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I'd have paid good money to witness this
at 07:30 19 Nov 2021

All went very Life of Brian first too.
Travel to and from Portman Road next Tuesday. Chantry edition.
at 08:57 17 Nov 2021

Looks like the Belmont Road and Hawthorne Drive roundabout is going to be closed for resurfacing from 7pm through.

If you use this route to work round the London Road traffic and cut through towards the station, this will affect your route.

FYI really, and should some common sense be shown and this gets delayed, I'll advise. Over and out.
Zwift alternatives
at 11:47 29 Sep 2021

I know this raises it head from time to time on here but on researching, Zwift looks to be £13 a month now - any of you cool catz using something similar without the monthly fee or a smaller fee?

It's for a smart trainer I'm thinking about purchasing without having to pay monthly for anything else.

Who else is in the Covid Positive clique then?
at 10:14 23 Sep 2021

New member here joined Monday.

Double jabbed and it still hit me like a train. The cough is horrendous.
Rewatching The Sopranos' start to finish - list of 5. *Spoiler within*
at 10:09 23 Sep 2021

1. People wrongly credit The Pine Barrens as being the best episode but the correct answer is Long Term Parking (Series 5, Ep 12).
2. Sticking with Series 5, the long running "Tony B Problem" is wonderfully written, crafted and acted.
3. Paulie Walnuts is by far the best character.
4. Carmela breaks Tony's balls far too much. This is a view shared by Lucan and myself.
5. The very end scene is still brilliant. In my mind, Tony has seen the hit coming and reached for the light switch to go fully Arnie on them and The Soprano's now live under assumed identities in Florida. And watch Monster Trucks.
It's a bit early for the annual "Manager Out" bedsheet, isn't it?
at 09:05 15 Sep 2021

I've not brought a dress or anything.
Decent gig at The John Peel Centre next Friday
at 09:57 7 Sep 2021

Tickets still available for the shouty South Londoners.
The £77 per annum refund for season ticket holders - an idiot asks
at 09:31 24 Aug 2021

Where does one see their individual beer tokens totals? I've logged on to itfc direct using my customer number and can't see any mention within my info..

Assistance appreciated.
The meal you have of an evening..
at 09:26 20 Aug 2021

...what is it's official title?

Lucan, who considers himself an educated man wrongly refers to it as "dinner" whilst the sane members of our whatsapp group call it by it's correct title of "tea".

Settle an argument here, fellow blues.
Anyone speak corporate Jive?
at 15:45 16 Jul 2021

"No worries thanks for confirming, just trying to embody resilience for future planned dates to prevent any historic issues or delays."

No, me neither.

Edit: I put this to a whatsapp group also:

Reply: He's telling you that you've burnt the fries, bud.

[Post edited 16 Jul 2021 16:02]
Fabletics VIP membership
at 09:39 15 Jul 2021

Anyone else get involved with this?

I wanted a couple of cheap pairs of gym shorts, so signed up to their membership thing, which means that they take £49 a month from you BUT you can stall payments and quit at anytime.

I forgot to stall this month, so I had a £49 credit. Fair enough I thought, I'll sort loads of gym kit in their 80% off sale. Stuff in basket, get to checkout and all my heavily discounted stuff isn't included as part of my VIP membership.

I could simply buy a pair of shorts for £19.80 but as a VIP member, the cost is £49!

Anyhoo, just wondering if anyone else had the same and do bear in mind if you're thinking of signing up.
Local Tories wibble #235547568678
at 09:28 15 Jul 2021

2012, so a full 5yrs before she must've predicted herself having to resign as local tory leader following her frankly shocking tweets about Grenfell Tower survivors.
Pup update - Q within
at 09:08 9 Jul 2021

You'll be all chuffed to hear that the pup is all good, settled and happy.

The "poo" bit of her Cockerpoo really hasn't come through, so she's looking like a Spaniel with curly ear fur presently.

Anyhoo, 1x issue. She's flatly refusing to walk any distance with just one person but happy to walk miles if she's accompanied by 2x people. Anything we can do to assist matters?

She simply sits and plants her body into the ground to start and then pulls at the lead when she gets a sniff of home.

Any assistance appreciated.

Sweet Caroline Origins
at 09:19 8 Jul 2021

I was in Boston in 2004 and watched The Red Sox stuff the Minnesota Twins.

The "Bah! Bah! Bah!" thing was chanted all round Fenway Park that day, so had obviously been a staple chant for a while.

Was it a Red Sox thing or had it been used elsewhere previously, anyone know?
Thomas, Geraint out of TDF - ignore! He's back on.
at 13:10 28 Jun 2021

[Post edited 28 Jun 2021 13:11]
Any Rick & Morty fans?
at 14:41 23 Jun 2021

Mr Nimbus might just be the best cartoon character ever, ever created.
That's some covid take, lad..
at 10:20 23 Jun 2021

I see Tom Hunt has done his "the courts are too soft" article again
at 11:29 18 Jun 2021

I see that The Secret Barrister has called him "dim-witted" again.

I just can't get the staff!!
at 13:27 15 Jun 2021

Union's fault, no doubt.

Goals Ipswich: 5-a-side pitch 7-8pm tomorrow
at 09:20 15 Jun 2021

Before I cancel due to too many call offs from my lot, could anyone make use of this booking?

£45 on the night - I do know that slots are like the proverbial rocking horse poo currently.

PM me if interested and I'll forward the booking email.

Yes, parking can be a pain. No, you don't have to pay for the car park after 6pm.
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