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Second T20, England bat first, score predictions?
at 20:00 23 Jan 2022

I'm going to go for 176, nowhere near enough probably but an improvement.
London pubs (not football related)
at 22:56 7 Jan 2022

Ms Coastal is out with her 2 oldest friends tomorrow and it looks like the weather is going to be grim.

Any suggestions where 3 ladies in their 40's can get a decent pub lunch at a reasonable price including veggie options and potentially spend an afternoon tucking in and invariably getting sh1tfaced?

Ideally looking East to Central, verging round to North if required. A decent pub rather than a touristy pub.
I must be doing something right
at 16:21 4 Jan 2022

Being offered a pre-owned Bentley at the top of the page now, maybe my Audi days are over?
I'm not quite sure how to feel about this
at 12:42 18 Dec 2021

I know what my immediate reaction is, and I'm also aware it's probably wrong.
Interesting stat
at 09:15 15 Dec 2021

Norwich have never won a Premier League game on a Tuesday before (drew four, lost 12), with only West Brom playing more games on a specific weekday without victory in the competition (32 on Tuesdays).
Seen a couple of these on the tube
at 23:24 14 Dec 2021

Apologies for language contained within, but feel it's justified.

at 01:09 8 Dec 2021

My first live game this season and I am still struggling to believe how bad we were.

That was awful, bad enough for most non league sides to be embarrassed by it. I see Toto has got sh1t again this evening, he's far from the worst of out problems. Nobody shows for the ball, nobody wants the ball, nobody is within 30 yards of the ball when we have it, and that's the best bit, when we don't have posession we really show how bad we are.

1-0 down, defending a corner, our furthest forward player is just in front of the 18 yard line, why? Is Chaplin really going to be more help defending a corner than occupying a defender or two further up the pitch?

We look like a scouts team at times, simply awful, I am shocked, gobsmacked at how bad that was tonight.

As for the support, some people need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Play offs? You got to be kidding
How many different countries can we get?
at 22:09 6 Dec 2021

I've made a very small start, I'll edit and update and see what we can get up to.

Anybody fancy guessing at total number?

Albabia - Armando Dobra
Argentina - Taricco
Australia - Louongo
Bermuda - Reggie Lamb
Bosnia - Asmir Begovic
Bulgaria - Boncho Guentchev
Canada - Forrest
Cape Verde - George Santos
CCCP - Sergei Baltacha
Cyprus - Anthony Georgiou
Czech Republic - Tomáš Holý
Denmark - Jona Knudsen
DR Congo - Toto Nsiala
Egypt - Sam Morsy
England - Paul Mariner
Finland - Kuqi
France -Ulrich Le Pen
Gambia - Mustapha Carayol
Germany - Volz
Gibralter - Kian Ronan
Guinea - Drissa Diallo
Holland - Arnold Muhren
Hungary - Tamas Priskin
Iceland - Hermann Hreiðarsson
India - Michael Chopra
Indonesia - Elkan Baggott
Italy - Matteo Sereni
Ivory Coast - Samassi Abou
Jamaica - Simon Dawkins
Kosovo - Bersant Celina
Macedonia - Velice Sumulikoski
Mauritius - Kevin Bru
Mexico - Gio
Morocco - Nabil Abidallah
New Zealand -Tommy Smith
Northern Ireland - Alan Hunter
Norway - Parr
Nigeria - Finidi
Poland - Bart Bialkowski
Republic Of Ireland - Alan Lee
Scotland - John Wark
Senegal - N'daw
Slovenia - Amir Karic
South Africa - Mich d'Avray
Spain - Pablo
St Lucia - Donacien
Sweden - Jonas Axeldal
Switzerland - Frederic Veseli
Surinam - Petta
Trinidad - Stern John
Tunisia - Idris El Mizouni
Uryguay - Paz
USA - Karbasiyoon
Wales - Geraint Williams
Zimbabwe -Macauley Bonne

Over 50 with the first edit.
[Post edited 7 Dec 2021 9:45]
Charlton game covid stuff
at 20:00 5 Dec 2021

Has a look on their website, seems there's no need to provide anything or does anybody know different. Sorry, it will actually be my first game live this season so not acquainted to the way things are generally done.
Short term appointment?
at 22:22 4 Dec 2021

I said I would be happy with this last week, could we see a gnarly old pro (no not that one) being offered a deal until the end of the season with a big sack of cash to come if he gets us up?

Every week that went by meant it was less enticing for somebody as we slipped further from the prospect of it being achievable, but would people be prepared to watch less than spellbinding football for the rest of the season in return for the chance to grind out the points to get us out of this horrible league, the project to start proper (again) next season?
Town to Arsenal
at 21:26 1 Dec 2021

Gor my Mariner book in the post today which got me thinking, and of course we're playing the Arse tonight. Who've we seen go to them over the years?

Talbot, Mariner, Kywomya, Wright, am I missing any big names?

Have we had any decent signings from them?
Modern football is rubbish part 6578
at 18:49 30 Nov 2021

Quite funny, and ridiculous at times though.
In terms of staff at the Club
at 22:45 29 Nov 2021

Is there anybody still working there who was there for the playoff season or the Prem adventure?

Just wondering if there's anybody left at the club who remembers what it's like to be working somewhere with an upward trajectory?

If it's just us supporters then maybe that's a small part of the problem, engrained experience.
I'm guessing O'Leary will have opinion with a lot of weight
at 22:34 23 Nov 2021

The owners must listen to somebody presumably, not sure they will feel qualified enough at the moment to pass judgment on Cook.

Ashton clearly has skin in the game having processed the many, many transfers. What's Cook's previous with O'Leary if any?

I wonder if Marcus is having a quiet private chortle somewhere out of sight?
Same sh1t different season
at 21:10 23 Nov 2021

Good job it's a 2 year project I guess, maybe we better make it 3 at this rate.
Might be the night to give Pigott 45 mins?
at 20:24 23 Nov 2021

Bonne definitely seems to have lost that hot streak, though hopefully this post will reignite it.
Pleased to see Aluko starting
at 15:06 20 Nov 2021

While I'll confess I've not seen a huge amount of us this season when I have seen him play he's looked one of our consistently better players, in my opinion of course.
at 22:40 17 Nov 2021

The face bit before you lot go all KOA on me.

Get the odd beard thread on here, none odder than Keno after all, wondered what people use for shaving.

Do many use obscenely expensive cartridge razors? I use a merkur DE safety razor, never looked back after I switched and am partial to some Truefitt and Hill shave creams with some of the money saved from the cartridges.

Badger and Blade is a decent resource for anybody interested, nothing about improved performances or tippy tappy football on there though.
Childhood sporting heroes
at 21:58 17 Nov 2021

Who was yours?

For me Mariner undoubtedly, I worshipped him and also Graham Gooch. I also loved Daley Thompson and remember being thrilled a couple of time seeing him at PR not that far from me in the Pioneer.
Cricket Bods
at 06:32 17 Nov 2021

Was looking for something to listen to today and stumbled across Project Ashes on the BBC Sounds app.

Jonathan Agnew looking at how England have planned for the upcoming Ashes series for the last couple of years, part one out currently and it's a fascinating listen.
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