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Yet another Towun/ Blunts classic
at 20:05 30 Apr 2021

Come on the yoot.
Baggott, er, bags it.
at 19:24 30 Apr 2021

No charge for that one, Phil.
at 18:45 30 Apr 2021

...Bramble-esque run there. Good to see.
Lovely goal! (n/t)
at 18:30 30 Apr 2021

at 17:45 30 Apr 2021

This is a good game.

Our right back looks good, as does our number 4.

The Blunts got a lot of power up front.

Should be 1-all.
Indulge me - assume that Cook was in charge, and there was no takeover...
at 08:43 25 Apr 2021

... what an almighty mess we would be in (yes, yes, I know...)

Cook would doubtless still be looking to gut this squad; quite how we would fare with Evans' transfer strategy in place is a rather scary thought. Division 4 surely a very real possibility.

This group of players have given up, en masse. What awaits most of them after the summer is anonymity; they will depart with, at best, a shrug of the shoulders from the rest of us.

PC is clearly pained by the shambles he has inherited; compare this to the utter indifference shown by PL, who was more concerned with stoking arguments with the (few) individuals outside ITFC who he was prepared to communicate with, than attempting to motivate.

Which, I think, is why, despite a truly underwhelming start from PC, he retains my support. I'm absolutely fed up with accepting mediocrity as an ITFC fan, but, that said, I think I can acknowledge that we need to move a little further backwards before moving forwards. It's not a nice feeling, at all, but then it hasn't been fun following this shower for a very long time.

We have new owners, a new manager and a new outlook.

That said, PC absolutely needs to hit the ground running next year.

A very important summer ahead.
[Post edited 25 Apr 8:47]
2-0 away to the mighty Northampton
at 19:49 20 Apr 2021

Jesus, this bunch of stagnant turds really do just keep giving, don't they?

I have to say....
at 17:02 10 Apr 2021

... Cook has had this lot for 6 weeks, and there isn't even a suggestion that we've looked any better, at all, in any area of the pitch, at any point in those 6 weeks.

Of course he needs a summer; of course he needs a transfer window - but, my god, has anyone actually told this lot that most of them will be out of work in the summer?

Fck the players - they all need to go - but honestly, is it unreasonable to ask for just a little bit more?

Downes was the one bright spot today.

Bishop was anonymous, Dozzell atrocious (again), and Drinan is good at running.
I mean, it's a little bit better than Rochdale...
at 15:56 10 Apr 2021

... Downes looks like an actual football player, and Dobra is trying (daft booking though....)

The rest of them, though...

A shot on target would be lovely, please, you youthful, monied tarts.
at 11:12 7 Apr 2021

... is this the end of the banter era? Shall we say it is?
at 11:06 7 Apr 2021

Well done Greyhound.

The absolute, actual state of this team...
at 15:47 5 Apr 2021

... imagine any other club paying money for a single one of these players.
Entire midfield could be subbed here...
at 20:33 16 Mar 2021

... and none of them could complain.

Dozzell is poor, Edwards looking like the Bluefish version as opposed to, er, the better version, Judge has touched the ball about 6 times, and Skuse looks like an old bloke just back from a long-term injury.
Poor start
at 20:00 16 Mar 2021

Parrott and Jackson bouncing off their back two.

Holy, though... come on man.
Frank Yallop
at 09:02 6 Mar 2021

Not talked about in the same capacity as those in the great Robson teams, nor Burley's lot - but I fcking loved him.

Look at this *absolute* banger at White Hart Lane. Town fans going nuts in the away end.

He scored a fairly sweet one against Man U 3 days earlier too.

Mild apologies
at 12:45 2 Mar 2021

I went a little over the top the other night, when news of our previous manager's departure was announced.

I am very very pleased he is no longer here though.

Anyway, welcome, and good luck, Paul Cook.

We've been terrible for ages, so if you could stop that from continuing, great.
Good riddance you horrible, horrible, sham of a fraud
at 21:24 28 Feb 2021

Every other manager who has left, even Keane, even that nobston Hurst - I bore them no real bad will.

Get bent, Lambert. You vile man. Disappear into the darkness.
Evans, you are a dickhead
at 21:03 16 Feb 2021

Give Lambert a 15 year contract and £90k a week; why on earth not, eh?

at 13:19 9 Feb 2021

Inspired by Dolly dropping some acid today, I recently watched this.

It's pretty funny; feel-good TV in (perhaps) the most literal sense.

Plus the bloke in it looks like a bit like Matheson.

Joe Public & Covid Compliance
at 15:51 17 Jan 2021

Interesting article from John Harris today. Echoes my view (and that of BL and M14) that public compliance with lockdown is very high...

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