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The Younger Generation
at 14:22 25 Nov 2020

I really do feel for them when they see the likes of those old enough and to have witnessed 3 of our biggest moments in my generation and very unlikely at present to witness times like it ever again

Now being a mere 50+ I was unfortunate enough to be living in Great Yarmouth in 78 and was treated to an FA Cup Final , I was 10 years of age. We moved to Ipswich and lived on Cox Lane where my old man (as already mentioned ) ran the General Gordon and was treated to tickets for both legs of the UEFA Cup Final in 80-81. Years later I had moved to Nottingham but kept close ties to mates in Ipswich who got me a ticket for the Play Off Final

Amazing times and more than a distant memory

The young kids must wonder wtf us older folk bang on about at times

If only they knew ...sad sad times

Time for a change to 4-4-2 ?
at 13:47 25 Nov 2020

Seemingly not working as a 4-3-3 or at least the way the players are asked to play it. The two wide front men are too far away from the central guy all the time so...time to change it up utilising what we have available

Chambers - Woolfy - McGuinness - Ward

Edwards - Downes - Dozzell - Bennetts or Lankester

Norwoord - Jackson

Both wide midfielders taking the time to swap flanks on occasion to keep the opposition on their toes and also to utilise Edwards in a way that makes him effective (coming in from the left)

This side of the transfer window please
at 22:14 24 Nov 2020

Albeit we won’t have funds to bring people in , we might just have time to bring people back in from loans , kick people out that are surplus to requirements and above all else give the new guy at least a fighting chance of making an impact

Any later and pointless

I’m off for my beauty sleep

Keep smiling
The past decade is like ....
at 21:21 24 Nov 2020

.... dose of the clap and it just won’t go away
I’m done
at 20:40 24 Nov 2020

I’ll be back when he’s gone
Could be described as .....
at 20:21 24 Nov 2020

busy fools

I’ll huff and I’ll puff ...

No lack of effort but total lack of belief and quality
If it's toothless tonight .....
at 16:37 24 Nov 2020

...you'll be hearing from my solicitors in the morning
May have been asked already
at 11:13 24 Nov 2020

When did we actually win a really important game and who was it against ?
Well done Nors but ....
at 16:31 7 Nov 2020

sort that belly out man
Watching some plastic football
at 20:27 19 Oct 2020

The movement , technical ability and speed that the Leeds players move the ball is quite something
Considering the depletion ...
at 08:15 19 Oct 2020

of the squad through injuries , we're top of the league still

It's another good Monday morning

How many do we have out now btw ? We're top with half a first team to come back
at 15:49 6 Oct 2020

Seeing he scored this afternoon made me ask myself the question(s)

Is Cotter really that bad ? Considering PL's thoughts on Donacien

Taking into account the worries ref Kenlock ,would it be totally suicidal to shift LC to the left side and Cotter at right back for a couple of weeks ?

Totally undermines Kenlock I guess but.....other ideas welcome

I'd have to see Woolfy back in the middle before doing so for a little more stability perhaps
Spurs and the VAR
at 16:01 27 Sep 2020

Anyone see it ? Game has gone crazy

Other instances this weekend just makes me glad we haven’t got it

We've had line up predictions ,now....
at 14:55 24 Sep 2020

score predictions for Saturday ?

I'll go 3-1
So fast forward 2 months
at 09:52 23 Sep 2020

Apart from perhaps KVY but everyone is fit , we've got McGuinness as well

What's the proposed starting 11 ? To sit Woolfy and McGuinness together at the back would be exciting but would they get bullied ? Sat in front of those Downes and Dozzell ,would there be enough protection ? In front of those as it sits now for me it'd be Drinan wouldn't it ?

A very very young spine running through that team ? Could it work ?
at 16:52 19 Sep 2020

Has been superb today along with Dozzer. Brilliant !
This Downes Thing
at 15:41 2 Sep 2020

Would we all be as peeved if this were breaking news at the end of last season or is it simply magnified due to alleged current state of the club with all the unrest right now as we speak ?

Point being would we have seen it as a knock (and perhaps a little more expected) BUT better timing and perhaps some of those funds could've been used to invest in another two players

Ermmmmm the salary cap came along ffs

Ignore me ...just answered my own thoughts !
at 21:13 5 Mar 2020

He’s got his head on the wrong way round
Bloody hell
at 22:16 26 Feb 2020

We could actually be playing Boro or Stoke next season after all.

Just seen the Champ league table jeeez
Football or Comedy related Podcasts
at 18:24 26 Feb 2020

As I’m in the car all day touring sunny Yorkshire I’ve started to listen to a couple of football related podcasts. The Peter Crouch one and Under the Cosh , both quite funny in different ways

Anyone any other recommendations ?
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