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Anyone fancy Billy Joe to take out Canelo Tommorow night?
at 11:51 7 May 2021

Can't see it myself, but I do think BJS will cause him more problems than he has faced for a long time, he's such an unorthodox boxer in this era, Canelo will probably have the tools to take him out, but it should be an entertaining fight.

Only £1.99 on DAZN.
I've seen some haircuts in my time, but...
at 14:04 5 May 2021

Vaccine Bookings Locally
at 09:52 5 May 2021

For those who have been struggling to book locally, just went on the website and Ipswich is now showing.
Interesting insight to Agassi's brilliant return game
at 08:53 30 Apr 2021

Jonathan Pie telling it how it is
at 21:12 28 Apr 2021

Tweet of the day goes to...
at 15:34 28 Apr 2021

Personally, I'd love to see Bart back between the sticks
at 08:41 28 Apr 2021

I know he's getting on but it's not so much an issue with Keepers, he still lives locally and I'm sure he would relish re- joining with the new ownership.

Not sure on his contractual situation with Millwall, but it would be a great start to the era if we could secure him.

Holy and Cornell are ok back up's, but neither fill me with great confidence.
[Post edited 28 Apr 8:41]
Just tried to book a vaccine
at 12:19 27 Apr 2021

The 3 nearest to me on offer are Basildon, Harlow and Downham Market.

I'm keen, but not that keen.
What's quite sad
at 07:32 24 Apr 2021

Is that we're seeing people going in early on Cook just so they can win the internet in time, if things go south.

Crying shame that we finally have something we have all been screaming from the rooftops for years about with the new ownership and vision, and ten games in the doomsters are already having misgivings about the manager.

Sir Bob took 13 points from his first 10 games, Burley 10 points from 10 games but everyone at the time gave them the benefit of the doubt, can't understand why Cook isn't given the same given the circumstances around the club and squad.
Looking at Danny Cowley
at 16:13 22 Apr 2021

Who was my first choice, it just goes to show how hard it is to get some kind of rhythm going taking over the reins Mid Season, 12 points from 24, 1 point from the last 4 games.

I appreciate we all expected Cook to do better than he has done, but it's hardly like Danny Cowley is blazing a trail either, and you could say under far less extenuating circumstances.

Think we all just need to sit back, forget the play offs, enjoy the sunshine and wait for better things to come in the next few months.
Seating at ITFC with children
at 10:22 22 Apr 2021

Forgive my ignorance, but my Son has mentioned how he would like to start coming to games (He's 6) I know there was a small family enclosure years ago, is that still the best spot or are there better viewing alternatives?
Cracks already appearing
at 08:51 20 Apr 2021

Wouldn't surprise me if it was City and Chelsea
The big 6 have all of us by the short and curleys
at 14:14 19 Apr 2021

They know that they won't get kicked out of the Pl as the the house of cards will then fall for the other clubs, the billions in global £ for the Premier league will be withdrawn, and worse £100s of £m in non payment of tv rights, so another ITV Digital scenario.

The gloabl audience won't be interested in Burnley v Brighton, the big 6 know this and know that this could be the death knell for many clubs in a post pandemic world.

Utter scum, good to see supporters clubs doing this.

When Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage stand in unison
at 13:30 19 Apr 2021

Then you know that this idea is flawed.

Also, Ander Herrera's comments were bang on

The rich stealing what the people created
RIP Helen McCrory
at 17:05 16 Apr 2021

Peaky Blinders actress and Damian Lewis wife.

Awful news.
[Post edited 16 Apr 17:09]
Are we going to have any players left by the end of the day?
at 09:10 16 Apr 2021

All this def info about players leaving, I'm thinking is there someone dressed up as the Grim Reaper at the gates at Playford Road stepping out in front of any Player that won't be kept on.
More Tory troughing
at 07:34 16 Apr 2021


Doesn't surprise me one iota, Hancock is a slimy weasel who's only interest is feathering his own nest.
I've read/seen some guff in my time but this is another level.
at 17:22 15 Apr 2021


One of the top comments...

"In the vaccines are Lipid Nano Particles. I believe they have developed a LNP that contains a deadly toxin and will remain stable in the human body for many years, until exposed to a frequency of 6.66 Terahertz. (6G) It will then release its toxin. China has just launched the first of many 6G satellites."
Looking at the potential 6 new teams to come in next season
at 12:04 14 Apr 2021

Sheff Wed
Cambridge Utd

Not many hard hitters, Wednedsay could be a problem, but believe their ownership is a car crash, all the others shouldn't be too much of a threat.
One other point about Cook being made
at 08:29 11 Apr 2021

By people quite rightly putting their side of my "I think he will walk argument" is that he didn't do the presser because he was reading the players the riot act.

Well, yes that would be plausible given the performances recently, but given so many are out of contract and others clearly know their time is up, what would be the point in giving people who will be gone in 6-8 weeks the hairdryer treatment?

They will be feathering their own nests now and just be doing the Alan Partridge shoulder shrug meme.
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