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Duke St roadworks - exciting Ipswich-based road chat
at 09:00 28 Jul 2022

Hello everyone.

They are digging up the road at the bottom of Fore Hamlet/ Duke St (Felixstowe Rd), next to The Forge. Some emergency roadworks thing.

Anyway, this has completely fcked all the roads round there; nice big queues all over the shop. It's supposed to be finished by Friday, but Ipswich Borough Council have some pretty dismal form on this front. If it over-runs into Saturday, the Town Centre will be knackered, especially with 26k of us nitwits descending on Portman Rd.

In summary, keep an eye out, and always follow the Green Cross Code.
RIP Ray Liotta
at 17:31 26 May 2022

Berserk Tifo - Blue Action, take note...
at 10:16 24 May 2022

Quite impressive
So, Wycombe vs Dongs in the first play-off tonight...
at 18:01 5 May 2022

... two fairly pointless teams; a load of sh1thouses against a Starbucks franchise.

Suppose I'd prefer Wycombe to win, and then lose against Weds/ Mackems in the final.

Wonder if Mo Eisa could work for us here...?
Next year - some nice early predictions, to make me look stupid.
at 15:28 3 May 2022

For what it's worth, I see Barnsley, and whoever doesn't go up out of Weds/ Mackems (so possibly both, although I think Weds will win the whole play-offs) being our big threats next year - I also have an unpleasant feeling that Notlob are gonna be good next year. Playoffs against them would be vile, but, to be honest, if we're in the playoffs, something has obviously gone terribly badly wrong.

Derby will get gutted like we did last summer, this assumes, of course, they don't get even more points deductions, and, indeed, stay solvent. Reasonable chance they go down again. Peterborough will lose Clarke-Harris, I reckon; other than coming here and taking The Station pub, a la budgies, I'm not sure what other threat they pose.

MK, Wycombe, Oxford and particularly Plymouth all get rinsed this summer assuming that neither MK nor Wycombe go up (I think Jephcott from Plymouth and Brannigan from Oxford could potentially come here, Jephcott in particular could be very good). Twine at MK is Premier-bound, I think - he's far too good for this league, and perhaps too good for the Champ. (Texters pointed out earlier that so are Morsy and Celina, which is true, but Morsy is over 30 now, and Celina, I think, will end up back here)

Alofayan at Notlob looks ace, too, but will go to the Champ.

Interesting to see what Pompey and Charlton do, both seem to need a lot of work. Charlton as bad on Saturday as we were at their place. I liked Gilbey and Stockley down there, Stockley seems to have a little bit about him. Pompey will probably drop the Cowleys, then who knows?

The rest are all standard sh1thouse merchants. Accrington are overdue a series of dreadful fortune/ refereeing decisions, although that nob-coat Andy Holt runs them extremely well. Perhaps someone could hack his phone and p1ss Marc Halsey off. Cheltenham are cut from identical cloth.

Would like to see Swindon come up, as we always win there by at least 8 clear goals. Port Vale too, as they are the real team from Stoke.
[Post edited 3 May 15:30]
To add to the nuts points tally at the top.... at the bottom...
at 15:20 3 May 2022

... Fleetwood stayed up with 40 points this year, Morecambe with 42.

That comfortably sees them relegated in almost any other year (other than the curtailed COVID season). There was some proper tut at the bottom this year; we absolutely should've beaten Morecambe twice, Crewe (a) and Wimbledon (h) (even so, we still would've been 6 points off 6.) I shall write a separate post about the league next year straight after this, so I'd stop everything you were doing, and wait for that.

This commentator is a funny fcker...
at 12:56 16 Apr 2022

... and by funny, I mean he's a prick.
So, today...
at 20:57 19 Feb 2022

... confidence is the word to take from that.

A very good performance from 1 through to, er, 44.

Walton continues to look assured (couple of sharp saves first half), Slim Woolfy and Edmundson were solid at the back (Ed absolutely wore a block on his temple, first half), Evans was dominant, and obviously Jackson, as mentioned elsewhere, was a sensation.

Burton are no mugs - JFH had them playing good football all game, and they had a lot of possession between 30 - 60 mins; that goal-line clearance from Evans 1st half was a big deal - but this team seems to finally believe that they can achieve. It's bloody lovely to see.

Whisper it quietly, but we might, finally, have an actual manager of a football team. If we don't go up this year (and, for all the fine work recently, the odds are still against us), what I've seen of McKenna so far bodes extremely well for the future.

COYB. Football was fun today; wouldn't it be lovely if it was fun most of the time?

Oh yeah, that ref was a fcking nobhead. Every week they're bad, but this clown wanted the Throne of Turd all to himself.
Watford fans re: Zouma....
at 20:49 8 Feb 2022

at 19:31 5 Feb 2022
The best thing about today...
at 17:57 5 Feb 2022

... the result.

A hard watch. Evans was poor (appalling distribution), as was Carroll, and Thompson looked very out of place in that back line.

As mentioned elsewhere, the front 3 looked disjointed - Pigott in particular - but Chaplin has a very pleasing habit of appearing with goals out of nowhere.

We are fully capable of playing much better than that; if we can get out of Morsy's suspension period with 3 wins from 4, that's a pretty good result.

The last 20 was quite a lot better than the first 70.

Still a bit left in this season....
Good job Evans and Scally put that game back due to COVID...
at 19:00 8 Jan 2022

... Gills might've got rinsed, otherwise.
Quite a lot better...
at 22:54 29 Dec 2021

... as pointed out by others on here tonight, that looked like a team of players, all of whom knew their roles - rather than 11 individuals.

I thought that was Evans' best game for us, he looked as keen as anything alongside Morsy and Aluko.

Norwood put in a pure shift, as did Bonne, and Woolf was really good - very much enjoyed the Bramble-esque bursts forwards.

Funnily enough, Edmundson looked a little edgy (although still mainly solid), and the Wycombe LB gave Burns his hardest game of the season.

Wycombe didn't have any Plan B - kudos to Edmundson, Woolf and Donacien for giving them relatively little - overal,l that was enjoyably good. Akinfenwa is a pure unit; enjoyed the chant of 'Your tits are offside' from the NSL to him.

SBRL very loud at the end; our ground looks bloody good when pretty much full.

It's only 1 game, but nice to have a little optimism again after the past 8 weeks.
So, Saturday...
at 22:08 16 Dec 2021

... does McGreal have a last 'hurrah', or is McKenna going to be straight in, as it were?

I've always liked McGreal - he was a very good defender, one of those who left it 'all on the pitch', in modern parlance - but we've had two truly stinking performances under his caretakership, along with a pretty good point at Wigan.

Sentiment dictates he deserves a home game, but reason would suggest the sooner that McKenna is in, the better.
What the pure fck do the Yanks make of this? (n/t)
at 21:35 15 Dec 2021

If it's Harris...
at 08:41 14 Dec 2021

… it's a slightly unusual/ low-key appointment, but not one I actively dislike.

I remember rumours of Royle taking over, and the NS singing 'Shove your Joe Royle up your arse', or similar - and that ended up working out pretty well (apart from the last season where everyone was sold in the space of 48 hours).

I honestly don't know too much about him, other than being a Millwall legend, and having some previous success in this league. As mentioned by others on here, if he can master the apparently seismic task of getting the most expensive squad in the league to consistently win games in Div 3, then that will do me.
As mentioned below, surprised but he can't complain...
at 19:21 4 Dec 2021

... the past month has been woeful.

Who next? Hopefully someone who can motivate this incredibly talented squad of players to play somewhere close to their ability.

Oh, and an actual defensive coach.
Where to even start?
at 22:18 23 Nov 2021

That was dreadful.

Edmundson MOTM by an absolute street; not that captaincy counts for so much nowadays, but he absolutely gets the armband ahead of Morsy.

The rest of them? Morsy OK first half, Evans went hiding, and Cook's decision to play three No. 10s in the middle is up there with the most baffling decisions taken by a manager at PR. Poor Bonne, did he touch the ball more than 5 times?

Nice guy he may be, but Cook's team are so far off a well-organised Rotherham side, who needed to do little more than relentlessly press tonight, that the argument to replace him, to save the season, is very loud indeed.

It was a rabble tonight, as clueless as many of Lambert's games last season, and, more worryingly, Cook's in the back end of said season.

I wonder how the Yanks will view this. We've given underperformance too much indulgence and patience at this club over the past 13 years; and now here we are.

He should go, but will he?
[Post edited 23 Nov 2021 22:20]
Pinball in our area last night......
at 09:01 3 Nov 2021

.... Jesus, this really was rather special.

That was a top 2nd half
at 21:49 2 Nov 2021

Very good going forwards, and strong enough at the back. Walton makes the best save of any Towun keeper this season at 3-1.

As someone who has doubts about Cook, I've nothing but praise for everything after 20 minutes onwards tonight - that's a great performance. More of that please. A lot more.

Morsy MOTM, he was everywhere.
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