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O'Neill: Town Ready to Return If EFL Gives Go-Ahead
at 23:36:02

Am not sure why we should have a vote or make any comments given we have absolutely NOTHING to play for once more....oops i did just comment !
Former Blues Defender Smith Leaves Sunderland
at 00:24:18

Am seriously confused. Obvs we do not know what his condition or capabilities are today, but he is the last natural defender we have had anywhere near the Club. Management will assess if he can do a job which I assume they did in Jan, but hard to think he is not better than what we have, though the headache of probably then dropping the Captain is one which maybe PL did right to swerve....from his perspective.
Jackson Contract Talks Reportedly Stall
at 11:36:01

Jackson is 26, could be a late bloomer (was improving), but will be very aware the clock is ticking. If there is even a sniff of an offer from The Championship then he may well be desperate to grab it given no material connection to the Town and no obvious reason to expect us to be at that level any time soon. Would not blame him or want to stand in his way, PROVIDING we can invest the funds back in to a player who can support Norwood. In fact I would go to Norwood and ask him what type (or actual) player suits his style and make him feel super important which is always good for a confidence player who could single-handedly fire us to promotion if he hits his straps properly.
Dobra Signs New Deal
at 17:57:58

Pleasantly shocked by this news. Dobra and Lankester fit and firing would give us a new dimension going forward in the way Woolfy and Downes have towards the back of the team.

Funny thing with Dobra last/this(?) season was that the opposition seemed to know how good he was, but we were not prepared to put him on the pitch. When we did they double up on him!
Twenty Years Ago Today: Stewart Hits Double as Blues Draw at Bolton
at 17:02:58

It did feel a long way from home when 2 down and with 2 of our starters off the pitch....and i remember us saying "#### - Stewart is limping now". Was that obvious in the stands and felt like the final straw until seconds later he hits a miracle shot past Jussi Jääskeläinen before mugging him later for his second.

Stewart should have had 4 that day, but remember still thinking that we had got away with it up there as we were all in fear of Guðjohnsen, who we simply could not get to grips with. He really was in the wrong league by some distance.

Thankfully Guðjohnsen was not fit for second leg and the rest is history.....unfortunately Those Were The Days indeed.
Nsiala Set to Return to Blues as Bolton Loan Ends
at 13:57:33

Do people watch games. This guy has heart and ability, but had his confidence knocked when 2 early mistakes were made when he was trying to overcompensate for his defensive partner !

With Wolfy gone (natch) put him in and only after a decent run of games judge him. Folks might be right to slam Toto, but at least give him a fair crack first.....we may not have any choice anyway !
Town Take Up Option on Dozzell's Contract
at 15:29:56

Who are all these players people are mentioning ?

They sound familiar but cannot recollect seeing any of them playing football !
McCarthy: I Should Have Left Town Earlier
at 14:08:27

The football was consistently dire but when he swears at us and my son saw him do it from the stand (his eyes are better than mine) opposite at Carrot Rd, then there is no coming back. I would actually say that only his positive media relationships ensured it was played down and kept him from being put in front of the FA for that action, if not the police. Our future is all over the place but there is literally NOTHING you could give me to want him back.
Twenty Years Ago Today, Reuser's Dramatic Debut
at 10:12:14

Am guessing Dutch U16s might well beat our lot right now. What a fascinating idea it would be to give Reuser a run at it ?! Never going to happen of course, but at least we have the memories of those Brurley years and Reuser doing his thing, mostly from outside the box.

Might go have a little sleep now and hope to wake and find the last 20 years was just a nightmare !
Town Offer Use of Facilities to NHS
at 09:12:03

We may be a shambles on the pitch but the changes within the Club have been tangible in past year or 2.

Having had direct interaction with Rosie, it is clear to me she is what our or any Ckub needs. Fantastic effort and hope all the team/management get recognised for this beyond a piece on the National news this morning. Well done Rosie and all at ITFC for last we have something to feel proud about.
O'Neill: Resume the Season When It's Safe to Do So
at 14:29:28

If he is right it will be interesting to see if people have completely lost faith and interest in the season and stay away, or if they so desperate for live sport that they show up in numbers again.

Either way, who cares! Everyone stay safe. ITFC will survive so let's take care of each other and sort our Club out later.
Dobra on Target as U23s Draw at Cardiff
at 09:57:23

If PL takes the view that there is value in U23 football cos it is not man's football, then what purpose does Dobra serve playing yesterday?

Is anyone surprised at the quality of the goal? No
Was that quality evident early season and whenever given the chance around the 1st team? Yes
Will he start on Saturday? NO !

PL is like most of our previous managers who profess trust in youth, and the minute things get difficult drag out the older players. I remember Burley identifying kids like Bramble and publicly announcing he/they deserved a shot and would have a run of 5 games to show what they could do without the pressure of having to be a world beater on debut. That is how to manage youth. PL ease take note.
Lambert: Lads Gave Me Everything
at 19:41:25

Robins' comments say it all. They need to be better than today to beat other teams. Yes we're that bad and the professionals know it!
Simpson: Leicester Tigers Offered Me a Contract But Football Was Always My Dream
at 09:05:06

Keane is technically gifted, but (am sure this is not true) appears to lack heart. You need pace, aggression and heart in this league, like every other, and it is no wonder the team lacks it when your spearhead 'striker' does not show those things.

Not because the season is over, or because playing with Sears will improve the lad, but because he s the best available option....Tyreece MUST start today.
Warnock Linked Again But No Contact With Town
at 15:37:34

Why Warnock, he was never the English Manager of the Year. I cannot really see ME paying PL up on 5 years but if he did (rather than spend on team) then Butch is in situ, so why not get George Burley back to provide an overview based on his view of what a football playing team needs. As let's be fair, PL dumped his asserted aims to have us playing football per the youth teams ages ago !

He is local and would probably do it for the love of the Club in the short term and god knows he has an eye for a young player and might even be able to answer the riddle that is Andre Dozzell one way or another.
Judge: As Low as I've Felt in My Career
at 11:21:40

Well said Steelmonkey. The 'senior' pros who have been blurting out random words mean so much less to me than given a young player of our own a ridiculous game to debut in, with a midfield entirely thrown together in 24 hours, who was far from the worst performer.....and then dragging him off at half tome. If i was his dad I would be hunting down PL this morning!

This is relevant as the past is gone, so is the present, we need to look after our future and the lad might be a player for us next season.
Lambert: Everybody at the Club is Suffering
at 09:43:54

Logic is being lost.

Sears coming on in 90th minute previous home game
Dobra not being given game time for weeks
Dropping our best defender (Woolfy) and playing our worst (Chambo)
Picking Keane when we need goals + When he is the least instinctive striker I have ever seen
Holding back players after injury but playing McGavin after his
Yanking McGavin off at half time on debut

This not pessimism but this season is over, let's focus on KVY and others getting fit rather than minutes, and try and work out who will still be here next season and go from there with or without PL.
Keane: Getting Run of Games Has Been Great For Me
at 07:11:44

Really think there have been too many players around the first team worried more about their existence and 'personal milestones' than about the Club. Keane seems a decent guy and a decent footballer but ne is no instinctive striker..... but that's apparently ok, even in a team struggling to score?!
Sears: Same Old Story
at 07:25:00

Seems like we have missed Freddie on the pitch but off it too. First credible post-match response in ages and a hint of anger as to how complacent we have been with this season from within. I was happy with PL but these results are too much and sense SOME players feel the same too. Can't see PL leaving but major changes this summer and not a shock if he is one.....esp with Butch (who i trust implicitly) being able to observe from the inside !
Earl: There Are a Lot of Points Left to Play For
at 11:39:15

So many mistakes this season have had a cumulative effect. Mistakes on the pitch, mistakes on managing injuries, mistakes on swerving games in International breaks, and routine weird substitutions. What PL was thinking bringing Sears on so late was beyond me....he was just winding the crowd up at that point. 3 up top with 30 mins to go would have garnered some respect at least !

Reality is we cannot afford to buy the quality of player that will take us up. let alone make us competitive in the Championship. You can get lucky with the odd recruit (KVY) but that is rare.

Statistically, the better way to get hold of players better than this league more routinely is to develop them ourselves. A method we prove time and again, but refuse to back !

Let's stop talking about the youth of this Club and commit to playing them in the 1st team even if some crash and burn. How else are they going to learn. A team with 6-7 Academy players as a priority with a sprinkling of wiser heads around them surely could not do worse than what we are witnessing?! Wasn't that the plan anyway ME?

Given that youth has no chance of a game if we somehow fluke promotion from here and that we would almost certainly be down the bottom if not at the bottom of the Championship again, then surely now is the time to stop playing loan players (unless they have committed to the Club long term), drop poor/inconsistent players like Edwards, Chambers, Keane, Skuse, Judge etc.....and lets put some zip that only youth gives you, back into this Club.

Make Downes Captain, build the team around him (literally) and we might keep him for another Transfer Window.

I believe in ITFC and WITH THE CURRENT OWNER IN PLACE, see this as the only way forward now.
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