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My Mum had one of these
at 09:46 20 Oct 2020

I crashed it within a fortnight of passing my driving test, though after extensive repairs it did end up back on the road.

Probably a better car than given credit for at it's initial birth, and it was great fun to drive. My (ex)Wife later had a 1.4i version which felt like a little rocket back in the day.

The Manager
at 16:59 17 Oct 2020

He clearly saw what was needed, made the right options, said the right things at half time and after a poor first half the players responded.
Decent article
at 14:38 16 Oct 2020

Athletic readers might have seen it, but an article about Michael Cox. Worth a read just for the Souness bashing partway through.

Essex wanting more restrictions
at 15:51 13 Oct 2020

Looks like cases are increasing rapidly, this is going to seep across the entire country isn't it? I think this winter will be carnage, and may well make last March look good in comparison.

Went to the Attenborough film tonight.
at 22:43 28 Sep 2020

No surprises really, a really good film with a really stark message and an enjoyable watch seems the wrong thing to say, but it was.
The chat with Palin afterward was both amusing and sad in a number of ways, hopefully this film will serve to wake a few more up as it feels like we're actually going backward with climate change at the precise point we need to really start doing something.

I'd reccomend if you get a chance to go.
Best biscuit for dunking?
at 09:37 26 Sep 2020

I'm partial to a digestive, despite the fact unless you have an oversized mug you need to nibble a bit off the side before dunking and there is a very fine line between the perfect dunk and a storm in a tea cup.
The Far Side
at 07:25 4 Aug 2020

Any fans? I used to love it. Looks like Larson's beginning to produce some new stuff after a long period. Can't say the first three are particularly what I might have hoped for, or maybe time has just moved on?

Anybody put a cheese aside for when they die?
at 22:28 30 Jul 2020

A TWTD Covid special
at 20:40 27 Jul 2020

As we haven't been able to go out to eat, what's your favourite take away/order in?

For me there's a place in Spitalfields which does great jerk chicken, that or pizza are normally first considerations.
Stuart Broad's on the charge
at 17:11 19 Jul 2020

Suddenly the Test looks interesting again, looking at the way he has these spells occasionally I wouldn't be surprised to see him clean up the tail quite quickly.
And the best prepared nations for a pandemic were...
at 22:11 13 Jul 2020

Fascinating read, I perhaps question some of it but fascinating nonetheless.

How much trust do you have?
at 22:58 9 Jul 2020

About anything? I feel like virtually anything I read now or hear through the media I have to do my own fact checking before I can actually give it any weight. Even stuff said to me by friends and family, who I would have trusted implicitly at one time I now tend to take with a pinch of salt most of the time unless I know where they are getting their information from.

I'm sure I am getting more cynical as I age, but I do feel even ten years ago if I read something there was likely to be at least a semblance of truth or facts involved, now the balance seems to be the other way around.

Is it just me, or do other feel the same? For those over say 30, do you feel it's a lot worse now than it used to be even taking out the obvious fake news and social media cr4p that gets posted as facts?

Maybe I'm just turning into a bitter cynical old man slowly, but it does get a bit wearing at times never being able to ever take anything at face value.
First Test starts today
at 06:48 8 Jul 2020

what a surprise, it's raining!

At least TMS is back to give the day some soothing background noise.
Car Hire
at 13:00 21 Jun 2020

I'm sure I've seen some suggested links on here in the past. Driving a bit of a cr4pper these days that I don't really trust for long distance treks, thinking about hiring a car later in the year to go visit family in Scotland.

This means mileage limitations are not ideal, anybody got any reccomendations? Thinking about a week's hire, probably medium sized, ideally comfortable.
What's your player profile?
at 17:00 19 Jun 2020

What it should say, and what it really says?

Swashbuckling fullback with cultured right foot, ferocious in the tackle.

What it really says

Stodgy fullback, strong defensively but not to be trusted with the ball.
Anybody else watched Snowfall?
at 06:46 12 Jun 2020

Available on the iplayer and about the start of Crack in LA in 1983. Seems to have totally gone under the radar, it's quite watchable and remiscent of The Wire in some ways.
Seeing this 80's music stuff
at 00:44 7 Jun 2020

and not yet gone through to see what's caused it, but I bet without searching for it you can't name the artist/group that had the most weeks on the Uk chart in the 80's

Seriously you'll never get it, and if somebody has dissed 80's music (herbi?) then this is probably gold for them.
Oi Badger
at 13:39 18 Apr 2020

Deleted the post, it appears it was ill judged and I had no intentions of giving a nutcase a broader platform.

For those that missed it and want to know, it was some absurd message by David Icke who seems to feel that Covid19 is a big conspiracy.
[Post edited 18 Apr 14:03]
Weird commutes this morning
at 08:20 9 Mar 2020

London feels like the week between Christmas and new year, tubes are far from busy and it looks like a number of schools are possibly closed.

I can only see it getting quieter as the week goes on, and as someone who nowadays relies mostly on London tourism for my income it's going to be a very tough time coming up I think.
I'm going to restart the Shefki bandwagon
at 14:38 1 Mar 2020

I would have backed him before, and the way things are now even if he's a disaster, well, what's changed?

Could be the something different we desperately need, unless that Dutch geezer that started as a wind up previously gets it this time.

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