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Katie Price
at 14:06 23 Jan 2022

I can't believe I'm wasting a minute of my life on this women but I see she has been up to no good yet again.

I guess it gives her more junk paper news to feed to her followers. But how far can these types keep ignoring the law before they finally get dealt with by the courts.

I'm sure she has her mental health issues and is a great mum etc. But would joe scrote be given so many chances before being locked away.
Paul Mariner at Ipswich Gaumont
at 09:28 11 Jul 2021

In Ian Henderson's lovely tribute to Paul Mariner, he mentions that PM and Terry Butcher were lovers of heavy metal and became friends of Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan. He was invited onstage as a backing singer at the Ipswich Gaumont nd Hammersmith Apollo gigs.

I was lucky enough to be at the Ipswich gig with a Leeds supporting mate and remember PM suddenly appearing with a group of other players to sing.

I think it was 1981 or 1982 but will need to dig out the ticket stub from the attic to confirm which gig it was.

There must have been other Town fans at the gig and if so do you remember which other players were on stage or what Gillan song it was. I'm assuming Terry Butcher would have been involved but my memory fails me.
Exceptional performances
at 20:48 17 Feb 2021

I know the managment has been dire for years but when was the last time one of our players put in an exceptional performance.

You see it with other teams, but i'm struggling to think of many times I've watched and thought a single player has ruled a game.

Grant Ward's 40 minute debut hat trick in 2016. Finidi's debut performance? . I almost feel let down that both of those were their highlights at rhe club.

There must be loads I have forgotten but it appears that a single good pass during 90 minutes now constitutes an acceptable performance.
[Post edited 17 Feb 2021 20:50]
Cancelled games and rotation policy
at 12:21 15 Feb 2021

Surely the canellation of yet another game last weekend highlights the stupidity of the rotation policy.
I understand easing injured players back slowly but why change a winning team on the assumption that a fit player will be tired later in the season.
How many times have we rested a fit -player recently only for a game to be called off or the player to be rested anyaway due to being sent off, accumulating yellow cards or then getting injured.
Personally I would play the best team then rest a player when it becomes necessary rather than trying to look into a crystal ball and work out when he will drop off in form.
If this rotation policy had worked in previous seasons then maybe I could understand it, but lets face it we have never been a team that comes out of the blocks stronger than expected after any sort of lay off.
[Post edited 15 Feb 2021 16:50]
at 10:30 28 Mar 2020

Not had one yet since the lockdown and was thinking of doing so this weekend in order to save another meal at home. However I did my one local dog walk late last night and walked past the big brand local pizza shop. They are doing deliveries only, however the shop is small and there were four delivery drivers all collecting pizzas standing next to one another at the counter, plus at least six employees all working/baking within a few feet of each other. In fact I think it would have been nearly impossible for them to work without pushing past one another all night. Clearly doing good business but not taking any notice of the risk their employees are taking.
For all the good things footballers are doing
at 09:37 28 Mar 2020
Push me
at 20:31 29 Feb 2020

Life long towner and season ticket holder for most of it. Not delusional as I accept were nothing special even in this division.

Had to give up my season ticket at xmas as changed jobs at xmas (for health reasons) and have to work virtually every Saturday. Finding it hard not being at PR every game even though were pants right now. Will be back as a regular when I give up this job in a few years.

I can finally make the match on tuesday evening but am faultering, not because of form etc but because I don't want to sit through 90 mins of fans booing and arguing amongst themselves.

The end of the Mick era was horrid seeing fans turning on one another. I totally get fans being annoyed as we should have enough with this squad to be competative.

Please give me that small bit of encouragement I need to ensure I dont work late on Tuesday.

Thats all. Live long and prosper. Have to go offline for a few hours but will be back later
[Post edited 29 Feb 2020 20:34]
After a lifetime following town.
at 11:23 4 Dec 2019

I have supported Town since my Uncle used to take me and I had to stand on a crate to see over the wall. He died young whilst holidaying in Australia. We had rosettes and them bloody awful spinning clacker thingies in those days.

I buried my first dog in my favourite Ipswich scarf when I was a teen and refused to go to my sisters wedding unless they let me wear my scarf. Apparently I was a bit sulky in my punk teens.

When my mum died fairly recently I cleared her house and found a teddy wearing my old shrunken FA cup shirt.

I have had a season ticket in the lower north stand for most if my adult life all bar a period when I played rugby on a saturday. (still remember being in the rugby clubhouse and seeing the man utd nine nil score coming up on the TV. I was too far away to see the actual score but they had spelt nine in brackets so I knew it wasn't going to be good). My view from the lower tier is a bit naff as I don't always know how exactly a goal at the other end has been scored, just that the net has moved so it must have gone in. I could move but I don't because its just what I have always done.

As s tradesman I work in a dusty environment, however I have an inherited lung problem that I manage ok but will not improve with age. I have now been informed both my knees are damaged and will require surgery at some point. Again I'm managing it but again its only going to get worse.

I have another ten years until retirement which is not going to be fun if I get there and can't breath or walk properly.

I sadly have had to make the decision to change jobs with effect from January. I have been offered a good job which I'm sure I can excel at as I have never been one to shirk long hours and studying.

Heres the downer. The job requires me to work five Saturdays out of six. I could probably just get to evening games if I go direct from work.

Knowing this was a possibility I was looking around me at the last game trying to justify my decision. Ok the football has been pretty poor for most of the last decade. But I don't support Town expecting to win every game. I will save on a season ticket. The ticket price isn't actually that bad though. I don't even know many of the people around me, just a knowing nod and grumble that we are all wishing for the same thing. I will.miss meeting mates at the Bull before kick off.

Well that's me. A ticket that doesn't get renewed and someone will assume I have just given up going. I will miss it even though it makes no sense to my wife. Hopefully I will excel at my job and be able to negotiate a couple of extra Saturdays off.

Enjoy your Saturdays as they may be out of your control one day.

[Post edited 4 Dec 2019 11:39]
Ipswich fans on soccer am
at 11:55 26 Oct 2019

Let us down. Only scored four.
For those travelling by car to Southend
at 08:48 26 Oct 2019

Give yourselves a bit of extra time today. The main approach road to Southend is a traffic nightmare. I used to play Rugby there and the games regularly kicked off late due to opposition under estimating the time to get there.
Also the route in and out has more traffic cameras than I have seen in any stretch of road so you can't make up any time. Enjoy the match. I wont be singing as in with the home fans.

That tackle
at 20:09 24 Oct 2019

Can't see it mentioned anywhere on here. Sorry if I have missed it.

That tackle last night looked horrendous from my view in the north stand. Looked a nailed on red card.
Leeds fans certainly put some planning into following their team
at 00:02 6 May 2019

I was speaking with a Leeds fan who had a ticket in the Bobby Robson lower today. He had purchased an Ipswich silver membership months ago when it looked like this match would be a promotion party.

He then purchased tickets to two matches which he didn't attend but made sure they were validated (assume someone else used them).

He booked two double rooms for two nights for his family at a local hotel costing in excess of £300.

His son had to sit in the Alf Ramsey stand as he couldn't get tickets together or in the Leeds end. He then had to witness his team completely fold to the leagues bottom team.

He behaved appropriately throughout the game. Nice chap and knew our history inside out.

That is fan loyalty for you.
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