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Lambert: The Good Teams Always Bounce Back
at 00:03:25

Concur 100% Carberry = so so fed ud with this by & large perpetual BS from Mr. Lambert.

BS as in the Spin Doctor & PR Maestro extraordinaire tells yet ANOTHER fairytale ...on top of the proverbial mountain of J.K Rowling-esque ones he has already spurted off in about his 1 year time here.

"I’ve lost games and bounced back, bounced back EVERY time"

Sure matey, that coincides perfectly with & why you had about a toe-curlingly poor winning percentage of around 13% at Stoke and ITFC over approx your last 50 matches... BEFORE finding your apparent current "good" level of managing **League One**!

(Alas, no offense but imho you are blatantly obvious not *quite* the manager or SOUND tactician you once was... injuries and quality of "inherited" squad not withstanding. Hmmm as just partly evident of this little trifecta of examples here : 1) Both your eons long "lone striker obsession" in must-win games + 2) certain uber calamitous players nevertheless finding their uncanny way in to starting XI week after week after week + 3) your very own fabulous (NOT!) January-window "reinforcements", all last season.)

Fatamorgana PR stunts aside, you are however definitely a truly well-mannered and fan-respecting (unlike the strangely still massively sorely missed MM. Uhuuu :-) )"nice & proper bloke" especially off the field. And I for one predicted that your rag-tag minuscule financially backed team (despite a owner with a net worth of £ 800+ mill!!!) wouldn't have too big problems with finishing top 3, maybe even top 2, in THIS season's version of ...**League One**.

And thus for the sake of ITFC I'm very pleased I haven't been wrong on this somewhat bold prediction far.

However as Dissyboy and also others already allured to , and by my own assessment too = Dear Mr. Lambert, SERIOUSLY, "it" (or "we") seen upon not just as raw results but rather as an entire 95 minute team performance and oh! ALSO being diligent enough to furthermore consider the state of the opposition we have faced in this 3rd tier, well OBJECTIVELY hasn't been neither quote "unbelievable" nor quote "absolutely fantastic" a long stretch!!!

26% into the campaign we haven't conceded as many as I originally feared, so the overall D has actually been my personal biggest positive thus far in.

And apropos if we can keep that particular part of our game up, even if we continue to often only really show up "creatively" for spells or about 1 half all-in-all, I believe we will make it back to the 2nd tier on the very first attempt ... aye EVEN with the nice Mr. Lambert "little" array of managerial shortcomings & aforementioned bi-weekly BS fairytales! lol
Luton Town 3-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 23:45:18

The rather overwhelming consensus of COMPLACENCY & DEAD QUIET acceptance among most Town fans with yet another as-early-as-possible exit from a Cup tournament during the Evans Reign... is... is well frankly shocking imho!!!

Tell's a heck of a lot about the overall dérout of this here once PROUD & REVERED club ...and about a large chunk of it's current fans too!

(PS: Stating the 5000% blatantly obvious in many of your post = i.e. that the league has most higher priority, so basically relieved with the fewer opportunities for injuries and of course fewer matches for the lads to concentrate on! is imho a COMPLETE waste of space & "ink"!)

Oh well, for some wildly childish solace (for SOME fans out there) I humbly suggest the following lol:

1) At least the "fabulous" Mr. Hurst new team lost out in the Carabao as well ...uhuu.
2) And while the *Delusion of Grandeur* suffering Mick The Mug can't brag with accomplishing the same THIS season, for a change!, he will soon enough be back to rose-gardening! LMAO ...But sadly in all likelihood combined with him "expertly" carrying on with occasionally spewing out his awesome (NOT!) grudge-bearing schadenfreude with the fortunes of his Suffolk based former club of employment.

Aye, indeed it's fundamentally true that you *Reap What You Sow* ... vastly regardless of whether you are into religion or not btw... so in closing and with that exact fact in mind:
"All hail the jawdroppingly beyond shrewd and especially beyond FOOTBALL-CLEVER (but ehhhh perhaps ever so sliiiightly Scrooge-like???) £ 935 mill net worth luvly mediaphobic owner. Hail!" :-)
Ipswich Town 1-1 Sunderland - Match Report
at 15:14:28

In the Blue Corner: Linkboy

In the Red Corner: "All the brain dead numpties" (Linkboy's quote)

So here we go, this breathtaking *ideological* Title Bout is underway...


But what's this now???

We are only less than one tenth of a minute in and the ring official has apparently stopped the fight?!

Hmmm might he already have spotted something bizzaro adhering to the "Technical Knockout" rule?

Naaah couldn't be this early in the contest, could it?

Oh Oh! Hold on!

Cause now the coach of Linkboy's Blue Corner is bringing in a rollable TV stand & video- player set into the ring???


In response the coach for Red Corner's "All the brain dead numpties", not surprisingly, is going all ape as he too enters the ring while objecting wildly to this utmost surreal standard rule infraction.

And now, after some awesome scuffling back & forth linkboy's coach has eventually managed to wrestle himself free and is pushing the replay button on the video set...

Hmmmm what could this video possibly be about?

Town's much talked about LEADER??? know LEADER as in captain?
Or alternatively LEADER as in the Scrooge-like £ 937.5 mill net worth owner perhaps?

The video is over! And with that the much anticipated ideological Title Bout too I'm afraid. Cause all the liminal & especially subliminal messages conveyed in that *brainwashing* 39 seconds clip.... well, has astonishingly made EVERYBODY in the room kiss & make up?! Wow Wow Wow!

And so it is: Nobody, I mean nobody!, who spellbindingly watched or latter watches this', will hence never speak ill of "The Leader(s)" of this club again.


An finally let us *all* chant like in the video now:



Ipswich Town 1-1 Sunderland - Match Report
at 19:05:10

Suggestion for the Editors in Chief of highly respected British dictionary publishers like say Oxford, Collins, Cambridge, MacMillan etc.:

In connection with any new edition being prepared for going to print, and the related editorial crunch-time for among other things careful consideration of adjustments or fresh modern & contemporary examples of any particular word and so on, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add under the word "Calamitous":


a.k.a "CAPTAIN CALAMITY" for Ipswich Town FC

( Thank you in advance! smile )


PS: It's very early days yes, but nevertheless as I personally anticipated on opening day Town's overall offensive capabilities, when at full health, definitely *appear* well strong enough (obviously combined with Mr. Lambert NOT, repeat NOT, making the stupefying same "lone attacker" & OTHER tactical inept and/or ultra stubborn mistakes incl. with the personnel again & again, that he unequivocally made throughout the bigger part of his tenure last season in tier two!) to accomplish finishing somewhere in the top 6 here in tier three, maybe even top 2...

...but as implied ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY if "Captain Calamity" is not in the starting XI, and oh well to be perfectly frank, even better = In relative close games is not any significant amount of minutes on the field at all!!!

(Terribly sorry Chambo. But sometimes: *The Truth, and nothing but The Truth! so help me Donald Trump!!!* ...seriously hurts. Sorry)
O'Neill on Lambert Press Conference: We All Get Frustrated at Times
at 09:51:13

Many sincere thanks for the predominantly kind words concerning my apparently pretty influential ehmmm *Legacy* as a poster, for many years as @MicksZZzzTactics, on this beyond awesome, never-ever sugarcoated right Phil? & always hyper spot-on fan site here. :-) Smile

SADLY I'm no longer an ITFC fan ...per any normal stretch of the normal "true fan" definition, anyways.

After 42+ years of impeccable 110% faithful support, it has been a excruciating painful decision & divorce. Frankly much more so than my other (real) divorce!

I should stress that relegation to L1 in itself has absolutely zero to do with it! , rather after the salvation of year 1 of the then ensuing largely desert wandering, ultra ITFC disheartening, anti-football & fan-deterring many (way too many!) years with the *Delusion of Grandeur* suffering, grudge-bearing & scared sheeeitless of the possibility of losing even a single league game "Mick The Mug", the doofus media shy owner's various NEW super kamikaze decisions (as well as his sorry lack of merely just some sound & timely decisons!) from around spring 2018 to around spring 2019, all personally constituted the Final Straw or the Last Drop in the proverbial cup if you will.

Juggernaut-like St. Albans in the obscure NLS is *my* team "of choice" nowadays ...and uhuuu lo & behold I'm actually enjoying this new & outright lowly type of following much more than I originally envisioned I would lol! :-)

I do however still drop by TWTD once in while, normally exclusively just as a reader and primarily for the purpose of staying ehmm somewhat yes somewhat "informed"...with the presumed continuing overall abject dèrout, particularly from within, of this once proud & revered club. And today just happened to be one such day of checking.

I see/sense quite a few of other solely hyper objective lol fans of old apparently is no longer posting here either... but I also still recognize a good of bit of what I take the liberty to not only the call "The Usual (and occasionally very credulous!) Suspects" , but a bit more daring: "The die-hard & nostalgia-rooted Town ROMANTICS" here lol.

Well, hehe, as a sort of little Saturday pseudo-annoyance, hehe, for that aforementioned delightful group of 'em Proper Blokes still around on TWTD that openly detest ANY post above 4-6 lines, I have reluctantly decided to henceforth (a little later today) follow up with a truly looooongwinded, of course! smile! extraordinaire version of my most likely poorish ex-"true fan" 2 shilling worth... on The State of Affairs and quite plausible immediate future of ITFC:

Lambert: Owls Will Be Tough Opponents But We're Playing Well
at 06:23:51

PS: But of course.... IF we win today (imho certainly not entirely outside of the "Realm of Possibilities" against an very so-so opponent furthermore possibly not giving their all / their best fundamentally since they realistically are neither in the running for relegation nor promotion!) I foresee that granted "Likeable PL" will once again largely be heralded on TWTD and elsewhere as the best thing happening to Mankind.... in Suffolk at least .... ehhhh since the invention of Viagra! ...or else the UK launching of a non-alcoholic stout!.... ehhh all depending on the current state of your libido and/or beer-luving pub life style obviously. lol
Lambert: Owls Will Be Tough Opponents But We're Playing Well
at 06:19:54

Once again, I see a LOT of post here which are either directly or indirectly (mostly indirectly!) in unmistakable STRONG opposition to what excessively sugarcoating & eternally sweet talking PL is saying and/or what tactical stubborn / tactical inept PL is doing, with this his fabulous DISCOUNT SHELF (and thus not remotely in the quote "allegedly promised 10 mill treasure trunk range" allocated by our -- again according to the uber sincere PL -- "overly blame-free and in actuality quite super fantastic" 700+ mill net worth football-clueless owner) ragtag salvation army....

yet 98% of you clearly doesn't have the guts to pull out of that classic ol' metaphorical stamp: I did this past weekend .... and got rewarded with about a total of -20 votes here (like I give a MM'esque "flying fooook") lol

Sorry folks, you really can't have it both ways!!! i.e. eagerly *pretend* to either being in luv with , outright worship or simply "just" TRUST him, while simultaneously, game after game pre- and/or post-, being in such unmistakable strong opposition to what imho amounts to a serious lot of PIVOTAL things he, the once-upon-a-time esteemed manager with a NOWADAYS hilariously puny 13.3 winning % in his last 30 games!, either recurringly says (and sounding ohhhh so familiar to a certain ultra delusional predecessor in the process) or dislikeably does team-wise and tactically!

.....whether that is with regard to say: The often lame / ineffective system itself; in itself playing Sears out of position; Dumbfoundedly continuing to offensively often play more or less much alike as with "In Hurst We Burst" i.e. with just one *dud* up front & and oh an often utterly UNcreative midfield too; Taking forever to drop especially woeful Spence and merely super inconsistent Knudsy, despite all our rather successful U-teams having at least 4 defenders last I checked!; Still picking the undroppable yet way-way-over-the-proverbial-hill Captain Calamity FIRST week after week; Not giving the top crop of our youth enough real chances (unless his hand is forced), and often mind-boggling use of substitutions (or utter lack hereof!).

Thus sadly I broadly experience that too many of my fellow ITFC fans are frequently displaying an imho almost nauseating type of "Double Standards"! predominantly as in simply contradicting your own at some point *official* delivered belief in PL or at least parts of your own quite recent or present made TWTD statements with regard to 200% supporting PL to well past the death to us part , in this for many members very visible EAGERNESS to stay ever so "politically correct" on this here awesome public fan site.

Whatever happened to simply taking Status along the way???, and moreover just steadfastly & objectively calling "A Spade" ehhhh well "A Spade"???

Oh well, thankfully at least occasionally beleaguered Mick Mills still does it to a calculated degree in his controversially BLUNT commentary on The Air, and if so clearly does so without any underlying fear of potential ITFC related repercussions whatsoever!
Go Millsy, Go Millsy! :-) :-)
McLoughlin Set to Join Wimbledon
at 07:28:10


Elvira Hancock to Tony Montana in one of movie's most memorable quotes....
and subsequently a stalwart hmmm 'Rule of Thumb' :-) :-) among just about every SAVVY purveyor of intoxicants, from your coy neighborhood bootlegger to your 'Top of The World Ma' drug dealer!

Mind you the above-mentioned exact cliche & ol' work hazard is not remotely a 'problem' here at Marvelous Marcus's ITFC though! lol

Talking of course not of vile intoxicants in this here instance but rather of youthful footballers on the books, pure products of one's own academy or otherwise.... And it, i.e. "Getting high on your own supply", not being a problem here has absolutely nothing to do with SAVVINESS from either the clueless & tight-arsed owner or the predominantly conservative, ultra stubborn & largely undaring super duper managers appointed by said clueless & tight-arsed owner imho!!!


No genuine disrespect intended to the entire group of 'super duper household names' on the in essence never before more crucial Transfer Window haul -- but now after the fact -- just another ultra DISCOUNT SHELF ehhhh beyond-your-wildest-dreams fabulous fabulous "To save us from relegation" Transfer Window haul :-) :-).... Btw didn't £700+ mill net worth Eberneezer Evans allegedly outright promise his new manager a quote "10 mill treasure trunk for this exact salvation purpose"??? lol .....But alas with the exception of the surprisingly still-going-strong Mr. Collins, who many of your fellow fans **honestly **would not RATHER prefer to see the crop of this season particular strong group of "juveniles" (including the probably brightest talent among them all the apparently doghouse-residing Andre) out there on field, in NUMBERS???

I certainly would! As this implementation, of own players!, in all likelihood would make this whole gigantic rebuilding & bounce-back so much better & stabler, and ohhh last but not least so much much more interesting to watch & follow as a spectator even right here & now!
Lambert Fumes at Penalty Decisions
at 20:25:29

Stop the whining please.... stop the inherit TWTD-like sugar-coating too btw .... as well as the hmmm ultra apt Lee-Harvey-Oswald's-evil-twin-from-the-Star-Trek-beam-me-up/down-Scotty-like-future "did it!" line of thinking! --- Aye no debate Stroud is a certified melt, HOWEVER:

1) You win some, You lose some [decisions]!
It's has been like that since the invention of the refereed game. And at least until VAR takes it's "ugly" firm grip everywhere in pro football, including in semi-cozy 2 tier leagues like ours, this is the the way is gonna continue to be!
Ohh and in case anyone out there is wondering: NO there is no intricate refereeing-conspiracy with ITFC as the funny victim folks! ....Or like Deranged Donald luvs to put it, and btw astonishingly continues to put it to this very very cornered day [i.e. despite a ever-expanding true mountain of increasingly 'smoking' circumstantial evidence, innummerous indictments and/or guilty-pleas by very close associates etc. etc.]:


2) Villa had a staggering 23 shots!

3) Villa had over 400% more shots 'On Target' (13-3)!

4) Thus only a rather yummy-yummy mixture of: Vintage Super Bart + heroic/lucky blocking by the otherwise often beleaguered ITFC defense + a certain dose of hapless miscuing on Villa's own part, really kept us from being on the receiving end of a genuine clobbering today!

5) While certainly not the lone culprit or lone underperformer this sorry season, **undroppable**Captain Calamity ONCE AGAIN, well by & large lived op to his cool 2nd nickname! lol

6) Lastly seen as a whole and as Dean Smith rightly said above: "Villa were very **comfortable** right up until.... Sears's screamer. Then endured/survived a nervy 4-6 minutes". But as he also strongly inferred: His team could/should as eeeeasily have won by 3 or 4!

Aston Villa 2-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:40:09

Paul "Public Relation Maestro" Lambert is a lot of things.... [hyperbole] positive things mainly.... but he is not a "WINNER" folks!!!

10 defeats in 15 league games here, or just 9 very MEAGER points out of a possible lofty 45. And let's certainly not forget the additionally embarrassing loss to A.S. in the FA Cup. Especially embarrassing since A.S. has just 1 point in 6 og their other latest games sandwiched in between meeting ITFC, and has not only let in 13 goals but have also been shutout in unfathomable 5 of those defeats!!!.... And thus on a whole in P.L's latest two managerial stints [Stoke of course being the other last year] he has only won just 4 of his latest 30 games in the manager seat.... or in other words a hilariously & unmistakably PISS-POOR 13.3 winning percent!!!

Ohhh and then there is the "little" [read: gigantic imho!] matter of P.L. also going out his way to broadly direct really ANY, repeat ANY, kind of blame away, for the long-lasting misfortunes of ITFC, from Marvlelous Marcus [read: utterly football-clueless & largely football-indifferent Marcus Evans!].... And not only this, but P.L has furthermore actually eagerly praised him repeatedly as an owner of a modern day football club too??? !!!

To summarize, yes yes P.L. is a tremendous Likable Bloke, with nice sounding visions and all, and who of course **all-compassing** also masters to "talk the talk".... but ehmmm OTHERWISE, as in just about any OTHER football aspect here at Town:


And now you 'happy-clappy' and/or 'credulous' lot :-) :-), please do commence to hit that luvly luvly down-vote button lol...
Ipswich Town 1-0 Rotherham United - Match Report
at 04:59:26

As relieved as the next bloke (proper as unproper lol) to come out winners in this ultra crucial "6- pointer". But hmmm I sense it's very much **Politically Incorrect** to DARE mention the stubborn fact that we had 1 shot 'On Target' today folks... repeat 1!!!!!!

And as the commendable daring @chessy_flaps mentioned: In total we were outdone by an otherworldly absurd 600% in 'Total Shots' ...against mighty mighty Rotherham???!!!

Which offensively is like a truly awesome omen :-) :-) ...(NOT!) ...since there not only is about 20 teams in this league better & sharper up front, but also nearly as many visibly better defensively (5th most goals conceded) than mighty mighty Rotherham!!!

But hey! overwhelmingly undaunted & unmistakably FANATIC "Lambertism" has definitely come to stay on these here longitudes, right?... so ehhhhhhhhh... "naturally" lol a *High Five* to PL & his budgetly inconspicuous (inconspicuous as in so far not remotely in the allegedly promised "10+ mill Treasure Trunk" mold etc.) new-look 'Salvation Army', although a distinctively WARY & MODEST one mind you!, from me too.

Go Tractors Go!
Accrington Stanley 1-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 20:34:31

Absolutely scandalous poor!!!

So consequently here follows a really really looong "frustration" driven rant :-) :-)

Might Mighty juggernaut A.S. had thus in just their last 5 accomplished losing HEAVILY ... and be woefully shut out in the process too!.... 3-0 to very mediocre L1 Southend , 4-0 to inconsistent L1 Peterborough and 3-0 to very lowly L1 Bradford (with the latter two representing their most recent "form curve" & 180 minutes before today's cup tie).
But hey-ho! along comes Likable Lambert's ITFC from tier no. 2 ... and voila! Not only do they suddenly have themselves a Clean Sheet?! but also manage to win by graciously scoring in the other end too! Swell!

I'm a vehement Evans-Outer and has been so for ages, however "The-Action-ON-the-Field bucket" PRIMARILY stops with the one occupying the manager seat, folks!
(Evans is not responsible for training them, picking the game-day team or the game-day tactics etc. etc. Although, obviously, £ 700+ mill net worth Ebeneezer's coy financial dispositions at ITFC for many years is largely to blame for the poor overall quality of the squad nowadays)... but yet 90% of fans continue to go out of their way to 200% exonerate Likable Lambert for... well not only for his abundance of unmistakably poor results (unmistakably poor even for a quote predominantly "inherited team" mind you!) ... but really for ANYTHING remotely, repeat remotely, negative???!!! lol

Which brings happy memories (not!) back a very similar scenario:
Muck's inaugural season. Where *after* his appointment and thus now with HIS tactics & HIS own chosen XI, all of it suddenly resulted in & ITFC responded by getting truly *clobbered* on several occasions inside the very first month or so! ...including tennis-score-like monster defeats against Leicester & Peterborough... but no-no according to "The Wise", losing for instance 7-1 to the Colossal known as Peterborough could not even "in theory" possibly have ANYTHING to do with the über prestine Muck and say his chosen XI & chosen tactics on the day., or the mysterious ineffective & injury provoking TC led training! No-No, no portion of blame whatsoever could be passed on to MM or TC for a good very very loooong while, cause quote "they inherited someone else's mess". lol

Well please remind me again why ANY professional football club, small as big, with unsatisfactory results & play, changes manager DURING a season, and not simply all AFTER a season, all the time, season after season??? lol

To all those same fans apparently continuing to subscribe to this here *100% blame-free* line of thinking, well iyo ALL said new in-season managerial appointments are for all practical purposes fundamentally FREEWHEELING then???!!!
...well at least for a full year or moreover until they quote "have brought in THEIR 8-11 players" (and naturally inferred: *potentially* super-duper-awesome players, well when compared to those that were there when the new manger took over)???!!! lol

So basically why do you lot think, especially from a overall financial POV (including paying-off the predecessor's premature end of employment) are they brought in then DURING a season , if they for distinctively looong are not to & must not be held accountable for ANYTHING by neither the board or the fans, including for instance a continuation of poor results and poor ( or NAIVE!!!) play??? lol

Hallelujah Hallelujah ... ohh I think I better wind down & stop now! as I believe I've firmly made MY (guaranteed to be hugely unpopular) point already! :-) :-)

Ohh but in closing let me make one more thing clear too : Aye even I *largely* fancy Likable Lambert, possibly also for the long-run future .... who obviously is soooo by & large likable (well with the little exception perhaps of his recent Muck-esque LEAGUE post game analysis which were both delusional-sounding and extremely over sugarcoating. But hey! kudos for TODAY though, cause here he finally called a spade a spade!) mostly because he continues to do & say all the right thing OFF-The-Field.... However despite occasionally also having giving us fans FLASHES of better-looking & proper football, as already partly allured to by yours truly in the previous 2 weeks posts he is most CERTAINLY not without his own managerial ( and imho both naive & stubborn driven) flaws... when in comes to his dispositions related to the actual ON-The-Field stuff!

Sure Hurst foooked-up biiiig time, however exactly like under Muck: In the professional game of football there factually STILL ARE various *directly culpable* managerial thingies i.e. training wise, starting personnel wise and not the least tactical wise you can opt to do (or rather not do!) on your merry own... which imho you could and should be held *somewhat* accountable for... rather pronto! .... aye EVEN with a predominantly quality-lacking "inherited squad" or some call it with the "hand you have been dealt" i.e. BEFORE not remotely having all the pieces (read: Players with a given skill-set for *aptly* playing a certain position or in a certain tactical way) of your very own choice constituting the squad. Period!
Lambert's Pre-Accrington Press Conference Live on TWTV at 1pm
at 16:13:28


Agree... and as such it kind of makes the renowned title of Aldous Huxley's 1932 bestseller springs to mind... in said would-be dystopian & absurd regard (i.e. us being the underdog here against the mighty mighty 2nd coming of Accrington Stanley?!)

However, 1) despite us being rock bottom in our league, well they are factually not that awesome in comparison as in "just" currently a very very inconsistent mid-table side in their lower one, and 2) PLUS on pure form alone it really doesn't make very much sense at all... them being clear favorites odds-wise, as in their last 2 league games Accrington Stanley have actually tried there absolutely best to ehmmm *copycat* :-) :-) both our horrendous defending as well as our fairly "normal" (well " normal" if excluding the recent Millwall contest) anemic and/or uncreative attack!

Thus a truly shambolic 0-7, is the reading of the goal stats for this historically named 3rd tier outfit in their last 180 minutes coming into this one...

A form which in itself personally convinces me that we WILL get out on top Satirday! And additionally simply also because this is the first FA Cup tie in the "Post Muck Era" (cause if Muck was still here and with his well-documented utterly indifference to & abject record in both Cups, we would more than likely be losers!), at btw attractive 3.00 x times your money, currently.

Might even have a rare clean sheet imho ...but ohhh then again: Considering not only our many poor defenders with among them at least Captain Calamity once again being named on our starting XI sheet, but also both of our goalies having displayed an excruciatingly season-long tendency to at key moments treat the ball as a 200 Celsius "Hot Potato"???!!!.. Hmmm then REALISTICALLY I think that we might actually concede after all LOL... so alas: 3-1 to us is gonna be my sidebet (to us as winners) for the actual result.
Lambert: We Got Caught Up With the Emotion of the Game
at 05:01:34

I'm personally growing exceeding tired of reading/hearing this HERE argument:

"Aye but super duper smart Paul Lambert have ONLY used the perceived "Undroppables" Spence The Shocker & Captain Calamity (and until last week Knudsy too) to this date... simply because he, with Wolfy n/a too, not yet have had *ANY* alternatives"

Hmm let's truly "fact-check" that one shall we I.E. there never ever being nooooo alternatives whatsoever:

Primarily, besides from an apparently UNproper bloke named Donacien, each & every one of our U- team has at least 4 defenders, I believe lol...

Despite their largely truly young age they are all "footballers" aren't they???
So even though it goes without saying that they would be "greener" than even the color of grass, on this level ...and therefore fallible in their own right... REALISTICALLY folks, *some* of them (heck if not all of them!) can really not be less of liability and hence perform no worse, repeat no worse, seen over the entire 95 minutes, than especially excruciatingly poor & calamitous Mr. Spence & Mr. Chambers has performed in this season!!!

So basically: Besides at least TRYING to experimenting & subbing with Kenlock & Donacien much much earlier?!, well then it really boils down to that if those 2 didn't work or cut down on the malady of ultra poorly conceded goals... well dear PL you should THEN have displayed the cohones & foresight too! to have dared playing some "kiddo" defenders from the U- teams, and well before the opening of the Window imho!!!

(As you could have opted to do from your Day One here btw!, cause surely one as *bright* as you must have seen plenty of "horror" films of this A-squad's games -- and thus our beyond horrendous defending (and goalkeeping too btw!) -- from at least your predecessor's tenure BEFORE you made your own first starting XI).

The Kiddoes LITERALLY are and always have been "An Alternative"!
Granted a very desperate one of course. But heck we indisputably already was in a very "desperate" situation" since your emergency hiring Paul Lambert! Period! ... and as such "An Alternative" whether you and sections of our fans have trouble admitting to this being a fact or not!

Now it's quite quite possible we wouldn't have won more games by now doing so...

HOWEVER 1) you would have sent home a lot of the paying and/or travelling fans a lot less agitated I'm sure! (Sure the ON-the-field version of Chambers still has his *die-hard* but by now minority section of fans here... but even they are seriously dwindling by the match I sense. And Spence, well he is just inherently bad ,as in shockingly bad! And oh unlike Chambers doesn't contribute with anything OFF-the-field. eos!)
And 2) you would possibly have granted a selected few of these young & green defenders some much needed experience in that same process too! Cause, and this is very instrumental imho: Our future as a football club whether we somehow escape or go down, should *obviously* be build on using using & advancing the crop our own products + permanent quality ("quality" for the level we are at) signings... and thus NO MORE relying on a lamer than lame largely unsuccessful and/or counterproductive "loans galore" policy!

PS: Although the latter is exactly, and well by the names thrown around so far only of so-so quality best!!!, what I fear PL will predominantly be capable of attracting to this sorry-arsed, notoriously POORLY RUN & now furthermore seriously relegation threatened club in this Window.
Kudos to Muck & his renowned "connections", Irish and otherwise in the Premier, for hauling in of some true MOTM capable loans like Frasier, Lawrence, Vickers and even to some degree Celina... but these days are gone I fear, cause as many other fans here have speculated: Which truly gifted quality footballer in his "right frame of mind" would wanna come here to Evan's ITFC nowadays, well voluntarily anyway??? lol
Sad so so Sad
Ipswich Town 2-3 Millwall - Match Report
at 17:56:22

"Thanks" Mr. Football-Clueless owner for totally ruining this once proud & revered club, FOOTBALL-WISE for sure!
And if there is any truth to the biblical "You Reap What You Sow"... well then there can be little doubt whatsoever to what sort of ultimately POOR harvest should be coming your merry way Marvelous Tight-Arsed Marcus, this here calendar year!
Middlesbrough 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 16:38:44

Hmmm having regularly followed the debate her on TWTD throughout this sorry Anno Domini known as 2018, it seems to me (and I feel a few other "shrewd & spot-on" :-) :-) members I see have being active tonight) *almost* as if some of our other esteemed fans here think, that in essence, there really should be a 11th commandment?!:


...and we should *all* more or less behave towards first & foremost 1) Chambers ...but even 2) Evans (in the eyes of a selected few" radicals" lol ).. exactly like the temporarily brainwashed & thus turned "Movementarian" sect loving Springfield'ers, in these memorable 2 short clips from The Simpsons:



HAIL!!! :-) :-)
Lambert: We Need a Cutting Edge Up Top
at 19:55:39

PL : "The performance level, football-wise, absolutely BRILLIANT..." ???

Paul my man, I'm really trying my hardest to not only believe in, like & support you here and now, but also as the right (& bright!) man for us for the future... and I still do... However please please STOP! insulting not merely my eyesight, deductive reasoning but especially also my overall intelligence by excessively sugarcoating and beyond the actual performances of your INHERITED predominantly crap players and crap team as whole!!!

You did more or less the exact same as recently after last week 0-3 thrashing by OPR as well ...and this is imho getting "old" very very quickly!!! And furthermore also brings back woeful flashbacks to the majority of *objective* ITFC fans here of the toe-curlingly DELUSIONAL-sounding post game stunts by Muck McCarthy, particularly in his last couple of seasons here!

Sure, wishing primarily to instill & keep instilling! morale & hope into your quite possibly highly susceptible to being somewhat dejected relegation-threatened players & team is understandable, aye even commendable I guess ... but not quite the same as acting like one have been granted a "license" to in some degree or another *Telling Porkies* to the public & media post game!

PS: Other than that (and ohhh one day hopefully dropping both "Lionel" Spence and Captain "Calamity" lol) please keep up THE GOOD WORK Mr. Lambert!
Middlesbrough 2-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:57:24

One Special Halfway Observation:
Hmmm do I got this get this straight that if we either don't exactly face friendly defending as Swansea's (and btw eventually wind up getting away with the biggest "heist" since Securitas in Tonbridge!) or again have **Lady Luck** aid us by way of some truly wicked deflection (like against Wigan & Sheffiled U)... this is probably the most utterly ANEMIC Town side I can recall in my 40+ years as a fan?!

Aye for a welcome change (to the norm) we actually had well over 1-3 'Shots on Target today in us having a some fairly decent opportunities in fact ... but as always in football is all about being clinical & opportunistic whenever you get one of the more remotely clearer ones, especially if you are not a very creative side per say... and sigh sigh with painstaking few aberrations (again like that memorable visit to the Liberty Stadium in Wales) that this saddening "League-1-like ragtag squad" like ours has most certainly not been thus far this season!

But remain calm please! :-) :-) Cause factually we are far from down yet people -- Exactly as I preached last week with 22 games left -- And with an easier LOOKING schedule the next few games, particularly against Rotherham who themselves are having serious trouble scoring and will now be without at least one of their few goalgrabbers this season as key midfielder Ricky Towell got a straight red today.

And NOW let's get some truly strong veterans like say.... Neuer , Chiellinie & Messi & on "emergency" loan please Mr. Evans :-) :-)
Kenlock, Jackson and Edwards Start at Boro
at 14:47:17

WOW! Finally a change among "The Undroppables" ....hmmm maybe the bright PL reads my recent largely skeptical (but still well supportive of him overall) lengthy twtd posts after all?! LOL

Otherwise quite surprised "The Britt" is only on the bench for Boro, as he not only has a serious knack of scoring against us but generally speaking simply with his physic & pace etc. also on several occasions absolutely making our much beleaguered defenders look unmistakably silly or disorientated during the process!
Chambers: Club is Being Glued Back Together
at 14:25:20

Aye @SheptontonMallet ---- The for long over-all largely deteriorating Captain himself, aka Captain Calamity, as well as the rest of his frighteningly often toe-curlingly calamitous (but yet absolutely Undroppable???!!!) back-4 , and goalie too btw!, sure could use some ehmm "LOCTITE" ....repeat "LOCTITE" ....wink wink lol ulterior sponsoring intended of course!

:-) :-)
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