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Laptop recommendations
at 12:31 10 Jun 2019

I’ve decided to sell my desktop PC and get myself a laptop as I’m on-the-go a lot more these days but I’ve been out of the tech/laptop loop for quite a while and I’m wondering if anyone has any laptop recommendations?

I’m only looking for something cheap, up top £300-£400 and it doesn’t necessarily need to be fast or powerful, just a decent runner, decent processor with up to date features. I’ve looked st the Huawei models but they’re a bit pricey and I really don’t need to spend that much on a laptop!

Any help is appreciated TWTD’ers 👍
Red Dead Redemption 2
at 17:28 6 Nov 2018

Finished it last night.... wow. I won't spoil anything for anyone. It's the best game I've ever played. Basically an interactive and customisable western film. The final scenes of Chapter 6 are bloody emotional and it's only a game, I felt like a right tw*t sitting there with a lump in my throat.

I never thought I'd like a character in a game more than John Marston, but Arthur Morgan has surpassed him.
There is some proper sh*t on this forum these days
at 14:49 19 Sep 2018

A post claiming Evan is going to sack Hurst because he's 'a bit too brash' appears at half-time last night and the whole place goes batsh*t crazy. It was clearly a reactionary post to the gutless first half performance, and while the OP has previous for getting things right, he's also got previous for being wrong. The second half shows that if Hurst doesn;t stray from his preferred system, team and plan, we'll start to see things coming together, and if Evans was to sack Hurst for 'changing things' even though that's what was required, then I'm done with him for good, and I imagine alot of other people would too.

Don't try telling me some of the senior players don't like PH. Look at Chambo, Knudsen and Skuse celebrating Jackson's goal last night, not much of a divide between the new/old players is there. The fact there are actually people on Facebook, Twitter and here actually entertaining the though of sacking a manager after 8 games into a new season disgusts me tbh, it makes me hate the modern football fan. Mick gets two seasons of patience, Hurst gets 8 games. Madness.

Adding to that, last night also helped show that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. People were calling for two up front, they got it, people were calling for wing backs, they got it, and we looked absolute sh*t. I hope we never try five-at-the-back again unless we are going to play proper technical wing-backs instead of full-backs. Undr Mick, we would have stuck with the system and hoped for a change of fortunes through grit and effort, but thankfully, Hurst identified the problem, made some ballsy changes and admitted he was wrong. What a refreshing change. A manager who openly discusses his thinking, admits he can get it wrong and sorts it out.

The second half was a sign of exactly what happens when you show some patience and stick with the plan. We were playing 2nd in the league who looked impressive in possession, and we took the game to them, nullified them for large periods and looked capable of winning it. Replacing Spence was a must, he had and has had a complete shocker of late and we need to keep Donacien in the team. Harrison looked completely lost at times and Jackson showed exactly what a striker short of supply should do... run your bloody a*se off. Nolan linked up the play to Jackson very well, the wingers kept Brentford's full-backs deep, Ward looked a completely different beast taking people on and the goal has come from a bit of quick passing out wide and a lovely cross from Trev and a good run from Jackson. That is exactly what we need to strive for, not matching teams up with 5-at-the-back, but stick with our game, take it to teams and we'll be fine.

To me, that second half says we must show patience and must persist with Hurst's preferred system. All this panicking and jumping the gun is far too early. 8 games. Mid-September. And some fans want him gone. It'll come. Hurst made a mistake in that first half, he acknowledged it, identified it, changed it and got it right in the second half. I can see us tonking Bolton on Saturday if we lineup with the team that finished the game.
I don't agree we need two up front
at 22:40 21 Aug 2018

If you play Harrison and Jackson, who are you dropping? It makes us alot weaker in midfield which has been very imposing in the first four games. What we need is a lone striker who can bring others in to play. A new Daryl Murphy.

Hurst isn't going to change his well known philosophy after 4 games at a new club. I just think the personnel up top needs another option of an experienced striker who can change a game either from the bench or from the start and bring midfielders into the attack. Nothing stuck with Harrison tonight, Jackson is more of an 'on-the-shoulder' type centre-forward and it was even evident against Villa, a proper hold-up centre-forward is a huge asset in this league.
So many signs of encouragement today...
at 20:45 4 Aug 2018

I don't really get why people thought we'd be playing to our top level in the first game of the season? It was a fairly average performance with large spells where we didn't build up through the midfield but there were so many encouraging signs that we can, and will, build on, add to with new signings and the players will improve through consistency.

Bart looked a bit shaky at times, distribution wasn't great, but he's had 3 phenomenal seasons, I think we can let him have the odd game to get him up to speed again. It will also help him greatly when the back four is sorted and settled. I think Chambo and Knudsen will be regulars, Jonas had a decent game today, and like everyone else, they'll both improve in this system as time goes on. We've gone from quick, direct balls into the channels to our defenders being composed on the ball. It will take time. Donacien isn't a CB and should be seen as a RB. His positioning was poor for the 2nd goal but he redeemed himself with his RB performance which I thought was better than I've seen from Spence in a while. Hopefully we get Nsala and Tilt sorted next week, get that competition for places at the back and get some natural CB's in there. Woolfenden looked OK as he came on but he won't manage a whole season of course, so Tilt/Nsala need to happen really.

The midfield worried me pre-kick off if I'm honest. I'm not moaning, it's Hurst's first game and he'll want to see what his midfielders offer in a competitive enviroment, but I don't think Chalobah, Skuse and Downes are the way to go. Skuse and Downes playing as box-to-box midfielders didn't work. We struggled to keep the ball at times, nothing really built up through the middle and we were crying out for a creative midfielder playing in behind Harrison who would also make runs into the box. For me, Chalobah was tidy and very impressive for a player who's never played a league game before. He was strong, intelligent and good with the ball at his feet, but his passing and decision making will need to improve, but of course it will over time. My mate next to me said he plays like Magilton, something I've said we've missed for years and years. For me, Skuse and Chalobah are the holding midfield options and the rest of the CM's are fighting for the two other positions. I'd rather see Nolan, Dozzell, Bish, Huws or Nydam in those positions as they offer more going forward and are good in possession in and around the final third. Get two of those in front of Chalobah and that's a tasty midfield.

Sears isn't a winger. We've known that for a while but we need a left midfielder not just for attacks but for balance. After the 5th minute, every single attack that threatened Blackburn was coming through Edwards. Sears is a striker who needs to play in a two. Edwards on the other hand looked very classy. Good touch, pace, tricks, wants to beat the full-back everytime, decent end-product and he can defend too! Several times he tracked back and scrapped for the ball. He's like a more technical Paul Anderson. He looks a right gem and I haven't seen a winger like him in a Town shirt since Fraser who just stays wide, stretches play and runs at full-backs. Rightfully MOTM.

Harrison worked hard but had no service really. He'll get in good positions but several times he was the man crossing the ball rather than getting on the end of it, and I think he needs someone behind him in central midfield who is more creative, someone like Nolan or Dozzell. He held the ball up well, looks strong and fast and will be a handful in this league no doubt about it. Morris looked decent too, it probably helps he was playing in a two when he came on, but his drive and ball roll for his shot were the signs of a youngster confident in his ability in the box. There is a player there. Edun also looked lively when he came on at left midfield, he got himself involved and tried to get things moving, but his goal was complete luck... oh well, they all count! Well done Edun!

All in all, the performance was average, at times scrappy, but the signs are there. We've just had 5 years of one style of play, so we aren't going to be a finished article on the first game of a new managers tenure, but you could see we had more patience, tried to play slightly more and that wingers are very important once again. For me, get Nolan, Tilt, Nsala and probably another left winger and we'll be fine. Nolan is what we needed in midfield today, or Huws. Or Bishop. or Dozzell. or Nydam. We have options but it will happen in time. Chalobah oozes class and adding Tilt/Nsala to our backline will help strengthen us. I'm just glad it's back.
My take on Waghorn (not that anyone cares)
at 16:46 22 Jul 2018

We should learn from the Murphy situation and keep hold of him until we get offered silly money, and even then, only approve the sale once we have someone else in the door. We sold Murphy for good money and then replaced him for peanuts and what good was that money in the bank? I’d much rather have Waghorn in the pitch than £8mil sitting in our bank but lacking goals/assists.

I’m still fairly certain he won’t go tbh, we seem intent on keeping him and my problem with it all is, we sell our most influential player for good money but then who do you replace him with? Players like Waghorn are few and far between, so why risk selling and replacing when we have a proven class act at the club? If I was Evans, I’d be getting a new contract sorted for him tbh. Show some intent to keep our best players as we have with Bart.

If we end up selling Waghorn, it will be the most gutted I’ve been that we’ve sold a player since I was a kid and we sold Matty Holland. Nothing will get the fans buzzing for August 4th more than keeping our two best players, adding a few more players to the squad and playing a new brand of football! 🙏
Barrie McKay
at 16:01 28 Jun 2018

Watson claiming the fee is £3.5mil
at 16:16 27 Jun 2018

Deary me.

Mick saying he'd "try and buy Bart" if he gets another club
at 18:00 24 Jun 2018

I doubt he'll get a club this summer and certainly won't get one rich enough to buy Bart.
at 16:39 21 Jun 2018

Peruvian keeper, free agent.

Sign him up.

That's all.
Did anyone win money from Hurst's appointment?
at 16:43 13 Jun 2018

Just wondering because I saw a copious amount of odds flying about while we were looking for a manager and Hurst had fairly long odds early on.
Someone has got to whip up some songs for Hurst now...
at 21:46 28 May 2018

Texters, get your pen out mate!

Red Dead 2
at 16:25 2 May 2018

Everything has been said about Mick but one thing I'll add...
at 23:33 10 Apr 2018

Back in November 2012, I genuinely thought we were done for. I remember thinking that no one could save us and that we might be facing a future like Coventry. Along comes Mick, keeps us up with a silly amount of points and one thing he brought back was my pride in ITFC and our club, and for that, thanks very much Mick.

The two seasons that followed built on that pride. We became hard to beat (after years of being a soft touch), we had a squad of players who gave everything for the club and we were getting results. The play-off season is one we'll never forget. I'll always remember 2k Ipswich fans outsinging the Scum with "Ipswich Till I Die" despite losing to them. We were all incredibly proud. It was everything we needed in 2012 and Mick was providing that, right up until September 2015. That Reading game was the turning point. The direct and attacking football was abandoned, and Mick reverted to grinding out results with gritty, unattractive performances and, most importantly, he wasn't building on the previous season. We were going backwards.

Last season was THE disaster that, for me, meant there was no way Mick could return to our 14/15 success. The football was the worst I've ever seen in my lifetime at Ipswich, the results were terrible, the anger between the fans/Mick had grown to an unrepairable level and the Lincoln game was embarrasing and still is. I thought the time to go was last summer. He didn't go, we persisted and, although August and September seemed like Mick reviving his mojo, it was a false dawn and the poor performances, poor results, lack of entertainment/shots on target have reared their ugly heads again. The cautious approach and Mick's insistence to snipe the fanbase since September 2015 has killed his tenure at ITFC.

As I said, Mick restored our pride in the club back in 2013, he has built a good squad, he has kept us relatively competitive and for that, I thank him. However, the football on show has not good enough over the past 18 months, the back-and-forth with the fanbase has irked a growing number of people and most importantly, the results have been mid-table at best and we're not progressing.

It's gone stale. It's been stale for 18 months. Whether you're elated or sad that Mick is going, the time for change is now. We need some excitement back at PR. We need to start playing a more entertaining brand of football and, as ever, we need to progress the squad and the results, something Mick has not done for near on 2 years. Whatever happens, we're all Town, let's back the current squad for the final games, let's back the new manager and let's get excited about ITFC again. It's been a while!
Iorfa yesterday
at 23:29 19 Feb 2018

I've given him some absolute pelters this season and I still don't think he's better than Spence, but thought he played RWB very well yesterday.

Made some really charging runs (I thought his one in the box was a penalty at the time but can see it wasn't now), contributed to build up play down the right and gave Lewis the run around until he went off. Also noticed we must have had some kind of plan to put long-balls to him when he was one-on-one with Lewis so he could use his height advantage, and he did pretty much everytime.

It's a shame we haven't seen that side of him more often this season because if we had, he'd be no.1 RB for sure.
Absolutely gutting, I feel worse than after the 4-1 at their place
at 17:04 18 Feb 2018

How the hell do we pick ourselves up after that? If you asked me this morning what the ideal outcome would be, it would have been a 1-0 late winner from someone like Chambo, and the scenes when it seemed like that happened were amazing, I'd say more crazy than the play-offs because we thought we'd finally beat them again. It's typical Norwich to go and get a last second equaliser and then celebrate it like they've actually won something of note, yet they never have and never will.

The whole Mick thing is boring. If he's aimed that 'f*ck off' at the fans, it's unacceptable and needs to be addressed but I was p*ssed off that some of our fans felt the need to aim abuse at our own staff during a derby game that was 0-0. Fine, the subs weren't great and the second half performance was dire from us, but the one team you don't slag your own off against is Norwich, and their fans were lapping it up unfortunately.

They are just such an unbearable bunch of w*nkers. Maddison and Klose will be gone and they'll have no money, but I really feel we could have and should have finished them off there. Both sides look well below promotion candidates though.

Bart kept us in the game once again. The back three/five worked well all game, especially Carter-Vickers and Chambo mopping everything up. Iorfa wasn't horrendous at times which is an improvement. The midfield looked decent first half at breaking up play and Waghorn/Garner were constant nuisances, but the second half was very poor. We just sat off them and let them play. I understand it's tough to find the right balance but they were there for the taking if we really attacked them.

The away end when Chambo buried that header though was madness. People going a*se over t*t, hugging strangers and the atmosphere was fantastic. If only we held on because the day we beat Scum up at Carrow Road is going to be a good one.
Lost for words after that
at 18:20 10 Feb 2018

and not just because it was absolutely freezing!

Two awful sides get a point each yet both deserved absolutely nothing. The fact we mustered two shots on target at home against bottom of the league and played that bad is simply inexcusable. I hope Mick and the players are as p*ssed off as I, and many other, are.

Play like that next Sunday and we're going to get absolutely shafted by those d*ckheads yet again.
Great chance to get some form/confidence ahead of Scum
at 17:32 3 Feb 2018

All Mick can do is to try and win games while he's here and today was exactly what we needed. We looked comfortable, in control, took our chances and now have a great chance to get some form going ahead of the Scum game!

Nice to see Chambers/Carter-Vickers striking up a partnership and you can see why Pochettino rates Carter-Vickers highly. Joey Garners goal was a fantastic piece of old-fashioned CF play, a joy to watch. Waghorn compliments and plays off of Garner so well, just a shame he couldn't pick up a goal for himself. Another shame is that Sears didn't get the tap-in but alas, nice to see him getting in goalscoring positions I suppose!

Yes, Sunderland clearly aren't great and look in trouble, but traveling miles and miles up north to play a team with some decent players in the winter isn't exactly a walk in the park. The result doesn't change much in terms of the league but maybe, just maybe, a win against Burton will pick confidence up enough that we can give the Scum a good go on the 18th.
[Post edited 3 Feb 2018 17:38]
Jacob Rees-Mogg speech interupted by Antifa supporters
at 23:21 2 Feb 2018

[Post edited 3 Feb 2018 17:21]
Mick loves a dig...
at 17:50 20 Jan 2018

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