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The darts
at 23:15 20 Dec 2021

Just watching Wade against the Dutch guy. Were the crowd singing Stand Up if you hate Norwich? Or was it just in my head.
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Death in Paradise
at 10:15 26 Aug 2021

Flicked over the tv last night and caught the end of it. Shocking programme. But made me wonder how many deaths/murders there have been in paradise. Not much of a paradise if someone is being topped every week.

Then they all sit around waiting for the big reveal as to who done it. I thought the murderer would know the score and have cleared off long before the final 5 minutes of the programme.
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We need a signing
at 11:32 12 Jul 2021

just to give us all something else to focus on, other than the exploits of England.
Neighbourly advice
at 20:01 9 Jul 2021

Right I need some advice.

Recently moved into a new house, neighbours moved in a week or two before. All fine and good, they seemed ok, chatted regularly, went round for dinner one night, when restrictions allowed.

But a couple of weeks ago we were having a new lawn laid and our guy parked a bit on their drive. So Mr Neighbour came round, knocked on the door and moaned and was very rude to my wife, which really upset her. Now I understand if he wanted to go somewhere, but he didn't. He could have seen the turfman and asked him to move it, but no.

Then this week he was heard moaning about my daughter who has just passed her driving test and parked at an angle on our drive. He was overheard to say, god cant she drive, she must be an erratic driver, we must stay out of her way!

This has now really peed Mrs B off.

So, do I go round and have a quiet word with him and point out the errors he has made and maybe suggest he may like to apologise and keep any opinions to himself in future or try and ignore it as Mrs B suggests I should do.

Any advice is much appreciated.
Town shirt collectors
at 14:48 18 Apr 2020

does anyone collect Town shirts.

I have a Counago 9 shirt from the Prem League season, the white/black one we used, I think once, or not many times.

It’s been sitting in a draw for years so wondering if anyone wanted it.
He has a career
at 09:49 16 Apr 2019

Holiday advice from the well travelled TWTD members
at 13:57 22 Jan 2019

Off to California this summer, making use for the first time of not having to wait for school holiday.

Any advice on where to go and what to see?

So far have planned on San Diego, LA, Yosemite, San Fran, but any other suggestions or things to do while there would be good.
Injuries still giving you grief
at 12:20 9 Jan 2019

After Dubtractors post about shoulder injuries, got me thinking about other injuries we all have, sports related or not that are still giving you grief many years after the event.

I will start off....

Sunday morning footie, 1999 on Bourne Park and a cold wet rainy day and a dodgy tackle that broke my leg. It still feels numb and hurts if I land on it wrongly.

I do wonder if the tackler is on here! Did make Junior Match of the Week in the old Green Un.
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