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RIP Michael Angelis
at 01:19 31 May 2020

TV and film actor and the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine. Aged 68
(First?) Ministerial Resignation
at 09:47 26 May 2020

Douglas Ross has resigned as Under Secretary of State For Scotland citing the Dominic Cummings affair as his reason.

Will there be more?
Football Cryptic Quiz... SPOILER ALERT!
at 19:40 16 May 2020

A few days ago someone asked for ideas for football related quiz questions and I suggested questions in the form of cryptic crossword clues. So I thought I'd give it a go. Here are ten which I think are not too taxing (but I know the answers!)

Please don't post the answers on this thread but if you pm me with all or most of the answers I'll give you a name check when posting the solutions tomorrow some time.

They are not all Ipswich specific.

1) Flower of Scotland top 70s striker. (5, 4)
2) Encourage South London team. (5)
3) Curly headed striker is under landlady, partly. (10)
4) Cop takes on manager. (5, 6)
5) PL's worst team can raise havoc. (8)
6) Scottish club confuses narraters. (9)
7) Paddy sounds enthusiastic. (5)
8) Blue clergyman is after ladies' underwear. (5, 6)
9) Butcher grocer and also Town's baker (10)
10) Greensboro or perhaps Wembley hero. (5, 7)

Answers now appear a few posts below

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Good Old Venus
at 21:48 15 May 2020

There she is, a sparkly jewel hanging in the western sky.
Anagrams of Town players
at 14:59 2 May 2020

One from each decade...

60s: A C H I J L N N O O R
70s: A A B H I L M N N O R T Y
80s: E G I I N N N O R V R G
90s: S A C E S W S H I I L R
00s: S T A E E E I J M P R
10s: R T A A A H R J N N O P
Talking to Oneself...
at 09:41 30 Apr 2020

I do this a lot.

I am on my own a lot (as a lorry driver)

I converse with myself, argue, tell myself jokes (and laugh at the punchline if the joke merits it, especially if I haven't heard it before), sometimes tell myself off.

Are there people who don't talk to themselves?
Congratulations Mr Johnson and Ms Symonds...
at 10:07 29 Apr 2020

...on the birth of your new son.

(I have to admit that I am struggling for sincerity)
2020 Twenty-20 World Cup Being Planned for Autumn...
at 16:23 23 Apr 2020

Something to look forward to.
[Post edited 23 Apr 16:27]
Friday Night Music For Capt. Tom Moore...
at 20:27 17 Apr 2020

And Mance Lipscomb is a favourite of mine...

I Know It Is Saturday...
at 10:45 11 Apr 2020

…,but I quite fancy a quiet night in. Feet up, bottle of wine, music, book...

What's everyone else doing?
Trump and his Record on Coronavirus...
at 19:39 8 Apr 2020

Written by David Frum, a Republican who was a speechwriter for George Dubya. Frum seems to me to catch the essence of Trump rather well...
John Prine. RIP
at 19:29 8 Apr 2020

Aged 73, of coronavirus but with underlying health problems.

Admired by many including Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson...

Telephone Kiosk
at 14:43 3 Apr 2020

I am in the Port of Felixstowe in their holding area, waiting to go forward and lift on my container for Monday.

About 20 metres away is a glass sided phone booth. The phone within is a direct line to 'Customer Support' and is there to resolve drivers' queries.

I have just watched as one driver was using the phone and two others queueing at a safe distance from each other. Then as each driver finished his call the next one stepped forward and, without hesitation, raised the phone to his mouth.

If the first were carrying the virus then, in all likelihood, the others will soon be showing symptoms.
Waste Disposal...
at 14:06 29 Mar 2020

Does anyone know whether the council waste disposal sites are operating, still? Specifically the one in Foxhall Road.

Emiliano Sala Crash - Pilot not licensed...
at 14:29 13 Mar 2020

"The pilot of the plane that crashed killing footballer Emiliano Sala was not licensed to fly the aircraft, a report has found. "

[Post edited 13 Mar 14:30]
Prediction Logged by at 14:31:51
Ipswich Town v Coventry City prediction logged
at 21:42 4 Mar 2020

When returning to TWTD after being on a different site, is anyone else hearing fragments of Offenbach's "Orpheus In The Underworld"?
Prediction Logged by at 19:37:20
Ipswich Town v Fleetwood Town prediction logged
Prediction Logged by at 14:10:25
Blackpool v Ipswich Town prediction logged
at 01:34 23 Feb 2020

This morning my dad, aged 95, was taken ill. He has had a heart attack, he has pneumonia and is delirious with a UTI. The delirium has him thinking that we, the hospital staff and I, are all against him because we can't help him to his feet. He thinks that if only we would do that, he could walk out of here (Ipswich Hospital) and go home. He keeps trying to remove the various tubes; the oxygen mask, the catheter, the intravenous drip thing. At one point I took my eye off him and when I looked again he had the drip between his teeth trying to rip it from his wrist. The consultant thinks it unlikely that he will recover.

I have been sat beside him for most of the last 15 hours. At one point I popped home (I live a few minutes walk from the hospital) to find that the freezer has packed up and the food within is now soggy rather than frozen solid. It will just have to stay like that for now.

At some point a football match was lost.
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