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That first half performance last night
at 08:19 18 Sep 2019

A thing of beauty at times.

I can see a championship team or even a lower premier team come knocking for The Mighty Flynn come January. Kinda lost it a little towards the end of the half after Norwood went off and we went a bit longer and higher to Keane. For some reason.

Harlem Globetrotters first half, Washington Generals second.
This new short goal kick rule
at 09:49 17 Sep 2019

Just get the bloody thing up the pitch.

If you want to try and play like Barca and then give the ball to either one of your 2 /3 worst footballers then you deserve to be scored against.

Stupid rule changes.
The Brexiteer Newspaper
at 15:15 10 Sep 2019

Just delivered through my letterbox by the oldest paperboy in the world.

Front Page features an editorial by Axxxx Farage, there's a crossword (there's a few cross words too, b'dum tisch) plus The Tim Martin Freehouse column, where he mentions that he has "seamlessly switched from French brandy and champagne to superior UK & Aussie alternatives".

Axxxx Farage will be glad to know that it wasn't immediately put into my blue bin, it's been put to good use under the cat litter tray where the middle page spread explaining how "no deal is the best deal for Britain" is prominent.
[Post edited 10 Sep 15:16]
Phil....Betfair adverts on the right here ->
at 09:22 8 Sep 2019

They keep messing up my excellently worded posts. Everything goes blank..
Brexit Q Part II. I know...
at 09:21 8 Sep 2019

So, we get royal ascension tomorrow BUT does this mean that JC must play ball and agree to an election? Can he hold off 'til they all quit.

Genuine question, I don't know the answer.

Thanks in advance.

Brexit Q. I know..
at 07:53 6 Sep 2019

I was listening to Adolf Farage on the TV and he refers to "No Deal Brexit" as "Clean Break Brexit".

When was this god awful spin and marketing brought in?
*uncurls toes*
at 09:47 4 Sep 2019

Man alive, how self important can you get?

This "we're winning but not playing well" line I'm seeing a lot of
at 09:36 2 Sep 2019

We've seen 2 maybe even 3 teams come here and set up 2 banks of four and look to be difficult to break down and play a bit of counter attack.

Shrewsbury, in particular, didn't have a Plan B after the early goal or in fact a Plan C after the sending off. We are THAT big fish this season, we've got to expect plenty of teams to come here and potentially look to shut up shop and set up for damage limitation.

Probably got more chance of seeing more goals like our superb 3rd goal away from Portman Road this year where teams will have a go and space opens up.

Their young mascot today
at 21:10 31 Aug 2019

Loved his interaction with their fans when he went over to them.

A bit dusty from my seat, I'll be honest.
A left handed DIY buffoon asks....
at 10:46 30 Aug 2019

..right, Mrs Beard has just ordered a new Outback Gas BBQ which arrived today.

Having opened the box, it's in little pieces and the instruction manual suggests to allow 4hrs to put together. 4 HOURS!

So...does anyone know of anyone who offers a "put stupid purchases from the internet together without getting into an argument with the wife about stupid internet purchases and cutting my knuckles to shreads in the Ipswich area"?

Thanks in advance.
Bent, Marcus
at 08:29 30 Aug 2019

Looks a bit frail in this video, don't you think?

He had a bit of pace about him.
just popped into the club shop
at 12:40 29 Aug 2019

V busy.

Could be a big crowd Saturday.

Shrewsbury coming in numbers with a beef apparently
at 08:19 29 Aug 2019

I was reading 442 on the sun lounger and they're classing this weekend as their big game of the season.

Not happy about Town's "underhand" approach for PH & Deputy Doig plus losing players to Town also. They have chants ready and possibly a banner.

Enjoy your big day out, maybe take in Pleaurewood Hills whilst you're over here.
Merseyside Red to do a Boris?
at 15:58 28 Aug 2019

Ipswich Star Facebook comments - Ed Sheeran edition Updated with content
at 08:58 25 Aug 2019

Stunning reading.

It's my new favourite pastime, I'll be gutted when they're back to moaning about the bridge closing and Norwich Road come Tuesday.

Really I think he could have at least done 3 hours I mean you pay all that money for a ticket so you want your money's worth

Charlotte Stephenson, Ipswich

Word on the street is Ed wanted the gigs at Suffolk Showground (Trinity Park) as it’s flat with easier access from the A12 and A14 and free parking for all - but Ipswich Borough would only approve Chantry Park because...wait for it....they don’t own Trinity Park so wouldn’t make any money, but they will do from Chantry Park (despite the massive disruption and crazy black market for parking). Well done IBC for chasing the £££’s instead of just doing what’s right.

No takeaway food delivery’s can get threw it’s ridiculous should have had it at trinity park bigger venue and parking

Julie Ranson, Ipswich.
[Post edited 26 Aug 11:34]
Ed Sheeran parking offer
at 17:41 19 Aug 2019

Right, I have had a couple of freeloaders parking outside beard towers on Friday and Saturday as we're walking distance from the holiday inn/chantry Park.

So, if anyone is after a parking space for Sunday and Monday gigs, drop me a pm.

I'm about to have a libations or two, so won't be looking til tomorrow am. First come, first served.
Greetings from Alanya, Turkey. Phew, what a scorcher
at 14:07 18 Aug 2019

Caught the game on Ifollow which worked very well and ordered the Wimbledon game Tuesday.

Our following yesterday looked immense on the telly.

Quite enjoyed the game, thought they had some decent possession before their second but we deserved something from the game.

Didn't think Edwards looks close to match fit sharp and hopefully Huws will get a good run out Tuesday.

Onwards and upwards. COYB.
Judge. Alan. Hmmm
at 18:59 10 Aug 2019

If his job is to hit sh1t corners, free kicks and give the ball away, then I understand why he's a fan favourite.

Not good enough for this fan.
iFollow Q or 2
at 15:17 8 Aug 2019

I'm overseas for the Peterboro game and wouldn't mind watching it whilst sipping a Cuba Libra or maybe a Singapore Sling.

Looks like I can simply order the game BUT is it worth registering first in the UK or waiting till I'm on the sun lounger? Presume by waiting till overseas, iFollow will realise that I'm one of those mucky foreign types and allow viewing rather than simply audio??

Thanks in advance
Scott Carson getting the Richard Wright gig then.
at 10:05 8 Aug 2019

Best job in football that.

Train in the mornings, afternoons off, no game pressure, pick up wages.
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