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What do last night's Queen's speech and an event in 1970s Oregon have in common?
at 13:59 6 Apr 2020

Answer in the form of a pun please...
End the lockdown now!!!
at 12:23 2 Apr 2020

Just heard Andrew Lloyd Webber has threatened, sorry, offered, to stream his musicals online for free!!!
If there's one thing I wish we could stop the spread of...
at 18:24 31 Mar 2020

Memes and videos!!!

My receive count has gone from 1 or 2 a day, to 10-15 a day.

Some are so funny I'm having to sellotape my sides up afterwards....

But to be fair, the Taye Diggs one with the We Will Rock You intro is quite amusing (although he says it was deliberate...)

Edit: oh, and the one with the two German kids doing the tablecloth trick.. (although that looks deliberate as well)
[Post edited 31 Mar 18:41]
Well, that's my day sorted...
at 14:01 29 Mar 2020

He lives around Halstead apparently - anybody know him?

Currently doing a jigsaw with one of his paintings - love to know where the location was..Stansted maybe?

Just watching Hitmen...much funnier than I thought it would be! (n/t)
at 21:41 28 Mar 2020

[Post edited 28 Mar 21:43]
A little late bedtime story...
at 00:22 23 Mar 2020

Apologies for the Look At Me post but I think it's important to mention.

Recently (before Covid19 became big news) Mrs Oozami came down with a severe viral chest infection, the symptoms were very similar to Covid19 - she had a fever, struggled to breathe, waited two days to go to the docs, who measured her respiratory numbers, and immediately called an ambulance. Mrs O was carted to hospital, stuck on a ventilator and intravenous fluids - she was in hospital a couple of days, began to recover and came home - she was in bed for 5 days after that, and took another 3 weeks to get back to near normal. Now, it most probably wasn't Covid19, though she does work for a Japanese-owned company with people in the Far East and travels down to London every day.. I didn't get any symptoms and I was WFH while he was at home just in case.

But the point of the story is this: even if it wasn't Covid19 she had, it was still very serious, and if she had caught Covid19 while she had the chest infection, she'd be dead - she is still at risk now because her respiratory system is still a bit weak. That is why we are following the Govt's advice and not putting ourselves and others in danger, other posters have said they have family members not well at the moment (best wishes to you and yours if that's the case) and are also doing the same.

People can argue the stats, the politics, the medical advice, etc, as much as they want, but I know where Mrs O and I stand on this one...
ISS visible this week...
at 20:35 22 Mar 2020

Now that's what I call social distancing...®ion

RIP Neil Peart
at 23:29 10 Jan 2020

One of the best rock drummers of all time....
And breaking news in Suffolk, our reporter is on location..
at 18:05 19 Dec 2019

..where a tumble-drier has exploded in Kessingland....

1979 all over again....
at 22:20 12 Dec 2019

18 years till the Labour party sorts itself out enough to form a government, Brexit will be long forgotten, and we'll be back where we were in 1997 - 40 years behind the rest of the world....
60 game season could just be on...
at 14:46 5 Dec 2019

Played so far: 25
Scheduled to play: 29
Total: 54 (absolute minimum still to play)
If we beat Coventry in FA2: +1
If we win next EFL Trophy game: +1
If we end up in the play-offs: +2
Total: 59

Blatant Plug time...light relief from a heavy week?
at 16:56 29 Nov 2019

No, not a Friday Ericclacton post...

The Swan, Ipswich, tonight about 9pm - some bloke in an ITFC shirt will be attempting to play bass in some dodgy covers band...
[Post edited 29 Nov 2019 16:56]
Anyone off to see Hawkwind at the Corn Exchange tonight?
at 17:26 12 Nov 2019

50th Anniversary tour - first saw them December 1975 at the Kursaal...
Good to see Alex Albon get the 2nd Red Bull seat next year....
at 10:31 12 Nov 2019

He's been the revelation of the 2nd half of the F1 season for me, and an ex-Ipswich School chap as well...
Nsiala and the penalty
at 21:55 9 Nov 2019

Just seen the penalty on the BBC FA Cup highlights page - it's not actually that clear cut as I first thought - Toto gets himself into a bad position but the Lincoln player seems to fall over Toto's leg as he flicks the ball past him - it is a pen, but it's not a crazy challenge from what I can see?
Confessions of a stupid person, Part 94..
at 16:00 17 Sep 2019

Just realised why Joe Root has the number 66 on his back!

Massive doh!!!
Not sure if already posted but...really?
at 18:50 6 Sep 2019

Players in the WSL had to have their own medical insurance despite being professional last season, and could be sacked if injured for more than 3 months? This is Stone Age stuff....albeit now improving slowly..

Interesting consequence of VAR
at 12:02 31 Aug 2019

[Post edited 31 Aug 2019 12:04]
The Blatant Plug Band..
at 16:54 30 Aug 2019

Playing at the recently re-opened Swan (and Hedgehog) in Ipswich tonight....

Be there doing something much more interesting!
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