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Ahadme has got three in his last two games for Cambridge
at 21:39 2 Apr 2024

… in a very poor United side.

My Cambridge supporting mate thinks they’d love to sign him permanently, but expects they’ll be priced out by competition in the Summer.

I’m glad for him. He’s had no luck recently.
So I think the summary of today’s news is
at 20:31 22 Mar 2024

that we’ve diversified the investor base to secure our medium term plans.

We haven’t got £105m to fund us through the next couple of transfer windows and go shoot-or-bust for a PL push. Instead we’ve raised the capital to cover our losses and take our spending to the maximum permitted for a number of years, while spending a chunk on infrastructure. Training ground, cat one etc.

The new money will come in as a share purchase. Three lions have also invested more money, ORG haven’t, and are having their equity diluted as a result. This is entirely normal. They wouldn’t want to fund us solely forever, and the other investors will bring skills and contacts over and above the money.

£105m is a lot … but I’d have thought we will burn through it in 3-4 years. Nevertheless having the medium term funding secured is a significant step, and those of us (and opposing fans) who worried about our ability to fund ourselves should we not get promoted should be reassured (or disappointed).

I don’t think this is going to be enough to fund a new Cobbold stand though. That will require a lot more planning
Guardian analyse the top four
at 11:36 8 Mar 2024

although don’t make predictions.

Apologies if old news
[Post edited 8 Mar 11:37]
Birmingham :-( (n/t)
at 17:00 2 Mar 2024

Even if Chaplin, Burns and Broadhead miss next week
at 20:40 24 Feb 2024

We will still be able to start three from:

With some support from
Taylor (maybe)
From the bench

We will obviously be weaker, but we won’t be as exposed as when Hirst got injured and Ladapo was so out of form.
Rotherham tickets
at 16:37 18 Feb 2024

Those extra tickets in block V1 have nearly sold out. Less than 150 non-restricted view ones left. One assumes they’ll go before the match starts. Much of the rest of the stadium has completely sold out, with just restricted views left in some blocks (and possibly the odd single - I didn’t check *everywhere*).

This is just astonishing. It had never been like this at Ipswich. This is a game against the team bottom of the league, midweek, in the Championship.

I’ve no idea how this has happened. We’ve had a terrible time of things for many years now … but even so, I didn’t think attendances would rebound like this. I’m delighted they have. Long may it continue.
We’ve lost Scarlett, Ladapo and Hirst
at 14:14 1 Feb 2024

The latter to injury, but gained Moore and Al-Hamedi

There must be a reasonable chance we’ve actually strengthened overall.
Yes we were wasteful in front of goal
at 16:06 27 Jan 2024

Yes we got ragged at the end and yes a few players didn’t shine.

The real problem was the organisation for the first goal.

If you send the centre halves up for the corner, you have enough players back to cover, or you know who is going to leg it back. That was the big fault. [Edit - KmC says there was an injury in the build up. So presumably the person who was due to cover couldn’t. That makes sense]

There was also a lot that had to go right for Maidstone.
The ref could have chalked off their winner. Or given us a pen
Their keeper needn’t have been MOTM
We could have been better in many areas

But it all did. Good luck to them in the next game. I’m not that fussed

What we shouldn’t do is spend what money we do have on the wrong player(s). If they aren’t there we wait and go again next season.
[Post edited 27 Jan 16:09]
You are both McKenna and Ashton. Which striker do you target?
at 19:02 3 Jan 2024

Player A
Available now. Fee agreed. Wages won’t be a problem. We’ve kept it quiet, and trust his agent not to alert other clubs if we move reasonably quickly. He’s good, but not outstanding. Late 20s. Reasonable Championship striker

Player B
Has played a bit in the PL and would have played more apart from injury. Currently making the squad but not the bench of a PL side. We’ve agreed a fee, but the club won’t let him go until they’ve signed a replacement. They assure us this should be done in a couple of weeks. Do you wait?

Player C
Very lively young player. We could get him on loan, but have no chance of signing him permanently. Available right away, and could rip up the division. He would be our highest wage earner by quite a way, and is likely to make that very well known in the dressing room. Likely to see getting us promoted as a stepping stone to a move to a bigger club

Player D
Early 20s player who is fit, available and scoring. Has struggle a lot with injuries … both a hamstring and a knee over the past 3 years. His current spell of being fit (only missing a little of preseason, and then a further 4 games due to illness) is the longest hes been fit for a long time. Very keen to join. Impressed with McKenna
Brief thoughts
at 20:41 26 Dec 2023

Morsi looks like he’s playing to avoid a booking, and is less effective as a result

How the ref saw that Burgess’ tackle wasn’t a pen I don’t know. Outstanding decision

We’ve played some half decent stuff, once we realised we’d got their measure, but the final ball hasn’t been there

They are a good side. They are defending very well, but are giving the ball away a lot. There’s more to come from both sides
Buried in an article about Moyes’ contract running out at West Ham…
at 12:28 18 Dec 2023

“Maybe West Ham think they can do better. Maybe they know so. Maybe they have a young manager like Kieran McKenna at Ipswich Town primed and ready to go next season.”

(Martin Samuel in the Times)

Perfectly reasonable speculation/guessing from Samuel, but it made me sit up a little. This is only going to get worse
We are averaging more than two points per game *away from home*
at 20:10 9 Dec 2023

This isn’t normal.

And we are still second. Bonkers season.
So when Burns scores …
at 19:10 2 Dec 2023

Hirst, Broadhead and Chaplin all put their right hands to their heads.

Weirdest celebration ever
A Paul Lambert post just appeared in my LinkedIn feed
at 12:11 30 Nov 2023

Dear god, is nowhere safe?
Ten Haag on thin ice klaxon
at 18:11 2 Nov 2023

They are thinking about Amorin or Zidane, apparently.
I keep hearing that Portman Road is so magical under lights …
at 16:11 31 Oct 2023

and it is. And I hear the same thing about basically every other ground.

Doesn’t everyone prefer evening games? I always have, ever since I attended my first.

Let’s move all football to the evenings, then we can spend Saturday (and occasional Sunday) afternoons playing football ourselves/seeing our families/doing jobs around the house/in quiet contemplation
Goodness me we played well
at 08:50 4 Oct 2023

I was sat in the upper tier of the Magnus stand watching the build up to what became the first goal last night.

Passing the ball around the back. And the front players aren’t moving. Like at all. None of them.
And I’m wondering what is going on. I know they are well coached, and they know what’s going on, but in my day the striker would be running from one side to another, creating space behind, or allowing a ball over the top for him to run into the channel. But they are still.

Then, somehow the ball is worked over to one side, and they all start moving. Suddenly the ball is played forward fast, Chaplin steps over it and Burns is clean through. (Tough chance, great strike, keeper maybe disappointed)

I still have no idea how they did that. They must have been waiting, waiting to draw the Hull defenders out of position, and then - *bang* - they all knew. Move now and there will be an overlap on the right hand side.

Hull are no mugs at all, but we made it look easy. Long ball, poor marking. But there was a lot going on there, although I’m not at all clear what.

I can’t remember a game when everyone played well like that one. Who was off the pace? McKenna didn’t make a sub until nearly the 80th minute, and you can see why. Who on earth could he take off?

Finally … one of the reasons we swapped Edmondson for Burgess is because the angles of Hull’s press could lead to more opportunities for a right footed centre half. What? Have you ever heard thinking at this level from a manager of ours? Or a manager anywhere? Astonishing.

I can see why there were 27k people there last night. This won’t last long. Or long enough, anyway. Enjoy every minute.

That’s the first Ipswich game I’ve seen live in about a year …
at 22:05 3 Oct 2023

and the second in maybe 8 years.

Are we always that good?
When was the last time we played badly?
at 18:54 27 Sep 2023

One of those games where the manager says “hmm. Lots to work on after that”. Or usually makes a few changes for the next game. And the fans go “we just never turned up”.

I’m far from a regular at ITFC these days, so haven’t a clue.

50 wins in 87 games
at 14:55 17 Sep 2023

McKenna must be heads and shoulders above any of our previous managers from a ppg perspective.
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