience, of signing a decent player and then not playing them to their strengths.

Hammering a square peg into a round hole and then wondering why they don't seem to perform how they did elsewhere seems to be a bit of an Ipswich trait.

I wonder if we're seeing the end of this, at least for a time? Seeing Jackson being asked to do things he's good at has clearly benefitted him and us, rather than asking a percieved better player to do something less natural because, well he's the better player and you always play your best players.

Even Cook, who knew how he wanted to play and had the opportunity to sign players to slot into that formation still seemed to be buying guys for their perceived quality rather than how they would fill a role in the team.

I really hope McK will be able to look and identify people to fit what he wants at the end of the season and progress the team that way. I get the feeling he may well do that.
Positive test this morning
at 09:32 15 Feb 2022

My first one, now stuck indoors until at least Monday, not surprising as Ms Coastal is currently still testing positive on day 8!

I can't afford that

Am guessing Netflix will be taking a hammering, maybe I'll start an argument on here to hoover up some time.
Cricket stuff
at 06:13 30 Jan 2022

So we have a deciding game in the WI series, that really could go either way deending upon who turns up on the day.

Amazing finish brewing to the women's Ashes Test though, be a remarkable win if the England ladies can do it seeing as they looked dead and buried in their first innings and an interesting declaration by the Aussies to set the game up.
Second T20, England bat first, score predictions?
at 20:00 23 Jan 2022

I'm going to go for 176, nowhere near enough probably but an improvement.
London pubs (not football related)
at 22:56 7 Jan 2022

Ms Coastal is out with her 2 oldest friends tomorrow and it looks like the weather is going to be grim.

Any suggestions where 3 ladies in their 40's can get a decent pub lunch at a reasonable price including veggie options and potentially spend an afternoon tucking in and invariably getting sh1tfaced?

Ideally looking East to Central, verging round to North if required. A decent pub rather than a touristy pub.
I must be doing something right
at 16:21 4 Jan 2022

Being offered a pre-owned Bentley at the top of the page now, maybe my Audi days are over?
I'm not quite sure how to feel about this
at 12:42 18 Dec 2021

I know what my immediate reaction is, and I'm also aware it's probably wrong.
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