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Mings stripped of Villa captaincy
at 18:59 27 Jul 2022

Saw on SSN earlier that Mings has been stripped of the captaincy, with Mcginn taking over.. get the impression Gerrard is not a massive fan... Tyrone def has a Rick in him..

Remember we were linked with Mcginn under MM, he's turned into a good player
The Ukraine situation and sanctions against Russia
at 14:14 28 Feb 2022

Firstly, I wholeheartedly show solidarity and support to the nation of Ukraine and all of its people, the invasion by Russia is cowardly and disgusting. Putin is absolutely mental and clearly a bellend..

However, I do think it's slightly unfair to kick Russia out of European and world football tournaments etc. That's punishing the whole nation for the actions of their mental leader. I'm sure many Russians would also condemn the invasion themselves and it wasn't the choice of the people or Russian football federation to go to war with the Ukraine..

Just my take on it, for what it's worth... it would be similar to us being kicked out of playing football at major tournaments because we invaded Iraq, for example
You're on death row and get 1 last meal, what would it be??
at 09:54 27 Jan 2022

Mine would be either chip shop chips, smothered in thick gravy OR a chicken tikka madras...

Andy Holt and that apology...
at 09:13 26 Jan 2022

What are people's thoughts on the fact Andy Holt has come out and issued an apology for calling Morsy a SH1T house?! Timing seems convenient to me, after the FA slapped him with a 4 game ban..

I'm all for characters in the game, as don't like people to be robots, but when you're a chairman of a club I'd expect a tad more professionalism, as they are the figurehead of their club.. wonder if the FA had a word in his ear, hence the apology, as surely his outburst could be a chargeable offence by the FA?
Carroll - 1 year deal
at 20:13 16 Aug 2021

Anyone know why we only offered Carroll a 1 year contract? He's 29, but know he's had a fair few injuries... on a free, I'd have thought we could have offered more than a 1 year contract.
Plough Lane has seen many a car crash in its time
at 21:30 13 Apr 2021

Bearing in mind Plough Lane used to be a top banger racing/stock car track it has seen many a car crash in its time, tonight it witnessed another one, despite it being a football ground....

Big summer ahead... can't fathom the stick Cook is getting already.. would like to have seen a new manager bounce, but these players are so poor they have not been able to adapt to a new manager and his ideas
SSN deadline day
at 08:45 1 Feb 2021

Sky Sports are reporting Huddersfield are in talks with town over a loan deal for Kayden Jackson... I know he's suspended, but we are short of strikers anyway.. guess if he goes that will open up some space for manoeuvre with the salary cap
That is a serious vote of confidence from Evans
at 13:54 1 Jan 2020

I have to say, bar his rotation policy, which has been done to death already, I am a Lambert fan.... he has done wonders to repair the damage done to the club over the last decade, by various different managers. The big name Keane era, the ineptitude of Jewell, the pragmatic McCarthy reign and Hurst gamble that didnt pay off...

under McCarthy and Hurst the club was on its knees and Ultimately we were relegated, but this had been coming for a considerable period of time. As a result of this decline over the last 10 years or so us, as a fan base have become extremely fickle. Only a few weeks back Lambert was the best thing since sliced bread... now after a poor run of form he's terrible etc.

As a fan base we need to look at ourselves a bit more I believe. If the crowd is on edge and groans at every misplaced pass and boo at HT and FT it is counter productive and wont help the players on the pitch, who dont go out to be crap on purpose!

We have often criticized the short term thinking of Evans and the club, he has now set in place a genuine long term plan. Let's all get behind this and be part of something special! COYB
[Post edited 1 Jan 2020 13:56]
at 14:11 18 Aug 2019

Still smell a rat regarding Didz!! A player who was injured the majority of his time whilst at the club, is then released, joins Sheffield United and goes the whole season without any injuries at all, coincidence? Or was there more to it? Always seemed so physically fragile...
Red button commentator
at 20:10 24 Oct 2018

The bloke is a complete and utter Pr1ck...

Must be a Leeds fan the way he is going on. Biased as hell
Change was needed from Mick and we got it
at 20:53 2 Oct 2018

We all wanted and needed a change from the turgid Mick era. The style of play was woeful and there are still players here who have that style of play too firmly ingrained in them. There are players who have not coped with a change in style, that Hurst has tried to implement. Such unforced errors aren't Hursts fault
Chambo confident ahead of Sunday
at 17:44 28 Aug 2018

Took my 6 year old boy to Greshams this morning for the Luke Chambers Academy and had a chat with Chambo.

Said to him the football is a lot better and it's like night and day, he said "yea but we're bottom of the league though aren't we" said yea but won't stay there, he said we'll be fine, starting on Sunday - 3 nil win. COYB!!

The boy was wearing a poxy Chelsea kit that his mum got him for his bday, because he likes Hazard and David Luiz :( bad times
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