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Anyone think we might be in for Paul Mullin...
at 11:00 3 May 2021

... at the end of the season?

Lives with Norwood as it is. Mates. Played together successfully already so chemistry there. Cambridge would always have to sell if offered a decent fee. Can play as lone front man, in a two or off the main striker.


Interesting. My previous post on Norwood.
at 11:41 2 May 2021

Lots of negative comments about his 'character', not one on his performance stats/goal ratio.

Perhaps because they are statistics that you can't argue with. So let's just ignore them. We are going to be buying people on a statistical performance model going forward, not on a social media model. Games aren't played on Twitter after all.
[Post edited 2 May 11:42]
Norwood. Goal Ratio and Club Captain.
at 09:47 2 May 2021

I've been really critical of Cook and some of his man management on here.

But I think giving Norwood the armband might just be a stroke of genius.

So...forget his social media, love of loathe it.

He is very popular amongst his teammates.
He (apparently) is one of the best trainers at the club.
We can all see when he's on the pitch he always gives 110% (sometimes to his detriment when coming back from injury).
I think when you rebulid a squad, you need a captain who links the old and the new.
He is a strong character and has hardness to his game that we need.
He is all about winning.

And...his goal scoring ratio since he's been here is Started 41 games. Scored. 20.

When was the last time we had that? 41:20.

And he's done that consistently throughout his career.

I hope Cook gives the armband to him permanently.

Norwood's interview in the EADT make interesting reading. I think Cook might be about to get this one right.

SQUAD...Where Cook will end up.
at 11:48 28 Apr 2021

According to SOCCERBASE this is our current squad:

Jake Alley (G)
1Tomas Holy (G)
28David Cornell (G)
2Mark McGuinness (D)
3Stephen Ward (D)
4Luke Chambers (D)
5James Wilson (D)
6Luke Woolfenden (D)
22Aristote Nsiala (D)
24Kane Vincent-Young (D)
30Myles Kenlock (D)
41Luke Matheson (D)
49Dylan Crowe (D)
50Tommy Smith (D)
57Levi Andoh (D)
58Albie Armin (D)
7Gwion Edwards (M)
8Cole Skuse (M)
11Jon Nolan (M)
14Jack Lankester (M)
15Ed Bishop (M)
16Tristan Nydam (M)
17Keanan Bennetts (M)
18Alan Judge (M)
21Flynn Downes (M)
23Andre Dozzell (M)
27Luke Thomas (M)
33Josh Harrop (M)
36Armando Dobra (M)
44Emyr Huws (M)
50Liam Gibbs (M)
51Matthew Healy (M)
52Ross Crane (M)
53Zak Brown (M)
54Tawanda Chirewa (M)
55Zanda Siziba (M)
59Jack Manly (M)
NAKai Brown (F)
NAThomas Hughes (F)
NABen Morris (F)
9Kayden Jackson (F)
10James Norwood (F)
20Freddie Sears (F)
25Aaron Drinan (F)
32Oli Hawkins (F)
40Troy Parrott (F)
47Tyreece Simpson (F)
56Allan Viral (F)

Looking at contracts, who Cook likes etc, this is where he will end up before adding anyone.

• 1Tomas Holy (G) 
• 3Stephen Ward (D) 
• 4Luke Chambers (D)  PLAYER COACH
• 5James Wilson (D) 
• 22Aristote Nsiala (D) 
• 24Kane Vincent-Young (D) 
• 50Tommy Smith (D)
• 58Albie Armin (D) 
• 7Gwion Edwards (M) 
• 8Cole Skuse (M)  PLAYER COACH
• 11Jon Nolan (M) 
• 15Ed Bishop (M) 
• 16Tristan Nydam (M) 
• 21Flynn Downes (M) 
• 23Andre Dozzell (M) 
• 36Armando Dobra (M) 
• 50Liam Gibbs (M) 
• 52Ross Crane (M) 
• 54Tawanda Chirewa (M) 
• 55Zanda Siziba (M) 
• 10James Norwood (F) 
• 32Oli Hawkins (F) 

You might not like it, but it's a realistic appraisal.
Stuart Watson have a word with yourself!
at 12:32 26 Apr 2021

Running a story about could Drogba do a job for Ipswich in L1.

Obviously not.

Watch the Phoenix Rising games he played. The pace of the game is really slow. He doesn't look to have any pace left and that was 4 years ago. The poor guy is older than Finidi George was when he came here. He'd get hacked to bits and risk serious injury. He would not 'Destroy League 1' he'd get hurt.
Reading the EADT interview...
at 18:12 24 Apr 2021

Cook himself is starting to question whether he will be here much longer, '. I was out of work for eight, nine months and I couldn't wait to get back in. The way my team is playing at the minute I'll be out of work again pretty soon.'
[Post edited 24 Apr 18:13]
Players and Cook.
at 15:25 23 Apr 2021

Let's be honest, no one is coming out of this with any credit.

It's an unholy ugly mess, the players have been rubbish and Cook has looked as all over shop as his vaccilating vocal chords.
Roy Keane ruined this club...
at 22:07 21 Apr 2021

Paul Jewell ruined this club...
Mick McCarthy ruined this club...
Paul Hurst ruined this club...
Paul Lambert ruined this club...
Marcus Evans ruined this club...
The players ruined this club...

Paul Cook... Hold my tea...
So... Paul Cook is meeting with the US owners tomorrow.
at 21:47 21 Apr 2021

I wonder how the conversation goes?...

Hey Paul, let's see now.

So... 2 wins in 12, no goal for 9hrs, all over the place in recent post match interviews and the guy who you said was the key personnel hire you wanted to make has signed a contract with a rival.

How do you think you're doing?

Let's have it. Right?
Americans vs Cook
at 21:18 20 Apr 2021

The Americans (if they have any sense which they surely do) would have told Cook no pressure to get up this year but show us what you can do with these players and we'll go from there. He's not THEIR appointment. He's ME appointment. Does anyone seriously buy that bull about oh Paul Cook, yeah we wanted him too! Well they hadnt spoken to him had they? Of all the managers out there two completely different groups from completely different backgrounds came up with the same name? SERIOUSLY? YOU THINK???
Is there a press conference today pre tomorrow's game?
at 14:31 19 Apr 2021

So....Paul Cook Press Conference? 9am this morning?
at 09:19 12 Apr 2021

Anyone watch the Matt Gill interview?
at 22:17 10 Apr 2021

I like MG. I think he's a good man. I just got the impression he looked a little...not sure how to put it...shaken maybe? Now it could be he just didn't fancy being sent out for the interviews. It could be he was worried about the reaction to PC missing a second consecutive press conference since the new owners came it (and there has clearly been a negative reaction to it). Or it could be he knows something regarding PC not being best pleased with the idea of a CEO coming in and taking the responsibility for transfer selection away from him.
Interesting about Paul Cook...
at 20:17 10 Apr 2021

...his name is an anagram of

(well we have a lot of Poo Luck as Ipswich fans)

(Which could refer to the players lack of constitution)


(which means PC is backing his bags and on his way)
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