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Colour print of ITFC v Coventry 2007 available
at 20:31 25 May 2022

.... From a rather surprising source.

I assume I'm dreadfully late to this, and everyone knows this already, but...
at 20:35 17 Mar 2022

... Just found out the WFA Cup match against West Ham on Sunday is on the BBC Red Button.
at 12:01 21 Feb 2022

Oh, look.

Nun-league football.

Town v Spurs December 1969
at 08:14 19 Feb 2022

Mention of the 62 Charity Shield match elsewhere reminded me of this, again versus Spurs at Portman Road, but with an even more bizarre camera angle. It's in the North West corner for some reason. Which is fine when there are corners etc at Churchmans, but for everything else, especially when the play is at the North Stand end, it looks very peculiar on TV. Its the third game on here so you'll have to spin forward towards the end. Contains probably only surviving film record of a goal by Charlie Woods.

Wonder why this was? In 62 footage it's the traditional camera level with the half way line. The only other late sixties footage I think I've ever seen is the McGarry 68 D2 Championship team v Birmingham, and that was in the usual spot as well (albeit obviously lower than today). But this odd.

As an aside, I've heard it said that the TV companies in later years loved to come to Portman Road, as it was near enough one of the only top flight grounds that enabled them to get that overhead behind the goal shot, as they would use a camera on a crane parked behind Churchmans. Most other grounds either had stands that were too tall, or were too hemmed in by streets.
Charlton "Bantz" Athletic
at 15:11 9 Jan 2022

Years of supporting Town lead me to believe...
at 16:08 8 Jan 2022

... That knowing our usual luck, this lad from Nodge that's just come on will score four.
[Post edited 8 Jan 16:11]
We haven't scored for fifteen minutes
at 15:39 8 Jan 2022


McKenna out.
To be fair, good work, Nodge
at 15:56 29 Dec 2021

No excuses.
How to feel old
at 16:27 21 Dec 2021

Our new manager was born nine days after the infamous Oxford v Arsenal match that relegated us, and two days before the release of Top Gun.

Rock Me Amadeus was number one.

Think I'll just go and get drunk and cry in the corner.
*Turns television off*
at 20:26 15 Dec 2021

Night all.

Met Police and Downing Street part 13123513
at 16:24 15 Dec 2021

Jesus, Mary and the wee donkey - this voice sounds VERY familiar.

Brilliant work.

The dearly loved MP of Ipswich has spoken...
at 20:04 13 Dec 2021

Be damned if I'm going to take lessons on liberty from a weasel who is happy to support the borders and protests Bills.
Euro 2020 Final Wembley timeline
at 12:39 5 Dec 2021

Blimey, it's a miracle nobody wasn't seriously injured or worse.

What a bunch of wazzocks.
at 20:43 4 Dec 2021

I'm surprised, I must admit. I'm surprised it wasn't a Monday morning sacking after a board meeting sort of scenario, but two hours after the match, boom.

The fact that Ashton has said they havent got anyone lined up or in mind makes me wonder if there's been a big bust up afterwards. Certainly the way Cook was talking in the post match interview seemed to indicate that he fully expected to be going to Charlton.

I liked Cook as a person a lot, wasn't overly convinced so far by his management skills, but favoured giving him the season at least (or until such point that it was mathematically impossible for us to go up and we were going to be miles off), but what's done is done, and so we move on.

Who's next then? Lampard doesn't feel right, and the media circus surrounding his appointment would give us Keane flashbacks. Personally, and I know it sounds mad, but I do think we should at least consider Farke. Presumably he still lives in the area, but I'm not sure if he'd see it as a betrayal of the Budgies. Besides which, we've been down the Ex-Nodge manager route before, and we all know how that turned out.

Stay tuned.

Of course, knowing our luck, Johnson will get the push at Sunderland, they'll appoint Cook, and his first game will be beating us 0-5 in a couple of weeks.
INT: Brenner's house. Saturday 7pm
at 20:20 4 Dec 2021

Brenner walks in through front door, exhausted.

Brenner: Well, that was dreadful. And I've got to go to Charlton on Tuesday. Still, at least I van relax now, I'm absolutely dead beat. No need to worry about Town until Monday at the earliest.


Brenner: Oh, for fu.....

(You can exchange Brenner for Stuart Wilson or even Phil if you so wish)
Portman Road to Holker Street
at 17:23 4 Dec 2021

320 miles and five and a half hours according to Google Maps. Even further than Plymouth.

If you're going, fair play to you, but, oof.
at 23:13 3 Dec 2021

With all this talk that Cook should go one one side, and all the talk of giving him time on the other, I thought I'd compare Cook's record to the most obvious manager from our past where despite a poor start we did give him time, i.e. Sir Bob.

After 36 league games:

Cook: W11 D13 L12
Robson: W11 D11 L14

So Cook actually has slightly the better record, and if a couple of those losses for Sir Bob were draws, they'd be EXACTLY the same. Now, on one hand, you could say "Ha! That proves it pays to take time!" On the other, you could say that football in 2021 League One is vastly different from 1969 Division One, and so it's like comparing apples and pears. Plus you could argue that with the talent at his disposal, Cook should be doing better.

Personally, I offer no opinion either way, but it is an intriguing comparison.

Right, that's the blue touch paper lit, I'm running away.
In other news...... KILL IT. KILL IT WITH FIRE.
at 22:21 1 Dec 2021

What, in the name of all that is holy, is this abomination?!

Worst tackle ever...
at 19:47 11 Nov 2021

Sat here watching the season highlights DVD for 2007/08 (Legwinski! Dan Harding! Colchester in the Championship!) and just saw Wilnis get sent off at Plymouth for basically leaping two footed at some poor bloke in green who near enough landed in Exeter.

Got me thinking, what is probably the worst tackle anyone has ever seen a Town player commit? Not talking here about accidental collisions like Wile/Talbot at Highbury or when Luc Nilis was unfortunately destroyed by Richard Wright, but the sort of tackle that results in a card, the opposing bench leap up in fury and you wincing in the stands.

The word "Thetis" coming to this thread in 5...4...3...
Top of the Form
at 11:56 11 Oct 2021

Just had a thought, seeing the thread about Dozzell Snr making his debut and then going back to school on Monday - which one of the Ipswich schools has provided the most players?

The only ones I know for sure are:

Dozzell x2, Bonne: Chantry
Dyer: Westbourne
Richard Wright: Thurleston

Suspect a fair few from the 70s and early would have gone to Northgate or the old Landseer School.
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