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Leeds - Norwich Highlights.
at 08:50 5 Feb 2019

Was trying to get in the mood for our trip this weekend. Made the horrible mistake of watching the Leeds – Norwich highlights. If you haven’t yet; don’t. No really. Don’t. I was comforting myself with the ‘derby games are different’ thoughts but holly sh*t we could be in for a piece of ITFC history this Sunday and it’s not gonna be a pretty. The pressure they put on and the way they fought for every single ball is everything we lack.

If we’re gonna try our famous playing from back style – I’m not easily embarrassed but that actually does the trick – we’re going to remember this day for generations to come.

Good thing the pub opens at 6 so by kick-off I’ve talked myself into a 0-1 sh*thouse win…
Norwich Away Tickets.
at 08:45 24 Dec 2018

Hi lads,

Just booked our trip to the derby game. One small problem: tickets. Looking for two away-end tickets. If you’re eligible for the game and can’t make it on Feb 10th and are willing to help out; please let me know.

If you have any other options / suggestions please let me know.

How are Town fans so unorganised?
at 12:20 14 Mar 2018

Looking at the whole Mick situation from 'across the pond' I really wonder how it’s possible that Town fans seem to have so little influence on the club. How is a manager that realistically 70% of the fans want gone still in charge?

Last week Willem II fans in the Netherlands wanted their trainer of be released immediately. On Monday. On Wednesday he was gone. All five supporters collectives signed a statement and threatened to boycott the Friday game for the first 15 minutes. On Friday FC Twente lost a relegation battle and their manager sat in a TV show on Saturday for 5 hours. Fans told the club that was unaccepted and within 24 hours a statement was released no employees would appear on TV until the season was over.

How come the North Stand – for example – doesn’t have its own supporters platform? How hard can it be to show Mick / Evans that you are not a small minority. Hand out freaking £ 0.01 handkerchiefs at every gate and tell people to hold them up in minute X if you want Mick out.

This whole situation seem ridicule to me. ‘Everyone’ seems to want Mick to go but no one does anything except tweet about it or make the occasional stamp size banner. I’m not saying you should use violence but it’s okay the make your presence known at times. How long do you think Mick will be in charge if the group that gathers in front of Mannings on derby day walks up to Evans his box and tell him this where we draw the line. No more.
Ipswich Injuries.
at 12:25 8 Aug 2017

At what point are we going to seriously look at our injury streak? It’s getting a bit ridiculous isn’t it? I mean. You can run bad regarding injuries. You can run terrible regarding injuries. You can run like absolute **** regarding injuries. And then you can run like Ipswich.

Seems like we are losing a player for months every other game. Seem to me our injury troubles the last three years are a bit too far away from standard deviation to just be chalked up to bad luck.

Now, I’m no doctor - obviously – but our boy Dozzell was playing in the U19s Euros Final on Saturday the 15th having only missed one game the entire summer. He was back playing for our U23 on the 26th. That is what? Max 10 days off football for a kid that is already struggling to physically compete with the rest. He then has to come in a huge pre-season for him since he hasn’t got much minutes last season and probably gave 200%.

Seems like our fitness staff can learn a thing or two about periodization.
Norwich Twitter Follewers
at 09:23 25 Jul 2017

So, Norwich City proudly announced that they got 500k twitter followers yesterday. Now, it doesn’t get more tinpot than this I guess but they are actually buying tons of twitter followers. I remember seeing a discussion about the subject in April and they had 465k then. So freaking two months later they got 35K extra followers which is about 35% Town’s total.

I mean. They have more followers than Leeds & Sheffield Wednesday combined. Really? If you do a Twitter audit on them you can already see they have about ~ 40% fake followers but that data is from about 3 years ago.

So, does anyone have experience or options with checking twitter account growth? Tools to check this in detail aren’t cheap at first glance.

I know we should shrug our shoulders about this nonsense but somehow it bugs me.
Dutch free agent pick of the year.
at 11:13 14 Jul 2017

So, last year my Dutch Free Agent Pick would have been Armenteros.

If we are looking at the Dutch League we should give free agent Samuel Armenteros a go. Killed it at Heracles en moved to Anderlecht. Didn’t play there. Feyenoord took him in and not a great success. I think he would do well at Town. He’s an animal with decent touch. Sing him up.

He eventually signed for small club Heracles and banged in 20+ goals in 30 games while having a beer in one hand and a fag in the other. Obviously way out of our € league now.

This year’s free agent pick; Ruud Boymans.

Boymans is currently playing for Allahu Akbar FC in the desert and counting money. About a month after he arrived the Dutch manager at the club was canned and our by Ruud hasn’t got a look in since. Now, they can only play 3 foreigners in the desert league and the club haven’t even registered him for next season. Currently training with his former club FC Utrecht to keep in shape.

He’s making tons of money obviously but I know him quite well – played for my club VVV years ago - and this boy loves the game to much to just do nothing. Offer him Pitmans wages and we have a decent shot.

Boymans is an absolute animal on the pitch. Centre backs would have tears rolling down their face if they saw Boymans and Garner coming at them.
Town Academy. Money Pit?
at 12:37 29 Jun 2017

Our Academy is a big part of our phenomenal 5 point plan. But why? If we can’t even sign our own products what’s the point in having and academy all together?

I haven’t seen Benyu kick a ball with my own eye’s and have no clue as to how good he is but him leaving is kind off ridiculous. Besides, if you have a real talent some big money club will lure him away before the age of 16 (Harry Clarke for instance) anyway. Look at how hard we had to sweat Dozzell signing his deal.

I understand the academy may be seen as the hearth and soul of the club but at what cost? What is the last youth product that had some real value money or added something on the pitch? Bishop in 14/15? Cases to be made for Dozzell, Kenlock & Emmanuel I guess, but that remains to be seen.

Only real transfer value came from Cresswell, Mings and eventually Webster who came in at U23 level.

Brentford is the first club to close their academy – which might make more sense location wise – but I just can’t see our academy being anything else than a money pit if we can’t agree terms with 19 year olds anymore.
Sacking Mick doesn’t cost £ 1.000.000,-
at 12:33 12 May 2017

It drives me up the wall that people keep using the argument that sacking Mick would cost the club a million pounds. It doesn’t. Sacking Mick is exactly as expensive – most likely LESS expensive - then keeping him on as a Manager. That million pounds is gone. Bye, bye. Whether we spend it right now or over the course of the next 12 month. No difference.

Extra costs are the costs of a new manager. A manager like Steijn – fwiw I don’t think Town has any interest in him – would snap sign at Town for a ~ 350k contract. If a new manager gets back 30% of the season tickets holders that left in the past two years you’re looking at a profit.

If Town sack Mick today you wouldn’t be able to open the door at Portman Road tomorrow because of the job application letters piling up at front door. I’m sure that a manager that requires a bigger investment would be open to ‘kick back on next year season ticket sales’ construction.

Moral of the story; Even if you are the biggest ‘Mick in’ supporter you have to admit that sticking with Mick is way bigger risk than sacking him at this point. We can sign Messi & Ronaldo this summer but if we lose the first two games of the season the atmosphere will be right back where we left it; toxic.

Sticking with Mick is gambling on a decent start of the season. If that doesn’t happen it’s another year wasted.
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