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Leeds fans certainly put some planning into following their team
at 00:02 6 May 2019

I was speaking with a Leeds fan who had a ticket in the Bobby Robson lower today. He had purchased an Ipswich silver membership months ago when it looked like this match would be a promotion party.

He then purchased tickets to two matches which he didn't attend but made sure they were validated (assume someone else used them).

He booked two double rooms for two nights for his family at a local hotel costing in excess of £300.

His son had to sit in the Alf Ramsey stand as he couldn't get tickets together or in the Leeds end. He then had to witness his team completely fold to the leagues bottom team.

He behaved appropriately throughout the game. Nice chap and knew our history inside out.

That is fan loyalty for you.
Burnley anti football
at 16:01 28 Apr 2019

Watching Burnley v Man City and find it quite funny their fans are complaining about City time wasting after they were doing exactly the same when it was 0-0. And last week Burnley did nothing but time waste at Chelsea albeit it kept them in the division.

I get it that they are playing City so its all about defending, however they are boring to watch but I do envy the fact that they can defend in numbers which is something we are incapable of for some time now.
The opposite ends of humanity.
at 15:15 28 Apr 2019

Having watched the thousands of hero's running the London marathon for multitudes of charities, I then read the above link about hunters paying thousands to shoot captive lions so that they can have their pictures taken with the dead animal.

I could sort of understand killing an animal to feed the family. But how pathetic are some people. Do they think this is an act of bravery. Give some of the money to a worthy charity instead.
not about the game
at 21:45 14 Feb 2019

Just a general observation. Who made the decision last night to shut many of the bars in the North Stand. The queues at half time were horrid. I went to the upstairs bars also and they were packed also. Many of us gave up trying to get a drink or food as the match had restarted.

I get that attendances have dropped but the catering at Portman Road is a nightmare.

Set pieces
at 13:26 11 Feb 2019

Can you remember a worse season for ineffective set pieces. There was a time when our defenders would contribute around five goals each from corners alone. Chambers has had at least three relatively free headers in recent weeks and not one has even tested the keeper.
Norwich are known for conceeding from set pieces but we never even looked like getting on the end of a cross.
Flynn Downes.
at 13:20 11 Feb 2019

Clearly there is a good player in the making but I am concerned about his football intelligence. Didnt we sub him a few weeks ago because he had lost his head and was on the brink of a red card. Then against Nodge he comes on and wipes out their player. Could have been a red if we had any of the refs from previous four games. That would have killed any chance of a comeback as we were still in the match at that point.
It reminded me of Hyam who would come on and immediately get a yellow for a poor tackle. Hope someone in the club has a word with him as pointless cards will ruin his progress.
[Post edited 11 Feb 13:41]
What a pickke
at 10:34 3 Feb 2019

Were clearly going down as weve not shown any sort of form all year. We now have an over bloated team full of loans cost costing money which in retrospect is now wasted.

Wouldnt it be better to start working with building for next season with the youth and some of hursts players. Problem is what do you do with all the loans that clearly wont be here next season. Judge looked ok, but unless there is any chance he will be here next year is it just now getting in the way of seeing who to keep or offload.
Next weeks pre match press conference should be interesting
at 00:41 6 Jan 2019

Feel sorry for the poor sod who gets dragged out to state the standard 'its not over yet' line to the press. What will be this weeks line. I'm going for 'we have to put last week behind us' What do you guys think?

When things are this bad its usually Chambers who gets wheeled out.

Would love to see a rebound against Rotherham but they were the major cog in the Macarthy decline and we never seem to get the rebound response that other teams seem to be able to get. Just would like to have something to cling on to for the remainder of the season.
at 12:53 1 Nov 2018

After looking at a different thread, I was trying to think when was the last time we actually had a dominant midfield. We seem to have have been discussing our weak midfield issues for an eternity.

The only good ones of semi recent times I can think of was the Mat Holland or Jim Magilton eras.

The same goes for the right back debate. The last regular right back feels like David Wright and that was an age ago.
[Post edited 1 Nov 2018 14:39]
What a bunch babies our fans are
at 10:36 26 Oct 2018

There are many things I dislike about modern football but fans are becoming the worst part.

Everyone has their right to moan and decide whether to be a supporter or a stay away fan but listening to some of the pathetic things our fans on here say really disappoints me.

I get we've had more than our share of turgid football on a shoestring budget but all this 'im not going anymore be cause it's rubbish, because he is an ex canary, my morals, he doesn't know the division' and on and on.

Unless you have a real problem with the next manager, ie he was a sex offender, racist etc. Just get behind them. You can have your moral victory when they eventually leave as 90% of all managers will fail eventually.

Managers do what they do as a job. Some enjoy it and some are in it purely for a very good pay cheque. I'm sure all of them start with the intention of succeeding but in the majority of cases they will eventually fail due to the financial set up of English football. They move from club to club. Just because they got a team promoted or relegated within a completely different set up and group of players doesn't mean it will happen under our set up.

Id love us to have this magical set up where everyone of our managers were born in the ipswich area. But let's be realistic how many managers are there out their who we can select from. Most of our own legends played elsewhere before we poached them from another club.I

Have your say on who you want then get behind the club an hope for a little bit of success and fun as that's what supporting unfashionable teams are about. If you want a stress free life just watch man city and complain when they don't win by more than three goals every game.

That's my rant over plus I've made myself late now. Bloody forums.

Saving the planet via road tax
at 17:13 12 Oct 2018

Until last month I ran a dirty 2litre 14 year old diesel medium sized van. I purchased it because I believed all the hype at the time about that engine being one of the best on the market. The road tax this year was £250.

I have just purchased a two year old 1.5 diesel small van which is euro6 and supposedly one of the cleanest diesel engines. My road tax is £250?

Had I purchased an older euro 4 or 5 engine which is not as clean then my tax would be £140ish.

I know that road tax is just another form of general taxation but the Government surely should at least pretend that the road tax bands are based on trying to do away with dirtier vehicles.

My wife just purchased a 1.6 three year old diesel car which I assume is euro 5. Her tax was £40.

Can anyone explain why euro 6 is dearer than the older 4and 5 before I harass the appropriate departments.
Are some people just thick or taking advantage.
at 11:37 11 Oct 2018

Conversation as a busy decorator to an existing client.
Client. I know your booked to past Xmas but could you fit in a small job.
Me. If I work late on current job to get it done I have only four days left available but I am really up against it.
Client. OK it's only a two day job.
Me. Great. Your booked.
Client. One day later. You said you had another two days. I decided I want the whole hall, stairs and landing totally repainted including doors, bannisters etc.
Me. No that will need at least seven days (very large house).
Client. But I want it done by Xmas.
Me. I cannot fit it in.
Client. OK could you just tidy up the walls and come back later and repaint it all.
Me. OK I will tidy everything up and book you in for January to re do everything.
Client. OK when you tidy up the walls could you also do all the woodwork as well.
Me. No as that is the whole job again.

And so it went on.

Later that day I had a new client ring. I informed her I had no dates this year. She then stated she wanted the whole house redecorated starting in two weeks.
Me. So you have only just realised your whole house needs doing immediately!!!!
I despair
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