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Matheson News Comments
at 23:49 2 Feb 2021

So many morons. Oh dear.
Is there anyone now who wouldn’t welcome Lambert being sacked?
at 18:22 30 Aug 2020

at 22:45 27 Aug 2020

Blue Monday- excellent and informative
KOA - enjoy insights and opinions from Watson and Warren
The other one - is the Cruncher the same one formerly of this parish?
Number 9 Position
at 21:38 18 Aug 2020

Drinan more is effective than Jackson?

Only a friendly but given the apparent preference for 4-3-3, Jackson’s role is up for debate.
Ipswich and Sunderland
at 11:47 9 Aug 2020

Maybe more than a coincidence we are chasing the same players as Sunderland. If we lose out to Sunderland in terms of Garbutt and Graham we can at least make sure it’s contested and force the wages up to reduce their salary cap wriggle room.
Pompey and the salary cap
at 12:04 4 Aug 2020

Interesting. Wonder if Town are thinking of making moves before Thursday?

Incoming Players
at 23:10 1 Aug 2020

Surely there’s not much if anything the club can do until the wage cap and squad size vote has taken place and it’s known what the rules are. It’s possible the new rules might preclude any signings at all surely? Am I missing something?
Putting Together Various Bits I Have Read And Observed
at 09:47 29 Jul 2020

So far my learnings from last season and this summer it looks promising in so much as Evans seemingly it is not desperate to sell. I think it’s a good time to reflect in some of our perceived good old days under Burley and Sheepshanks there would have been no choice. Downes would be sold to fund the club and if we didn’t get enough for Downes we would have been forced to sell Woolfie too.

In terms of transfers this summer so far and the lack of I read a comment from Portsmouth that they were needing to wait and see about the salary cap info. I guess worst case for us is League 1 do something nuts and vote it through for this season but whatever they decide it surely has an impact on the type of contracts clubs like us and Pompey can offer. Put simply it isn’t such a big deal for those who are already or close to complying, they can operate as they always have done. I’d suggest until the detail is clear clubs such as ourselves Sunderland and Portsmouth are better being careful. Incidentally have these clubs been active in signing players yet this summer?

So into the guts and feathers. We have a manager on a long contract who appears not be going anywhere soon. A manager that had a powerful but unbalanced squad at his disposal. A manager who by most accounts strongly favours a 4-3-3 formation yet flip flops in terms of formation and personnel constantly. A manager tied to his perceptions of players...Jackson not a lone centre forward, not a wide forward, needs to play in a 2 up front so throw 4-3-3 out and play a 2 up front. Sh!t the bed the favoured formation got chucked out in the first game. We won Lambert is ok. The systems change but I think just once was Jackson played wide. Lambert’s handling of Jackson all season contributed to the confused formation mess. He dropped the ball on the tough choice to stick with his formation and play Jackson wide or not at all.

Lambert has said he wants to learn from next season and the identity of the team was never clear last season. He needs to fix this now. And needs to solve his Jackson problem to do that.

The media suggest we are targeting a centre forward and centre back as priority. I’d suggest our weakest first choice position is left back so I’d make that number one requirement but a centre forward is another must. If Lambert plays his system at last he needs a decent athlete at left back a mirror of KVY would be perfect and a lower league Drogba centre forward. The rest as far I’m concerned are lower priority. Those 2 should be signed with the intention of being first choice. I don’t really think we need more than 2 players.

Well I’ve rambled on and the sun is out so have a good day all.
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