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I found this funny
at 13:16 1 Jul 2022

Just popped over to the delightful WOTB to see if there was anybody laughing at these Cantwell "rumours".

Came across this:

"60 million for richarlison is mental
Worst Brazilian since Stevie Wonder shaved his wife's minge."

Was worth the fleeting visit.
Few things in life are as satisfying
at 22:14 29 Jun 2022

as a really good poo.

Nice to be cleared out good and proper, innit.
ITFC shop mistake
at 19:56 28 Jun 2022

Can you spot the mistake(s)? After the obvious one, I noticed another.

Somebody actually approved this.
♫ We're going up as fuggen' champions ♫
at 18:22 27 Jun 2022

*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Thought I'd get it in early.
Wish the new season would hurry up a bit
at 13:10 27 Jun 2022

Haven't looked forward to one and going to Portman Road as much as this for some time.
Adam Buxton's festival song
at 23:52 26 Jun 2022

Posted in 2010 and I have only just come across it.

For the Hugos and Tallulahs out there.

Attendance yesterday
at 15:53 26 Jun 2022

Does anybody know the exact figure?

New home 'keeper shirt
at 19:06 24 Jun 2022


Sneak peek on Facebook just now:

[Post edited 24 Jun 19:09]
These pro-life Americans
at 18:34 24 Jun 2022

Wonder how many of these conservative types who don't want to harm unborn foetuses are happy to unnecessarily circumcise their infant sons?
Norwich City over the past decade+
at 18:21 24 Jun 2022

Seeing the news of Dean Wright moving to Town plus the "defections" of other staff to us from over the county border in recent times, coupled with the fact we now seem to be being run properly, are on the up and Norwich may *potentially* be in a relative decline (fingers crossed), I contemplated their achievements during the time in which they have been better than us.

After their relegation in 2009, Norwich won the 2009/10 League One title (after that glorious 1-7 home defeat) as we ended up in lower mid-table under Keane. The following season they embarrassingly beat us home and away and went up in 2nd place to the Premier League.

They were in the PL from 2011-14, finishing 12th and 11th before going down. They won promotion (as they should have done) via the play-offs, of course, in 2015 after beating us over the two legs. They then came straight back down.

Championship finishes of 8th in 2017 and then 14th in 2018 followed, as we pipped them and Leeds to 12th on goal difference, our first finish above them since 2010. They then came to us early in the 2018/19 season with Farke under pressure, and the match finished 1-1. They then seemed to click, won the division and we decided to get relegated.

They then went down. And back up. And came back down. This has surely been the longest period since we entered the League in 1938 where they have had the better of us. We haven't beaten them since 2009. Still, it was embarrassing how they produced "decade of derby dominance" posters back in 2017 despite their unbeaten run against us only stretching back to late 2010. Surely the extra fingers would actually help when it comes to counting?

So, they have had the joys of four promotions to the Premier League in this time, as well as three relegations. But have they really achieved anything? They have of course had the riches of Premier League TV money, and been able to invest in the club on and off the pitch. But is that about it? If this is their best-ever period relative to their main rivals, it doesn't seem anything too special. Of course we would love the joys of being promoted. We've been starved of that for too long. But in our eras of "dominance" over them, I think we achieved a bit more. You can say that football is different now, but even so.

I think their best cup run during this time was the QFs of the FA Cup a couple of years ago. Even we managed a semi-final in the League Cup back in 2011, and we were rather gash. I suppose my point is, what will they actually have to crow about when we have beaten them again? They won't have their "decade+ of dominance". Most repugnant colour combination, maybe?
Fun fact
at 17:46 24 Jun 2022

Pentlow, probably the northernmost parish of Essex, is closer to the centre of Norwich than it is to the centre of London.
Tyreece John-Jules vs Arsenal U21s
at 11:52 23 Jun 2022

Would that be possible?
Papa Johns* Trophy U21 teams being drawn
at 11:40 23 Jun 2022

For anybody interested.

*apostrophe dropped by Papa John's, innit
What a hit from Steve McCall
at 16:53 22 Jun 2022

00:47 in this video:

Very satisfying strike.
[Post edited 22 Jun 16:53]
Away shirt sleeves
at 18:20 20 Jun 2022

The gaping black areas where the sleeve badges will go are annoying me slightly.

Either do the whole arm in the stripes or entirely in black.

Clegg out.
I think I need a lie down
at 12:49 20 Jun 2022

We will NOT be playing Gillingham in this season's FL Trophy group stage, meaning we will likely not play them at all in 2022/23. Staggering stuff.

We seem to have met them about 127 times in the past three years.
"New kit"
at 19:07 8 Jun 2022

said President Truman when shown a map of Hiroshima.
Was this posted yesterday?
at 16:50 8 Jun 2022

What a ...
Football quiz question
at 15:16 8 Jun 2022

We (Ipswich Town) share an English football record with Burnley and Crystal Palace of four.

What is that record?
Freddie Ladapo
at 22:29 6 Jun 2022

His surname could work well in a song to the tune of ABBA's "Fernando". Would be a shame if we couldn't put a song to it with Armando (Dobra) probably being on his way out.

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