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The police are useless
at 11:46 28 Jul 2023

I work as a Detective Constable in the MET. I don’t wish to particularly get dragged into a wider argument about policing. However, in response to this specific article relating to retail crime this is very frustrating.

Retail crime and assaults on shop staff is very prevalent, however as always the article is misleading.

If the offence is reported to police it will always be followed up, however this does not necessarily mean a visit in person from the police.

This could be for a multitude of reasons:
- if it is a shop lifting offence of a low value it may not be in the public’s best interest to conduct a full criminal investigation due to the resources that will be required, however if this is the case then advice will be given to the retailer on crime prevention, banning orders and so on.
- in order for an investigation to proceed, any shop staff that is assaulted has to be willing to support police action, which in most cases means being prepared to give a formal statement and attend court to give evidence. Many shop staff are not willing to do these, therefore the case cannot proceed.
- in order for a an investigation to be successful, evidence has to be present. In the case of many shoplifting offences or assaults this would require sufficient cctv coverage to be available and in many cases this is not present.
- very often even if CCTV is present, it is of horrendous quality or shop staff do not know how to utilise the cctv system.
- even if CCTV is present and an image of good quality I’d available, it has to be circulated and somebody has to to recognise the suspect involved to identify them.

These are just a few of the reasons that retail crime is very difficult to prosecute.
Knight, Hurst, Simms, a left footed CB and a decent winger on loan
at 11:47 21 Jun 2023

I think you need to re-read your own response… You said “proven”.
Broadhead song
at 16:18 24 Jan 2023

Hi everyone,

Had a thought for a Nathan Broadhead song after watching a Peter crouch video, and wondered what people think.

To the tune of only fools and horses.

No income tax, not VAT
£1 million transfer fee
Blue and white
Rich or poor
Nathan Broadhead’s gunna scoreeeeeee

Another bad apple
at 20:35 16 Jan 2023

I myself am a serving metropolitan police detective.

I don’t particularly wish to get involved about the politics and intricacies of policing in general, and clearly in situations such as this, the met has failed miserably, and my heart goes out to all of the victims.

Unfortunately, because the office of constable is still a servant of the crown and not employed by the met, it isn’t as simple as sacking somebody, when clearly it should be and this is something that requires reform.

Many of the allegations against carrick seem to have been withdrawn or the victim withdrawing their cooperation (albeit likely through fear), which means investigations are unfortunately largely unable to proceed, just as many crime investigations are if the victim does not wish to cooperate with a prosecution.

I would like to say this - situations and people like this man make officers within the met feel sick. It causes all of us to be tarnished with the same disgusting brush. In a service of over 40,000 officers, unfortunately there will be disgusting people. I was today at the peel centre in Hendon, where the mood was clearly one of shame. I do not know a single officer who would want anything other than for this man to spend the rest of his life without seeing the cold light of day again. Officers want people from within the organisation such as this treated with the harshest possible sentences. Every single officer I work with does the job because they care deeply about the public and wants to help victims of crime. Clearly the organisation needs to do more, and with the commissioners mission I hope that will be achieved, and we can work towards restoring the public trust.

Like some fellow posters on here have said, please do forget the food work that the police carry out. The overwhelming majority of us do not want criminals walking free or victims not getting justice, and we strive to be there as best we can for whoever needs us.
Marcus Stewart
at 17:29 11 Sep 2022

Absolutely gutted reading the news about Marcus Stewart’s diagnosis, which probably hasn’t had quite as much coverage on here as it usually would with the other piece of awful news this week.

I was born in 1994 and have been a town fan all of my life, and that promotion team is the first real team that I can remember, and Marcus Stewart, despite only playing for us for a relatively short period is my favourite ever town player, and a club legend (even more impressive when you consider he was only really with us for 2 seasons).

MND is a truly cruel disease and my thoughts go out to Marcus and his family.

With living in London and work commitments I don’t get to go to many town games anymore unfortunately, but I am fortunately heading to Sheffield Wednesday next weekend.

I hope fellow town fans agree that a rendition of “one Marcus Stewart” in the 11th minute of the games v Bristol and Sheffield Wednesday is a tiny way in which we can show our support to Marcus.

Apologies if this has already been mentioned and I have missed it!
Sam Morsy song.
at 18:00 5 Nov 2021

Never posted on here before, but a song for Sam morsy just hit me as I was listening to the radio in the car, and wondered what people thought…

To the tune of “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan and Rufus.

Ain’t nobody,
Like Sam Morsy
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way


Physios of TWTD
at 20:00 21 Jan 2021


Calcific patella tendinopathies are quite rare, and very tricky to manage. To be honest it’s no great surprise you’ve been struggling this long.

It’s sounds like you have had a lot of forms of treatment, but have you had a running pattern analysis? If running is your main aggravating factor it may be worth getting one done because it may well be that increasing your cadence will reduce the strain on your patella tendon and start to relieve your symptoms so you can build your running up again.

Another option could be blood-flow restriction training for the hypertrophic effect it will have on quads to reduce the stress on your tendon.

I would recommend josh congdon at reflex-18, they are based in Colchester but he is an incredibly good practitioner.

Hope this helps!
[Post edited 21 Jan 2021 20:02]
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