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To quote all the Cook haters from earlier in the season….
at 17:01 23 Apr 2022

no plan B!
Stock cars and bangers
at 05:13 24 Mar 2022

As Easter Monday match has been moved to Tuesday, thinking of taking my lads to Foxhall. Haven’t been myself since I was a kid but think it’s every Ipswich boy’s ‘Right of Passage’ to go at least once in their life!

Any tips from regulars on where to stand, does it get busy these days etc? My Mrs is also worried about safety with flying debris etc, presume in this day and age fencing etc is pretty good?

Do the still finish with the ‘Demolition Derby’?

What a fantastic job Nathan Jones is doing at Luton!
at 07:39 17 Mar 2022

Two promotions with them first time round. Now back after brief spell at Stoke and they’re challenging for promotion to Prem! May fall slightly short but for Club with their budget it’s still impressive, guess they would have been one of favs for relegation.
What’s your thoughts on Thompson?
at 17:28 14 Feb 2022

Must admit 4 matches in and I’ve still not seen anything to show me he warrants a place ahead to of KVY or Penny. Showed absolutely nothing going forward on Saturday and defensively looked iffy , allowed their winger to get several dangerous crosses in.

Certainly not “improving the squad” IMO. Is Penny injured….I know he can be inconsistent but at least he’ll get down the wing and take on full-backs/get decent crossed over!
[Post edited 14 Feb 17:28]
Poor old Alex Mathie
at 16:52 29 Jan 2022

He doesn’t half watch some s*hit from us!
Cook’s summer signings
at 07:58 23 Jan 2022

Mick Mills was talking yesterday during the game about Cook’s player recruitment and reckons he got around a 50% success rate. Depends how you quantify “success” of course, but this got me thinking and just did my own bit of analysis on the back of a fag packet!

Taking the loan players out of the equation, I counted 14 players brought in by Cookie before he left. Of those, you can probably say around 7 have played in most matches. Probably Burns & Edmundson are the big ‘outstanding successes’ and I think most would agree Aluko, Morsey, Penny, Chaplin and Evans have done pretty well and are better than we had last season.

Of the 7 remaining, I wouldn’t say they’ve been ‘failures’…probably ‘the Jury is out’ is a better way of describing them. Frazer, Pigott and Carroll and Edwards have all been a bit disappointing so far but I think all have potential to be good signings if they could force themselves in the team and play a run of games. Hladky, Harper and Burgess I would say are the ones who only look like being ‘squad’ players at best.

All in all, I don’t think Cookie did too bad personally,… just my opinion!
What’s McKenna on about?!!!!
at 17:46 15 Jan 2022

Dominated the 2nd half apparently…no mate we didn’t!!!
Jon Nolan - nearly a year since he last played!
at 19:13 13 Jan 2022

Haven’t even heard him mentioned since McK started and going to take him quite a while to regain anywhere near match fitness once injuries are sorted. Pretty much write this season off by the looks of it!

Obviously it won’t be a surprise to see him move on in the Summer, however would have been interesting to see how he did in a Cook or McKenna team. Think in good team we may have seen a decent player perhaps? We’ll probably never know!
Club ‘anthem’!
at 20:17 12 Jan 2022

Expect this has been discussed before but think it’s a shame we don’t really have a Club anthem like a lot of other clubs have (don’t really think ‘Singing the Blues’ cuts the mustard)!

Was just looking at a Facebook link this evening and some great ones around at clubs like Forest, Sheff Utd, West Ham etc., even up the road there’s that awful ’On the Ball City’!

Guess there has to a trigger or a specific link that causes fans to adopt a song that really sticks!

Personally always thought ‘Country Roads’ would be good….catchy chorus and don’t know of any other clubs that use it!
Anyone know why delay in rearranging Lincoln match?
at 09:00 9 Jan 2022

Both teams out of all the cups so why hasn’t a mutually convenient date just been agreed?
F1 Grand Prix - football analogy
at 17:16 12 Dec 2021

I don’t usually watch so I’m no expert…

However seems like the stewards stitched Hamilton up like a kipper there! Bit like being 5-0 up in last minute and ref goes “next goal wins”!

Think if I was Brett Johnson I’d be on next plane over here!
at 07:27 8 Dec 2021

I’d be asking Ashdon what the f*** is going on….when he left a month or so ago the future was bright, a fantastic manager (their words), teams getting big wins!

Just a weeks later the manager’s been sacked, season’s over as far as promotion, fans attacking us players on the pitch!!!!!

How can it have gone wrong so quickly?!
So all you FM experts…
at 21:51 7 Dec 2021

The 4-4-2 ‘Plan B’ you’ve all been calling for really worked out well in that 2nd half didn’t it!!!!!

Just empty out the midfield and resort to hoof ball!
Mick Mills made some interesting comments:
at 20:41 7 Dec 2021

Surprised by the sacking…
Thought there were signs the team were beginning to come together…
At least under Cook we usually had a good shape to the Team (unlike tonight)!!!
Obviously no one already lined up as a replacement…
at 11:55 6 Dec 2021

suggests a knee jerk decision by the board then! Thought Ashton and this new lot were meant to be experienced operators. Group of clowns just like the last regime…this Club is going to be a laughing stock for years to come!
Feeling very deflated and as for the names being mentioned as replacement….
at 21:59 4 Dec 2021


Fear we’ll be in this same position this time next year…and the cycle will continue!
Be honest with yourselves people…
at 23:38 23 Nov 2021

a month ago after the Pompey and Wycombe wins how did you feel? Suspect like me you were thinking we have have the beginnings of something good with the squad/manager etc!

A couple of iffy performances since and you all want to chuck it all a way and start again!

Tonight was poor I agree but it’s one match against a really in form side! Sunderland, Plymouth and Oxford were disappointing results but by most people’s admission they weren’t terrible performances! So are forwards are off form currently…it happens!

I agree we’re not where we want to be currently, but let’s get a bit of perspective folks! Even though we’ve spent a bit of money on a new squad we’ve devine right to go straight up…it takes time!
Get a grip people!
at 23:09 23 Nov 2021

Yes disappointing performance tonight (against a top of the League, bang in form team), and we’re not obviously where we want to be currently! Confidence is obviously low but I dont think we need to panic yet I honestly don’t!

From where we were in the Spring under Evans & Lambert it was always going to be a project which would take a year or two. Personally I think we’ve now got better owners, better CEO, better players and yes…a better manager!

If our League position doesn’t improve over a year or so Im sure they’ll act, but it’s way too early!
Sacking Cook would be ridiculous!
at 22:32 23 Nov 2021

All very well these big time Charlies in the Prem sacking managers after 6 months, but at this level it doesn’t work! Most successful clubs at this level bring someone in, show a bit of patience, and let him build something over a couple of years.

His proved he can successful over several years at several clubs, so let’s just see. I know the argument about the Wigan guy as his assistant will be brought up…well eventually time will tell, but a few bad results happens to the best football sometimes!
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