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at 21:09 10 Apr 2019

... Are basically a sh*t Bournemouth.

Diving around any chance they get only they're mid table.
Depressing Sunday morning thought...
at 07:56 21 Oct 2018

Unless something is done urgently it's quite likely we could be in the same division as Lincoln City next season.

Newport County, Forest Green Rovers and Crawley Town are all in and around the League 2 playoff positions as well.

FFS has it really come to this. Potentially being on a level pegging with that lot.

Good morning.

Edit: just seen the League One thread below. Ignore this if you want.
[Post edited 21 Oct 2018 7:57]
Watching the MOTD post match interview with Mourinho...
at 08:30 7 Oct 2018

... it's incredible how hard the reporter is pushing for a reaction from him. Utter pillock.

It's amazing how much sh*t managers have to put up with on top of just trying to win games.

There's a massive lack of respect nowadays and people, very easily, forget they're human beings as well, not just toys for our amusement.

Mini rant over.
I genuinely don't understand....
at 20:29 2 Sep 2018

... the need to come and post deliberately antagonistic bollox on a football messageboard, frequented by pseudo-intellectual, middle aged men, who love nothing more than to stroke themselves off to sleep at night thinking of middle-aged, over the hill, former midweek morning TV show presenters.

I know that people respond to it, but seriously, how empty and alone are you all?
Literally all you have to do....
at 22:12 14 Aug 2018 not respond to them.

Don't give them oxygen.

You fannies.
Seriously, have we even strung two passes together in the last...
at 13:42 18 Feb 2018

20 minutes? I genuinely don't think we have.
[Post edited 18 Feb 2018 13:43]
'Record Breaking Transfer Deadline Day'
at 07:41 1 Feb 2018

F*ck me.... It's disgusting how they're dressing up the greed isn't it?
I'll expect Leicester will calm down a bit....
at 13:03 27 Jan 2018

... but if Peterborough aren't careful this could get embarrassing.
The extremes some of you lot go to on here...
at 19:41 12 Jan 2018

... is hilarious/terrifying/life-affirming.

The way people react to football/politics/cheese related news makes me wonder how on earth do you cope with genuinely important life stuff? Or is this just a place to vent and get it off your chest before resuming normality in the 'real' world?

Most of the time I leave the board feeling better about myself as a human being.

Keep it up.
Well f*ck me....
at 20:50 5 Jan 2018

... Alan Shearer has just said something sensible for once.

"Putting your arm across someone does not make them fall over."

It doesn't give you 'the right to go down' it's not 'clever/intelligent play's. It's cheating and it's utterly amazing how blatantly players so it nowadays.

Lallana should be banned for that.

A humiliating 27-73 loss...
at 19:09 16 Dec 2017

... when will DiNO MiCK learn that we need to pass it aimlessly, from centre-half to centre-half and occasionally a nice one-two between centre-half and holding midfielders before spraying out to the full back who turns back and plays it back back to the keeper who, in turn spreads it across to the other full back who turns inside and passes to the holding midfielder who then turns.... looks forwards..... and then turns back and plays it back to the full back, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

We had absolutely no chance against the Reading juggernaut today. Totally dominated their final third. We were helpless. A shameful display.

Our back 5/6 could only dream of doing that for minutes on end.

I can't wait until we get somebody in to spunk millions on a back-line that's capable of doing that. Who give a flying one if we lose 2-0 or concede more goals than the opposition.

Goals - the most pointless statistic in football.
Weird stuff football fans say....
at 18:22 27 Aug 2017

'You only won/drew because your keeper made that great save/s' is akin to saying 'you only won/drew because your striker scored that goal/s', which nobody ever says.

So from this could you surmise that saves win games and not goals?

That's my musing for the day.
I'm genuinely curious....
at 17:48 8 May 2017

With all of this political talk going on. Do any of you seriously believe that any of what is said and done by politicians is done for the benefit of you and I?
This has probably been posted before...
at 20:53 6 May 2017

... but it deserves to be posted again I feel.

There's some very precious comments in the Chambers article.
at 13:37 23 Jan 2017

Chambers hasn't mentioned that he's letting the fans down as well and they're all having a lovely whine about it.

Do these people not have anything else better going on in their lives?
[Post edited 23 Jan 2017 13:43]
Chris Sutton has just said....
at 21:06 17 Jan 2017

... we can't possibly play any worse in the second half.

He has absolutely no idea.

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