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Manchester Blues
at 13:33 3 May 2024

There's a few meeting in the White Lion on Liverpool road tomorrow if anyone is looking for a friendly face to watch the game with...
Song thread to get us through til Saturday
at 07:03 1 May 2024

Wow - what a night
at 00:21 1 May 2024

Just arrived home in Manchester... still absolutely buzzing....

What a group of players. Make no mistake, they are tired, they are pushing harder than they knew they could, pushing further than anyone ever thought. But they always find a way.

Helped today, as so often by a raucous, belief filled, almost confident crowd.... at times when we struggled to get the ball, it just felt like that away end went, "ok, they're struggling, our turn" and turned up the volume again.

To those randoms that got a hug when the second went in, thanks for being part of it. To McKenna and this team of warriors, thanks for giving me so many fantastic memories...

Morsy and McKenna's Men.....
We're going up again...
Coventry ticket bought... not many left (n/t)
at 10:01 15 Apr 2024

Blue army! n/t (n/t)
at 10:58 6 Apr 2024

The impact of Blackburn
at 06:37 2 Apr 2024

Noticed that they finally turned some decent performances into a big win yesterday, albeit that Sunderland were garbage.

Can't help but feel with their goal scoring threat they will offer real problems to every team they face, and luckily for us, they still have to play all of the parachute sides..

Someone's going to come a cropper against them
[Post edited 2 Apr 6:37]
100 goals
at 22:43 5 Mar 2024

We've scored 73 so far

10 games left

Since Kieffer Moore joined we've scored 22 in 8

That's 2.75 a game

27 goals to come!
Four league losses....
at 10:27 16 Feb 2024

In McKenna's first season. 4 league losses

In McKenna's second season. 4 league losses

In McKenna's third season, 4 league losses

So we're due to go unbeaten until the end of the season.

Happy Friday everybody!
Preston Roll-call
at 10:23 2 Feb 2024

Who's there tomorrow? I'm taking my godson and his dad ( they are ManUtd fans, but want to enjoy some proper football :-) )

Haven't been to Preston for years... where's best to park up? ( no airports please)...
Build up to the Leicester goal
at 10:08 23 Jan 2024

There's been a lot of talk about Leif's body position for the own goal, but for me the interesting discussion should be in the communication between Woolfy and Clarke.

1. Woolfy comes deep with Cannon, who then heads for the sideline... Woolfy goes with him, so Clarke has to move inside to cover. I remember thinking then, bet we end up in a problem at RB as they sort themselves out...

2. Woolfy tracks Cannon back into the middle, but just as he overlaps with Clarke, the ball comes into the RB area. AT this point, Clarke hasn't made the decision if he's back at RB or still covering the centre..


should Woolfy have followed Cannon that far out in the first place.

How could Woolfy and Clarke have managed the situation better.

I'm not on a blame game here. Its a beautifully worked goal, and symptomatic of the excellent movement that the Leicester team showed in that first half. I'm just intrigued, because as soon as Woolfy was out wide, I thought we'd have a problem, and that's exactly what occurred.
This article is everything that is wrong with the handball rule guidelines
at 09:56 17 Jan 2024

Reading Howard Webb's VAR analysis on the BBC

I came across this gem...

"This is not just Odegaard accidentally falling on to the ball. He does slip, his arm does go out, but he actually pulls his arm back in towards his body, which is when the ball makes contact with the arm.

"The VAR looked at that aspect. He felt it was a case of Odegaard trying to make himself actually smaller by bringing the arm back towards the body. That is the element that's important here.

"Whether it's instinctive or deliberate, he gets a huge advantage by bringing the arm back towards the ball. All the feedback we got afterwards was very clear.

"This is one that didn't reach the right outcome on that basis."

So what they are saying, is that if you make yourself bigger, and it hits your arm, its a penalty, and if you make yourself smaller, and it hits your arm, its a penalty. What an absolute crock of s*** they have made this.
Train home thoughts
at 18:00 1 Jan 2024

Disappointing, but understandable.

We're at the end of a ridiculously hard period, and it feels like everyone needs a break and a reset. The first 20 minutes today were some of the worst I've seen under McKenna. Simple balls being missed, passing it out of play, no shape or rhythm, but we grew into it, and by half time we're looking much better.

Came out really sharp second half and felt like we were in control, but just didn't have the cutting edge needed. Clarke is too right footed to play the Davis role. Had so much space but always had to turn inside. Similar issues with Hutchinson when he came on down the left, way to ken to cut inside.

Burns looked like he wasn't really over his illness, half a yard short of pace and so lacked conviction in what he was doing.

Both refs were pretty dreadful.

Stoke fans didn't make a peep until the sending off

Can we do it on a wet night in Stoke? Not quite...
[Post edited 1 Jan 18:02]
Grief, loneliness, mental health struggles at Christmas
at 14:49 21 Dec 2023

Just a little reminder on here, that Christmas is often a hard time for a lot of people. Memories of loved ones lost, or reminders of happier times, and a break from social routines, means that people can often be alone with their thoughts, which is sometimes a sad and dangerous place to be.

This was brought home to me today - I lost my aunt in April, suddenly, to a Stroke. She had no children of her own, so me and my brother had a really close relationship with her. Most Christmases, she would come and visit. As I was finishing off Christmas cards and gifts today, I was hit by a wave of grief, realising that there was no gift to send to her, that I wouldn't chat to her on Christmas day, and we wouldn't share the normal laughs over the similar gifts that her and my mum always managed to send to each other.

So this Christmas, take some time to think about anyone that you know who might be alone, and could do with a bit of support or social contact, or if you are struggling, please reach out to someone, either in real life, or even on here. I think we've all seen that this place can be incredibly supportive when it needs to be.

Look after yourselves, everyone, I hope your Christmas brings you peace and joy ( and 6 points by boxing day night).

its ok, to not be ok -but reach out to someone, help is available if you need it.

Glenn Maxwell playing an amazing innings here
at 16:33 7 Nov 2023

Can't move his legs, but is 169 of 111 balls, taking australia towards a remarkable victory.

Afghanistan probably regretting dropping him on 33 now.
Hirst is done. Time for Scarlett? N/t (n/t)
at 21:14 25 Oct 2023

Greg Leigh - League 1 POTM for September
at 07:56 13 Oct 2023

Really pleased for him that his move has worked out so well.

Earned a start for Jamaica last night too, which should please the Barnsley fans ;-)
Greg Leigh - Goal Machine!
at 09:38 4 Oct 2023

Scored again last night for Oxford... 3 this week, and is now their top scorer with 4 in 5 games :-)

So glad that Williams has come in and done a good job for us, allowing him to get the game time that he needed at this stage of his career, and allowing him to flourish.
Wednesday afternoon stroll
at 20:11 16 Sep 2023

Well that was pretty good. Should have won by a lot more, but a thoroughly professional way performance. We kept them at arms length most of the afternoon, and only a combination of bad finishing, great goalkeeping, and and appalling ref kept the scoreline tight.

If we can find that clinical edge in front of goal again, well be in great shape.

Sheff Weds parking alternatives to Gatwick....
at 09:58 12 Sep 2023

Not been to Hillsborough before, and will be driving over from South Manchester. What's the parking situation like? Any recommendations? Don't mind paying for a car park, if its convenient and easy to get away at the end.

Seen some people mentioning Middlewood park and ride as an option....
[Post edited 12 Sep 2023 9:59]
Interesting full debut for Greg Leigh
at 10:58 4 Sep 2023

Scored equaliser for 10 man Oxford in time added on, only to then pick up his second yellow and get sent off, before seeing Port Vale win it with a 99th minute penalty!
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