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Test series has gone then
at 20:58 21 Feb 2024

Not like I expected anything but defeat in India anyway, but sounds like another drubbing could be on the cards.
If Carlsberg did football reports
at 20:00 19 Feb 2024

With all due respect to Phil who does an excellent job and fantastic reports there is nothing like reading a Clive report (or is it Clyve?)

i can only imagine the fun if Rangers were ever unlucky enough to get Shambert managing them.

The lighthouse line is a classic.
Got to feel genuine sympathy for Harry Kane
at 20:58 18 Feb 2024

Never going to win anything at Tottenham, deserves a trophy on his CV I would suggest, moves somewhere it really should happen, scores a hatfull and is still unlikely to get his hands on a big shiny trophy.
Prediction for tonight
at 15:47 14 Feb 2024

Burns to score first in a 3-1 win for Town but get booked for ripping off his shirt and displaying a F**k You Frimley T-shirt below.
Prediction Logged by at 15:45:42
Millwall v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Toy you were desperate for at Christmas
at 13:22 20 Dec 2023

as a kid?

Was this for me, and I see the Club edition is going for crazy money, if my Nan hadn't stepped on half the players and the dog chewed the rest I could be quids in now.

So if the worst happens
at 12:11 10 Nov 2023

and horror of horrors we don't go up this season, and I'm really starting to believe we just might, where would that leave us for next season?

Clearly we don't really know on what commitment may be made in terms of bringing people in and the cost/level, and we perhaps have to keep an eye on what got us where we are and not upsetting the apple cart in terms of marquee style signings, but surely it would still put us well ahead of our curve?

You may argue that we tripped up in getting out of League One, but it's almost starting to feel like we've skipped at least a season on our return the Championship, and even should we lose out in the playoffs we must look a very attractive option for players moving forward, as opposed to a newly promoted side looking to stabilise.

Could we be heading into next season considered one of the 'big guns' from the outside with the attraction that brings? Does that mean that Prem ready players could be enticed with the belief they may well only require a season in the Championship?

I find it a little odd to be typing this, but regardless of how this season pans out have we been in a place as good as this since our 5th place finish?
Time for a chant change?
at 21:44 27 Oct 2023

Surely Die Delia die while not being very PC is not something we'd want on many levels now?

Isn't it a case that she's out of her depth financially these days and the longer she is there the better for us as it's worse for them?

There must be something more along the lines of Robert Chase is a football genius we could replace it with?
Saffers going well in the cricket
at 16:51 17 Oct 2023

92-5 chasing 246, against the might of the Netherlands. Perhaps England won't be the inly upset this week?
Elf n safety
at 20:49 16 Oct 2023

Was looking through the Blue Peter thing on the beeb for a bit of nostalgia, and watched the film of John Noakes going up Nelson's column on a rickety old ladder and no harness etc.. Genuinely scary and daredevil stuff.

Got me thinking about the changes, fotr the better I might add and the controversy over Flintoff's Top gear accident and that it likely signals the end of TG (probably about a decade overdue but that's a different argument)

This was on a kids TV show in 1977, clip number 5 if you fancy watching it, it beggars belief watching it today.

Editted for speeling
[Post edited 16 Oct 2023 20:49]
So Farrell starts for the egg chasing tomorrow
at 19:38 14 Oct 2023

Not happy with that if I'm honest, think he's a lucky boy to be getting a start in WC quarter on his CV.

Can England go one better that Wales (I just watched the second half in a pub in Wales, think TWTD when we lose)? You'd hope so, but it won't be easy for this England side.
Article about the British monarchy
at 20:16 15 Sep 2023

Regardless of your views this seems to be a particularly venomous article. I'm no great flag waver for the monarchy,but found this almost offensive in it's tone.

Latest Book Thread?
at 23:38 4 Sep 2023

Not seen one for a while but just finished a series of back to back books that I loved, though annoyingly got to wait for the last one now.

The Red Rising series by Pierce Brown, a kind of futuristic fantasy with I guess traces of The Hunger Games, Wool etc but tied up with Roman mythology and set across the stars. Really very, very good and I'm not normally much of a Sci-Fi reader.

Anybody else read?

Wotcha got?
Regardless of what any of us say
at 21:16 31 Aug 2023

None of us will know how good or bad this window is for at least 2-3 months.

Trust the process.
Friday Music Thread Leeds Themed
at 21:02 25 Aug 2023

Anybody on here follow the ladies team?
at 22:01 15 Aug 2023

I just wondered if somebody could give an abridged version of what's gone on over the summer, and the chances of a succesful season?

Not following closely, well barely at all tbh, it seemed like there was a succession of departures from a squad that was very strong?
Cross bar challenge Chaplin edition
at 23:58 6 Aug 2023

Not seen much mention of Chaplin hitting the bar amongst all the other excitement but what a goal that would have been and shows somebody who is filled with confidence at the moment.

We really could have had 3 or 4 today despite the amount of possession Sunderland had and they looked very light up front.
Town players as body parts
at 21:40 25 Jul 2023

Must be loads of these?

Alun Armstrong
Elkan BallBaggott
Mark Penus
Freddie S Ears
Kyle Headwards
I was always a massive Bairstow fan
at 17:04 19 Jul 2023

Shaping up to be another fun test match. Desperate for an England win as I have Oval tickets for days two and three.
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