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Charlton Make Fraser Approach
at 14:39:12

I like him & can't understand what Cook was doing in buying a very good #10 at this level, but not playing him there; like a kid in a candystore. I know McKenna likes movement, but I still think Fraser could be an effective #10 in the current side due to his quality & eye for goal, particularly when Morsy plays & pushes forward, and with the attacking nature of our full backs.
Aluko has been a revelation, but he is on a short contract, while Celina is on loan; Fraser is our player. If McKenna can see a way back for Jackson, as he offers something different up front, surely there is a place in the match day squad for someone of Fraser's ability.
Town Sign Brentford Full-Back Thompson On Loan
at 21:14:21

I remember him from the Swindon match last season, thought he had a great game. This is a very good signing, the wing back role should really suit him.
I presume Hayden Coulson will return to Middlesbrough now. A decent full back who would have done really well for us had he been able stay fit.
McKenna: Not Perfect, But Plenty of Positives
at 08:04:31

Great interview straight after a game, enjoyable & informative read. He has cleared up the situation with Simpson anyway, because I think the recall from Swindon had us all baffled. Also, good to hear his comments on Edwards & that he has been spending time playing as left wing back in training. McKenna knows his stuff & if he can get the best out of Edwards, who has already shown us that he is willing to track back, he will have a hell of a player on the left side, to compliment Burns on the other side. End product will be key of course.
Bakinson Starts as Blues Make Four Changes at Wimbledon
at 19:37:07

We are all a bit surprised when we signed Backinson just a week ago, as we didn't think central midfield was an area of much concern. Fast forward to tonight & it looks like a most astute bit of business, with Morsy & Evans both missing tonight & possibly up to 3 more games.
Accrington Chairman Hits Out at Morsy
at 08:01:33

I don't give a damn what opposing chairmen, managers or players say after a game, but I do worry when the media is reporting on the incident, calling it a definite red & former refs saying that he should have gone. I think we can expect Morsy to be given a retrospective ban after this & as he did clearly connect with Hamilton, there would be no chance of a successful appeal. We would have been better off had the ref given him a yellow card at the time, but now there will be an assumption that he didn't see it properly, so action can be taken.
For what it's worth, I thought there was very little in it & Hamilton is clearly acting, but he did raise his hand & connect and if we are honest, there is a zero tolerance against such acts even when they are innocuous. We've seen 'em given.
Ipswich Town 2-1 Accrington Stanley - Match Report
at 18:21:15

Not perfect by any stretch, but good signs there & I always appreciate a side that can come from behind to win against tough opposition.
We are very unlikely to catch any of the top 4, but we have 2 sides that we 'only' have to make up 8 points on, and I absolutely believe that we can do that on at least 1 of them.
Keeley: Walton's a Top-Six Championship Keeper
at 10:34:54

I think most of us on here already believe we have gotten ourselves a quality keeper who can move up the leagues with us when we do; but it's still nice to see an expert, who has seen him day in, day out, saying these things, even after he has left the club.
Town Closing in On Loan Signing of Bristol City Midfielder
at 10:04:45

Can't work out this signing really, but like others, I don't know anything about the lads so certainty won't knock it.
I like Tom Carroll, when fit, & was hoping/expecting that McKenna would get the best out of Harper, who is undoubtedly a very talented player, and then with El Mizouni (& even Humphries) capable of doing a decent job in League 1 when called upon, I was not expecting us to strengthen in this area. I can only assume that we will be seeing 1 or 2 exists (loans out) from midfielder shortly.
I am not counting Fraser as a midfielder in the formation that McKeanne has been using, he would more be a substitute for Aluko.
Town Confirm Bonne to Stay For Season
at 00:29:29

Despite his impressive goal tally in the first part of the season, he is not the clinical finisher that you would bet your house on every time type, & maybe is more in the 'scorer of great goals' than the 'great goalscorer' category, as he does have some belters in there. However, his hold up & link play, as well as his attitude, work rate, strength & intelligence make him an excellent centre forward at this level and hopefully beyond.
I like him playing off Norwood & finding the runners pushing forward; his assists will be just as valuable as his goals over the next few months.
This confirmation is great news and adds to the positive atmosphere around the club at the moment, hopefully he'll celebrate it in style against Bolton.
Nsiala Set For Permanent Move to Fleetwood
at 09:35:55

Always seemed like a decent guy & will be a good signing for Fleetwood. The way we are playing at the back now under McKenna would not really suit Toto's style. I wish him well.
Burns: New Boss Has Been a Breath of Fresh Air
at 12:01:22

One of the most encouraging stories I have ever read on TWTD.
McKenna: A Really Pleasing Performance
at 08:05:58

There is a lot to be pleased with, & optimistic about, from McKenna's start as our manager. He presents well, he speaks confidently, knowledgeably, but realistically about what he sees & expects; he gets an immediate bounce in performance & results (we can even consider part of his impact on the Sunderland game), but most encouragingly for me, he is getting the best from the players he has, in a formation & positions that best suit them, in order to achieve the most effective team performance possible.
Not only did I want Paul Cook to replace Paul Lambert as our manager, I was looking for it last December in order to give him the time to sort out a squad certainly good enough for the top 6 & the opportunity to bring in a couple of new recruits in the January window. McKenna, who I had only vaguely heard of before & had no thoughts of being a contender as our manager, has already shown that he can achieve what I had wrongly expecting of Cook.
I was quite critical of Cook from early on, not because I'm "a moaner, always negative or don't want to get behind the club", but because he disappointed me & worried me with his tactics, formation, attitude & his hanging the players out to dry, despite constantly telling us that he wasn't that kind of manager. Yes they were underperforming, but that was the very reason he was given that job. He wasn't appointed at the end of the season in order to have us right for 2021/22, he was brought in to push us on for the very achieveable aim of making the playoffs last season - he failed miserably, making us worse, than Lambert had!, & blamed everyone but himself. That's why I never accepted the notion that last season's performances & results didn't count for him; it was the immediate stated goal of his appointment.
Thankfully we now appear to have somebody who thinks & speaks clearly about the job, who has assessed his players in order to get the best out of them for the team, and is coaching them well in order to achieve it; while working on alternative formations to switch to when the game demands we do so. This is as opposed to someone who only had one strict game plan, regardless of the players suitability for it, or if it was working out on the pitch, in front of him.
I think the future looks bright under McKenna (early days I know) and this season is not over for us just yet.
No Town Approach For Manchester United Youngster
at 20:48:46

If we are going to play a 3-4-3 (or 3-4-1-2), I think we need to be looking at Edwards fulfilling his potential & doing what Wes Burns is doing on the right side; he has all the attributes to get up & down the left side, including defensive cover, we just need to get a final product out of him & maybe McKenna is the man to bring that out of him. With a settled back three & 2 strong holding midfielders that can drop back when the wide men push up, there is real potential for a quality footballer like Edwards to make an impact.
Tractor Girls Fall to First League Defeat at Oxford
at 07:20:47

If the season ends with 2 sides level on points at the top, it is decided by head to head results or goal difference in the first place?
McGreal Confirms Norwood Back Training With First Team Ahead of Wigan Trip
at 17:16:28

I'd drop Bonne/give him a rest for this game & hope it would do him good; he's just not got that sharpness about him at the moment, but a lot of expectation on his shoulders.
Play Pigott from the start, give him a chance & throw Chaplin up front alongside but playing off him. I'd expect both to score. Then spring Norwood from the bench in the second half to complete the rout, adding to Aluko's brace.
Richardson: Surprised, Absolutely Devastated and Gutted
at 22:43:12

@blues1 - Will you quit the constant labeling of those who have a different view to you, as whingers. You got this one totally wrong & spent months calling those of us, who had recognised the worrying signs around Cook early on, whingers & similar type names. This site is for opinons; you have demonstrated some pretty glaring shortfalls in your's over your take on Cook's responsibilities, performance & prospects in the job, but you are absolutely entitled to express it and debate with others, without being called names or being reduced to a noun of disapproval.
Engage in a real discussion, with facts & considered points of view rather than assuming negative intentions.
Who do you want to be the next full time Ipswich manager?
Cook: We Ended Up Losing a Game We Couldn’t Lose
at 06:33:06

We are not going to win the league; we are not going to finish in the automatic promotion places; with every passing league game we look less likely to make the top 6/playoff places; if we do manage to scrape into 6th place, we are very unlikely to win promotion by beating 2 of the better sides in the league back to back.
Given all the above, in this season of genuine expectation, it is therefore vitally important that we get something by way of cup success, and the manager knows this, hence the lack of youth players in the squad last night. We unconvincingly scrapped through the group stage & now get dumped out by a team of u-23s (albeit Arsenal have quality players at this level).
In the FA Cup we just about squeezed past the 2nd worst team in League football after a replay & now nervously await a Round 2 (TWO) home tie against mighty Barrow. Is our great season of hope about to end before Christmas, without ever really challenging for promotion, without ever looking like we'd get a trip to Wembly for the Papa John's, and where we get knocked out of both the Carabao & FA Cup in the early rounds, against League 2 opposition?
Saturday is an absolutely massive game for us now; a win & a chance for a possible 3rd round tie against a Premier League club gives us something to get excited about at least, but a defeat & elimination from the competition in the first week of December, will really put the rest of the season into focus for many.
Not good enough Mr Cook; it's your handpicked squad, your tactics, your backroom staff, your unwavering formation, your motivational half time team talks & your consistent inability to react to what's happening on the pitch, despite having a bench full of 'alleged' quality players at your disposal.
Cook: I've Apologised to Pigott
at 15:42:40

I would like to see a fit Tom Carroll get some minutes; I was really impressed with him at a time when Harper & Evans were getting outdone in midfield & think he might be an important player for us before the season is out, if he can stay fit for a run of games.
Cook: Our Inconsistency is Our Consistency
at 10:30:31

@blues1 - Out of interest, at what point would you consider things like poor performance, poor results, lack of consistency, and player arrogance/apathy to fall within the responsibilities of the manager who pretty much sought out & signed them all, decides on line up & formation, coaches, prepares and motivates them?
Pigott Returns to Squad as Blues Host Fleetwood
at 11:14:02

The next 3 games will tell a lot as to whether we have finally 'gelled' or 'clicked' or whatever expression you prefer for 'getting your sh.. act' together.
Doncaster was a bit of a false dawn, so we can't get complacent just because we had a big win. Portsmouth weren't great and dropped their heads after going behind, but we definitely showed a lot more in that game to give us confidence that we have turned the corner; the performance & quality of the play in the second half particularly, was excellence.
What we are also seeing now is the team finally taking shape. PC is finally getting to know his best options in the various positions & the best combinations.
I am delighted for Janoi Donacien because I always thought he was a good defensive full back. but his linking with Wes Burns on the right side has been a real bonus, KVY can be in no doubt as to what is required of him if he is to get back in the side, and that has to be a good thing. Similarly, Wes Burns has been a great signing, and it is almost inconceivable to think of not start him when fit, but Sone Aluko will be a very unlucky man if he is dropped to the bench tomorrow. With those 4, we are in good shape on that side of the pitch.
On the left I think Penney has done well enough, although Coulson is definitely a stronger option at LB for me. But in front of them, it's still hard to know who will be the preferred name wide left in the starting XI. From me the #10 should be a straight choice between Chaplin and Fraser, with Harper an option if we need to help out more in the midfield against tougher sides set up for battle. So that leaves Celina on the left in my book, that's where he's best. But again, it's inconceivable to think of Kyle Edwards not starting, given his ability. The fact that we have a third, exciting, left wing wizard, Louis Barry, who can't even make the match day squad, is an extraordinary situation to find ourselves in. The other issue on that side, is the link play with the full back. Will Penney or Coulson get the support from Celina or Edwards, that our right back gets from Burns? Is it an area that a shrewd opposing manager will look to exploit when our LB 'bombs forward'. KVY was caught out a few times, on the other side, early on in the season; Donacien & Burns have a good understanding though, which has helped combat that.
Bonne has had a sensational start to the season, but I still think Pigott will get his chance & come good for us. I worry about Norwood though, and wonder if there is a reason why he is not in the squad lately & why PC doesn't want to talk about him. Had Bonne not been the revelation he has been, I think Norwood could have gotten a fair amount of game time & done well in this set up, but he seems to be one of those players that does not respond well to being on the bench & can be easily distracted, I hope I'm wrong.
I'm also happy to see Toto back in the team & think he can be a good partner for Edmondson. Fleetwood, Plymouth & Wycombe will certainly test their partnership.
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