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Consumer advice
at 13:49 11 Nov 2017

I bought a jumper online in the sale earlier in the week but it looks/fits slightly different to the image so I want to return it.

The website states they will accept returns within 14 days, however their returns form states that they cannot refund items which were bought in a sale or when a discount code was used and will only offer exchanges.

Can they legally refuse to offer a refund when their website doesn't state that?
Debate on BBC
at 10:47 27 Aug 2017

Are we too politically correct?
Sky Sports & BT Sport
at 10:44 26 Aug 2017

What provider and package would people recommend?

Currently with BT and have BT Sport HD but want Sky Sports HD too.

Need a decent broadband speed as well.
at 16:24 14 Aug 2017

Anyone else think there's more to it than the apparent injuries he has?

Since his breakthrough season and improved contract, he's had two full seasons making only a handful of appearances and mick doesn't seem to go into much detail about how he's getting on anymore, almost as if they've fallen out.
Interview questions
at 16:53 7 Apr 2017

Going to be interviewing some candidates for a new role at my work next week and want to get some decent questions in there. It's mostly office based and requires to work both in a team and individually.

What are the hardest questions some of you have either faced or asked others?
I knew our home form was bad but
at 07:02 11 Mar 2017

6 wins in 19 this season...
Mick will go...
at 13:03 18 Jan 2017

After the Norwich game. And if I was the owner I'd be doing the same thing.

Last thing you want to do is hire a new manager now with the run of games we have coming up. If t didn't click straight away we could be in trouble, whereas under mick well do enough to stay up and finish lower mid table

Will also be in time for season ticket renewals coming out which I imagine would help give some people a good enough reason to renew.

It would then give the new manager a couple of months to assess the squad and see what additions he needs in the summer.
I think Luke Chambers is being unfairly criticised..
at 10:13 2 Oct 2016

Thought him and CB were both fairly solid on Tuesday and again yesterday with the exception of that one mistake.

I also don't see anything wrong with what he tried. 99 out of 100 it would have comfortably gone back to Bart.

What's more concerning is how easy it was for there to score from that corner. I didn't see who was marking him, (looking back at the highlights possibly Douglas) but it looked far too easy for them to score from that.
Norwich signing Nelson Oliveira
at 18:52 26 Aug 2016

Seems a little desperate to me, looked pretty awful for forest last year.
[Post edited 26 Aug 2016 18:53]
Is signing a player more exciting when a fee is involved?
at 15:36 1 Aug 2016

I'm fairly sure there wouldn't be the same excitement had grant ward let his contract run out and we picked him up on a free.

I must put myself in that category though, although it makes little difference, for some reason because we've spent a bit of money it makes me happier and I'm not really sure why..

Maybe I'm just glad/relieved Mick was telling the truth in that they're happy to pay fees if the right player is out there
Burnley in a similar position to us..
at 11:21 30 Jul 2016

I saw Sean Dyche say the other day they're struggling with getting players in, deals aren't coming off for whatever reason..

How can a premier club with all the money they'll receive over the next year or so struggle to get players in (especially when I assume they're still getting parachute payments from their previous stint) yet a team like Middlesbrough getting the likes of Negredo and valdes?
Gerks injured
at 15:34 27 Jan 2016

Out for a month..
All this negativity
at 19:20 20 Jan 2016

Is rather embarrassing. Things to note..

We weren't going to win the bloody thing so no harm done there.

Any fan going yesterday (myself included) would have known it would have been a similar team to the one put out in the first leg.

It's given fringe players a couple of games to get some match sharpness so should we get any injuries, they will at least be slightly better prepared to fill in.

We have no new injuries to first team players - imagine if skuse, Fraser, Berra etc got injured for a couple of months..

It doesn't mean we now HAVE to win on Saturday to make it worthwhile, as it still helped prevent tee first teamers being worn out long term.

Going on a cup run doesn't mean you'll continue that form in the league - if we look back to Wigan winning the fa cup but still getting relegated only a few years ago.

The only disappointment from last night was that no one particularly stood out and that Malarczyk got sent off
Norwich really are struggling to sell their shirts aren't they...
at 13:18 26 Sep 2015
Negativity & Pessimism
at 13:36 30 Jul 2015

Why do we have many fans being so miserable about our squad, transfer activity and our chances this season?

Each year we've improved under MM and I fail to see it being any different this year. We've lost one good player (fairly average second half of the season) and replaced him with 3 decent attacking players. We still have a month to add players which I'm sure MM is trying to sort. And who cares if they'll be free transfers, I'd take David mcgoldrick on a free over Ross mccormack for 11m any day.

Looks as though there's a few fans on here that will never be satisfied and look for any reason to moan.

Cheer up and enjoy the season, we'll do alright.
at 17:04 29 Jul 2015

Anyone else noticed a high number of wasps about in the last couple of days?

Killed 5 within 15 minutes when I got in the office this morning. Door has remained shut most the day but when it gets left open for no more than 30 seconds there seems to be another one pop in.

Unfortunately I can't find a nest anywhere to get rid of.
Derby fans
at 13:06 27 Jul 2015

Seems all that money has gone to their heads.

Reading Harry's notes they seem to think they'll walk the league and that we'll be nowhere near the play offs.

Did they not see what happened to their rivals last season when they spent big? Hope the same thing happens to them to be honest.
Is there any type of bar in Co-op stand?
at 13:07 21 May 2015

We're moving our season tickets from SAR to the Co-op stand, just wondering if there's anything similar to Legends bar in there where we can drink pre game?
Scarves & Flags
at 16:48 15 May 2015

Is everyone taking their scarf/flag tomorrow so the players come out to a sea of blue in the corner?

Thought it looked impressive in the north stand last Saturday.
Norwich Away ticket
at 11:12 7 May 2015

Does anyone have a letter for the Norwich away game that doesn't want to go?

I'm just after one extra ticket for my brother if anyone has a spare one please.

[Post edited 7 May 2015 11:19]
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