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Ipswich Town 1-1 Lincoln City - Match Report
at 18:57:13

Having been to an FA Cup final and 3 FA Cup semi-finals with ITFC it is difficult to describe the magic and the excitement that this competition conjured up if you haven’t experienced it. It was just a different feeling to the League. I used to look forward to the start of FA Cup For weeks in advandce. Yes the Saturated TV coverage of football now a days hasn’t helped but the fact that many modern managers show contempt for this competition does make me angry. I have been a big PL fan and yes I take some of his bull with a pinch of salt whilst we are winning and doing well in the league. But come on 10 changes is not going to put the side on a coherent footing. This was one of my biggest issues with McCarthy

We really only played for 15 minutes today and to describe our football as being played on the front foot (and not only today) is a stretch to far.

Emyr Huws is a very good footballer but needs players to make runs into channels and spaces. Flynn Downes was his normal energetic and industrious self, and I am really really pleased for Andre who in the second half I thought was outstanding especially with his delightful goal - well done son we needed you to remind us of the immense talent you have and to impose yourself on the game which you went along way towards doing so. Unfortunately at times your subtle and sublime openings for others is just lost on some of the poorer players on display this afternoon and indeed others.

So we actually had a very capable and decent midfield 3 on the pitch today.

Unfortunately, I will be surprised if Will Keane ever makes it in the game, what we saw last year from him was a few cameo performances but to me this position needs to be strengthened in January as I can understand PL not wanting to always rely on or risk KJ or JN - especially with Freddie still months off a return.0

Nsiala, Donacien are certainly not good enough at this level, and Myles Kenlock whilst having done well in the past still has more to do for me to convince me that he won’t follow down the same sort of path as Josh Emmanuel..

I like young Dobra but his naivety and impetuous nature is only waiting to punish us and needs to be used sparingly off the bench at this time.

We have had some really good results this seasons but for long periods the performances have been pants. Lincoln today for the first hour were much sharper, quicker and stronger, with only one change from last week I think this speaks for itself. Yes we drew with 10 changes but the chances this was going to be an exciting performance from Town was always going to be remote.

I get it in the tournament I really do, but remember 2 less league matches this year as well.

But I cannot offer PL anything other than contempt in my attitude, he got what he deserved and didn’t want - a replay. That’s why today’s football is in such a mess.

Lambert: Fans Coming Back Has Given Me Most Satisfaction, Training Ground Was Horrendous
at 09:45:29

It’s easy to knock MM, and the last year of his tenure was something this club should not have gone through and the whole management team has to be responsible for that.

I was grateful for what Mick did for the club in his first couple of years, he brought a togetherness back in the playing staff and it shouldn’t be forgotten the real damage done by his two predecessors.

MM has never adapted to the modern game and is synonymous with guerilla style football, that’s his forte - the whole bust up with Keane typifies this and the facilities the Irish training camp had in those days were sub standard. MM can do a job to stop the rot but facelifts are just not part of his reportoire
Ndaba Joins Cotter at Chelmsford
at 08:56:43

I agree that he seems to have gone backwards as he was looking so promising the early part of last year. I hope this is just a loss of confidence and that a loan and some fresh surroundings will help him get back on track, and not a situation where he has been rattled by not given a chance in which case PL will see this as an attitude problem. PL was very critical of him in the U23 play off semifinal against Birmingham at Portman Road at the end of last season at the time everyone thought he was ready to make his first team debut. This may have played a part in knocking his confidence thinking he had nearly arrived but then was some way off.

I understand the lad was originally a midfielder and converted to centre half, maybe a change back to a holding midfielder may give his career a versatility boost.

I have seen him play several times and I like the lad and do hope he can pick up and suceed.
Simpson and Folami on Target as U23s Beat Coventry
at 22:50:52

I agree with much that has appeared in the above report. Nobody put in a bad performance. Some nice neat, tidy and simply played football from the town youngsters.

Ndaba did have some lapses again but that would be nit picking to single the lad out who has struggled this season at times when last season he was a colossus for the U23s.

I have been critical of McGavin often in the past but as mentioned above to be fair he played a pivotal role in holding a lot together tonight, so well done lad I am really pleased to see him start to make a mark at this level.

Idris was Idris, probably the most talented player on the pitch and reminds me so much in style to the great Mat le Tissier of Southampton in style. Does try awfully hard to make things happen and as a result often overcooks things. Cracking run and shot to cannon off the post.

Ben Folami quiet for a long period and just as you think he might be substituted he pops up with a goal. This lad is talented but I will give him the benefit of the doubt from the effects of his long injury. My worry is he isn’t putting in enough to get anywhere near the first team and it would be a shame if this lad couldn’t make a break through.

The Trialist hardly put a foot wrong and played with great assurance, however, think he lacks height which we desperately need in the penalty areas.

Tommy Smith nice and simple and passes the ball consistently well whilst covering a lot of ground and finding space to allow little triangles being played in delightful passages of play.
ITFC Women Thrash Canaries in FA Cup
at 22:17:04

Well done girls and thanks for a great afternoons entertainment.

Mrs Budgieplucker and myself love our Sunday visits to the seaside taking in the tractor girls at the welcoming Goldstar Ground.

Well coached, and love the way they try to play the game. Some really good players and young Anna Grey has a great match on the wing.

Norwich has some good players, but quite frankly don’t play as a team like our girls.

It’s a great time to be a fan of the ITFC family at the moment and especially witnessing the enthusiasm of the way the girls go about their business.

Well done to all the fans who turned up and created a lovely atmosphere including all the lads behind the goal banging the boards.

Look forward to my next trip to Goldstar with perhaps a stroll on the prom, a bag of chips and plenty of wonderful lung refreshing sea air, and might be able to get rid of a few old pennies in the slot machines as well. What could be better!!!
Tractor Girls Host Norwich in FA Cup Derby Clash on Sunday
at 18:28:02

Well and truly a thrashing of our budgie neighbours.

Great game girls another enjoyable afternoon at the seaside and Mrs Budgieplucker is becoming a football convert as well
Southend United 0-1 Ipswich Town - Half-Time
at 16:10:10

Lucky to get away with goal that was ruled out for Southend.

Edwards playing awful, otherwise some good performances from most of the others but we have squandered two other chances. This is what let’s us down as we should be out of sight by now.

Think Nolan coming on has given us more drive.

I would pull Edwards off now and put on Wilson to allow both Garbutt and Vincent-Young more freedom to get forward.

Need to see more from Jackson as well not convincing me as a centre forward but to be fair the one thing he is very good at is following up rebounds coming off of the goalkeeper and he was unlucky not to get a second for us.
FA Cup Date and Prices Confirmed
at 09:39:38

@buggs makes a very good point though, we purchased season tickets on the basis of 23 games and the marketing would have told us how much that this works out per game.

The gates are significantly higher, many fans are putting their hands in their pockets to support the team away from home.

Unlike practically every other team in recent seasons we haven’t been given the opportunity to witness a summer pre-season friendly at home because of a big money spinning concert and then a tight deadline for pitch renovation and preparation for the new season.

I think it would be the minimum gesture to the best fans in the league if they think we make a difference to offer a free match in one of the cup competitions. Having said that I suspect half the gate money goes to Lincoln so it may have been more appropriate to give a free match for the EFL trophy unless there are similar rules to FA cup in terms of sharing hate receipts
Ipswich Town 0-2 Rotherham United - Match Report
at 07:35:04

To be honest I was more disturbed by the defeat at Accrington on Sunday than tonight. Having said that all credit to Rotherham and Paul Warne, they have taken a bit of time to adapt back to Division 1, but with limited resources they find a formula that can win games. They recruit very tall physical players who work their socks off. Not one of our crosses troubled then, this is not necessarily because of our crosses being poor but we had little chance with the size of our forwards being able to out jump them. They get men behind the ball and men up rapidly to support the attack. We have good players but our tempo is often too slow allowing the opposition to get back behind the ball - the hoof ball alternative to speed things up is never going work against the sides either. Again last night I didn’t think we would score from a corner unless we brought Tomas Holy up for it.

It was frustrating but you have to beat what’s in front of you.

I would challenge that by switching to 4-4-2 last night we were better positioned to get something out of the match, yes Giorgio added a bit of much needed spark and won a few more corners but more crosses from wing positions into Kayden Jackson and Will Keane was not going to pay dividends, neither have the physicality and attributes of an old fashioned centre forward, which is what our squad still sorely misses. Unfortunately this was the sort of game that needed a Teddy Bishop, and Downes was much missed.

So yes a big wake up call and reality check and more of a real welcome to Division 1.

I am a massive Lambert fan but between the two boxes I am not seeing some of the cohesive play (albeit we were poor in both boxes) that the team were showing at times last year. I am not sure what style of football we are trying to play because we are developing no consistency with the changes we keep making.

It is going to be tough now, Peterborough also despite a slow start look more than capable of holding on to a top two position, the key players look very effective at scoring week in and week out. I think Wycombe May slip away, but Sunderland after their big win this week could push on towards the top. Coventry seem very resilient and OXFORD surprisingly steady.

Town Look to Bounce Back From First Defeat as Rotherham Visit
at 07:30:37

Hmmm......from being in a commanding lead at the top of the table with games in hand to an aspiration of still “being right in the mix” suggests more of a mindset that the strongest squad in the league (if that is the actual case) hasn’t got what it takes to dominate in this league, in fairness our performances haven’t suggested that we can dominate where we have had long spells in some games where we haven’t played particularly well.

Yes we will loose Some matches, and if we get beat by the odd screaming goal where the opposition have put up a good fight in an end to end game then fair enough, but not to turn up against a club who has been struggling and bullied out of a game is not the sign of an automatic promotion winning team.
Town Look to Bounce Back From First Defeat as Rotherham Visit
at 07:30:37

Hmmm......from being in a commanding lead at the top of the table with games in hand to an aspiration of still “being right in the mix” suggests more of a mindset that the strongest squad in the league (if that is the actual case) hasn’t got what it takes to dominate in this league, in fairness our performances haven’t suggested that we can dominate where we have had long spells in some games where we haven’t played particularly well.

Yes we will loose Some matches, and if we get beat by the odd screaming goal where the opposition have put up a good fight in an end to end game then fair enough, but not to turn up against a club who has been struggling and bullied out of a game is not the sign of an automatic promotion winning team.
Lambert: The Good Teams Always Bounce Back
at 16:49:43

That was coming and very predictable.

This could be a real taste of things to come as winter draws in, the pitches get heavy and cold winter nights visiting grim northern towns and struggling teams who want to show a strong physical presence.

Granted we have done well up until today and we have made our own luck without being able to dominate any team other perhaps Tranmere in the second half.

I accept we are going to lose matches but rather to an outstanding screamer of a goal or in an end to end cracking match against one of the better teams in this league.

However, Accrington got their tactics spot on and we quite frankly got bullied. Inept performance and very poor selection from Lambo for this type of match.

Probably the most important action for the coming week is getting James Wilson to sign a new contract as what we need most of all in this league is no nonsense defenders and not clumsy defenders who don’t know their left foot from the right foot.

Tactically Lambert was way off here, Dozzell was never going to impress in a game like today and somewhat unfair to throw him in when you have the far more experienced and physically stronger player in Emyr Huws on the bench. What utter tosh about him not being able to manage two games in succession, He’s had 10 days to recover!!! He must be a p*** poor athlete if he not up to that.

Kayden Jackson is probably a good striker at this level but he is not outstanding at this level neither is he a target man. Will Keane Should have been brought on in the second half.

Hopefully young Dobra will learn from his rashness on what otherwise may have been a more promising league debut.

Think I will try and get a bet at the bookies on Alan Judge not scoring in his next 29 games for us. At the moment he looks more of a liability to the team and to keep persevering in the hope all will come good is NOT the right think to do.
ITFC Women Hammer Royston in Cup
at 08:05:19

I have to confess having become a convert and a regular to the ladies game the Felixstowe venue works really well, I have convinced and converted the good lady to join me for a stroll at the seaside either before or after the match with refreshment thrown in. The welcoming and club house facilities at Felixstowe is very good so it was a difficult sell to try and engineer an afternoon out at Playford Road, so I am afraid I disappointingly missed this one. But well done girls.

Anyone know why venue was switched and what was the crowd like?
Ipswich Town 4-1 Tranmere Rovers - Match Report
at 20:22:47

Garbutt and KVY could actually be the catalyst for transforming our side. Yes James Norwood is a good acquisition but at last having 2 players who look comfortable and very competent at full back, wing back and potentially as wingers too add an extra dimension to the side and a threat going forward from defence that we haven’t replaced since Aaron Cresswell was in the side. I think unfortunately Donacien and Myles Kenlock are going to be hard pressed to hold down a regular place in the side.

5 goals from these two, don’t think we are going to get any where near that return from Skuse, Downes, Bishop put together for the whole season and at the current rate you can probably add Judge to that.

I actually think Sears and Keane could end up doing as well as Norwood and Jackson when they are both fit. I would like to see a “best 11” developing and trying to stick with this in most games, on paper this may look like this:

Chambers. Skuse. Woolfenden
Vincent-Young. Downes. Huws. Garbutt
Keane. Norwood

Bishop when fit is likely to fit in there.

The beauty about the above formation withe above players is it can
morph into 4-3-3, 5-3-2, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 with a diamond At a moments notice without
Change of players and therefore so flexible.
U23s Defeated By Charlton and Still Looking for First Point
at 06:45:27

This time last year we were witnessing a much more fluent and attractive style from the U23s and could be excused for thinking this was the template for the style of football to be enforced throughout the club. Now it is easy to diagnose that many of those youngsters have successfully moved into the ranks of the first team squad or currently injured or coming back from injury.

We had several players playing last night with first team experience but despite appearing to have a strong line up looked disjointed. El Miz and Dobs tried very hard to make things happen but sadly just hung on to the ball too long to take on an extra man and getting easily dispossessed. Giorgio and Garbut at times appeared as if they were there playing cameo roles. Toto clearly short of match practice and displaying some of his natural clumsiness. Roberts ploughed a lonely furrough and put in a decent performance and kept going but even at this level lacks a predator
instinct. And oh dear what has ever happened to Corrie Ndaba, this time last year he looked so assured and destined for a first team debut, now he seems to have completely lost his ability to read the game and frequently gets caught and his dustribution nowhere near what it was last year.

As newcomers in an experienced team Scott and O’Reilly did ok. I expected more from McGavin when he came on but in fairness the team wasn’t playing well, this lad has shown some promise but as a holding midfielder on recent performances is way off threatening the first team squad.

Yes a good Charlton side who looked to have several maturer players but this performance was no where near good enough from Town. I really looked forward to go and watch the U23 s last year and seeing good football. This year I may be less enthused, I guess the consolation is seeing the first team doing so well but struggle to understand what needs to be fixed at the club to promote a way of playing that is consistent across the club, I get it that results at this level are not important but players will not improve or flourish if performances are not good.
MK Dons 0-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 23:48:34

Just one other comment to add to my offering above, I do think the maroon kit is very drab we could have and should have played in blue tonight. I know often some officials don’t like teams both wearing the same colour shorts, this strangely didn’t cause a problem on Saturday when Doncaster played in white shorts as well. However we could have worn blue shorts tonight if that had been an issue, think blue is brighter and much easier to pick out under the floodlights then the drab maroon.
MK Dons 0-1 Ipswich Town - Match Report
at 23:06:04

Was at the match and my first visit to the very impressive MK Stadium. Support was phenomenal, now you expect to come under some pressure away from home but 2nd half we should have really done better, we let them get in our faces and I think we were lucky not to concede. Poor decision making from both Downes and Edwards for the only two real openings we could muster in the whole second half, they both attempted shots from tight angles when Downes should have crossed it to the back post with Jackson steaming in and the second chance Edwards should have pulled it back for Keane. You may not get many chances away from home but you should do better otherwise you end up backs to the wall like we did.

Dominated in the first half with Huws pulling the strings, Norwood and Jackson both looked off the pace, but well done Jon Nolan for converting the only real chance we had, never really tested the goalkeeper otherwise. Every time we broke into their half we seemed to stop and pt our fort on it and then returned backward into our own half. Huws, Nolan and Wilson all put in fine performances, first half Skuse his effective self but second half Downes and Skuse overrun in midfield after Hughes went off. Garbutt also did well and looked comfortable at left back/wing back.

We seem to lack fluency when we get into the opposition half and I have to disagree with a number of comments on here, we are not going to steamroller this division unless we can up the tempo at all, seems like we are playing with only 1 & 1/2 gears at the moment and struggle to move up. Of course we are going to get beaten sometime that’s inevitable but yes the defence had to work hard tonight, unless we become more clinical and create more chances it could be tortuous watching us, second half it was very much counting the clock down and chewing the finger nails, we didn’t keep them at arms length.
Ipswich Town 0-0 Doncaster Rovers - Match Report
at 18:51:23

I will take a point against a very good Donny side. Lucky for us they haven’t got a striker and sold Marquis. Darren Moore a very good manager and decent bloke.

The disappointment is not so much the result but they did look the much more fluent and tidy footballing side, in the first half we couldn’t wrestle possession from them and some of our play when we had the ball looked a throw back to big Micks days. The 4-4-2 formation is a very basic and unsophisticated way to play the game, if tour wingers our playing well with then you could be rocking but unfortunately Edwards struggled and Judge was Judge, no lack of effort but runs around at 100 miles an hour often failing to bring the ball under control and often over hitting the ball. I don’t seem to recall to many assists from him since he has been here. Think Nolan is much more of a complete player but again not a winger. No Huws, if we are going to try and play a formula that caters for Huws and Nolan then we need to look more like a diamond formation in midfield.

Well done to the skipper for a really solid game, and Woolfie looks like he had been playing in the first team for many years. Skuse yet again had another good game despite being outnumbered in midfield, although as mentioned we did have to chase shadows a bit.

There are eight or nine teams who are seriously going to be challenging the top six and even if we feel we can contest the top two positions we have to ensure we don’t do a Sunderland of last year and keep on stacking up draws!!!!

What I saw in Donny to day was what I had hoped to see us play like, slick tidy possession based football with pressing at the right times, we’ll done Donny. Unfortunately 4-4-2 will not create this sort of game.
U23s Still Without a Point After Forest Defeat
at 23:41:00

Unfortunately at times the football from Town was as dull as the 2nd kit shirts they were wearing instead of their normal blue.

Good to see Ben Folami back and he looks as if he is put some bully on possibly making him a more robust front man. He did though seem to tire but will be a good workout for him to get some minutes under his belt. Will Keane looked tidy and again will benefit from the run out.

Idris El Mouzini was probably our stand out man doing impersonations of Matt Le Tissier, but hasn’t quite got Matt,s flare for a freekick and a half.

It was otherwise a young side and lack of experience and naivety was showing in abundance against a well drilled and strong looking Forest side.

Heaven did ok, but unfortunately Ndaba who nearly always looks assured at this level when I have seen him before had a real mare of an evening misjudging play and giving the ball away often. The two young lads in the centre of the park were largely dominated by their forest opponents. Interesting that The club look to be exploring a 3-4-3 set-up or 3-4-1-2 which I can see working with the first team as it can fluently morph into other formations on the fly without change of personnel.

Young Crowe and Clements whilst both trying to show endeavour in the wing back roles lacked consistency and a sense of maturity throughout the game having at times showed some nice touches and runs forward.
ITFC Women Thrash Canaries in Front of Big Crowd
at 19:57:56

I didn’t know quite what to expect as I attended my first woman’s match. Boy was I impressed with the girls. Brilliant match, great atmosphere, even bluey the horse was there. Also free to ITFC season ticket holders, What a thoroughly enjoyable evening by the seaside, watching a game under the lights in the fresh air and a beer in hand. The two girls in the centre of he park were absolutely astounding, intercepting, making space, carrying the ball forward and stroking the ball around. All the team were well drilled and made impressive runs into space.

I will definitely be back to see more, and great to see Paul Lambert and several of the players around, great club atmosphere like a big happy family. Well done to the lads behind the goal who kept the noise and banter going all match.

Thank you girls for a great evening and you were all a great credit to the club
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