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NHS asking for Irish help in testing...
at 22:59 17 Sep 2020


Posting the RTE link which doesn't have comments but I am sure you can all imagine what is being said. Namely talk to the EU, sod off we have enough problems ourselves etc etc

For context we are an omnishambles over here too. Looks like Dublin is going to have Level 3 restrictions tomorrow.

Why can't we all just get along?
Seth Rogan on Instagram
at 16:37 3 Jun 2020

Apologies if posted already. If you haven't seen this, Seth Rogan on Instagram has been delivering a simple message in Why Black lives matter:

Quiz: Name every Irish player Keane signed for us and Sunderland
at 22:47 13 Jan 2020

9 years since Roy departed! Seems like yesterday and has not had a top job since...says it all really.

Anyway who can name all the Irish players Roy signed for Sunderland and ourselves (ROI Players Only):

Interesting, Top 20 League 1 players...
at 19:08 3 Jan 2020

KVY top with Kenlock 4th....stats stats stats

He's great is Tabby!
at 10:29 3 Jun 2019

Interview with Jay Tabb on packing in football and now training to be a jockey.

Expect down votes....but Chambers???
at 21:50 12 Mar 2019

Not going to be popular on here but thought Chambo was very poor tonight. Kept lumping the ball forward even under no pressure, was all at sea marking (the over head kick despite him grappling) and looked constantly exposed for pace. Maybe he is carrying an injury or needs a rest...but I think he contributed a lot to the defensive nervousness.

Personally think we need to replace and wish him well. Never a doubt he bleeds blue blood but is now part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

at 16:02 12 Jan 2019

Radical Thought.....
at 22:49 5 Jan 2019

While peeps are calling for ME's head...once again our players are to blame.

Blame the recruitment policy and players who are sitting comfy on their huge wages. Blame the state of the once great game that was football before the massive influx of money.

Once again today we watched players paid considerably more than our opponents have no bottle or belief in the battle. Even with the ongoing issues with ME, let's be honest we could have bought our opponents entire team!!

It reminds me of why Supple left the game, too many players too comfortable and not giving it their all for this Club!

Yes I get ME isn't pouring billions into the squad but for me blame the sourcing and recruitment over the years. Yep we sold Waghorn, Garner and Webster....McG moved on and is now rocking it for the Blades. Doesn't excuse our League 1 recruits not showing up today.

However the big wake up call for me is that we bought 2 of Stanley's best players....and we were total muck. This reminds me of what a certain Shane Supple quit pro football. Too comfortable and don't care about the greatness that is ITFC.

My big hope is that PL stays with the project and rebuilds the squad and makes us believe once again! Time for us to reset, strip out the rotten and rise again...this can be done despite who the owner is.
5 Observations
at 17:05 5 Jan 2019

1. Did we have a midfield apart from Bishop who tried to make a difference?
2. No leaders on the pitch, no hint of a game plan.
3. Why do our defence not attack the ball or at least jump off the ground?
4. Sears should have had a hat trick.
5. Spence gave away a silly foul that led to the goal...just saying

6. We are a disgrace!

7. Why pass the ball along the backline passively in the 91st minute?
[Post edited 5 Jan 2019 17:06]
PL in training today....
at 22:11 7 Nov 2018

Really love seeing the engagement and passion to pass on his experience. Not too shabby a one touch turn and pass either!!!
Words cannot express how much I hate Xfactor!!!!!
at 21:04 1 Sep 2018

The missus had it on after I put the little one to bed. Came down and spent 30secs realising it was on and promptly left the room.

The only other thing that stirs up such hatred is seeing a team wearing yellow and green! Grrrrrr
Constructive Thread....so where do we go from here?
at 21:56 26 Aug 2018

Personally I'm getting a bit fed up with all the doom and gloom floating around at the minute. Along with the bickering around Mick Inners and Mick Outers...stop the press MM is gone and has no direct bearing on this season apart from peeps on here trying to scoring points against one another.

Edit: Dam mobile phone....

What I wanted to ask everyone is how do we improve from what we have seen so far. I can't get to games so bow down to those watching the team each game.

From what I am seeing we need another CB, LW and experienced CF. What would you do as PH in the current situation?
[Post edited 26 Aug 2018 22:03]
at 18:14 18 Aug 2018


Replayed the 2nd yellow several times and yes late challenge but the Vile player went down like a sack of spuds. Also think the ref didn't have a clear view of it....
at 21:59 10 Apr 2018

Can I just point out a massive plus in this window?
at 23:22 31 Aug 2017

We have held on to our best asset....Bart!
DIYers + Bodgers Unite
at 23:02 12 Jul 2017

Following on from Geoff's laptop woes thread (and to move on from various food related sagas) Growing up with a family member who was a mechanic and a "have a go merchant", I've inherited the spirit of researching to see can I fix things myself.

I'd be interested in hearing about everyone's best DIY accomplishments.

To start off here are the highlights of my projects to date (as based in Ireland prices in Euro apologies):

- Fiat Punto Head Gasket: €40 for gasket and bolts + €20 to skim the head. 1.5 days later 4 pots working instead of 3.

- Rover 45 Diesel timing belt/fuel pump belt etc: €150 euro replaced in 2 degrees c in December with multiple layers of clothing and swear words.

- Alfa 147 2 litre twinspark timing belt/balance belt + water pump: €200 euro and a pig of a job, borrowed the cam locks off a mate.

- Central Heating PRV and expansion vessel. Failed in January with the Missus and little one turning blue. €30

- Potterton Boiler PCB - Allegedly (Irish Gas Appliance law) might have been quoted €300 euro to replace the pcb. Have heard that a 30 sec solder job fixed the dry joint.

No doubt the rest of you can eclipse these...

[Post edited 12 Jul 2017 23:11]
Garvan signs for St. Pats from Colchester
at 23:54 2 Jul 2017

Didn't realise he was only 29....

St Pat's make double swoop with signing of Brennan and Garvan http://the42.ie/3475558
Glen Whelan up for grabs...
at 23:00 28 Jun 2017

Derby pull out of race to sign Glenn Whelan - reports http://the42.ie/3466065

A very devisive player in for us lot in Ireland. Yet has played consistently for Stoke in the EPL and the Irish team. Valued if we believe at 1 million.

Of course we can't afford his wages but would he be a step up on Skuse?
[Post edited 28 Jun 2017 23:10]
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