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Are we allowed to mention the f-word
at 15:11 19 May 2022

South east places with polish spelling
at 08:49 19 May 2022

Love this map, great fun trying out the sounds.... for those wanting to play, I'd suggest a south london accent ( and know that Ł is a W sound in polish)
THE UK is broken, part 356789437
at 14:35 17 May 2022

Really interesting article on the fact that UK gas and electricity prices are currently the lowest they've been in 18 months. We have too much gas, we're exporting cheap electricity, but somehow, we're all paying massive fuel prices.

Some people are making huge amounts of money... while others can't afford to eat... but they government aren't interested.....

this is worth 3 minutes of your time....
at 10:05 11 May 2022

This made me giggle
at 12:21 29 Apr 2022

the phrase "under par"
at 10:20 8 Apr 2022

There's a headline on the BBC Sport website

"Woods under par on 'electric' Masters return"

Got me thinking... isn't it a bit weird that feeling under par is bad... whereas being under par in golf is good.

And given that Woods has been injured, I therefore had no idea if he'd played well, or didn't feel good!

There's some friday b****ks for you all to ruminate on.
County cricket kickoff
at 15:46 7 Apr 2022

Essex started well - having been put in - 149-0.... perhaps england should look at their openers ;-)

Middlesex claim first century of the season, with Steve Eskinazi... first ever FC fifty for Josh De Caires ( son of former england captain Mike Atherton), perhaps another potential england opener, in a couple of years...
Just saw this stat on Twitter
at 11:06 7 Apr 2022

European giants :-D
3rd test - another slow pitch
at 14:36 24 Mar 2022

Looks like its got a little bit of variable bounce in it though.

Good start from england though ( in that they've not lost a wicket in the first 30 minutes)

If they can survive the first hour, puts us in a decent position.
Prostate Cancer Charity Fundraising
at 12:26 10 Mar 2022

Hi All,
I know I'm just a virtual member of this community, and haven't met any of you, that I'm aware of in person, but I thought I would share my current fundraising activities, as I've seen the generosity of spirit that is in so many of the members of this forum.

About 10 years ago, my father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Initially, as for many men, it was just monitored, but about 5 years ago, it grew, to the point that it needed intervention. He undertook a new procedure (high frequency ultrasound therapy), which put him into remission, and he's been being monitored ever since. Signs were good until last summer, when his regular tests showed up an anomaly, and he went back for further scans. Unfortunately, the cancer was back, and this time was more aggressive. He's been given a treatment plan, which involves hormone therapy for a year, and radiotherapy, which is a daily trip to the hospital for approximately 3 months. I live too far away from him to be able to provide regular practical support, so whilst he is doing his treatments, I took it upon myself to fundraise for Prostate Cancer UK.

I'm doing one challenge a month for a year. So far I've completed December ( run 5k every day), January ( no booze), February ( daily burpee challenge). March's challenge is the Liverpool Half marathon, and April, I'm doing a 100 mile bike ride across the width of wales.

I'm very tired... training for these has been going on in conjunction with burpees etc.

If anyone has a few spare pennies, then please can I beg for some support:

And whether you can sponsor me or not, its also worth highlighting this - which is a Prostate Cancer UK risk checker... it takes 30 seconds, and could save your life. So please, if you do nothing else, take the time to do this.



Reasons to be cheerful
at 08:57 9 Mar 2022

Other than the obvious ( we won, we're playing good football etc.)

We keep talking about how its ridiculous how "all the playoff teams keep winning", but its worth remembering where we have come from.

When KMc took over ( after the sunderland game). We were 10 points, plus games in hand off the playoffs.

Since then, we have taken:

10points, plus a game in hand off Sunderland
11points, plus a game in hand off Wycombe
7 points, less 2 games in hand off Plymouth
4 points, plus a game in hand off Oxford
6 points, less a game in hand off Sheff Weds
9 points, less a game in hand off Portsmouth
14 points, less a game in hand off Accrington

the only team in the playoff race that we've lost ground to is MK Dons, and actually, all they've done really is won their games in hand.

Teams are dropping points, its just been a bit unfortunate, that the ones that were furthest away, are the ones that have dropped most. On the plus side. Sunderland and Wycombe are really not in great form.

Its definitely still on.
[Post edited 9 Mar 8:57]
Cricket sweep
at 13:39 8 Mar 2022

Overs and balls before England lose their first wicket.

I'm going 3.2
Could easily have had six today
at 16:55 19 Feb 2022

Quality second half performance.

And even in the first we didn't really concede good chances.
Stormy weather....
at 09:09 18 Feb 2022

The Porthcawl webcam is worth a watch...
The impact of Plymouth
at 10:20 16 Feb 2022

Their run in is ridiculous... and will no doubt have a big impact on the promotion race... they've also got Rotherham and Bolton before then...

26 Mar 15:00 Ipswich Town A
2 Apr 14:00 Oxford United H
9 Apr 14:00 Burton Albion A
15 Apr 14:00 Wycombe Wanderers A
18 Apr 14:00 Sunderland H
23 Apr 14:00 Wigan Athletic A
30 Apr 14:00 MK Dons H
Anyone doing Wordle2?
at 10:44 15 Feb 2022

6 letter words instead... struggled yesterday - epic today:

Wordle2 55 2/6 #wordle2

Morecambe warning
at 13:43 14 Feb 2022

Sorry folks... I've booked a ticket for Morecambe.

( my record this year is p3 w0, d1, l2 - Accrington, Wigan, Bolton).

So don't get your hopes up, those that were planning on travelling.
I follow...
at 15:02 12 Feb 2022

I'm in Poland with work ;-) so thought I'd buy a match pass. All good, but now all I seem to be able to get is the audio. Is this something about a UK based account?
Vaguely interesting article about "levelling up"
at 09:00 8 Feb 2022

essentially looking at how we shouldn't be trying to get everyone into high wealth jobs, but ensuring that those that work in retail, hospitality care etc, get proper wages, and things like childcare are properly supported.

Makes sense, so will never catch on!
A Saturday nerdle
at 08:05 5 Feb 2022

nerdlegame 17 3/6

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