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Thee BBC are running a story entitled 'Is Nuclear Power worth it?'
at 14:55 23 Jun 2017

Yes it is.

What we need is a striker that can put the ball into the net
at 16:05 10 May 2017

In the net, in the net, not outside of the net, dont look outside of the net, but into the net, your under.

Now go play entertaining attractive football...

3,2,1 you're back at portman road....
I still think we should give Douglas another year or 2
at 14:51 10 May 2017

Also stop booing the team and get behind Mick and the team next season. If we had cheered instead of boo'd this season i think we could have pushed the team on as the 12th man.
[Post edited 10 May 15:05]
Maybe while on holiday MM will reflect
at 12:59 8 May 2017

On the decline for the last 18 months, and also how not many like him, and come to the conclusion " fk it, i dont need this sh1t anymore." Then do the good thing and resign.

A few weeks away may make him see that a fresh start elsewhere is whats needed.

Next season with MM
at 14:31 26 Apr 2017

I cannot see how we wont be relegated next season.

One match against Newcastle on Sir BR day and we're up for it.

Unfortunately there's 45 other matches in a season.
[Post edited 26 Apr 14:33]
This whole football betting thing...
at 14:28 26 Apr 2017

If you're a pro footballer just dont bet on football. Its not difficult.

The FA have rules and its easy to follow. You're a complete div if you break them. Like Barton.

Interested to know....
at 15:54 13 Apr 2017

Would you be happy getting into the play offs playing the way we did 2 seasons ago?

I cant actually tell the difference between the young or deluded on here
at 15:30 13 Apr 2017

Do you really think ME is to blame in our current plight??

We have a squad which is more than capable of a top 10 finish and more importantly the ability to play attractive football. Unfortunately we have a manager who hasn't a clue how to set up and play a technical game.

There are posters on here who think if ME gives MM money that we'll be pushing for another top 6 finish. Seriously look at the football. Its dire. The players are professional, they can pass, they can play one touch, they can play a technical game, BUT they are told not to. This is solely down to MM.

Honestly if you think the answer is to invest another 10 million then you probably need to go and watch one of the top prem sides.
Used my season ticket to get in free to watch Felixstowe & Walton tonight
at 22:36 28 Mar 2017

Quality game. 6-0 to the seasiders. Chuffed i went. Will get to a few more if their games next season.
Anyone been abroad in October
at 12:37 9 Mar 2017

Trying to book a holiday in the half term October. Need somewhere warm/hot. Tenerife springs to mind, but the price is a 1/3rd more than say going to Kos or a Balaeric island. Anyone know realistically what the weather is like in the med in October compared to the Canary's ?

Moore will become good.
at 09:57 6 Mar 2017

I hear people moaning around me at the game on Saturday and here on twtd that Moore isnt good enough. He wasnt purchased for this season clearly. He's one for the next few seasons.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that John Walters wasn't up to it when we first got him from Chesterfield.

Moore was brought along with the Macclesfield chap under the Evans 5 point plan.

Patience people.
[Post edited 6 Mar 9:58]
Continuing the LEGO building thread
at 11:32 24 Feb 2017

Has anyone or anyone's kids built a football stadium in Minecraft?

My sons have it on the xbox, might give it a go.
at 09:27 22 Feb 2017

If NASA make some mega announcement about finding life on other planets etc., this afternoon or indeed at any point in the future, how will this affect religions ??

Phil - Timber Joey
at 10:26 10 Feb 2017

Tweeted Tom Lawrence
at 11:07 9 Feb 2017

He's on 9 yellow cards. Asked him if he could get a yellow against Villa so he only misses the Brighton and/or Leeds game. We need him for the scum game.

Sounds bizarre wanting a player to get a yellow, but if he doesn't we all know fate will deal a cruel blow when he's playing against Leeds and he'll get one in that game.

With him I think we have a chance of beating the scum. We're due a win against those lot.

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