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At least you get the feeling...
at 19:27 15 Jan 2022

(well I do anyway, can't speak for the rest of you)...that they will seriously sit down and look at the reasons why we didn't play to our levels today and actually do something about it before Accrington.

My thought was that we had possession but didn't move the ball fast enough, and thus didn't create enough chances.

Felt Norwood and Bonne were too far apart for much of the game so posed less of a threat.

Also there weren't that many chances.

We should have pressured their keeper more, felt we needed to convert one of their losses of possession when they played out from the back in the first half into a goal.

Performance lacked a little energy too and we fell into the trap of going backwards to often. Ball always seemed to end up with Penney and he was hesitatin when their player kept rushing him and closing him down.

It wasn't a disaster and fair to say that fine margins and it could've been different. Better against STANLEY hopefully.

Bonne deal...
at 15:36 13 Jan 2022

...I wonder if waiving, reducing any Dozzell sell on clause would be something we'd look at as part of a deal.
Infectious? I thought he was toxic?
at 15:32 13 Jan 2022

Sorry, sorry. Could not resist.
Have to say...
at 10:37 13 Jan 2022

...that NEVER PLAY FOR THIS CLUB AGAIN is working out rather nicely for the PFA League One Player Of The Month for December.

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

What's going on with the club training vid?
at 10:02 13 Jan 2022

Someone's gone a bit vibey on it.

Been watching too much old school Miami Vice I reckon.
If that's time for Toto...
at 09:47 13 Jan 2022

...all the best of luck to him.

Always gave his all in a town shirt, and was my player of the season last year.

Seemed like a good man and never shirked putting his body on the line for the club,

Shame to see him go but right move for all parties I reckon.
at 10:23 12 Jan 2022

Any whispers or hints on Walton, Aluko, Bonne and Norwood?
[Post edited 12 Jan 10:24]
Ok. Bored now.
at 12:54 11 Jan 2022

Nothing happening.


Need something to happen.
Hey @Phil...
at 09:54 11 Jan 2022

Any 'imminents', imminent?
Next use of 'imminent' by @PhilHam?
at 22:34 10 Jan 2022

Next 'use' of imminent by @PhilHam?

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[Post edited 10 Jan 22:36]
Man Utd one up...
at 21:17 10 Jan 2022

But villa dicking on them.
Meat and potatoes.
at 14:00 10 Jan 2022

I love this messageboard.
at 09:28 10 Jan 2022

We win 4-0. With 75% of possession. We beat the other team so far out of sight the oppo sack their coaching staff. We score 3 of the most dynamic team goals we have scored in goodness knows how long. Our travelling fans put on a show of support that would make any club proud. 4 of our players and our manager make L1 team of the week.

And yet...

...we all still find some stuff to argue about.

Sh1thousery of the 1st Order.
The rest of this season.
at 21:42 9 Jan 2022

It's not about making the playoffs. (for me).

I accepted that they'd gone with Cook's dismal reign.

We COULD make them, I'm not ruling it out, but it's not the be all, end all.

With the players we had on our books at the start of the season I maintain we SHOULD have made them at the very least. And I still hold that against Cook if I'm honest.

But. For now I'd really like to able to enjoy the football. All I want from K-McK, is for him to keep instilling the ideas and shapes and motivations into the players that he is doing. There will be losses I'm sure. But if the general approach remains the same, the future seems bright.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I want to enjoy the moment. And not making the play offs won't spoil it for me, if we keep playing like this.

But if we do, it wouldn't half make it a special rollercoaster of a season.

(Oh, and extend Norwood's contract/take up the one year option...but I think that may have quietly been done already).
So. I've been sitting here thinking.
at 22:23 8 Jan 2022

Thinking, not drinking. I don't drink.

And I can't figure it out.

OK. Gillingham are poor. And on a terrible run.
OK. K-McK had 9 days on the training ground.


How the Fff did he get them to play like that? When Cook had them for ages and they always looked so fragile.

Also a lot of our good moments under Cook either came in flashes or were mainly centred around individual bits of skill.

Just look at the first 3 goals. The passing. Proper team goals. The players who often looked like total strangers under Cook, look liked they'd been playing together for years. It was so... slick.

And Cook with all his experience could not get a tune out of them. And he'd even managed some of them before.

This guy is 35 and probably only saw the vast majority of these guys play for the first time... what, a month ago?


Explain it to me.

And then go back and listen to every excuse riddled interview Cook gave and explain it to me again.
Good, fat footballers.
at 20:44 8 Jan 2022

I'll start.

Micky Quinn. Jan Molby.
One thing I loved about today.
at 18:58 8 Jan 2022

Is that we bullied a Steve Evans team.

Of course we out played them, but we never really took the foot off their throat.

We hunted in packs and were relentless. That's how you win football matches - a blend of nastiness, aggression, and desire and footballing ability.

For a long time we've looked skillful (in some areas) but soft (all over the park). From Norwood to Bonne, Morsy to Evans, Edmundson to Donacian we looked in your face aggressive.

I like it.
Anyone got the possession stats for today?
at 18:04 8 Jan 2022

We seemed to have the ball for an awfully long time.
The player i was maybe most pleased about today...
at 17:11 8 Jan 2022


He's a different player under K-McK. Like he'd totally lost his confidence and now he's completely come back out of his shell. He looks more robust. Better on the ball and doing his defensive work better.

Well done Penney!

One for all the guitar lover/funkadelic fans out there...
at 11:25 7 Jan 2022

...picking up Eddie Hazel's baton and doing crazy things to it.

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