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Leicester 7-0
at 21:24 25 Oct 2019

Is it going to be broken !!!!
Edwards ,Judge , Dozzell,Nsiala
at 12:45 20 Oct 2019

Discuss 🤷🏼‍♂️
at 11:46 9 Oct 2019

Managed to watch the second half via iFollow last night and just watched the highlights again

Crikey we’ve got some bloody good young lads on the up.

Not only in the side last night to get ready but look more than capable to step up albeit in League 1 when required

Competent on the ball but above all else ...positive with it and playing football “the correct way “

Highly excited and rightly so foe the first time in a good few years.

Few more pieces of the jigsaw seem to be falling into place slowly but surely

Whoever disagrees with this competition we played in last night need to think again because IMO this season , with all the injuries we’ve had and players coming back , blooding the younger players and using a very well used rotational squad system ...well it’s all worked out quite well

Next season is another story but for now we seem to be “lucking “ it out and long may it continue because all of us deserve this fee good factor. Players and supporters.

I remember the Robson days and of course the Burley Wembley promotion etc and this is the first season for a long long time where I’m enjoying it again. Not just because we’re winning but overall , the club is in such a better state

Living in Sheffield has its issues supporting a team in League 1 , playing football myself against a group of Blades fans every Thursday night ...let’s just say the pi55 taking directed at me has now slowed down and they’re recognising what’s happening “near Holland” as the call it.

Long may or continue !
[Post edited 9 Oct 11:51]
at 08:14 18 Sep 2019

3rd or 4th top scorers at home

It's gonna be a good un !!!
at 21:07 17 Sep 2019

Any idea what’s happening there tonight ...whoops ?
This week.....
at 08:31 16 Sep 2019

for me will define where we go between now and Christmas

With the season well underway and the struggle we found ourselves in against Donny performance-wise, formation,style of play etc I think if we can't put up a better display over the next two games then this could well be the blue print for us for a good few months

Having the" target on our back " doesn't account for much in this league as Donny showed at the weekend . Thinking teams are going to come to PR roll over and die are far from the truth to be fair .

We need to step it up in all aspects otherwise what SHOULD be enjoyable will end up being a complete grind of a season.

The left side as documented well over the weekend worries me , both attacking and obviously defensive . The long ball up to both Jackson and Norwood is OK to a degree but not for the majority .

"Front foot football " is what we keep hearing but we were pretty much back foot from what I saw on Saturday .

I think for me reality has set in after the performances this season and also for me we are still ,well I am , waiting to see and witness a REALLY good performance
at 09:15 4 Sep 2019

From those that went last night , was he that good .

I could only read posts etc from various sites whilst sat in my ivory tower in Sheffield and I read a few posts complaining he was lacking slightly ?

I have to say he was on his heels for the first goal or was it just me ?
Another good Saturday so far
at 15:26 31 Aug 2019

Wet Sham just scored
Lincoln ...
at 20:05 28 Aug 2019

They look a decent little unit. Playing some nice stuff
at 10:11 28 Aug 2019

So contradictory ffs

They’re having the Derby owner on shortly to discuss how the Bury and Bolton situations can’t happen again

Mel Morris and Derby described by that annoying presenter Jim White an amazing guy and a very well run club

Jeeeez if I had the time I’d be calling in.

The Derby model is a blueprint for what’s wrong with state of our game

Annoyed and sorry for the rant
Anyone know .....
at 16:47 24 Aug 2019

how Scunthorpe are getting on 🥴🤷🏼‍♂️
Wow !!!
at 21:37 20 Aug 2019

Get in ...thankfully
Like I said at the weekend ....
at 20:35 20 Aug 2019

Do we actually think we’re better than we really are ?
Are We
at 16:11 17 Aug 2019

Not actually as good as we think we are ?
at 16:19 14 Aug 2019

Who'd be happy coming away with a point ?

Considering we've had two tough games on paper and have 4 points

Peterborough on the other hand have played Fleetwood at home and Oxford away and have 0 points ...not quite what their summer investment was anticipating I'd suggest

With the above considered I'd still take a point
Danny Rowe
at 11:08 10 Aug 2019

Start him today over Judge ?

Personally I would given Judge’s rehab and the way Danny played last week

Good option to bring Judge on around 60 mins to swap
Drinan out on Loan
at 15:23 8 Aug 2019

Meaning someone’s due in maybe ?
Let’s consider ....
at 10:56 7 Aug 2019

we’ve no new faces coming in but we have a fully fit squad (if only )

What’s you match day squad ?
For those of us ....
at 22:30 19 Jul 2019

fortunate / unfortunate enough to live in Sheffield and not have local advantage to convenient friendlies, could someone please table some player ratings

Thanks in advance
Little Bewildered
at 14:38 18 Jul 2019

So many negative comments and we've not started the season as yet. Be it related to lack of signings , recent friendly results etc

Am I correct in saying Blackburn went down , maintained most of their relegated squad who weren't good enough for the Championship and bounced back with 96 point and 82 goals for ?

Why is it that there seems a host of negativity about ourselves bearing in mind the above mentioned fact ?

I look forward to being corrected as ever
[Post edited 18 Jul 14:41]
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