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So Cheltenham going ahead 'caused increased suffering and death'
at 09:27 26 May 2020

All seemed so preventable at the time.
Travel agent advice
at 12:24 4 May 2020

Sorry for another travel thread.

I was supposed to be flying to the USA next week for a multi-city trip. Due to the amount of flights required it was much cheaper to book through a travel agent ( rather than with the airlines direct as I normally with.

Obviously my plans are now cancelled, and so are my UK return flights (London to JFK and Miami to London), however my domestic US flights are not cancelled (NYC to Vegas, Vegas to Miami).

In terms of options available to me, Kiwi offer an instant refund (of around 5% of the overall spend lol), or the option to leave them to it for 3 months and see what they come back with. I think if I accept either of those options I lose all of my rights.

The dilemma is made trickier still because my UK leg flights are with Norwegian Airlines (who may go to the wall this week). For reference, my US flights are with Frontier.

Has anybody been in a similar situation to this? I am not insured for this trip (I have an annual travel insurance thing which is just Europe only and was going to get US cover about now) and I booked it using a debit card, so I'm not sure I'm particularly well covered.

Any advice appreciated.
Have to have a kind of grudging respect for the government/medical officers
at 19:54 12 Mar 2020

They’ve backed their models, forecasts and plans, and if you don’t follow all the contingencies put in place then why bother making them in the first place?

On the other hand though, it does feel a bit uncomfortable to be the only country in the world who is following this sort of advice and it’s not fun to be part of a real-world run through of a simulation.

Baffling to me that large (specifically sporting) gatherings are planned to go ahead this weekend.
Joey Barton speaking a lot of sense
at 11:26 4 Mar 2020

Which are words I didn’t think I’d ever say.

We could certainly do a lot worse.
Is the game tomorrow likely to be on?
at 13:14 10 Feb 2020

I’m currently stuck in Brussels (long story) and whilst it’s really windy and an occasionally wet here it isn’t too bad. I’ve checked the news back home and can only see extreme stuff about flooding, power cuts and the like - is the game v Wimbledon tomorrow in doubt at all?
That was almost impossibly bad
at 21:45 28 Jan 2020

Have to think we can’t be that poor on Saturday, surely?
Reasonably fun/annoying picture quiz
at 14:21 27 Jan 2020

All clues relate to 'staycation' locations in the UK & Ireland.
Toto to gogo?
at 15:01 8 Jan 2020

Probably the best thing for all parties isn’t it?
at 14:20 21 Nov 2019

Changed both of those games v Lincoln once moved into a deeper central midfield position.

I really think we will improve as a team if we can get him in that role permanently (rather than out wide or in a ten). I get the arguments around physicality and coasting through games, but I really think (as the second half last night shows) that we have plenty of players in this squad who can allow us to just play on the front foot and give him the time and space to make him really effective.
Anybody know when the FA Cup draw is?
at 14:21 16 Oct 2019

I’m assuming Monday, but don’t know.
Southend ticket question
at 18:35 29 Sep 2019

Does anybody know whether it is still unreserved seating in the away section?

Pretty sure it was that time they were in the championship with us. I’ve got a gold card, just want to make sure I’m sat with a mate who will buy at ST stage.
I think you could make a case
at 09:20 21 Aug 2019

For us having a better player not involved for pretty much every starter in the side last night.

We really weren’t very good, but ultimately we’ve won another game, remain unbeaten and are surely only going to get stronger and stronger when players start coming back.

A better game at right back, a midfielder who could carry the ball and a flying winger and last night would have been a cake walk. We will soon have options in midfield and attack on the bench to make us truly change shape effectively during games, whilst last night proves sometimes just battering the door down works.
Beer gardens in Ipswich
at 11:05 30 Jun 2019

Following on from earlier thread of London - are there any places in Ipswich or surrounding places that will be showing the cricket outside today?

Isaacs is ruled out unfortunately.
[Post edited 30 Jun 2019 11:14]
at 16:12 12 Apr 2019
Been in London this weekend
at 12:16 31 Mar 2019

Sunderland fans absolutely fooking everywhere.

League One could be a blast if we do it right.
at 11:22 14 Dec 2018

How many Wigan fans will be in attendance tomorrow?

I’ll go for 97.
Not many nails left for the coffin now
at 22:14 28 Nov 2018

Aside from everything else, that was a real momentum killer. All of the positive energy, green shoots and straws that we were clinging onto were promptly snatched away from us in that second half.

It’s going to be so, so difficult to lift this again - the players were scared to take the ball, don’t want to take set pieces and are just petrified of mistakes. The crowd, so vibrant and expectant on Friday were just stunned into apathetic silence.

The club is in a very, very, very bad way. The hope was that we could turn this around and have a positive platform to build on next year. I’m very afraid that the opposite is going to happen and the malaise is well and truly set in, and it’s hard to see how it’s remedied.
Fun fact
at 11:48 5 Nov 2018

We have had more managers (3) than home wins (2) in 2018.
So the first international break of the season
at 13:31 3 Sep 2018

Probably a fair time to assess our start.


- Edwards looks a real find, magnificent ability to beat a man in either direction, full of confidence and the end product doesn't look too far away
- We've added a lot of genuine pace to the side which is something that has been lacking
- The atmosphere around the place has improved massively and I think a lot of people seem impressed with a lot of what Hurst says, even if it hasn't materialised yet on the pitch.


- The size of the squad overhaul
- The lack of experience in the squad due to the overhaul
- The playing style/pressing promised hasn't really been evident for much of the time
- Six loanees
- Making wholesale changes to personnel and shape before the Norwich game suggests he's not particularly sure in his system/squad
- Not using youth players
- Upsetting the apple cart with media comments (Knudsen/Chambers in pre-season, Dozzell loan talk, post-Exeter remarks)

I realise that my list of negatives is much longer than the positives, and being that most people seem quite happy with him there are probably some things that I've missed that other fans are impressed by.

It's my opinion that it's not been a particularly good start to life at the club for Hurst, and giving his willingness to deviate from his ideas this early it's quite a big worry that he is out of his depth. Hope to be proven wrong.
Squad for Sunday
at 16:13 29 Aug 2018

Got to leave out one of:

Chalobah - will almost certainly play, especially if Skuse is out
Donacien - first choice
Edun - him v Graham?
Graham - most likely to miss out I’d say
Walters - we’d want him on the bench for sure
New CB - might start if Nsiala appeal isn’t won

Difficult decision - I guess the newer signings are easier to leave out but are the ones we’d want to play to fix issues in the first few games. Nsiala having his ban overturned might cure this headache (with Woolfenden in reserve perhaps).
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