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at 09:40 3 Jun 2024

All the big broadcasters and news people concentrate on 5-6 of who they perceive as the top football clubs. Presumably because it is easier to only have to follow a few and report.

However the vast majority of the football supporters do not actually follow those clubs. They mostly go with their local team whether it is in Bristol, Birmingham, Bradford or Bournemouth.
Some, I have heard, even watch them "That we name not" ! No, that can't be right can it ?

I have spent some time trawling the forums of other clubs. With the notable exception of one there are a lot of very positive things being said about us. I might even say envious eyes.
The footballing world in general has taken note of Town for the first time in many years. The rise from the depths of Div 1 to the EPL has got everybody's juices going.

But the real story here is not just about Ipswich. It is that what has happened to us gives hope to all the other EFL clubs and beyond that make up the rest of the football pyramid. "If they can do it then we can too !" Get a magical manager from nowhere and a great hardworking team and who knows !
It is what will put bums on seats and shoes on terraces all over the country in August. Everywhere.

Football is about hope, loyalty and passion and the greatest of these three is hope.

We are under no disillusions as to what we face next year. I think that perhaps the Premier league may have !
But that's another story.
At least we will have a toe in the door. I predict a rise in 3-2, 4-3 and even 5-4 scorelines! Bring it on !

15 Months ago we played Forest Green and look where they are? My heart genuinely goes out to them. Both seasons have been really exciting 3-4 horse races where anybody can and did beat anybody. (Southampton doubled Leeds, Leeds doubled us and we doubled Southampton).
Give me the EPL money yes, but give me the EFL for excitement every time.

But, just for the moment, the rest of the country spells Ipswich as "H-O-P-E".

Rob Burrow
at 08:16 3 Jun 2024

RIP Rob. A true hero.
at 14:06 29 May 2024

It says a great deal about how intelligent our manager is by how well he has been able to get himself an excellent new contract while at the same time enhancing his own reputation. I'm glad he is on our side.
at 15:56 28 May 2024

Town are 1500-1 to finish top next season and 100-1 to end in the top 4.
1-1 to go down.
Is it true
at 16:43 23 May 2024

That nobody wants to commit themselves to the vacant Norwich job when there is a chance they could manage Town ?
at 14:55 17 May 2024

I live in Gorleston. The council says it's in Norfolk but the deeds to my house say Suffolk.

As an ornithologist over the past few years I have seen a remarkable movement of our feathered friends locally.

It was not so long ago that every crack in the road seemed to have a Yellow Canary oozing from it. These birds have been somewhat scarce of late and it is not known where they have migrated to.

It is thought that they have been edged out by the emergence of the Three Starred Royal Bluebird of which there are a surprising number given that we are supposed to live in Norfolk.

There is still a dull coloured Budgie with plenty of down in it's mouth. It's a ground dwelling bird and is not often seen but you can hear it's plaintive calls of "Shouldovbinus".

The Grey Shoulder Shrug lives in bushes . It is prized for it's display of flapping it's wings while looking down, shrugging it's shoulders and shaking on its head at the same time and is noted for it's call of "OnTall ity".

The Fifteenear is also falling by the wayside and many expect it to be replaced by it's cousins the Sixteeenear or the Seventeenear

Overall a remarkable change and definitely for the better.
at 12:29 11 May 2024

This is where we came from just 3 short years ago.
In the euphoria of the last weeks I had forgotten. Thanks to Game Changer, the staff, Kieran and ALL the players for giving us belief again
at 18:21 7 May 2024

Do you find that you punch the air for no obvious reason? Just shear happiness.
at 10:06 5 May 2024

I read that we are the 10th club to have consecutive promotions from the third tier to the first..

But we remain the only team that has won the second tier and then the first a year later.

Thanks Alf.

Big games
at 20:57 3 May 2024

Makes me think of really big games that I have been to.

The FA Cup semi against WBA at Highbury in '78

The Final at Wembley of course.

The home game against FC Twente in the UEFA Cup Final '81. (We won 3-0)

The away leg was spent half way up my stairs with a tranny trying to get a good signal. " Wtefra ....Wark ........gtthc forward ........ llddhj..... Mariner ....fnnafvgsrw ..... Mills trip ......"

2001 Play off semi against Bolton !! 5-3. My eldest got back to the car and slumped into the seat and said "Gosh" Do you have any idea what it takes to get a 16 year old to say "Gosh".

Final at Wembley

Exeter last year

Hudders this year.........
at 19:27 3 May 2024

Am I right in thinking we have taken 191 points in the last two seasons and scored 191 goals ?
at 17:59 29 Apr 2024

During the 70's we were known as the nation's "second" favourite club. It was all a small town doing well etc. 
Since then we have lost that accolade. 

Until Now. 

Go on any football club forum and they all want us to do well. (Even Maidstone).
There are exceptions of course, mostly north of the River Waveney (But we ignore them anyway.) and Leeds for some reason ?

Enjoy it while it lasts. 
Bask in the positive aura it is giving the Supporters, the Team, the Club, the Town and Suffolk in general.

Soft power at it's best.
at 11:29 27 Apr 2024

If we don't need the points against Huddersfield, what is the chance of No 17 getting a bit of a game?
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