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Match day has arrived in Oz!!
at 23:25 3 May 2024

Didn’t sleep much.

Kids and their partners all coming round tonight to watch the game. Will be emotionally exhausted by the time 9pm comes around!

Gutted not to be there in person, but hope everyone that is ends the day with memories to last a lifetime.

These days don’t come around too often. Enjoy every minute.
at 15:07 2 May 2024

Mowbray and Stewart at the end. Wow…

HT - Blackburn 0 - 0 Coventry
at 15:54 27 Apr 2024

But Rovers have had 15 shots to 2!

I hope this FA Cup hangover lasts a few more days yet.
Completely out of the blue……
at 09:52 15 Apr 2024

my daughter just asked if the name Kevin Lynch was familiar to me.

I’m not proud, but feel justified in saying that the level of swearing in my answer was greater than anything she’d heard from me since her birth 23 years ago.

3 teams on 88 as it stands is quite frankly ridiculous. (n/t)
at 13:17 13 Apr 2024

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs……
at 05:40 10 Apr 2024

What we can be certain of is that, whatever Saturdays result, McKenna would have moved on from it very quickly and immediately focussed on tonight’s game.

It’s this consistency, clarity, certainty from our manager that should give us all the belief that this team can do the business against Watford and Boro and head into the break in such a strong position.

No nerves in the stand tonight. Passion, support and determination and carry the team with you.

Pre-annoyed for Saturday
at 07:52 4 Apr 2024

That Norwich’s brand of anti-football is actually our Achilles heel.

They’ll play with a flat back 10 again, aimlessly hump it forward and pray Sargent can fluke a corner, then get a rolling maul going to force it over the line.

Horrible, horrible play, but that’s what years of Prem money and parachute payments buys you nowadays it seems.
Talksport full match commentary
at 14:02 3 Apr 2024

My apologies if this has already been posted.
If you don’t have a couple of hours spare, slide forward to 2:04, sit back, shut your eyes and enjoy….

C’mon Leicester!!
at 10:13 17 Mar 2024

I mean it most sincerely when I say I hope that both you and Coventry have hugely successful, long, exhausting, debilitating cup runs.

Caveat - provided Coventry still have enough strength to beat Norwich to 6th while losing the league game against us.

[Post edited 17 Mar 10:53]
Big weekend in the race for play-off places…
at 06:01 1 Mar 2024

The six teams currently in 5th to 10th all playing someone else in that group.

Things could look very different by 5pm tomorrow.
Only 3 of the top 13 teams won this weekend
at 17:06 24 Feb 2024

at 01:43 5 Feb 2024

I know we’ve scored from a few when Leif has picked out Chappers, or from second phase when the ball has dropped nicely in the box, but when was the last time we scored a good old-fashioned Beattie-esque bullet header direct from the first ball in?

Can’t remember one for ages.

Moore climbing over two defenders to attack the ball for the first was a joy to see.
Gives us a completely different weapon.
Jackson 83rd minute winner
at 21:20 29 Dec 2023

Right hand side of the six yard box.

It came to me in a dream
I think, to an extent, we’ve been worked out…..
at 05:58 24 Dec 2023

….. but there will be few teams who will be able to play the way they need to in order to take advantage.

Leeds high press caused us more problems than others, but mainly because the second press of Ampadu, Kamara and Piroe stopped us playing through Morsy and Luongo.
But that’s some serious pace and technical ability in their front six.

We had to try and by-pass the midfield and play it into Hirst, who was very well marshalled and totally outnumbered most of the time, or tried to hit Burns or Davis from distance and Spence and Gray just stepped up and picked off the pass.

We have had, and will continue to have, a lot of success playing that way and I can’t see McKenna abandoning the system because of one game.
Will be interesting to see what his Plan B is though, as there really didn’t seem to be one yesterday.
McKenna - two year anniversary league stats
at 07:09 13 Dec 2023

If I’ve miscalculated please correct me, but I make it:

Played - 90
Won -55
Drawn - 25
Lost - 10

Goals for - 173
Goals against - 71

61% win percentage
2.11111r points per game average
1.92 goals per game average

The man is just phenomenal.
I’m confused….
at 21:57 12 Dec 2023

…. so are they coming for us or not?
In an ever-increasing list of mind-blowing stats….
at 03:50 3 Dec 2023

…. Town have scored 199 goals since McKenna took over on 20th December 2021.

Unless something pretty woeful happens in the next three games, 200+ goals in under two calendar years is just insane.
Wreath Of The Barclay
at 23:05 29 Oct 2023

Seem to be incensed with the three teams promoted to the Prem, who are currently offering nothing and look destined to come straight back down.

I get that it shows a horrible gulf between Champ and Prem, and offers very little hope for any team with genuine aspiration for promotion.

I’m just not sure why THEY find it so objectionable bearing in mind it is straight out of the Norwich Premiership Promotion Plan.
“If there was nothing we needed to do better……
at 01:48 29 Oct 2023

there’d be no reason to come in on Monday”.

Demanding continual improvement.

Gotta love him.
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