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Good job Evans and Scally put that game back due to COVID...
at 19:00 8 Jan 2022

... Gills might've got rinsed, otherwise.
Quite a lot better...
at 22:54 29 Dec 2021

... as pointed out by others on here tonight, that looked like a team of players, all of whom knew their roles - rather than 11 individuals.

I thought that was Evans' best game for us, he looked as keen as anything alongside Morsy and Aluko.

Norwood put in a pure shift, as did Bonne, and Woolf was really good - very much enjoyed the Bramble-esque bursts forwards.

Funnily enough, Edmundson looked a little edgy (although still mainly solid), and the Wycombe LB gave Burns his hardest game of the season.

Wycombe didn't have any Plan B - kudos to Edmundson, Woolf and Donacien for giving them relatively little - overal,l that was enjoyably good. Akinfenwa is a pure unit; enjoyed the chant of 'Your tits are offside' from the NSL to him.

SBRL very loud at the end; our ground looks bloody good when pretty much full.

It's only 1 game, but nice to have a little optimism again after the past 8 weeks.
So, Saturday...
at 22:08 16 Dec 2021

... does McGreal have a last 'hurrah', or is McKenna going to be straight in, as it were?

I've always liked McGreal - he was a very good defender, one of those who left it 'all on the pitch', in modern parlance - but we've had two truly stinking performances under his caretakership, along with a pretty good point at Wigan.

Sentiment dictates he deserves a home game, but reason would suggest the sooner that McKenna is in, the better.
What the pure fck do the Yanks make of this? (n/t)
at 21:35 15 Dec 2021

If it's Harris...
at 08:41 14 Dec 2021

… it's a slightly unusual/ low-key appointment, but not one I actively dislike.

I remember rumours of Royle taking over, and the NS singing 'Shove your Joe Royle up your arse', or similar - and that ended up working out pretty well (apart from the last season where everyone was sold in the space of 48 hours).

I honestly don't know too much about him, other than being a Millwall legend, and having some previous success in this league. As mentioned by others on here, if he can master the apparently seismic task of getting the most expensive squad in the league to consistently win games in Div 3, then that will do me.
As mentioned below, surprised but he can't complain...
at 19:21 4 Dec 2021

... the past month has been woeful.

Who next? Hopefully someone who can motivate this incredibly talented squad of players to play somewhere close to their ability.

Oh, and an actual defensive coach.
Where to even start?
at 22:18 23 Nov 2021

That was dreadful.

Edmundson MOTM by an absolute street; not that captaincy counts for so much nowadays, but he absolutely gets the armband ahead of Morsy.

The rest of them? Morsy OK first half, Evans went hiding, and Cook's decision to play three No. 10s in the middle is up there with the most baffling decisions taken by a manager at PR. Poor Bonne, did he touch the ball more than 5 times?

Nice guy he may be, but Cook's team are so far off a well-organised Rotherham side, who needed to do little more than relentlessly press tonight, that the argument to replace him, to save the season, is very loud indeed.

It was a rabble tonight, as clueless as many of Lambert's games last season, and, more worryingly, Cook's in the back end of said season.

I wonder how the Yanks will view this. We've given underperformance too much indulgence and patience at this club over the past 13 years; and now here we are.

He should go, but will he?
[Post edited 23 Nov 2021 22:20]
Pinball in our area last night......
at 09:01 3 Nov 2021

.... Jesus, this really was rather special.

That was a top 2nd half
at 21:49 2 Nov 2021

Very good going forwards, and strong enough at the back. Walton makes the best save of any Towun keeper this season at 3-1.

As someone who has doubts about Cook, I've nothing but praise for everything after 20 minutes onwards tonight - that's a great performance. More of that please. A lot more.

Morsy MOTM, he was everywhere.
Yet more daft defending...
at 18:56 30 Oct 2021

... it's absolutely rinsing us, isn't it? Stupid, stupid errors, over and over.

Very much second best here
at 16:25 30 Oct 2021

Plymouth faster, and stronger.

1,200 away at Pompey on a Tuesday night....
at 21:35 19 Oct 2021

... our support is very good.
*wonders nervously how many times we've thrown away a 4-goal lead* (n/t)
at 21:23 19 Oct 2021

A win...
at 20:01 9 Oct 2021

.... and frankly that makes everything a bit easier.

It wasn't great - we were terrible from their goal until HT - but Bonne works his nuts off, Burns is good, the 2 CBs look solid, and Donacien's resurrection continues.

Evans must do more, Morsy is either immense or anonymous and Fraser is a spare wheel.

Shrews were atrocious until they scored (great strike by their man btw), but we somehow ground this out.

It's not perfect, at all - but right now we need points.

Cook's record now reads as follows...
at 17:02 2 Oct 2021


I want him to be a lot better than he is, but i fear he isn't.

This season is slipping away; with the resources we have, that's wholly unacceptable.
Yet another lemon...
at 16:36 11 Sep 2021

... Cook needs to go.

Fck knows who replaces him though.
Drum and Bass on a Bike....
at 14:47 23 Jul 2021

.... sounds like a rejected Alan Partridge idea - but it's not - it's absolutely brilliant.

Check it.

Scott Fraser - MK Dongs chat
at 20:49 14 Jul 2021

Dont know much about Fraser at all, but a fair few posts on here talking about him in pretty favourable terms....
Menace & Blaze tune re: Euro Racism
at 20:43 12 Jul 2021

These boys are from Ips...

Also ace (but less likely to make you emotional)
at 11:33 8 Jul 2021

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