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Palace Youngster Elliott Joins Town
at 18:28:47

If he plays as well as he talks we are onto a winner, I’ve been impressed with the calibre of players that Palace produce, just a question mark over why they have let him go.
Hope you have an outstanding career here young man.
Premier League Clubs Vote to Continue VAR
at 09:19:37

How about introducing the offside rule to the same principle of if the ball is completely over the line then it’s out, draw the line at the last defender but if the attackers whole body isn’t over the line rather then just his fingernail then he’s onside. It would make the game more interesting and entertaining.
Let’s have some consistency in the rules of the game.
Stuttgart Leading Hutchinson Chase Claim
at 18:14:38

Joyousblue - just have a word with Van Gaul they sacked him after winning the FA cup a few seasons back.
McKenna Representatives Hold Manchester United Talks - Report
at 08:33:42

Who in their right mind would want to work for a club that interviews a person to be a replacement manager whilst their current manager pre-pairs their team to play in a FA cup final.
Leigh and Edwards Win Second League One Promotion
at 11:29:50

Always thought Greg Leigh looked a good acquisition for us. Really unfortunate for him that we then signed Lief and totally saw the fact he wanted more playing time, hope he’s happy there.
McKenna Linked With Manchester United
at 18:51:43

Perhaps they need to appoint a Paul Cook before a McKenna to root out the bad apples that inhabit the Man Utd squad. I’m not saying there were any in the town squad but what he did needed doing.
If it wasn’t for Cooky we may not be in the position we are now.
McKenna With Southgate at Villa
at 00:39:25

How about seeing if Tom Hanks is interested in taking a stake in Ipswich.
De Zerbi: Sarmiento Was Important For Ipswich
at 22:52:26

He has been a valuable asset in games this season and secured some important points. Would be happy to see him come back.
On another note I’ve just watched MOD and seen Burnley repeating the mistakes of passing out from the back, we’ve come close to making similar howlers in the championship and it worries me already as its happening to a team that amassed over 100 points to win the championship last year and has ultimately led to their relegation.
Only two loans allowed, it’s going to be a very interesting transfer window.
Ipswich Town 2-0 Huddersfield Town - Match Report
at 09:13:21

What a wonderful time to be a town fan.
Thank you Game Changer for having the insight to see what great potential this club has.
Thank you Mark Ashton for your hard work in for overseeing the clubs future with the work you do.
Thank you Kieran McKenna for being able to bring out the athlete in our players, to groom them and instil a belief in themselves.
Thank you to the players who give your all for 90 mins, for the thrills and pride of seeing a ream with a willing mentality.
Thank you for making PORTMAN ROAD a place to be proud to attend.
Thank you the fans who are the lifeblood of a club that without them what is the point of having a football team, the blood may have run thin at times but with resurgence comes revival.
We have achieved the goal of promotion again, now we have to achieve the solidarity of being a consistent side in the best league in the world.
The game is not won, yet…

Coventry City 1-2 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 10:42:06

We are so nearly there, Huddersfield on Saturday will be looking to put some pride back into their season.
I hope that they fare better next season as we all know how relegation to the third tier feels.
Like some have already said Rotherham did a good job on us but we kept going so we can’t take anything for granted. Nothing but a win on Saturday will seal this season off like it should.
Such competition we have faced this season and any of the top four could have won the championship in previous years.
I’m not allowing myself to be fooled into thinking the jobs done, not until it’s full time on Saturday and the points are in the bag, then I’ll celebrate.
We’ve witnessed an amazing season, back to back promotions would be incredible.
We have never been anyone’s favourite to be where we are. Pundits being proved wrong and defying the ‘experts’ predictions. Long may Kieren McKenna reign. COYB.
Finidi Appointed Nigeria Head Coach
at 11:01:55

And still only twenty six…
Burley did extremely well with not an awful amount of money at his disposal it then all went tits up with poor player transfer choices and left us financially crippled.
McKenna Named Championship Manager of the Season
at 11:15:21

Undoubtedly a well deserved award, an amazing manager and man motivator but we haven’t won anything yet this season. I really hope this spurs the players on to reach our promotion goal.
Even at this late stage of the season it all hinges on results in what must be the tightest finish to the Championship ever, we may yet have to endure the playoffs.
Whatever happens it’s been an incredible turnaround since McKenna’s appointment, but none of it would have been possible without the new owners and them employing the people to lay the foundation and groundwork and improving the infrastructure of the club everywhere.
I’ve been a supporter of this club for fifty six years, seen the fantastic highs and the desperate lows that the club have reached but I have to say this season has been possibly the most exciting.
I’ll be having to miss the last home game against Huddersfield because of a need for an operation already been cancelled once so hoping to be fighting fit for the new season.
McKenna: Proud of the Performance in Brilliant Game
at 19:17:57

I’m absolutely over the moon at how far we have come, can’t believe we are top of this division again, but being in that position should mean we are able to see off teams like the last three we have played. Yes we’ve had sickness in the camp and long term injuries but what an advantage we could now have over our close rivals.
Having said that we gained a point today where Leicester and Leeds have not, would nice to have nulled out Leicester’s game in hand on us but at this time of the season points on the board are better than probable ones.
Hutchinson should have had a hat trick today and Sarmiento could have had his name on the board too. Moore made the impact we needed him to coming in, however he doesn’t attack the ball enough in my opinion and has done little in his last four games and hasn’t clicked with Chaplin.
I do fear for us if we get promoted as this squad is nowhere near good enough but really hoping to be proved wrong.
Town Dismiss 400 Staff Tickets Claim
at 11:25:25

Well if the atmosphere was flat whose feet does that ultimately fall at, not those eleven players on the field, perhaps if the vocal support had been better they would have felt more comfortable with the game. We keep hearing how vital the twelfth man is at a match, so not just a weak showing from the team but also our support.
Do we really have to wait for the team to do something on the pitch before we show the support that this team who are in the top two of the championship deserve.
You could see from the reaction of the Narrich players that they have learned far better then us on how the game is played today, the slightest touch and they go down poleaxed, the leaving of the leg a split second longer to make it look like we have committed the foul. It’s not a part of the game I like to watch but that’s how it’s played, the times Sargent did this and out smarted the officials.
Narrich aren’t better then us they just played the game smarter with Premiership savvy winning the day.
Norwich City 1-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:37:43

Well that was a piss poor performance, no press no nothing, did they really want to get anything out of that game.
Ipswich Town 3-2 Southampton - Match Report
at 20:57:42

Well I’ve been waiting for a hip replacement operation and got a phone call a week ago cancelling it, so as they say every cloud has a silver lining what a game that I should have missed. And the atmosphere at the end was unbelievable, so proud of this club.
Fingers crossed though but I should miss the Huddersfield game as the operation has been rearranged and I really do need it.
Such a special season, god I love this squad of players McKenna has brought together.
Also got given a Stadium tour for a Xmas present so I may have to miss that too, but when we get promotion it will more then make up for it.

Ipswich Town Women 5-0 Chatham Town - Match Report
at 22:40:48

Well I’ve never watched a women’s game live before and have to say I was impressed.
Pleased to have seen their first game at PR.
Hutchinson in Preliminary Jamaica Squad
at 22:02:42

He’s needs better then Jamaica, plus we don’t want to lose him at such a crucial time of the season.
McKenna: Birmingham Will Come Here and Will Want to Impose Themselves
at 11:07:09

On a slightly different subject I read in the paper today that Chelsea manager Pochettino is calling for fair refereeing when they play Liverpool as he says every decision went Liverpools way last time and they were denied two penalties when they last met and fears refs are swayed by the atmosphere.
Well that can’t be said for us whatever atmosphere we generate in the ground. Am I being biased in my feelings for the fact that almost every time an opposition player goes down they are awarded a foul where as blatant fouls on our players go unchecked. How often do we see a lino flag for anything other then an offside or throw in, hardly ever.
Al-Hamadi: Wimbledon Boss Jackson Got the Best Out of Me
at 23:35:42

Let’s hope he has even more potential to unlock and goes on to surpass even McKenna’s expectations.
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