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Bournemouth want £75m for Nathan Ake
at 12:04 5 Aug 2019

What. The. Actual. Hell.
Game of Thrones
at 22:56 13 May 2019

Can we chat about it now?
Can we chat about Game of Thrones now?
at 01:33 16 Apr 2019

No spoilers in this post.

iFollow advice
at 11:45 2 Sep 2018

Trying to sign up and purchase today's game. My email is apparently not available even though I've never used the service before...any ideas?
A bit of a punt...
at 06:08 29 Aug 2018

I'm in Jakarta for the game on Sunday, any fellow Blues in Jakarta OR anyone know of anywhere that'll broadcast the game? A stream would be the last resort given how slow the wifi is in this part of the world.
Before clicking, I knew we'd make the list...
at 18:57 20 Apr 2018
Would be funny if Bjellend was to go on for the Danes
at 20:10 14 Nov 2017

A bit like Sh!tov for the Russians...
I love the commitment...
at 13:17 11 Oct 2017
Late addition to that thread about Natalie Sawyer the other day...
at 13:43 31 Aug 2017

Catching up with deadline day etc.

Holy moly! Go on Dougie!
High jumper for Ukraine is quite nice
at 19:34 12 Aug 2017

Yulia Levchenko, very nice.

Good win today as well.
Probably the most dull and boring games I've ever watched...
at 10:26 8 Mar 2017

Due to work commitments, I'm unable to make games on Saturdays so Tuesday night games are my only way to see my beloved team. It reached half-time and I wished I would have stayed at home and watched the Champions League, at least there were goals...

I genuinely feel sorry for the season ticket holders who have to watch that every week, that performance last night was nothing short of abysmal. Where do I start?

- Why have everyone back for their corners? We clear it, lose possession, then have to defend again.
- I understand why Kenlock didn't start, knackered from Saturday? Same with Spence.
- Why play hoof ball with no big guy up front?
- There were a few times when Lawrence/Ward were attacking (I say few) and no one was in the box.
- Shouldn't be playing Toums and Skuse together, too similar, we're essentially playing 7 defenders.
- Ward had to go looking for the ball, over and over and over again.
- Lawrence's confidence has clearly gone, he didn't seem up to it.
- Subs were too late...again. Bring them on at half-time.

I genuinely thought towards the end that they'd get a goal, thank god for Bart...again.

I'll always support and back the manager but I think for the sake of my team, change is needed to freshen things up OR Evans spends big to show his intentions but, unfortunately, I can't see either happening.

I watched the Brighton vs Newcastle game the other week, I remember a time when we were in a game like that..., 2-1 Wigan before Christmas under Joe Royle.

I can't see many fans renewing or first time season ticket holders, you'd get more entertainment value from watching cats on YouTube right now.
After today, I don't think I'll ever want to sit/stand in the Lower North again
at 19:03 7 Jan 2017

I guess some fans don't like encouragement and an optimistic look to life.

Surrounded by negative fickle fans and upon yelling out encouragement, applauding players etc, someone took it on themselves to disagree wholeheartedly, square up to moi, threaten me and then suggest that if I throw one, he'll have me arrested, he soon went running like a pu$$y to the stewards, but anyhow, that worthless excuse of a pr!ck doesn't deserve anymore attention. It took 83 minutes for him to shout out something positive, 83 friggin' minutes, and he didn't celebrate our equaliser, pathetic really!

It was so evident right from the off that we missed a leader on the pitch, even though they both get regular criticism from fans, we really could have done with Chambers and Skuse on that pitch, more so Skuse to control the midfield as Bru and Andre didn't.

Thoroughly impressed with Emmanuel, I hope Mick sticks with him but we'll see pigs fly first. Webster, I thought, at times was complacent and Knudsen wasn't that great. Ward has lost the confidence we saw from the opening game, Pitman had a better game than at QPR and Sears ran his socks off, very unlucky that he didn't convert that chance at the end, but what really pi$$es me off is right from the off, the fans are on the players back, why? It's disgraceful, as supporters, we're supposed to support the team, it's in the word...?

And as for joining in with the 'you're getting sacked in the morning' chant from the Lincoln fans, an utter disgrace.

Thank god for Tom Lawrence...
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