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at 17:31 13 Aug 2022

...looks to be playing a league below his level at times.

He's so assured and calm in both boxes.

Those little nutmegs were class.

2 assists?

Some excellent clearing up and tackling.

Do those ITFC managers and coaches who overlooked him feel stupid now?
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Ipswich Town v MK Dons prediction logged
If not Hirst, who?
at 22:33 11 Aug 2022

There's a lot of conflicting rumours about 'a done deal', 'loans to Championship sides', 'Rodgers job being about to end' etc.

It starts to feel like Celina part 2.

We hopefully won't get burned twice in one window, and potentially (ideally) have an alternative.

But who is he?
Question about rotation/resting players.
at 11:17 11 Aug 2022

Can anyone think of a series of games where it's had a positive effect?

We've done it in cup games for a long while and it never seems to make us any more competitive or likely to get promoted

I get squad players need game time, but surely we could change 4 or 5 not 9 or 10.

Ladapo for instance would benefit from a goal, and I'd think him playing 60 mins and gettig a goal would have set him up nicely for MK.

I just don't think (and this is the important bit) the way WE do it works. It's too wholesale and doesn't appear to benefit the players that play and appears to have no positive and (arguably) a borderline negative on the players that don't.

Also given that these games we throw away come early in the seaaon, surely giving the vast majority of your first team more game time should help them work on their partnerships and game understanding at a time when they need to be cementing it.

The 5 sub rule also means you can take a chunk of them off when we've (hopefully) scored ourselves into a winning position.

We just keep trying the same approach and failing. That's not smart.
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All this talk of the strength of our bench....
at 10:12 10 Aug 2022 well and truly put to the sword last night.
My Lord....
at 10:00 10 Aug 2022

Keogh looks about 50!!
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Would you start Ladapo tonight...
at 10:49 9 Aug 2022 give him the chacnce to get off the mark?

I wonder if it's worth it so that first goal doesn't become a millstone round his neck.
@Phil...are you thinking you'll get to use the word 'incoming'...
at 10:43 8 Aug 2022

...this week?

(And not in the sentence 'No new signings 'incoming' for the moment.'
Played 2 Won 1 Drawn 1
at 22:59 6 Aug 2022

I would take that start to the season all day long.

Anyone moaning needs to get a little perspective.

How many games did we go before winning last season?

How many games did we fail to beat promoted teams last season?

If you can't enjoy an unbeaten start to the season, what's the point?

Here's to steam rolling the Old Boys' team on Tuesday.

Mark Brennan...
at 15:26 4 Aug 2022 good was he when you look back?

I seem to remember a very energetic midfielder with a cracking shot.

But it's a longtime ago and maybe someone a little older than me might have clearer memories?
All I'm saying is don't give up on Celina...
at 19:28 1 Aug 2022

...just yet.

Football's a funny old game and Turkish football funds aren't the most reliable.
Yesterday's draw will prove a good point and a blessing in the long run
at 09:59 31 Jul 2022

Bolton are a good side at this level and we won't play many better. Once we got our game going we looked comfortably better than them.

Also a draw reigns in a lot of that crazy expectation we seem to generate. HMS Piss The League can stay in dry dock. This team will do well over 46 games. Especially with a couple of additions.

Also. Yes, same result as the opening game last year, but last year it was against the least fancied promotion side and this year it was against the 2nd best team in league 1 over the second half of the season.
Someone needs to say to Burns...
at 17:17 30 Jul 2022

You had an amazing season last time. Don't feel you have to better it. Just relax and play your natural game with freedom and we'll be fine.
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Impressed with Ladapo...
at 19:51 29 Jul 2022

...and how he talks. He seems focused and raring tio go.

There's a calm intelligencen there.

Likewise Morsy, he's up for it. (Just Sam, please...don't be so up for it you go flying into the first challenge and get sent off!)
Celina some time?
at 19:16 29 Jul 2022


And first time I've mentioned it in 2 weeks.
Top Data Analyst and supercomputer...
at 10:41 29 Jul 2022

...working out where Town will finish.

If you were to score a screamer at Portman Rd....
at 12:20 28 Jul 2022

What's your celebration.

1. Over Agressive, Angry Fist Pump?
2. Knee Slide?
3. Impassive turnsround back to Halfway line ('The Whitton')?
4. Cartwheel?
5. Six Shooters?
6. The crowd dive (Hermann)?
7. The 'my name is' (Norwood)?
8. Point to the heavens?
9. Run around headless chicken style?
10. Twerk?
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First scorer for Town this season?
at 10:40 28 Jul 2022

I'm thinking Morsy.
So this is the second Gamechanger season proper.
at 08:40 28 Jul 2022

We all have high expectations. We need to do better than last year and the spotlight is on us and our young manager.

It's second album syndrome and we know it. So how about a list of second albums that have really cut the mustard?

I'll start off with:

Led Zeppelin II
Nevermind - Nirvana
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Neil Young
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back - Public Enemy
The Bends - Radiohead
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