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Monday feels a lot more agreeable this week
at 08:29 14 Jan 2019

Not sure if I can put my finger on why, but definitely a spring in the step this morning.
Thank feck
at 16:56 12 Jan 2019

that is all
Is there a sense Lambert's reign starts properly tomorrow?
at 15:59 11 Jan 2019

Got some of his own signings in to try and play the way he wants, albeit several will not be fully match fit.
I think this month will be interesting, if we can stay injury free then we get a sense of what might have been, probably not going to do enough to stay up but I think we'll be a different proposition within a week or two.
I'm really looking forward to the next few games.
Quaner as a 9, two up top?
at 15:36 10 Jan 2019

If Lambert sees Quaner as a 9 and is singing the praises of Keane, once both are match fit are we likely to see them both start up front together?

They would be a handful I'm sure for opposing centre backs, if we can get someone wide starting to fly too then teams are going to be a lot less inclined to throw so much forward at us.
They're coming
at 20:34 9 Jan 2019

Aliens are on the way, and I don't mean the Earnshaw family.
Can you imagine being a decent player approached by Lambert
at 19:52 9 Jan 2019

and then doing a bit of due diligence and coming on here to get a feel for the club.

Threads saying how players who haven't yet kicked a ball in anger are cr4p, someone suggesting it's a good thing 14 year olds get stabbed to death.

Would you sign? Would you?

Anybody notice a Pilkington based username appear recently?
Has there ever been a group return visit to Fortuna?
at 15:25 9 Jan 2019

I know a few people have gone as individuals, has there ever been a bigger trip? I wouldn't mind that, could be fun I reckon.
The last manager I really truly liked
at 20:54 8 Jan 2019

was Magic, since? Meh, blokes doing jobs, some better than others, Lambert however, I've bought in hook line and sinker.

If he goes at the end of the season (and I genuinely don't think he will) I will be devastated
What did Mick Mills say today?
at 23:37 22 Dec 2018

It would be nice to know as I'm aware several users base their opinions on players and performance on this.
What's your favourite Christmas film?
at 12:56 21 Dec 2018

For me, Bad Santa and It's A Wonderful Life, two ends of the spectrum there I guess.

Never got the love for Die Hard though Ms Coastal loves it and I will have to sit through it again.
Blue cheese cheddars
at 23:30 20 Dec 2018

Discovered these this week, just blissful, food of the gods.
So the Beat
at 15:56 20 Dec 2018

Ferguson, Harper, who else did the club say goodbye to in 2018?
Missed it
at 23:39 16 Dec 2018

I've sat through a lot this season, home and away but both of our wins have been whilst I've been on a weekend away.

Swansea I was in Winchester and caught the score on the app at about 6PM (and had to double check it with the BBC) whilst Saturday I was up in Scotland with a similar story.

If I have to pay for the wins to keep us up with weekends away it might get a bit expensive!
Christmas Cheese Board
at 17:25 11 Dec 2018

We're spending Christmas day at her brother's and have been charged with organising the cheese board.

I realise cheese is a bit of an odd discussion to have on here, but I'm sure someone likes it

Your suggestions? I'm based in London so local fayre would need to be ordered online, there has to be a good veggie option(s) included too.

Fascinating watch, or too close to home?
at 08:07 11 Dec 2018

I watched and enjoyed the fly on the wall documentary about Man City's title win but see Netflix have a Sunderland version coming out which will cover their relegation from the Championship.

Under normal circumstances I'd enjoy watching it, not so sure this season though.
I had a bit of a random evening
at 15:46 9 Dec 2018

I can probably only describe it as Lucanesque.

After the game I checked into the Holiday Inn next to the stadium, posted on here and then remembered I'd not eaten since about 10AM so thought I'd go to the Harvester for food and drink.

At the bar I got talking to a Stoke fan, who was there with his mate who lives in New Jersey. They had been going to see the Wedding Present but the concert had been cancelled.
Anyway, long story short, I forgot to eat and ended up being chucked out of a pub in Leek at 1-30AM because they wanted to close, I had to then try and work out where I was and get me and a now comatose American back to the Holiday Inn in Stoke.

I had a random good natured argument with a very pretty female German lady, but I can't remember what it was about.

I'm still not quite sure where I managed to get a cab, but I did and it cost me the earth. I felt like hell this morning, I think the two pints of moonshine cider to finish the evening off took their toll.

Anyway, having spent the evening in the company of a large group of Stoke fans the general consensus was that they were very poor, we were marginally the worst side that had visited so far this season but we were the best support they had witnessed by a mile for a long time. Everybody made a point of saying how incredible our support had been.
Brief thoughts from today
at 17:50 8 Dec 2018

Just checked in, had a dump and now having a coffee before I go in search of alcohol.

I was at pitch level pretty much so not a view I'm used to and I probably missed some of the bigger picture.

I'll get the contentious bit out of the way first, I thought Jonas had a decent game and with Sears working hard and combining with him I thought we looked largely secure down our left, Lankaster also chipped in with support on occasion.

I thought Chambers and Pennington did OK, dealt with most things that came their way reasonable well even if it got a bit desperate from time to time and they both looked uncomfortable having to distribute from the back.

We were very unlucky not to go in level, Stoke found two bits of quality in the game in a way we don't have and that's what won it for them, we deserved at least a goal and very nearly had one. 0-0 at half time in a game we were growing into would have given us an extra little boost I think.

Overall I expected Stoke to boss us and us to eventually capitulate, that never happened today and we largely matched them for much of the game and shaded it for periods.

For me the single thingle thing we lack most is a presence up front. Roberts tries, I have no desire to knock him but he has neither the quality or instincts of a forward who provides an outlet. I appreciate what he tried to do today but it was asking him to do something he's just not capable of. We have lots of problems in lots of areas but if we had an Ian Marshall or Shefki type, even Alan Lee up top we would comfortably be outside the bottom three in my opinion.

My hope was that we got through to half time at 0-0 and maybe Harrison would be fit enough for the second half and give us a bit more.

Lankaster impressed me, I thought he did really well today, Nolan reminds me a bit of Ward, there's clearly a player in there but will we manage to find it.

Stoke disapointed overall, I thought they would overpower us but if I had been a home supporter I would have been nervous right until the end. I thought Shawcross looked a shadow of his former self and am disapointed we had no-one capable of really testing him, Williams on the other hand looked very good.

If we were four or five games in I'd be really hopeful, I do think we are just a couple of quality players away from being competitive, sadly we're probably too deep into the season now to hoild out too much hope, we need to go on a real run and I'm not sure we have one in us.

A decent afternoon, disapointing result but a performance that wasn't bad but that lacked real quality in and around their box.

OK, I think a beer is in order, maybe more than one.
Did you see the one about the Argentinian canine 'keeper
at 18:28 7 Dec 2018
Just started rewatching Band Of Brothers on Now TV
at 23:48 6 Dec 2018

That was fine series, amazing how many people I'm recognising in minor roles.
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