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3 consecutive league wins with 3 clean sheets ...
at 17:10 26 Sep 2020

... I make it April 1999 since that last happened, before Dozzell and Lankester were born.

Unless i've made a mistake, that would be a bit embarrassing.
Sweden off the quarantine list
at 18:30 10 Sep 2020

Their infection rates must be dropping whilst ours increase. Can we learn anything from them?
Sweden : Covid-19
at 21:17 7 Aug 2020

Sweden (No lockdown) 1 in 1800 people died, UK 1 in 1450 people died.

Sweden (No face muzzle) - infection rate down between 15 and 20%, July 23 to August 6. Everywhere else in Europe except Croatia and Portugal - infection rate up.


Was gornon then? The way deaths are recorded vary widely i know that much, but still look at those infection rate figures. Perhaps if we had a first-class testing system we wouldn't need these wretched muzzles?
tv programmes being pulled
at 21:50 11 Jun 2020

where does this end? blm has been a worthy cause against the real issues of racism, but its in danger of being hijacked by people being retrospectively offended on their behalf.



MPs being effectively being prevented from voting
at 18:53 2 Jun 2020

Absolutely outrageous. Why is this not on the BBC front page, yet "Tiger King zoo handed to rival Carole Baskin" makes it on there?
Enjoy this before it is deleted
at 18:02 24 May 2020

go go oxford
at 18:40 17 May 2020


It's all gone political now hasn't it
at 23:56 10 May 2020

First few weeks it felt like we were genuinely in this together, like Brexit was in a former lifetime, but it's all come back again now. Right-wing wanting to open everything up, left-wing wanting it all closed. Braying mobs going after anyone who dissents from the official line, despite no-one having any conclusive evidence for anything.

Jeonbuk v Suwon
at 12:14 8 May 2020

football's back! a bit weird watching a match where the attendance appears to be a car and some canned crowd noise. A decision just went to var which i'd forgotten all about, got bored waiting for a decision and turned it off.
[Post edited 8 May 12:15]
good news here
at 19:00 1 May 2020


stories like this seem to be getting buried by the doom ones, there should be a running commentary on Oxford University's vaccine trials rather than just trolling through death figure graphs every day, important as they may be.

My Best Town XI - Mark Fish
at 20:19 23 Apr 2020

We could do this one for free without Kieron having to phone South Africa
So today the WHO cite the Korean model
at 23:28 18 Mar 2020

"A month ago, the Republic of Korea was faced with accelerating community transmission. But it didn’t surrender.

It educated, empowered and engaged communities;

It developed an innovative testing strategy and expanded lab capacity;

It rationed the use of masks;

It did exhaustive contact tracing and testing in selected areas;

And it isolated suspected cases in designated facilities rather than hospitals or at home.

As a result, cases have been declining for weeks. At the peak there were more than 800 cases, and today the report was only 90 cases.

WHO is working in solidarity with other countries with community transmission to apply the lessons learned in Korea and elsewhere, and adapt them to the local context."

Today we overtook Korea with our amount of deaths as i predicted earlier this week, and we continue along the Spain/Italy curve, Now I know we are not in the same part of the world as Japan and Korea and so all factors are not equal, but why the hell were we messing about with mathematical predictions with unknown variables when there was REAL data in countries who got this weeks before us?
Another Defeat then
at 17:01 14 Mar 2020


Lambert out
So scientifically there is no gain in shutting schools / cancelling events ...
at 18:43 12 Mar 2020

... in England, but there is in Ireland.

Which science is correct then?
[Post edited 12 Mar 18:49]
Trevor Phillips then, the daft 'racist'.
at 19:17 9 Mar 2020

Ingsoc, er sorry Labour, have suspended him for daring to debate islamaphobia. Trevor Phillips! And Corbynistas are doubling down on it. Thoughts?
7 defeats in 9 - get him out.
at 16:54 7 Mar 2020

I don't want to hear about played well stories today. That sort of form got Jewell, Keane and Hurst the sack in the Division Two, George Burley got sacked after 13 points in 10 games despite all he'd done, how can Lambert possibly not be sacked for that record in Division Three? And that after an appalling attempt to salvage last season.

if nothing happens, reporters need to go in harder. Apart from the perfectly valid budget question from PhilTWTD, it's all been pussyfooting around. If he starts getting grumpy and stops talking who cares, no-one wants to hear his crap anymore anyway.
Tranmere winning and they have 3 games in hand on us.
at 15:33 7 Mar 2020

What? Just sayin...
[Post edited 7 Mar 15:34]
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