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Town Confirm Leigh Signing
at 09:18:34

The fact that he can and has played right wingback could be a bonus for when we lose Wes for 5 weeks in the winter for his excursion in Qatar. Given KVY’s injury record we may need another player who can play left wing back as well but I think Cameron Humphreys could well do this role comfortably. Edwards will be under the microscope as well because supposedly the coaching team were working with him before injury last season to adopt this role.

Harper and Edwards who both showed signs of being potentially exciting young signings have failed to deliver end products - so some big calls for Kieron as to whether he can turn these players around or whether the have to be shipped out permanently or for loan.
Town Reveal New Kits
at 14:38:45

In fairness to Umbro having looked at their website in recent days and also some of the kits they have supplied other teams, they have some cracking kits and are very much providing a real challenge to the heavyweight manufacturers like Addidas and Nike. So I personally welcome the change. My only disappointment is mainly driven because nobody is modelling the full kit in its glory and several the shots have been taken in shaded areas potentially giving the kit the impression of being darker than it probably actually is. I am not sure I quite resonate with the abstraction of the Cobbald Stand but can make believe that it is the tyre marks of this coming seasons tractor which going to see all the opposition ploughed up good and proper. But otherwise the home kit is a thumbs up from me and sense I will like it better when I see the full kit in full sunlight.

With regards to the away kit, again a smart offering. Personally though I have always disliked Town playing in red which for me is the complete antithesis of blue and used by so many teams. Always Orange and white alternated every season for me!!! So 1 out of 2 for me.
Tranmere and Orient Eyeing El Mizouni
at 22:53:17

Seemed to have had a spell suffering from injuries as well last season and during his previous loan spells. Very talented young player but needs to prove his fitness, was our man of the match at Gillingham in the Pizza cup. Still worth holding onto and a loan to prove his fitness and that he can stand up to the rigours of a long English season should determine if we keep after the end of next season, but would certainly not jettison him yet unless the opportunity to use him as part of a deal for a more established operator.
Rotherham United 1-0 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 14:57:16

That’s why we are tenth. Toothless display, unfortunately when Sam Morsy has a poor game the team underperform, we can’t expect Sam to carry us all the time.

Norwood has to put that chance away in the first half and that really sums us up, you have to deliver in the big moments and we consistently fail to do that.

Norwood and Celina have flashes of brilliance about 1 in every 15 matches.

Norwood, Celina, Bonne, Thompson should now all sit the rest of the season out. They have had half a season to prove to McKenna that they can consistently deliver at this level and have failed and quite frankly should expect themselves lucky if any of them gets an offer to return.

Piggot needs the last three games to save his career at Ipswich and personally I would have no qualms if Piggot and Chaplin both moved on. We need some serious investment in the final third.

Personally as a starter I would try and go and get Waggy for his special deliveries from set plays and maybe an audacious bid for Tom Lawrence and a Michael Smith type of centre forward.
Dobra on as Sub as U23s Defeated By Hull City
at 16:18:54

I have to say a disappointing performance despite some good periods of possession.

We lined up with much the same formation as the first team.

Baggot played the Woolfie role and in fairness did that very well and looked assured and comfortable.

El Miz occupied the middle of midfield with Cameron Humphreys and both kept the ball circulating and genuinely tried to make things happen, so not bad displays from both these two lads either. Our best performers along with Baggot today.

Hayes in goal looked excellent with his feet and came out to sweep up several times and looked accomplished.

Alexander and Armin both quietly assured and had OK games.

Now the difficult bit, where I don’t like criticising the youngsters. We tried playing a wingback system like the first team and this is where we started to fall down. None of the two lads playing in those positions remotely looked suitable for wingbacks.

Chirewa and Hughes played the dual number 10 roles. Both struggled against a fairly solid Hull side to be fair. Chirewa has from past performances proved to have a good strike on him but today he infuriatingly kept running into trouble or getting dispossessed. Reminds me a bit like the lad Folami we let go recently.

Simpson ploughed a bit of a lone furrow and had little support and movement around him.

We only started to look dangerous on 80 minutes shortly after Dobra and Ward came on in the dual number 10 positions, we then had so much more movement and both lads have really quick feet being able to run at the opposition opening up more space and opportunity for Simpson or deep lying runs from Cameron Humphreys or Idris El Mizouni.

I am a big Humphreys fan but have seen him have better games, I think he is always capable of coming in and plugging a gap when needed with the first team but not sure he warrants the label as yet as the next best midfielder in the club to Sam Morsey, I also have to say to Kieron Dyer that Chirewa is miles away from the first team.
Donacien: Proud of Our Defensive Record
at 12:01:23

Top Guy, and so pleased to see all the very well deserved credit he is getting for someone who is so modest and humble. If we had a lot more footballers like Janoi the game and this world would be a much much better place. Sorry Wes & Samy but Janoi just inches for me as player of the season.
McKenna: I Liked All Aspects of Our Game
at 18:59:15

Kieran’s doing a great job and have full confidence that he will take us way beyond where the last 8 managers have taken us.

However, for once I didn’t like all aspects of our game, when was the last time we scored from a set piece? We really have been awful this year from corners!!!!

Secondly we have to make our dominance show, we should be winning most games at Portman Road by a 2 goal margin to give the opposition any feeling that this is fortress Portman Road.

I am sure Kieran will sort that in time when he has a transfer window himself and we can attract a couple of good forwards who can attack the ball in the air in the box.

Otherwise great feeling for a Saturday night with 3 points against a good Div 1 team and a professional display with the crowd enjoying and being fully engaged.
McKenna: Ipswich is Going to Be a Very Good Place For Young Players to Be Over the Next Few Years
at 21:01:34

Just think Keiron Dyer’s frustrations got the better of him at a time when he says he needs to be within 90 minutes of Addenbrookes at all times to respond to that transplant call. Given KD’s health it’s a shame he couldn’t lay low with the help of the club until he came out the other end. Yes I understand his frustration when he believes we have a very talented crop of youngsters ready to push on, but kMck inherited a large squad with many experienced players that will take a couple of windows to iron out a reasonable balanced squad, Plus look at both the WBA “super kids” Harper and Edwards both looking to be very talented young players and how they both struggled to make an impact on some of these dour Tier 3 teams. Think with Baggott and Ndaba (who has done very well at Salford) returning that we will be well stocked with defenders next season. I can see a handful of players leaving or going on long term loans but really we only need a good left back, a Celina return and a couple of new and more consistent strikers plus maybe a Morsy backup to take this league by the complete scruff of the neck next season. I can see Humphreys and Simpson becoming part of that. Hopefully KD will return at some point in the future but with our young current manager KD may need to go and try his hand with a Club like Colchester
Dyer Resigns as U23s Manager
at 17:14:22

Just maybe he felt his ambitions have been stifled, McGreal who has managed and arguably more experienced brought in to work with him and now a first team manager a few years his junior in age tends to suggest his options for promotion are limited. Cook gave him the opportunity to work with the first team on top of the U23’s, his health obviously putting him under a certain amount of stress and therefore maybe he just felt he needed a break to clear his head. Just the frustrations of life that get to us all at times and not necessarily just one thing. I wish him all the best in resolving his health issues and look forward to seeing him being successful elsewhere. Always time for a return at some point in the distant future when McKenna has done such a fabulous job at town we have to begrudgingly let him go to a much bigger club.
Nydam Announces Retirement
at 21:12:42

That is really sad news. Out of Dozzell, Downes and Bishop he was the best all round footballer, very versatile and could have comfortably played full back left mid, centre mid and probably could have played holding midfield. I was gutted for the lad when he was released but assumed it was more down to the longer term implications of his injury rather than his talent. Could have become another Sam Morsy had he not have been so unlucky. I genuinely hope the lad finds a suitable career, never once did he let the fact that he was a professional footballer go to his head. Good luck Tristan.
Oxford United 1-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 17:38:52

I wasn’t at the match today so far from me to be overly critical. Kieron McKenna has done a great job with what he has inherited and is definitely the man to take us forward.

Arteta responded to praise of Saka today tempering that by saying well if you play for a big club you are expected and have to produce plenty of big moments.

Walton, Burns, Donacien, Wolfenden, Edmundson, Morsy have all been consistently outstanding under McKenna. Aluko and Celina good.

Bonne, Piggot, Norwood, Chaplin, Edwards despite some good moments under Cook earlier in the season have failed to produce anywhere near enough big moments under a Mckenna system that has put the opposition under a lot of pressure in the final third.

We still fail in the big moments, so even getting to a play off raises the question of whether we have enough bottle and can be clinical enough. Our record against teams above us still hasn’t been good enough and we just don’t punish teams to the extent of our superiority.

Bonne, Piggot, Norwood , Chaplin , at least two of them need to move on and our striking capability reinforced with a couple of well established prolific marksmen.

A good back up for Morsy (not Bakinson - although I think he could be a good squad player) a left back and a couple of really good strikers will see us out of this league under Kieron next year.
Morsy: I've Scored That Goal About 500 Times in Training
at 18:00:31

There were some on here slating Sam just before KMac arrived, but in my mind he has always tried to give his best even if he had one or two poor games. I think all can see how much the team missed him when he was serving his recent ban. As much as it was frustrating that he picks up so many disciplinary points and subsequently misses matches, to take his fiery nature away would change him as a player. In some sense I would compare him with a Roy Keane style of player, we all know how good he was as a leader.

Sam, if he continues his form of late and remains consistent could end up having the same sort of impact on this club as Marty Holland did. Just watching some old reruns from his Wigan days he certainly popped up with a few goals now and again. Certainly not a Skusey who couldn’t hit a barn door from 5 yards!!!

Well done Samy, keep it going son you could become a future legend!!!
Morsy: We Still Have Everything to Play For
at 07:59:14

Our equivalent of a Roy Keane, very vital to the team.
Cook Delighted to Be Back in Football at Chesterfield After Tough Two Years
at 13:45:20

Be rooting for Chesterfield, I never doubted Cookie’s ability and he does have a decent CV.

In many ways a down to earth and decent guy so pleased that he has made this statement (rather than I have worked for big clubs), I am not saying Wigan and Portsmouth are not big clubs but with the history and heritage of Town and our fan base (just look at the pitiful home gates for Wigan and they are pushing an automatic promotion and struggle to get 10,000), then the pressure to achieve was always going to be greater especially under the new American ownership who will demand visible progress. It was just unfortunate that as we just looked like finding our feet with all the new players that we were starting to move backward and PC didn’t do anything but more of the same. Not a tactician and maybe a good motivator if you were a PC person.

I always had my doubts after reading that Ashton interviewed him for Bristol City and supposedly dismissed him as not fitting the culture of the club he was running. So I thought without rapid success e.g. play offs this year as a minimum then he would be replaced by someone Ashton thought he might be able to get closer too.

Nevertheless, I remain a Cook fan but pragmatic about the situation and guess his severance will keep him financially happy for quite some time allowing him back to Chesterfield to enjoy a couple of years or so before any further ventures.

Good luck Cookie,
McKenna: Everyone Speaks Highly of Liam
at 23:24:56

A bit different from “eeeh Tabby’s great, different class”
McKenna: Definitely Not Our Best Performance
at 14:35:37

Yes a disappointing performance and at times you could have been excused to thank that was more like a Paul Lambert display, however, like already what has been specified above I think K Mck is probably the best coach/manager we have had in a long time and believe he will quietly and eventually get it right. Yes a bit of luck today but whilst I am really pleased to have gotten K Mck, I was probably one of the few on here who would have accepted Neil Harris who I think is underrated, yes a touch of new manager bounce but in two matches he looks to have stopped the rot at Gillingham and their fans will yesterday have felt very sore at coming away without anything yesterday.

I am with those speaking up for Pigott, I thought some of his hold up play was really good traditional centre forward stuff and feel the lad should be given a run. Not sure we will get McAuley for a reasonable deal in the summer but maybe a poor second half season may make him more affordable. But with Nors injury record and uncertainty as to whether we will or want to sign McCauley full time then I think Pigs needs to be seen as our future number 9. He is a proven goal scorer at this level.

There was a fairly tepid response to Dominic Thomason’s performance, again I thought he was tidy and reminded me of a “Taricco” in his style. Looks to me a good signing for the rest of the season.

Woolfie again put in a dominant performance and has hardly put a foot out of place since he has been brought back in the side. Middle of the park still concerns me though, when Morsy is not playing we do seem to have a weakness which affects us going forward and orchestrating a coordinated press. Whilst, Evans, & Carrol both good players we lack that efficiency in the centre and neither can seem to compensate for Morsy’s absence. Town before in Skuse’s early days and with a fit Flynn Downes both missed having at least one of these two players in an 11 badly when not available. Bakinson to me doesn’t look anywhere near a Morsy back-up and still worried that we lack that bite without Samy. Lambert got slated for squad rotation, but if done sparingly then I think it has significant value to keeping the squad engaged. Certainly some players now are shoes in to start every week if fit for me, CW, JD, Woolfie, The Fridge, Morsy, Wes, and I might be inclined to add Sone Aluko to that list, so I wouldn’t be inclined to replace more than two players on planned rotation unless injuries are picked up by key players.
Rochdale Among Clubs to Make Harper Enquiry
at 13:00:16

I am not sure Bakinson is any better than this lad so I was hoping the McKenna could do some magic and give the boy some new confidence and fit in a role that suits him. But looks like Bakinson will now be the favoured back up to Morsy and Evans.
Clements Set to Join Stevenage on Loan
at 12:36:23

Further to my point, Corrie Ndaba comes back at the end of the season having (whilst not injured) acquired so far reasonable game time at Salford and last season a lot of games for Ayr in the Scottish league. Corrrie recently signed an extended contract and has shown versatility playing at left back, centre half in a 2 and a 3, and holding midfield player.

If we have to choose between Corrie and Bailey for one of the 22 squad places for the over 21 places my money would be on Corrie. My point is that we all want our academy to produce these headaches for us if the players coming through are ripping it up and doing a bit more than just alright if they get a first team appearance. I am not sure Bailey is creating a headache for us, and whilst it is a tough decision to let youngsters go it shouldn’t be a painful experience as we will have hopefully equipped them with enough to go and and make a half decent living. Getting one of the 22 places in the Ipswich senior squad should be recognised as an enormous challenge for any young player, failure shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a failure of them as individual but that they haven’t quite made the elite cut. Having that reputation as a club will only enhance the youngsters leaving as they know they have been coached and trained to a level that puts a big expectation on them.
Clements Set to Join Stevenage on Loan
at 10:38:49

Let’s be fair he is showing qualities of being a good young pro. and had a couple of steady games standing in. However, next season he will take up one of the over 21 spots in the squad and given his length of time here is ability is not screaming to make him a regular first team squad member. I only wish the lad well and hopefully he can carve out a living in the game. Whilst of course there will always be late developers we have to get used to making some cruel decisions at the age of 21. The likes of Bramble, Dyer, Dozzell, Downes were taking their chances and impressing at a much earlier age and all had reasonable resale values. Bailey may become another Myles Kenlock but has to push on considerably, not withstanding a couple of good performances in others he did look to me as if he had a few rabbit in headlight moments
Nolan Set For Town Exit
at 17:22:34

Outside his recent knee injury the lad had several spells out with a calf injury that kept flaring up
and had potential for being a very good player at Championship level. Certainly fit he is a very good league one player but often let his frustrations get the better of him and couldn’t find the consistency here that he did at Shrewsbury where he had an outstanding season before joining us.

Hope he can resurrect his career somewhere and think the decision to cancel his contract the right one for both player and club as it was highly unlikely that he was going to get offered another contract and leaves another free spot if we want to bring in another over 21 player as I think on last count we were up to our limit and loaning out El Miz and Harper wouldn’t have changed that as they both don’t qualify for over 21 count until next season.
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